Nigerian Immigration Service: How Not To Issue New International Passports To Nigerians Abroad

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians living in certain parts of the world are already frustrated and unhappy with the performances and activities of some of the Nigerian embassies abroad.

One remarkable problem area with the Nigerian foreign missions is in the issuance of the International passport for Nigerians residing abroad.

I have listened to several Nigerians who have been frustrated by the processes/ procedures of acquiring new Nigerian passport at the expiration of their old passports.

The stories and experiences from the Nordic countries are as diverse as the narrators.

Some people have to wait for 2 months or more before their passports are available for collection.

Sometimes some people waited so long that they eventually gave up! It is a harrowing experience to wait for 6 months.

A few years ago the stories were always about taking the applications from Sweden to London for processing. I don’t know if anyone has verified if such stories were true.

It won’t be out of line to doubt the authenticity of such fables against the backdrop of the new found boldness of the Nigerian Immigration officials who now travel for about 6000km from Nigeria to Sweden from time to time.

Their missions include “snapping photographs” and travelling back to process passports for their ( sometimes helpless) fellow citizens living in the cold Nordic zone.

When the present Nigerian ambassador to Sweden arrived in 2011 he made efforts aimed at fast-tracking the application process.

He had also made us to believe that he had been tackling the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on the need to ensure that the Nigerian embassy in Sweden can independently issue passports to Nigerians living in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland. His efforts have not yielded the desired outcome.

Nigerians living in the Nordic area usually turn to the Nigerian embassy in Stockholm for services relating to passport renewal and other important services that the embassy can help with.

It is therefore both scandalous and disgraceful that the Nigerian embassy in Sweden does not have the capability to process and issue Nigerian passport for Nigerians living in the countries mentioned above.

In the past the story was about “the passports are made in London”. Now it is well known that Nigerian Immigration officials travel all the way from Nigeria to Sweden on a certain day and an announcement is sent by sms to Nigerians connected to the Nigerian Union. The Information is also available online (see

Here below is the mission of the Nigerian Immigration Officials who have travelled from Nigeria to Sweden.

[“Dear fellow Nigerians

Nigerian Immigration officials from Abuja arrived at the Nigerian Embassy today the 13th of March to assist Nigerian seeking to obtain the new E passport. The officers will be at the embassy in Stockholm until Friday the 16th of March 2012

Those wishing to secure the new E passport should report at the Embassy of Nigerian in Stockholm, with the following requirements.
1. Identification document in form of a Nigerian passport, Swedish passport, A Swedish ID card or equivalent
2. passport photographs
3. A letter of authorisation from parents for children seeking the passport
4. A passport fee of 700: Swedish Crowns
Call the Nigerian Embassy to confirm if you are unsure of your particular requirements”]

The information on the embassy’s website is not the same as the sms that has been sent by the Nigerian Union. Somebody had lied about the dates and I won’t be shock if the purpose is to create panic. On the website the duration of the wasteful presence of the NIS officials is 2 weeks.

In any case this story solidifies what is known about the nature of corruption in Nigeria. Corruption and the display of intellectual deficiency are so endemic that the winning argument as at today is that there is no hope for Nigeria.

I have no doubts that the fact that the Nigerian embassy in Sweden has no passport processing machine is because the NIS director or senior officials find it convenient to embezzle funds by sending some favoured or selected officials to Sweden. If they are here themselves, it won’t be shocking.

The NIS by these acts/attitudes is showing the world that it is incapable and irresponsible.

I am convinced that it is cheaper for the Nigerian government to deliver an authentic passport machine to provide for the needs of Nigerians living in the Nordic countries than sending some already officials to Sweden every now and then. The smell of corruption is too hard to ignore.

Why buy a cow when the milk is so cheap?

The Nigerian government in the past and now has never pretended about her profligacy. When Goodluck Jonathan visited Sweden at the time Mr. Igali was still the ambassador, the Swedish government was left in shock at the display of opulence, waste and reckless spending.

It was so bad that it probably led to the cancellation of the remaining scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students studying in Sweden. A Nigerian student Mr. Oyebanji was quickly referred to Nigerian politicians when he sought a scholarship offer.
Nigerian diplomats and government officials don’t like to read about criticisms of their offices or actions. They want to read about only positive things about Nigeria.

