Bombing of the United Nations Office Building in Nigeria and the evil world

Adeola Aderounmu

The recent bombing of the UN office in Nigeria is a revelation of the incapability of Goodluck Jonathan. His government is probably the most incompetent “collection” Nigerians have seen in recent times.

There may be more blasts on the way because Mr. Jonathan doesn’t see the big threat that Boko Haram pose to the existence of Nigeria. It looks like everything is collapsing under his nose.

The present day Nigeria is a fertile ground for secession and those who let this stage pass without pursuing such agenda with vigour may never have it this easy again.

This incapable government has been overtaken by terrorist threats from the outside and the domination of press secretaries or media assistant on the inside.

We see more of Jonathan’s media men and their propaganda releases than we see Jonathan himself. We feel more of the Boko Haram threat than we feel or see what Mr. Jonathan himself is doing.

Together Nigerians committed a crime against themselves when they voted this known corrupt man and his corrupt government into office in 2011.

It is true that a government is a true reflection of the people.

Unless the people change, the government will remain the same: lazy, silly and corrupt.

I sympathise with the families and friends of those who lost their loved ones to the senseless attack in Abuja, the same way I continue to sympathise with my brothers and sisters in Libya who are caught in the web of the most scandalous war-the fight for Libya’s oil- in recent years.

Humans are just evil by nature, and therefore the problems of terror, corruption, selfishness and absurd senseless acts in political or religious situations assume multifaceted dimensions such that an everlasting vicious cycle is the unenviable result.

The world is just a sick place occupied by both sane and insane living things. Social justice will remain a mirage and local and international acts of war will remain with man-that’s just the way it is.

The liberation or enslavement of every nation will rest on the deeds of its citizens.

Babangida, Obasanjo and a Lawless country

Adeola Aderounmu

Babangida marked his 70th Birthday recently with confessions of madness. His deputy during his reign of tyranny died on the same day he was celebrating his madness. Augustus Aikhomu passed away in Lagos after a protracted illness. I don’t know how many Nigerians are praying that the souls of wicked dictators should find peace.

Babangida (who enslaved Nigerians from 1985-1993) has been throwing jibes at Obasanjo about his misrule (1976-1978 and 1999-2007). Obasanjo has been replying with fire.

The bottom line is that Nigerians live in a country where madmen are in control.
Ordinarily these two men should be cooling off in Kirikiri maximum prison for the rest of their lives.

Both of them were former dictators and Obasanjo even ruled again as a civilian president.

Babangida stole more than 12 billion dollars that he still has in his private account. He has not been formally charged for stealing. He is alleged to have killed Dele Giwa with a letter bomb, a crime he is yet to answer for. Babangida did many terrible things including mass murder and spreading poverty throughout Nigeria. His regime gave corruption a brilliant face.

Babangida is yet to be charged for treason for cancelling the 1993 presidential elections.
Obasanjo’s sins range from the probable mastermind of Bola Ige’s death to the squandering of 16 billion naira Power Budget. He also destroyed the democratic processes in Nigeria in 1979 and 2007. On both occasions he ensured that the people’s votes are meaningless.

In Nigeria the Police are like zombies designed to oppress common people and petty thieves.

Nigerian military rulers and civilian dictators are above the law and the police are like their houseboys.

The police chiefs are where they are because the politicians installed them. So it is impossible for example to prosecute Obasanjo, Babangida or Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan who are also alleged to have stolen but are now the rulers.

So the two big fools can continue to trade words. It will inspire neither the police nor the judiciary because Nigerians live in a very rotten system where known cases of executive corruption and crimes are swept under the carpet. It doesn’t matter that Babangida and Obsanjo are exposing each other, no one will act. When Obasanjo and Atiku even went as far as publishing evidence of each other’s corruption on the front pages of National tabloids, nobody acted and nothing happen.

This new episode will not be different.

What a shame! What a country!

RIP Sam Loco Efe

Adeola Aderounmu

One of Nigeria’s finest actors Sam Loco Efe passed away early this week.

He was there on stage in LANGBODO during FESTAC 77.

He was a fine actor in Winds Against My Soul, one of Nigeria’s finest soap opera that featured in the 80s.

Sam Loco Efe was a major actor in NOLLYWOOD. He is prolific and versatile acting in various roles and in different capacities.

Sam loved life and he never pretended about his love for the cigarrete, booze and women. He will be greatly missed by friends, fans and families.


1999-2015 PDP Years May Be The Worst Of Our Lives

Adeola Aderounmu

The problems facing Nigeria are huge. They are also many.

The solutions are not easy to define because for over 50 years the country has been neglected as successive governments looted and stole just the way they liked.

Both military and civilian administrations in Nigeria neglected the people and plundered the country like emperors and tropical gangsters.

There is no federal government in Nigeria that has successfully planned for the future or made long-term plans to ensure national growth and development.

