JUNE 12 1993, Just Like Yesterday!

The crime about June 12 was that some cabal secretly plotted against Abiola and eternally denied him of the mandate that the Nigerian people gave to him. He was asked by the people to give them hope, but a few hopeless and selfish persons, some of whom unfortunately are still around the corridors of power decided otherwise.

May each June 12 continue to unsettle the mind of the wicked. May it bring jugdement who those who spilled the blood of the innocents.





MKO Abiola, winner of the presidential election June 12 1993.

Adeola Aderounmu

I remembered when my parents used to talk about how life was in the 1950s and 1960s. Then I used to imagine how they could possibly remember things that happened so long ago vividly. Now that I am an adult, I think I understand better how time can fly and then 14 years can be like 4 months!

This is the way that the time that had passed since June 12 1993 to this moment seemed to me. In fact, June 12 seemed to me like yesterday. It’s all so fresh in my memory. I was studying at the University of Lagos at that time.

As I remember June 12, I will dwell on the principles of the events of that day and not on the person of MKO Abiola, Bashir Tofa or the tropical gangster called Babangida. The reason why I will not dwell on personalities fully is because the election was not about them, it was about democratic principles and the rule of law.

On June 12 1993, millions of Nigerians voted in the best election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria. It was possible for the people to vote right because the elections were properly planned and well conducted. There were pre-election debates and it was easy to know who was intelligent and who was really dull.

The people voted and the results were rolling in more to the favour of MKO Abiola. When it became evident that Abiola would win, Bashir Tofa (the opponent) was said to have sent him congratulatory messages. Now, that is a good man when it comes to the spirit of politics without bitterness. Records have it that as the results were been announced, the prices of goods and services were dropping.

There was a tailor who refused to be paid for the services he had rendered. He was so overjoyed that “at last” hope has come to the people. That was the spirit and mood until Nigerians received a rude shock from the nonentity called Babangida. This useless man cancelled or annulled the best election in our history.

There were many theories to this annulment including that Abiola is a creditor of the government, or that a few idiots would not like to see him be president of Nigeria. Some people said it was because of what he did when he was in NPN that he betrayed Awolowo. I will not be drawn into these kinds of thoughtless arguments. The fundamental thing about June 12 was that an election held and Abiola won.

The crime about it was that some cabal secretly plotted against Abiola and eternally denied him of the mandate that the Nigerian masses gave to him. He was asked by the people to give them hope, but a few hopeless and selfish persons, some of whom unfortunately are still around the corridors of power decided otherwise.

The annulment was resisted by many true democrats, some were killed and many went into exile. Some people chickened out and were back in subsequent governments because they were simply thieves and opportunists originally. The vice-president-to-be for that annulled election is now back into the new illegitimate government that started on May 29 2007. This will show any reasonable person that such people have no shame for their misdeeds and I doubt that this man was not once a looter of our treasury.

They never get enough, do they? They always stage a return to our lives and the implication is that since 1960, we have had a system of recycling sycophants in our government houses. Those that cannot be recycled stay out as useless godfathers-destroying the system to selfish ends. Many people died in the struggle to actualize that mandate popularly called JUNE 12. May their souls find peace.

They are more honourable than Babangida and his hopeless cabal put together. It remains to be proved if there were no foreign interference in the death of MKO Abiola himself, the man widely believed to have won the 1993 elections. It is not understandable why he died under questionable circumstances while a delegate from the United States was visiting him.

How did a cup of tea become a poison? Historians have their hands full there and those who know the truth but cannot say it will always be judged by their consciences. MKO Abiola died when many thought he would be released to claim his mandate after the death of one of the notorious generals called Abacha. The implication is that he was up against an evil cabal who will not mind travelling to hell just to deny him.

Indeed the cabal succeeded in their plots and 14 years after, can anyone see any progress in Nigeria? Don’t even think about the GSM, I am tired of that jingle as a measure of progress.

One thing is sure, in as much as we have refused to take the right steps and as long as we have not resisted those who are manipulating our country to a selfish end, millions of people will continue to live in poverty. This is not a curse, I lived through this dilemma and my family and friends do not deserve my curse. It is just what I call the unarguable reality of our lives.