How can they forget the sufferings of the Nigerian people at home and abroad? Nigerians suffer untold trauma when they try to renew their passports. It is one of the worst nightmares that a Nigerian faces, far from home. We must write and talk about these things.

To have an international passport is the right of every Nigerian.
It is not a privilege and all these senseless procedures that infringed on the rights of the Nigerian (like sending immigration officials from Nigeria to Sweden and sending sms to people) must be condemned in the strongest ways possible. These procedures are ridiculous, archaic and unacceptable.

It is even appalling considering that the Nordic countries are ranked among the best places to live on earth. The last time I checked it took 24 hours to renew a passport in Sweden.

The Nigerian Immigration officials should be ashamed of their misadventures in Sweden. How do they feel about living in Sweden for 2 weeks (13th to 27th) just for the purpose of “taking pictures” and flying applications for over 5998km?
It will probably take 6 months before the passports are ready for collection. The information about the collection procedure is another source of worry.

For example, information from the embassy reads:

[“This is to inform Nigerians that the passport renewal that took place in June is now available for pick-up by those that participated in the exercise. Those residents in Stockholm can come to the Embassy to pick up their passports. While those residents in Goteborg, Denmark, Finland and Norway should contact their respective Nigerian Union to know when they can go over to them to pick up their passports”]

These delivery procedures do not meet internationally accepted standards and should be amended without delay.

If the Swedish Police can renew the passport of Swedes in 24 hours then it suffixes to state that one of the plans of the Nigerian embassy in Stockholm should be to tap from the wealth of technical knowledge in its environment.

But this will even remain a farther mirage if the Nigerian Immigration Services continues to send its officials to Sweden instead of sending the machines that are needed to do the jobs.

The NIS must know that it can fool some people sometimes but it cannot fool all the people all the time. Enough of these corrupt practices, stop sending your officials to Sweden! It is a stupid and laughable misadventure.

For as long as Nigeria exists, the NIS should perform its functions in Nigeria and let the embassies take over the functions of providing fully for the needs of Nigerians living abroad.

BOKO HARAM: Who are the powers behind?

By Adeola Aderounmu

There are insinuations in Nigeria that General Ibrahim Babangida, General Buhari, Atiku Abubakar and even ex-Gov Shekarau are some of the brains and sponsors behind Boko Haram.

In Nigeria anything is possible.

I cannot state for sure that this insinuation is true or false but someone described it as an intelligent report on the security situation in Nigeria.

The unconfirmed report even went ahead to state that the Boko Haram militants have received training in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The weapons are also suggested to have come from these named foreign countries.

At Nigeria borders weapons have been intercepted several times but no one knows where these weapons end up in the end. It is not impossible that the weapons get to their destinations anywhere due to the corrupt nature of the Nigerian public service system.

What do Nigerians want to do with their lives and existences amidst the certainty that it is now impossible to continue to pretend that Nigeria is one country. The failed country called Nigeria has never been one in principle and it will NEVER be one country. NEVER!

So maybe one day the sensible people will wake up from their slumbers and rescue their heritage and regions from the claws of the larger evil Nigerian government and useless existence as a failed country.

That day they may begin a new chapter in their own histories and make something out of the ruins that is left so that their children and children’s children who have a place to call home. Right now Boko Haram has made Nigeria a more complicated hell on earth.

The rumour about the leaked intelligent report that General Ibrahim Babangida, General Buhari, Atiku Abubakar and even ex-Gov Shekarau are some of the sponsors of Boko Haram may just be true. Anything is possible in that country-Nigeria.

True or false, it would be interesting to see what Jonathan (the man who is always drinking alcohol) does in the days now following the leaked intelligent report.

The Joseph Kony Campaign

By Adeola Aderounmu

I have watched the campaign video aimed at capturing Joseph Kony before the end of 2012. It is interesting and captivating.

Since it is generally accepted that Joseph Kony is not fighting for any cause or that he has no new ambitions rather than holding firm to his “powers” then many questions should be raised regarding the sustainability of the Resistance Army.

What is the source of income for Joseph Kony and his army (including army of children)? Which countries owned the arms and ammunitions that Kony has used in the past and that he is using now?