In 2011 Nigerians followed their minds while neglecting the power of deep cerebral thinking as they voted massively for Mr. Jonathan. The votes-Nigerians claimed-was not for the PDP.

Unless something is done in the days ahead the next 4 years may add to the previous 12 as the worst years that Nigerians alive have ever seen.

Security is at its lowest ebb since the end of the civil war. Terrorism is fully established and Boko Haram can take Borno, Kaduna and even Niger States if it so desired.

Food has never been so expensive in the history of Nigeria. The prices are increasing daily and the purchasing power of the Naira remains low as its value continues to tumble.

The worst express roads and highways in the world are still in Nigeria. One Minister cried at Benin-Ore road but she could not repair 0.1km of the stretch. One former Minister of Works and Housing is from Benin and his cerebrum could not connect to his nerves to get the simple messages: repair, build, restore, maintain.

The chronicle of Nigeria as a failed country is also very evident in the education sector, health department and area of infrastructure.

Lack of housing schemes and absence of water for majority of the population joined with the high cost of food in making Nigeria a country inhabited by more than 90m impoverished citizens. This, though hardly spoken about widely, is probably the worst man-made tragedy of our time.

With the near complete absence of state-supplied electricity Nigeria is among the worst places on earth inhabited by humans. We near Somalia, so precariously!

In addition to a President, Nigeria has Ministers, (including the unnecessary, wasteful and redundant Ministers of States), Lawmakers, Governors, Commissioners and even Councilors. For all the PDP dominated years, very little has been done to touch the people’s lives.

Nigeria has been left in the hands of Special Advisers, Special Assistants, Expert Facebookers and PR Consultants. Nigeria probably runs the most expensive government in the world and nothing is in the pipeline to change the status quo. Looting continua..! It is also not a joke that a governor in Nigeria appointed a special assistant for Lagos Matter and another special assistant for Lagos Affairs.

The ordinary citizens and people of Nigeria are suffering like mad as billions of Naira are wasted daily on side attractions including one useless talk of tenure elongation.

A 3-month genuine anticorruption program to arrest and prosecute all corrupt people in and out of government will avail more than the senseless debate about tenure elongation. Such a genuine adventure will settle for all time the question of accountability and probity. It will make elections less adventurous.

But all the governments in Nigeria including the government of Jonathan have been dominated by corrupt people many of whom have been recycled. This cycle of idiocy makes it impossible to fight corruption but relatively easier to distract with irrelevant issues like duration of looting tenures.

But in any case the government of Jonathan has promised to do wonders. It promised a lot during the election campaigns in 2010 and early 2011.

The office of the Nigerian president is too powerful. It’s like what the Yorubas called Kabiyesi (no one can question you?). The Nigerian presidency offers room for both laziness and lackadaisical attitude.

At this stage of post-election 2011 what should Mr. Jonathan be doing?

His schedule should be taking him round all the Federal Ministries in Nigeria and probably all the states of the Federation for the fulfillments of electoral promises.

In the Ministry of Transport he should be commissioning several kilometers and stretches of federal roads and rail lines all around Nigeria. It is very important that such projects are everlasting projects with regular maintenance included in the contracts.

In the Ministry of Education he should be restoring all the Federal schools including the Federal Universities. The competition will be to ensure that all Government Universities are more efficient than Private Universities that have been established with looted funds or collections from congregations.

In the Ministry of Water Resources Jonathan should be using his knowledge of science to work together with the Minister he has appointed. Millions of Nigerians are living without access to pipe-borne water. Water-borne diseases and malaria are giant killers of Nigerian children and adults too.

I remember that in Yar Adua’s village women fetched dirty water from deep wells and they sold the water. They are still probably doing that while Sambo is likely drinking imported water.

There are quite a number of natural sources of water in Nigeria and the south coast is lineated by the Atlantic Ocean. Clean and affordable water should flow in every home in Nigeria and 4 years is good enough to accomplish that.

In Ogoniland gradual poisoning of the population commenced since 1959 or so through polluted water and soil and when the full effects will become manifested, extremely poor Nigerians from the extremely rich oil fields of the Niger-Delta will face one of the worst human-induced health crises the world has seen.

Jonathan is asking the UN to help rid his region (Niger-Delta Ogoniland) of the devastation of oil spillage. A report stated that it will take about 3 decades to clear the mess. It has taken more than 5 decades to create it.

Why ask the UN? What about our EIA specialists in Nigeria? They should be on the next flight to Abuja and then the next one to Ogoniland to start working. Sincerity of purpose is the keyword. UN will not clean Nigeria. Nigerians will cleanup Nigeria when people like Jonathan start putting square pegs in square holes rather than buying 3 presidential jets for one person in a nation where poverty wage is negotiated.

