Criminals Ruling Nigeria, the most corrupt country in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu

The audience in the video are fools. They should have thrown stones and shoes at this criminal and start criminal prosecution as soon as he is bumdeled out of the hall.

But in Nigeria, the people have been so brain washed and brain damaged that they probably thought what he said is normal and heroic.

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Nigeria in my candid opinion remains the most corrupt country in the world. That is a view I am not ready to shy or walk away from.

I read a piece recently that perfectly buttress my points over the years.

Even the ruler of Nigeria confirmed this the other week when he forgave or granted a pardon to his brother in crime. The bottom line is that they are all criminals.

The end to corruption in Nigeria is not in sight. As we write or speak illegal oil bunkering continues and the legal revenue earned by Nigeria is already been shared into private accounts directly and indirectly.

This man here boasted having rigged elections in his home state. By now he should been arrested by the police. But in Nigeria criminals who portray themselves as politicians are above the law. On top of that the Nigerian police, just like NEPA is one of the several useless public institutions in Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria: It is Finished!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Terrorists continue to rein terror on Northern Nigeria. It is impossible to keep track of all the attacks and killings in Northern Nigeria.

A bus exploded in Kano killing mainly easterners of Igbo descent, probably about 30 of them.

There were attacks in Borno and the list goes on.

In Northern Nigeria, the lazy governors all collect security votes every month from the oil revenue of the south. What do they do with the security votes when terrorists have taken over the government?

Northern Nigeria is probably a lost region and that makes the segregation of Nigeria on course, or not.

Well, I want to be on the side of the people who have suggested that the clueless Goodluck Jonathan will be Nigeria’s last president.

I will change sides if someone can tell me how elections will be successfully conducted in Boko Harm Northern Nigeria. Perhaps Goodluck is
counting on Obama’s drones to eliminate the terror. That could work anyway and it means the drones will be there forever.

How I wish the people of western Nigeria can start to think ahead and rescue their people now and forever.

My twitter updates coming in says that there have been more suicide bombings and all sorts of terror attacks in the north…you can’t even finish writing about one before the next comes in.

Please divide this nonsense country and let me know where to place my worries for the Yoruba race.

Rest In Peace My Dear Sister Omobonike Ayodele Aderounmu (1974-2013)

Adeola Aderounmu

Words can’t be enough to express my grief. You left on the 11 of March 2013, committed to mother earth 14th march.

Like every human made of flesh and blood I now felt I could have done more, reach out more and find out more about you my dearest late sister. I deeply regret my failings.

Me and my sister (RIP) around early 90s

Me and my sister (RIP) around early 90s

There are clear indications that you could have lived longer and merrier. But human errors and carelessness and maybe delayed responses contributed to your irreversible demise and I mourn you.

You were my sister and we were definitely not the best of friends growing up. But I know that all I did was out of love and trying to get the best out of you. I failed woefully because I was not an expert in helping you find your strengths and becoming the best you could be.

Since the day I left home I wondered what I could do to make up for those harsh days and days of long fights.

Everybody is missing you already. You were not perfect, none of us is.

Sometimes I had the feeling I should return home but sometimes I thought I could do it from anywhere in the world. I don’t know how my perpetual presence could have influenced you but I surely know that my permanent absence turned out even more costly because you are gone, too soon-just 39!

We share the same birth month, same mother, same father but our ways are far apart. Our lives were completely different and I cried as often as that crossed my mind. It’s vain because I couldn’t make you to become like me. I failed.

I wish I knew. I wish they had told me earlier. I wish the communication was better because by my nature I would have raised a red flag and seek the solution-like I always do.

I was not there and the silent was deep until it became too late. This was preventable and it hurts because it is irreversible. I weep.

You didn’t fulfill a fifth of the potential locked inside of you. You did not live to become bold despite the youthful beauty I saw when we were growing up. You gave up easily on many things and the system where you survived for 39 years was made for the fittest. I am so sorry my sister.

I can’t take it away from you that you gave it your best shots. We are humans, yet completely different from one another. I cry.

Now, I have almost everything I’d dreamed of while growing up, nothing I ask more. For more than 3 months I saved up a certain sum so that I could send you funds to assist your business. You didn’t wait to make the collection, I was slow to deliver.

I hate that you didn’t enjoy the goodness I could offer from my abundance. I can’t save the world but I could have done much better to save you. I have to think less of myself as I keep crying for you now.