If it is true that Kony has no ambitions then which countries or organizations are benefitting from his existence/ existence of his rebel group?

Does the Uganda government want Kony out of the way? Why is it impossible to arrest him?

[It brings to mind the question of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Of course the lazy Jonathan government wants Boko Haram out of the way (or not some may argue) but what genuine efforts have been done
in Nigeria to improve the security situation?]

Kony remains a free man because that is what the “world” wants him to be. Otherwise I don’t see why he had been allowed to kidnap children for several years yet remain unspoken about. For all the murders he has committed, it should not require a campaign to hunt him.

It is hard to believe that Kony has no agenda. It is also difficult to live with the reality that Kony’s weapons are probably coming from the same governments that the campaign group depends upon for his capture.

My greater interest and worries are hinged on the unnecessary and senseless wars in Africa-how they have slowed the progress of Africa. My worries include just how easy it is for a group in Africa to become willing tools in the hands of the imperialists or just acting out some independent but likewise evil agenda. Countries like Ivory Coast and (of recent Senegal) come to mind.
I am slightly worried that the campaign did not originate from Ugandans at home or in Diaspora. Perhaps there are Ugandans who have cried about these evils and their cries have fallen on deaf ears.

In that case why the sudden Kony fever based on the fresh campaign? The world is now talking about Kony and it is this fame that is aimed at ending his reign.

For the sake of justice I would like to see a man like Joseph Kony arrested and brought to trial. It would be interesting to hear his arguments about his crimes against children and their families.

The killing of Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara: Boko Haram and a Country on perpetual brink

By Adeola Aderounmu

Boko Haram the terrorist organization that has vowed to force Islamic rule in Nigeria have slain Chris McManus (a Briton) and Franco Lamolinara (an Italian).

British Special forces entered Nigeria and headed for Sokoto State in an attempt to free the hostages. The captives died in the failed rescue operation.

This sad development brings to mind a lot of details and underlines the serious fragility of Nigeria. Doubts about Nigeria being among the growing failed countries in the world has longed been removed due to the uncontrollable spate of violence and terror war in Northern Nigeria.

This is in addition to the extreme poverty among over 100m people despite the wealth and potentials of the geographical area called Nigeria.

That British Force can operate in Nigeria is definitely a sign that Nigeria is a “forgone” country. No one needs further confirmation that those who rule in Nigeria are incompetent fools. From the presidency to the local governments, Nigerians have fools in power.
More than 50 years of gross and unhindered mismanagement means that a country founded on false foundations by the British took a fast track from grace to grass.

Nigeria is one of the worst places to live on earth. Before anyone finishes reading this essay billions of dollars would have looted from the treasury and the thieves who called themselves politicians and law makers will walk free after committing such crimes against humanity.

Upon the fact that Nigeria was borne out of the maliciousness of the British is the undeniable truth that Nigerians has been in the hands of fraudsters since 1960 and one of the viable options is to release the nations within Nigeria and allow them to go, and define how they want to exist.

The American prediction that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015 will likely come true. If it doesn’t, the situation in Nigeria today will surely be worse off. Nigerians and Nigeria are not united and therefore the country has no real development strengths.

Nigeria is kept together for the benefits of the few corrupt and arrogant politicians. It has also been kept one for the benefit of the imperialists. In this new rave of terror, it appears everyone is a loser both the keepers and the imperialists.

The wave of terror has escalated under the incompetent Jonathan administration. In the history of Nigeria, Mr. Jonathan is the most clueless pretender to the throne. He is probably the most disorientated ruler in Africa today. He leads a pack of evil people in the PDP government.

Everything in the Nigerian political circle is about money, riches, contracts, houses, foreign trips, looting, senseless discussions and unbelievable display of stupidity. Nigerian politics is one of the biggest jokes known to mankind.

The politicians have been criticized but they wax stronger and get deeper in corruption. They steal money and they are doing so now.
Oil contracts and oil deals in general are a huge joke for a country with one of the largest reserves in the world, yet an importer of fake petroleum products. The lowest point of any human intelligence is displayed in policy making in Nigeria. When you scroll through the political decisions that are made in Nigeria, you will weep.