It is not for fun that the holy books stated that “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free”! It is one thing for us to know the truth, acknowledge it, make amends and set Nigeria on the path of glory and it is definitely another thing to continue to deny ourselves the knowledge of the truth, make a few people enjoy the fruits of the land and leave the helpless and resilient majority wallowing in absolute/abject poverty.

The way to GLORY will be a struggle on all aspects of our lives, social, economic…and so on. The way to prosperity and the good of all will be to seek the men and women who will be ready to serve selflessly and dedicatedly.

In Nigeria, we need the rule of law above the rule of men. May each June 12 continue to unsettle the mind of the wicked. May it bring jugdement who those who spilled the blood of the innocents. AND May the goodness of June 12 bring milk and honey back to the Nigerians who are weak and poor, living on less than 1 dollar a day. This is my personal opinion and that is the way that I see it.

84 thoughts on “JUNE 12 1993, Just Like Yesterday!

  1. that was a great write up, I was barely 8 yrs old when the june 12 incident occured, but as young as I was I knew something went totally wrong. now fourteen years after, I couldnt forget this day, waking up this norning exactly 14yrs after, i could remember vivdly the trouble and unrest in Nigeria all those yrs. the periods of 1993 to 1998 was a HELL for many nigerians!!! I was in secondary school five years after and MKO was MURDERED(not died)! But the Lord Almighty will restore that country for us because the mass’ tomorrow are being killed daily! May GOD deliver us from the hands of the selfish and greedy! AMEN!

  2. i really enjoy the write up that you wrote.And i know that the new administration would conduct a free and fair election in the year 2011.and they should imbibe the spirit of sportmanship in politics so as to have an egaliterian country and move nigeria forward.

  3. Today, June 12 2007 is another day to remember those whose lives were taken in connection with the June 12 1993 Elections. The winner of the election MKO Abiola and other innocent Nigerians sacrified their lives for our great Nation.

    They gave their lives for our tomorrow and for the future of their children and children’s children.

    The tomorrow is here with us, what have we done with it?

    Thy Glory O Nigeria ! is slain upon the corrupt and bloody fields, from the South to the North, to the Middle Belt, to the West, to the East and to the Niger Delta.

    Jagajaga Nigeria, you lie in ruins and you rot like a wasted giant!

    May Nigerians wake up from their eternal slumber and May the Glory of Nigeria come.

  4. well that was a nice piece of word.well as for me i dont think i could even remember anything cus i was real small by then.well i just wanted to know the name of the person the conducted the 1993 elections. bye 4 now

    • Yes, you are right Prof. Nwosu is the electoral chairman for the only free and fair election conducted in Nigeria. I hope that more people like him will be made electoral chairman to coordinate free and fair elections in Nigeria.

  5. I have always wanted to know what exactly happened on June 12 , reading your write up has answered some of my questions but i still want to know how Abacha got into the picture and what right Babagida had to annul the election held at that time cause i was real small at that time …………..

  6. As for me oooo,i don’t care what Nigeria will be in the next few years because i don’t think Nigeria as a great nation will ever be alright …….. Not to think of,our bad leaders who all they know is their own self ambition and the millions they keep on chopping from we ………. just the other day i saw in a news that a man went to his wife after being sac out of work ,poured his own wife acids , it makes me wonder were Nigeria is up to …… i am never proud to be a Nigerian …….. keep on chilling my dear friends ….i like ur site ……if u have anytin or any advices to give cause i really love advice call me on 08060803862 ..bye

  7. i am not proud to be a nigeria becuase of what happen in june 12th 1993 but i’m proud of the nigeria for the leadership of umara musa yra’adua and the former head of of state chief olesegun obasanju

  8. June 12 1993 is a day i will not forget because, as little as i was, i was at the polling station on that day while i watched my father queue up to vote.
    Today i can hardly allow my kids to even step out of the house, not to talk of allowing them to go to any polling station… Its now a nightmare to vote. June 12, Prof Humphery Nwosu.. These two one can never forget in a hurry.

