Month: June 2017

The Fundamentals Of June 12 1993

The fundamentals of June 12 1993 revealed that every region in Nigeria should be allowed to control her own politics and resources just the way it was before the useless coups of the 60s. Regional government must now be allowed to stay and mature.… Continue Reading “The Fundamentals Of June 12 1993”

Lagos Flood, For The Rich And Poor

By Adeola Aderounmu We can still thank the forces of nature for reminding us that there are still work to be done before the political-worshippers convert their beloved politicians to heavenly gods. The governor is this, the governor is that, the governor is working,… Continue Reading “Lagos Flood, For The Rich And Poor”

Cash, Arms And The Songs Of A Coup

Nigeria now appears to be a country in a permanent state of latent war. Unitary government is a catalyst for coup anywhere. As at this moment, Nigeria remains a slogan and is synonymous with ”capturing the center to steal the wealth from the regions”.… Continue Reading “Cash, Arms And The Songs Of A Coup”

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