Nigerian Undergraduate to be hanged for Robbery? Seriously?

By Adeola Aderounmu

One report in the punch newspaper today revealed that a Makurdi High Court sentenced one Jacob Atongo, a 100-level sociology student of Benue State University, to death by hanging for armed robbery.

Yea, he was probably carrying out the robbery at gun point.


So what is supposed to be the judgement or penalty for all the living and ex-nigerian presidents, Ministers, commissioners, governors and several other former and present serving politicians who rob Nigeria and Nigerians daily.

If this story is true, then I think everybody in Aso rock should be sentenced to death by hanging and almost everybody in political offices in Nigeria should be lined up and shot or hanged!

I mean we are still battling robbery by government everyday and no one has given us in clear terms what the punishments are going to be. From the presidency in Nigeria to the least of the local government, you have robbers who steal officially.

Then one undergraduate steals and will be killed just the same way angry mobs kill people who steal N5 or a cube of maggi.

Nigeria is no ordinary country.

The laws are mostly made to kill and oppress everybody except the politicians and those in advantageous positions and access to infleunce.

Truly if this guy is killed, I am of the opinion that all the Nigerian politicians who rob, have robbed and still robbing also deserved to be killed. Robbery is robbery and no one should be above the law.


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Nigeria’s Missing USD5 Billion, Nothing New

By Aderounmu Adeola

The amount of money missing in Nigeria since 1960 is enough to save the world and I am not exaggerating.

What is crazy is that more and more money is still being stolen from Nigeria by the politicians and their accomplices. Before you finish reading this piece several billions of naira would have disappeared from Nigeria’s treasury by mere looting and crude oil theft. From Aso rock, to the central bank, to governors’s offices, to local government councils, and anywhere there is government rep, the looting is continuous and constant.

In Nigeria it is glorious to be a thief while serving as a politician. The president heads these crooks of company and that is why he is not able to sack the Aviation Minister Ms. Oduah. They are all birds of the same feather.

The striking repetition of the looting process makes Nigeria a laughing stock no doubt. The lazy, weak and corrupt government of Jonathan was quick to refute the fact that more than 100 million Nigerians are living hopelessly like destitutes.

Who do you blame? Fela called them the suffering and smiling species.

It shocked me, not, to read Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala’s familiar script in response to Rotimi Amaechi’s allegation that she more or less stole or misappropriated USD 5 billion of Nigeria’s oil money.

When confronted with the allegation that she and Obasanjo misappropriated or looted Abacha’s loot, Mrs Iweala listed several projects that were executed and budgeted for before the loot were recovered as ”what the Abacha’s loot” was spent on. This was a few years ago when Obasanjo held sway and people thought he had a righteous cabinets. These people are all crooks.

Now, she has given a similar response to Amaechi’s allegation that the missing USD 5 billion were used for 2012 projects.

I would not have written this piece because for all I care Gov Amaechi is part of Nigeria’s problems. Nigerian politicians are not clean and they can never be trusted. Until now I did not read Amaechi’s allegation, I had only concentrated on the headline and when Ngozi Okonjo Iweala replied, I also ignored it. However when I saw that Amaechi took the time to reply Iweala, I thought I’d take a look at the content.

The River State government is making an allegation very similar to the disappearance of Abacha’s loot under Mrs. Iweala and asking the same question: why are missing funds used for projects already budgeted for.

When I saw the pattern and the precision of how Mrs Iweala respond to allegations, I could not resist this update of her participation in the destruction of Nigeria.

In a way the loots will keep flowing and one day more than 150 million Nigerians will be destitutes. Then, who knows how the people or the government will respond to the question about the existence of Nigeria and what to do with the thieves an looters in power.

One day this persistent reign of evil and evil people in Nigeria will end, I am sure.

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Racism in Football: FIFA Must Live and Lead By Good Examples!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Some things should not be taken for granted by FIFA and when necessary immediate amends should be made and apology or apologies tendered.

Where am I heading?

The coach of the Nigerian Super Eagles have been left out of the shortlisted candidates for the coach of the year award by FIFA.

In the times past, FIFA and CAF ignored the likes of Okocha for World and African footballer of the year awards even when we saw that at some points, Okocha was the best player in Africa and probably the world.

Keshi is one of only two men who has won the African Nations Cup as a player and a coach – the other being Egypt’s Mahmoud El-Gohary (source BBC Sports)

Keshi is the only African coach to have qualified two countries to the World Cup. He led Togo to the 2006 Finals but was fired before the tournament kicked off. Now he is taking Nigeria to Brazil in 2014.

The Super Eagles did not lose any gain in the campaign towards Brazil 2014.

Now, can FIFA answer this question? What is the basis/ What are the bases or criteria for shortlisting FIFA’s coach of the year?

Is it the colour of your skin?

Is it the continent you live on?

Is it the country you come from?

If FIFA’s criteria are based on achievements, why is Stephen Keshi not on the list?

Is FIFA a promoter of racism in football?

I think people and African especially should be asking questions about the activities of FIFA.

There are many scandals in the past that have been treated with kid-gloves or swept under the carpets especially the bribery scandals. No one knows how far up the scandal eventually reached, we just knew that a few scape goats were brought to the spotlight.

That Keshi did not make the shortlist is a scandal!!!

No one is saying that Keshi should win, but respect is reciprocal. Keshi has been disrespected by FIFA.

FIFA is telling Africans that the football achievements on the continent of Africa is meaningless and inconsequential, me think!

When FIFA does not respect Africa or African coaches and footballers, what do we expect from the racist football fans around the world?

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Nigeria Wins U-17 World Cup for the Fourth Time

Adeola Aderounmu

It’s not all bad news from downtown. In Dubai Nigeria wrapped up a glorious Under 17 world cup campaign by thrashing Mexico by 3 goals to nothing on the 8th of Nov 2013.

Congratulations to the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria and may your days by brighter as the time moves on in your career as footballers.

No one should make any mistake about how the Nigerian politicians will claim the glory for this successful campaign. That is their thing.

I will save them from their stupidities by avoiding the link between their corrupt attitudes and the killing of sports in Nigeria.

Well done the Golden Eaglets, you have conquered the world again!


By Adeola Aderounmu

Snowden is a noun. It is obtained from two words: den and snow. Literally a den made of snow would be a freezing point below absolute zero. You don’t want to fall into a “snow-den”.

A Snowden can be a person who betrayed the trust of both his employer and his country. In the eyes of the world, that is brave and courageous. In the eyes of the betrayed parties: it is treason and the hunt for Snowden will be a life time pursuit.

A Snowden can be a person who gave up the comfort of a good life because of bad conscience: conscience according to Dan Fodio will remain an open wound that only the truth can heal. A Snowden seeks to heal the open wound by abandoning a life where other people’s secrets are torn apart and used for both good and bad purposes.

But the people or organization left behind by a Snowden will always find new recruits swearing newer oaths. Even the devil can be replaced in the kingdom of darkness. Where there is life, there is all kinds of possibilities.

A Snowden is possibly a person that (through his search for the truth or through his knowledge of good and bad) will abandon a life of freedom for a life of guarded secrecy-whereby his residence and activities are only known to one or two people.

In several ways, a Snowden can be defined or redefined.

Snowdenization is when your enemies or the friends of your enemies seeks a Snowden to expose your secrets or to confine their suspiciousness of your actions which they deemed diabolic. In Snowdenization the people you have insulted or humiliated one way or the other seek a revenge.

Snowdenization is the sharing of information that are aimed to harm or disgrace you, even when you think you are invisible or untouchable. Snowdenization is the sharing of secret files among all and sundry.

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