  9. Thanks for this nice write-up. Abiola won the election and I am not saying he was perfect. He had his faults just like we all do. But I met somebody few weeks ago who told me a heart-touching story.

    This man and his friends had just dropped out of secondary school and thus resorted to arm robbery in Nigeria. Abiola was on his way to Ibadan when they stopped him. They did not know it was M.K.O. When they realised this, they knelt down and apologised for trying to rob him. This man told me Abiola had tears in his eyes and asked them why they were doing such at their age. Abiola invited them to his house for lunch the next day.

    He told me he went there with his friends, 6 of them and Abiola asked them to bring their passports to him because he wanted to send them to the U.S to complete their studies. They did and ABIOLA sponsored all 6 of them up to Masters level in America. He even told me he gave them some money to give their loved ones then. This man now owns a law firm and his other friends are also doing fantastically well. Abiola did not know them from adam but did that. I was at a get together when this man spoke with my husband and I. I just started crying. What a great act of kindness! And I am sure he must have done similar things for other people. Abiola was not perfect but he had a large heart, King David in the BIble was beloved of God but we all know he made mistakes too.

    I therefore pray that Abiola’s soul will rest in peace. May God forgive him all his sins and atrocities and may God forgive us too. Abiola was a good man. May his soul rest in perfect peace.Amen

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  12. That was a beautiful write-up about the june 12 election and the misdeeds of the people in government then. Though i was about 7yrs old then but i knew all that went wrong. I can remember vividly that i was in a tutorial class receiving lectures when we heard that MKO Abiola won the election. We were all happy bt just like a pin used in pinching a baloon, we became sad cos the election was annuled. I pray to God Almighty to restore the glory of Nigeria,to grant MKO ETERNAL REST and to those who perpetuate evil, i believe they are not far from judgement and that is if they have not been judged. God Bless Nigeria.

  13. Today mark another June 12, it has to do with the story of how we begin to remember,
    In the history of Nigeria and that of the wide world, June 12 election can never be forgotten,
    When we talk about free and fair election, it is that of M K O.
    I do not know what Nigerians where up to, but the memory ever remain fresh.


  14. I really enjoyed the write up. I was a child when this incident occurred, so I couldn’t give an account of what happened. But now, I believe I can. Are there solutions to the electoral state in Nigeria? If yes, please what are they?

  15. in some hour it will be 17 year after the annulment of the famous 1993 election, at that time i was a baby of five years old i cant remember any thing but throw reading books it like every thing happen in my present, another June 12, 17 year Nigeria will be playing a match at the world cup against Argentina and i pray the spirit of June 12 fight for all Nigeria at the field amen and may the soul of all the Nigerians who lost there life in June 12 rest in perfect peace amen

  16. June 12 1993 never existed 4 me:because i wasn’t existing:b’cos i was not born then,but through ur write up,i now have little knowledge of what happened.I will always pray Nigeria will once again adopt a free and fair election,without the result been tampered with.NICE WRITE UP.

  17. June 12, 1993 is a very memorable day for all good Nigerians. I wept like a child then, knowing what has been lost. My parents couldnt control my anger & was afraid dat i could hurt myself. But when d death of Abacha was announced, i tore my blouse with tears in my eyes admist happiness. ‘the devil that sits on d seat of nigerian president has been flushed away’ was what i said. There was a very big celebration at my street. But the struggles of MKO ABIOLA STILL LIVES ON, IN THE HEARTS OF A TRUE NIGERIAN WHO CARRIES THE TRUTH ALL ALONG. Thanks all

  18. The day every Nigerian still find difficult to forget.i was 11yrs then(june 12 1993) the only free and fear election conducted june 12 1993.Pls help me out, am working on a book,about the act of Nigerian 2 day. Maybe u can help me out. This my N0 08067084524

  19. I love Nigeria but i don’t like the people’s life. Any time i remember june 12 1993, i always feel sick. But i still have hope for the Country. Lets do our positive best

  20. Thanks for the write up i now really know what june 12 means. For those that lost their lifes, may there soul rest in perfect peace.