What has Jonathan thought about concerning providing houses and flats for Nigerians? What is the function of the Federal Ministry of Housing? When was the last time that the Federal Government of Nigeria embarked on aggressive and rapid housing programs?

What is wrong with the Federal Government working together with private construction companies and well established banks to ensure that decent flats and apartments become affordable and accessible by 2014 or 2015 as Jonathan’s parting gifts to Nigerians?

The number of Nigerian politicians and public figures dying in foreign hospitals is increasing. This is a disgrace I am so ashame. The Babangidas and the Yar Aduas of this world know better by now that health is wealth and that having quick access to quality health services is very important. But they were so daft and myopic not to make such services available to themselves at home in Nigeria.

One hopes that the sad omen will not hit the Jonathans. It is now time to do something once and for all about our health institutions from the community levels to the highest spot. Our University Hospitals must also be revived immediately. We can’t wait for the next state-sponsored treatment abroad before we open this discussion again.

All the things that take Nigerians abroad for treatment including the twisted ankle of Mr. Atiku should be highlighted and corrected in the next 24 calendar months at most. Even the children with holes in the heart should have corrective surgeries in Nigeria and not in India. How long shall we express inferior intelligence by the things we do wrong? Just how long?

I can go on with what Mr. Jonathan should be doing. It is not the least that he must work together with the Minister of Youth, Labour and Productivity to ensure that the problems of employment and national productivity are tackled and solved. It will be recklessness not to re-introduced government-organised farm settlement schemes across Nigeria under the control of states or regions. Cocoa, groundnut, oil-palm and cassava must hit the export again.

The Minister of Natural resources under Jonathan must have his or her hands full with the type of promises that Jonathan made. Has anything progressive been done in the last 2-3 months in the coal and steel industry for example?

Most of the things above will not work in the absence of electricity. Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa said that power will be constant by 2015. We have heard that before. Mr. Jonathan must make electric power supply a priority and ensure that we light up Nigeria by the end of his first year in office. If this means destroying the generator importers cartel, so be it!

Mr. Jonathan has a moral obligation to keep permanent tabs on all the ministries under his rank. Nigeria must move away from the textbook-forms of administration where Ministers read out their plans every 4 years from what they have read in books or on Google and do nothing after the recitations.

Mr. Jonathan took a record time to appoint his cabinet. After wasting our time he cannot place people into positions and let them do what they like. What Nigerian politicians like is to do nothing. They love to steal and loot.

We cannot afford that carelessness any more. Mr. Jonathan should not oversee another 4 years of wanton looting and he must not orchestrate one. He must put his house and office in order.

Mr. Jonathan should get out of the comfort of Aso Rock. He can’t spend 4 years meeting people and holding endless discussions. When is he going to hit the roads? Four years is such a long time in human existence. Some people’s lives were changed in 4 seconds, some in 4 minutes.

Nigerians said they voted for Mr. Jonathan and not for the PDP. I’m still laughing. It is left for Mr. Jonathan to prove Nigerians right or wrong. 1999-2007 was a complete waste of our lives. We became a GSM society. And so what? The world has since moved on. Our debts were cancelled. Where does that leave us now? Abacha’s loots were partially recovered. But the Nigerian bookkeepers under Obasanjo stated that the money was spent on projects executed a few years before the loots were recovered. The chief bookkeeper is back. A country of abracadabra..!

Even if Mr. Jonathan is a new magician he will never achieve half of the lies he promised during his nationwide campaigns. Those are elections jives and they are full of deceits and thoughtless moments. The greatest legacy Jonathan can leave behind as his single tenure runs a countdown is to ensure that as much as possible is done out of his debts of promises.

He must get somewhere commendable in the race and targets he set for himself. The task before and after The Jonathan Era are huge. Nigeria definitely needs a transformation borne out of honesty and patriotism.

I cannot end this essay without stating my support for regional governments. Instead of tenure elongation what we should be seeking on the long-term are constitutional changes tied to eradication of corruption, devolution of power, regional productivity, growth and development.

Nigeria’s Strange Market Forces at Ramadan

Adeola Aderounmu

I have not stopped wondering why the prices of food commodity usually skyrocket during the fasting month of Ramadan.

When I was a teenager growing up in Nigeria I was usually shocked at this phenomenon. The prices of essential food commodities usually shoot up during the fasting seasons.

This year 2011 has not been an exception.

Consumers are paying through their noses since this week started.

Ramadan is a fasting month and the number of people consuming perishable foods should be reduced. How does a decrease in demand lead to increase in prices of food items?

Do sellers hike their price to make up for the low numbers of buyers? Are suppliers deliberately making life miserable to other members of the populace?

Or does demand for food actually increase during the Ramadan month?

There are issues with the market forces in Nigeria that really need to be investigated and explain to everyone.

Exploitation of ordinary consumers should not be encouraged and government policies that prevent unnecessary increase in prices of food, goods and services should be enacted.