I want you to know that I love you so much and that was why we fought as toddlers and teenagers because I wanted you to grow strong (in mind) like me.

I wanted you to be smarter than I’ve ever been. We fought and quarreled because I knew probably that in that country called Nigeria, you need to be strong and courageous. I tried to let you see the world from my window but I failed and now I cry because of my failures and the circumstances that surround the futility.

I read your short messages on my phone and I saw the guilt I will live with for the rest of my life. I could have done better than I did. I didn’t know you were counting days as I made plans for years to come. I could have done better as I look in retrospect now. I am so sorry and I am sad because you are gone, forever.

You will always be on my mind and I will never forget you for as long as I live my sister Omobonike Ayodele Aderounmu.

May your soul find peace and may you travel safe in transition. I will never see you again, but I loved you deeply like a brother would love a sister.


Brothers in Crime: Goodluck Jonathan and Diepreye Alamiyeseigha

By Adeola Aderounmu

What would make the ruler of Nigeria pardons a criminal and an ex-convict? The answer can lie in the fact that they are birds of the same feather. In Nigeria criminals are in power and the world knows it.

Jonathan, Nigeria's ruler pardons brother in crime

Jonathan, Nigeria’s ruler pardons brother in crime

Nigerians know it and they think it is fine and like I always write, they assume that we will all become looters once we are in power. This anomalous mentality will be hard to erode under the insane system of governance in Nigeria.

In my book, The Entrapment of a Nation, I wrote about the monies looted by Alams. He is a pure criminal and as the governor of Bayelsa State, he looted and stole so much that it took the British government to put him on trial. He jumped bail in the UK disguising himself as a woman. He is a thief who has no shame.

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

In Nigeria, the more you steal the less likely you’ll be probed or prosecuted. Nigerian politicians are criminals and the judiciary is a mockery of the law system.

The police is simply a disgrace to say the least.

So you have a ruler named Jonathan who woke up one morning, gradually finding himself a lonely man, and decided to pardon a criminal because he’s probably thinking of his survival strategies for the 2015 elections.

This is 2013 and two years after his selection into power, this man remains a complete embarrassment to the black race.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Yet he finds himself able enough to start en early survival strategy for 2015. His former partner in crime came to mind and he thought the pardon would be a joker. It could be. In Nigeria madmen are in power and they don’t care a dime about your points of view or sane opinion. For them all that counts is how much they steal and how rich they get.

These people don’t know the meaning of life. They have no idea about the values and virtues of the human existence. For them life is about acquisition of material possession and monetary and wealth. That would be fine if it is done legitimately and it would be a matter of the choice they make.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

But when the acquisition is from public funds and from a commonwealth such that over 100m people live below poverty level and several other millions living desperately daily unsure of the next meal, then it beat common sense how Nigerians reason.

That Nigerians have not revolted and violently overthrown the government is an aberration and I am as guilty as the next person. I am not even in Nigeria, how can I influence the change that I want down there?

But perhaps there are more subtle ways to change the government and the order of things. What about vigorous campaigns to decentralize power so that as a man from western Nigeria, I can influence how things are done in my region and how we manage our resources in western Nigeria? That for me is a better option to a violent overthrown of the useless democracy in Nigeria.

More than ever before my anger is towards the removal of the Jonathan government so that he does not stay one day longer in the office he has so enjoyed to ridicule. This man has shown that he is a criminal and that is why he can pardon his partner in crime. People should not forget that while Diepreye Alamiyeseigha was looting, Jonathan was doing the same as the deputy governor and later as the governor.

Is anyone surprised why the Niger Delta remained underdeveloped? Niger Delta is probably the richest zone in African but some of the world’s poorest people live there. These brothers in crime: Goodluck Jonathan, Alamiyeseigha and James Ibori are parts of the problems.

So the end is not in sight for the deliverance of the Niger Delta. For as long as their rulers and representatives remain criminals, the people will continue to suffer. This sad scenario is true for the entire region called Nigeria.

The country sits largely on different types of minerals and resources and has an overflowing abundance of human resources to tally, but waste and recklessness are the orders of the day. Nigeria is like a global waste in itself.

When criminals, looters and those who destroyed Nigeria enjoy pardon and make merry at the expense of 150m people then all hope is lost!