  21. NIGERIA!.. is really a blesd country but we shuold not let the past to be pourd or spilled to our BRIGHT TOMORROW,and if we do that,we force our youth,our hope tomorow to be selfdoomed by thier reaction to what they ve heard.June 12,is a memorable day forget it and remba the heros of that era.”WE ARE BLESD IN ALL SIDES,DONT LET D PAST RUIN YOUR VISSION”.

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  23. Hhmh! Wonderful. I never knew anything like this happened. It just came to my mind today to googlesearch june 12. I didnt even know that this incident happened cause I was just but 4 years old then. Now I know that Babangida is the devil’s junior brother. For God’s sake, why would he do something like that? Huh? No wonder the Bible says “curse not the already cursed”. Let’s handle Babangida to God. That’s all I can say now. Thanks to all the writers. People like you challenge us to think of making a great and better Nigeria. 07032037449

  24. Hum…all i will say is that,GOD will take absolute control on forthcoming election.and to advice nigerian that they should pray fervently on free and fair election.

  25. i wonder how dis 2011 own will be like i just pray that God should take control cos is we the masses that are suffering

  26. I thing we are growing day by day with this kind of experience we had and we development for the beterness of our society. i thing for us to have another free and fear ellection like that of june 12 we need to conduct ourself by applying a good system of voting, and that an individual choice of party or candidate cannot be used against him. let forget about the issue of party and face the reality of life. let stop pretending because,like to say this is my brother or we from the same party that i must vote him even when you know that person is not credible.

    Most importantly, a rigid and enforceable law with strict penalties should be put in place in order to discourage election malpractices, rigging, snatching of ballot boxes, and hijacking of data capturing machines, use of ghost voters and under aged voters. In addition to these legal prohibitory laws, there should be proper legal mechanisms to review election process.

  27. I was in a Government class when our lecturer and other students were discussing about the anullment and the death of many Nigerians on June 12 1993.
    Nice write-up Adeola Aderounmu. With your help, I can now say something when next they are discussing on that memorable day though I was still a six month foetus in my mother’s womb.

  28. I was in a Government class when our lecturer and other students were discussing about the anullment and the death of many Nigerians on June 12 1993.
    Nice write-up Adeola Aderounmu. With your help, I can now say something when next they are discussing on that memorable day though I was still a six month foetus in my mother’s womb.
    In this year 2011, let us all vote 4 Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and lets see how he’s going to affect us all POSITIVELY!
    Nigeria: Good People, Great Nation!

  29. june 12 1993 is really a day 2 b remembad in d history of nigeria.Even though at dat memborable tym in Nigeria,i wuz just 3mnth in ma mom belly,but i despised abacha. i realy want 2 knw wat ryt ibb had 2 have annuld d electn n jst imagine d extinguisher of d hope n dreamz of Nigerians is stil arnd d corner. he n all his cohorts shld b ashamd 2 kal themselves nigerians. anywayz, nigeria is gonna rise up 2 a greater glory IJN.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  30. after the april 16th election of 2011 and the post election violence i could not wait to refer back to june 12 election.why will politians facilitate violence after for a long time the people had the cause to say their votes were counted.nigeria need to reformed and the time is now and that is why we must all put our hands on desk to play our very role excellently.God help our country

  31. it pricked my heart having been through the enormous story of june 12 of 1993. I was about 8 years then. But i can stil recall MKO Abiola by his famous impact during the 1993 electioneering. If am to go by the over stated write up, believe me it was indeed a gross misconduct of our political fanatics born out of power sentiment. May his soul find rest. Few days henceforth wil be another june 12. And the tale will again reflex in the mind of Nigerians who truely cares. To this end, my word for us is that we should be condole with the fact that today we have a new face of government who is ready to take our country to another altitude. We have another Abiola to pilot Nigeria. I implore our dear citizens to join hand with the present government to build Nigeria together. It is time to accord Nigeria with her glory. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria!

  32. i really love the write-up,i was born in 1994 so i have heard about this befor,but today i just say m.k.o on tv about june 12 then i dicided to confirm it myself,i want to thank d writer,may god bless u and purnish people like ibb,thanks

  33. Thanks for the write up, i was still a little girl when it happened at least i now know better. Let’s hope that the evil people that destroyed the hope of Nigerians that fateful day will never go unpunished and we pray for a better tomorrow. Thank you.

  34. D evil d fore said june 12 had came & gone, i was very small then but b4 now i had been hearing people saying June 12, June 12, & i have came 2 undstnd more about it. but am pleading with d entire nigerians to bear d losed. I promise us that by d special grace of God, i’ll restore d glory of this nation. Am working towards it, following d due process. I wish all of u my brothers & sisters out there d best in all ur undertakens, b prayerful 4 me & d entire nation. Long live Fed. Rep. Of Nigeria & u as well that u may bear d withnessD evil d fore said june 12 had came & gone, i was very small then but b4 now i had been hearing people saying June 12, June 12, & i have came 2 undstnd more about it. but am pleading with d entire nigerians to bear d losed. I promise us that by d special grace of God, i’ll restore d glory of this nation. Am working towards it, following d due process. I wish all of u my brothers & sisters out there d best in all ur undertakens, b prayerful 4 me & d entire nation. Long live Fed. Rep. Of Nigeria & u as well that u may bear d withness

  35. hmm june 12,wat a opportunity lost,although i was born in 1994 bt frm wat my parents nd teacher told me,june 12 is lost nd neva b regained.mko,d den future of dis country is dead nd dis bastard ibb is still breathin,were is dis gr8 nation goin nd can we av anoda gr8 man lyk dis man called abiola? Nigerians lets pray to God to restore d glory of dis nation.

  36. waow what a nation. even though so many events happened before i was burn,its all part of the history of this great nation lets join hands together to make the future worth remembring

  37. Am impressed by this coment.i pray god will deliever nigeria from administrative metheocrity that prevain in this country.God please help us to be resilient of this disease called politican impafection amen no 08063085440

  38. Pls make a book on this topic and you will make market,you said exactly what i used to tell nigerian on the state of the nation about boko haram in the north,kignarping in the sourth while robbery is killing west,

  39. June 12,a memorable month.I was very little den,it was crazy in d city of lagos,I barely knew what was goin on,but I understand better now.our country wud really ve been better than this,but God knows best.this write up,I jus stumbled upon is d best I’ve seen in a long while.May d souls of those who fought 4 our rights in june 12,continue 2 rest in d bossom of d lord.Amen

  40. the event that took place on june 12 1993 was a sad one. Therefore i think that for Nigeria to be progressive, they need to see the truth and say it out

  41. This is wonderful, Am proud to be a Nigerian. Nigerian, we shall reap the fruit of our labour in JSN.

  42. May the Almighty God contiue to make all 12th of june a jugement day for the stone hearted,may the soul of the main man M.K.O rest in peace

  43. Each time i remember june 12 1993 i regret of been Nigeria citizen then i was 5yrs old still at primary sch.When the innocent were kill and truth were not really pronounced. MKO ABIOLA may your soul rest in perfect peace and soul of the people that was killed in Nigerial MKO we miss a legend like you may almighty God restore the glory of Nigeria.

  44. uhmn…….. what a wonderful write up, june 12 a day i will never forget in the history of my life and in the history of nigeria as well. just like yesterday i was just 8 years when this incident happened.a man of valor who made a change in his country in his life time.M.K.O Abiola may his gentle soul rest in peace. happy democracy to nigeria and happy birth day to children of june 12.

  45. Imagin how the blood of Humble and innocent Nigerians are being wasted as a result of Authoritative Power of Poorly educated, Unscrupulous and Inhuman Beings called Military Generals.
    The unfortunate part of it is that, after Sentenced, destroyed and killed Highly educated, true democrats, Focused, determined and God-fearing Innocent, truly Representative Leaders, they are still in the town Boasting around even still attempting to contest the Leadership Race, i guess they’re going there if elected, to conclude their Destructive mission/assignment (God forbid).
    Anyway, only God has the Utmost Judgement and surely, Sinners will never go Unpunished.
    M.K.O ABIOLA, Oh! What a determined Democratically elected Representative Leader! May His gentle soul find Peace in the bosom of the Lord Almighty.

  46. Thanks for this historical writeup, I was 6years as at then when this ugly incident happened, and I can still remember how every member of my family traveled back to our home town cos we tot it was going to be civil war then. after the then Military junta annulled the Election, which was meant to make MKO Abiola the Then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…. RIP to the Soul of all the Lost victims of that scene…Our Revolution is at hand, cos we shall overcome. God Bless Nigeria!!!

  47. Wow,wat a splendid write up.when i read dis story i was moved infact it is indeed a tragedy.a tragedy on the path of Nigeria,it is only God dat can change d path frm our selfish,corrupt nd nuissance leaders.hopefuly one day God wil shw mercy on our country nd tak d archaic method of rulin frm them.

  48. Nice write up. I dnt rily knw wt happened on dt day cos i ws jx 6months old then bt wit ur write up i nw av a knowledge of it. June 12 should av bn a democracy day not May 29. Wel in all i pray for Nigeria’s resurrection.

  49. am very happy when i read this, bcz if nt these story dat i read i woundnt av knwn wot hapen on june 12. I pray dat may God c us 2ru both d late one n we d livin one

  50. Infact am so happy about what u wrote coz i never knew abiola was killed dat very day(1993)and i need 2 know the murderer of abiola pls coz am about 2 plog 2yrs as at dat time so i can remember evrytin pls send me more details about day day through my email address coz i want 2 no more about dat day abeg.

  51. wot a 1daful write up kudos 2 u,
    i dont rili know abt june 12 i tank GOD bcos of diz write up i now up,i believe GOD ll send sum1 dt v a large hrt, again 4 a stronge country lyk NIGERIA,i dont rili know abiola in person bcoz i was still small then,i pray may he end d race @ d feet of d grand master jesus christ our lord,l amen

  52. Hmmm! I remember then coming back from my
    primary school in our school car during the June 12
    riot. Tires burning from Mokola to UI. Black smoke,
    and tire burnts filled the air. Heavy Military, Snipers
    of the Nigerian Army and their Machineries filled the
    Ibadan roads and street on a course to restore law
    and order. I was scared cos that was my first time to
    see the military out so much on the roads and they
    were very ugly, scarey looking folks. Expecially there
    snipers wearing jagon camoflage uniforms.

    • Lovely piece, very evocative. Thumbs. Please am researching the June 12 annulment riots in Nigeria for an academic documentary project. Am approaching it from the perspective of its direct effect on common citizens. I would appreciate anyone who can mail me touching witness stories on that day or immediately afterwards. Am on floyd.anekwe@live.com or kindly reach me on facebook.com/floyd.anekwe. If you are within reach and would kindly grant permission i and my crew would like to film you for the docu-film.

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  54. R.I.P to you,MKO.An angel on earth,though not perfect.A man with the largest heart i have ever heard about.Your blood wasnt spilled in vain.Sleep on beloved.

  55. i was barely five years den wen it happen in nursery school den.mr writer u hve jus refresh my memory cos as of den i still remember d street wer roudy n commotion everywhere wit shouting.dis country has suffered alot hw i wish abiola did nt die tins may b wuld hve been better.God will hlp us

  56. Thumps up to u for this write up. I’ve heard people talked abt June 12 in buses,roads but I didn’t bother to find out what happen cuz I was just 6yrs. this morning my friend asked what happened n I was so ashamed n decided to Google it. I must commend, d write up is rily educating. God bless

  57. I wouldn’t ve known anything about MKO Abiola if not for this writeup cus I was not born den. A big kudos to d person who wrote dis. My generation will bring change to Nigeria in jesus name. Rip to d man who would ve turned tinz for beta in Nigeria . God will eradicate d evil ones and install d good ones

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