I will never understand why Nigeria imports petroleum products. Presumably I will pin it on the madness or stupidity of a person/ group of persons that has rubbed off the intellectual capacity of the remaining 160m people. It is an incomparable tragic occurrence-as well as-an inexplicable expression of dumbness of the highest order.

In short governance in Nigeria is rubbish and it has taken its toll on all aspects of the Nigerian life, from education to health, to whatever you want to name.

The culmination is the terror war in Northern Nigeria that has the potential to spread to every part of the country. MEND in Southern Nigeria is still another terror organization that has the same potential as Boko Haram. The endless riots and forever present mutilations and killings in Jos are swept under the carpet, but they exist even as you read this.

If the British Forces must enter Nigeria to save her citizens, does it mean that Nigerian Special forces can enter Britain to save Nigerians? The answer is No! This means Nigeria does not exist. This means that it is only a matter of historical time before the nations in Nigeria find their ways.

At that time it will not be EUREKA because break up might represent the way forward but definitely not the answers to regional political questions and upheavals that will follow.

I don’t know what or who will lead the African race to her promise land. A lot of things have gone wrong and I have not so many clues on all that needs to be done to change the mentalities of the African men and women as to the significance/ relevance of good governance.

Democracy in Nigeria is an additional curse because of how it has been practiced. It has not worked. So definitely there is more to understanding how democracy can lead to fulfillments that what is portrayed in Nigeria. Nigeria of course has no democracy because of the way the elections are rigged and predetermined.

The judiciary is dead and the people are disorientated. In general in Nigeria the rule of men is above the rule of the law. That is why there are several untouchables and that is why looting is not a punishable offence even after the veil of immunity is removed.

So we have a long way to go after the prediction of 2015 has come to past.

This essay has gone random since the second paragraph. I have repeated what I have been writing about since 2007. But I really feel sorry for the families of the two dead foreigners. They had waited and hoped for almost one year. The waiting, very sadly, ended in vain.

The losses are irreparable because death is the end of all things. But these were avoidable. A lot of chain reactions were set in place and the rescue operation did not achieve its target. Lessons will be learned and history has been re-written.

It is really a very sad situation. The useless politicians from Northern Nigeria cannot be absolve of blame. They ensured, on top of the corruption across Nigeria that their citizens were not educated or enlightened. In a way they promoted the wrong form of education. Northern Nigeria is fragile and the fragility has come upon all Nigerians.

As it is now, Nigeria has at least 100 years to glory. So it really pains to see that the regions within it have not been set free to start this journey to glory. The present order of things is simply a recipe for catastrophe which is what is happening daily.

The nations within Nigeria really need to wake up and make their nations ready for their children and children’s children. Posterity will not forgive those who refused to prepare for the future.

May the souls of the departed find peace and may the family find the strength to move on.

David Mark: Kettle Calling the Pot Black

By Adeola Aderounmu

David Mark has described the Nigeria Football Federation as the most corrupt government agency in Nigeria. This is because he is frustrated with the misfortune of the Nigerian Super Eagles that even failed to qualify for the concluded 2012 Nations Cup in Gabon/Congo.

No doubt corruption is the number one problem in Nigeria and as things are now that disease will continue to see more Nigerians slip below poverty level.

David Mark incidentally is one of the most corrupt government officials that have walked the surface of the earth.

How he got the courage to pronounce corruption on fellow corrupt people is a mystery. David Mark can continue to deny to his grave but he was the one who told us that telephone in Nigeria is not for the poor.

The corrupt attitude of people like David Mark (whether he accepts it or not is irrelevant) is the reason why my family’s land telephone (00234 88 5432) disappeared into thin air. David Mark was part of the evil that ran the Nigerian Telecommunication into irreversible coma.

In summary David Mark along with his mentor Ibrahim Babangida were parts (and in fact are still parts of the evil cartel) that are running Nigeria into penury and widespread poverty.

If Nigeria was a “real country” and not an aggregation of “disjointed nations” David Mark should be cooling off in detention. In China he would have been beheaded for his role in corruption.

But he sits on top of the Nigerian senate pointing fingers at other corrupt institutions like the senate that he heads. Only in Nigeria..!

The Nigerian senate is occupied by looters who are carting away billions of dollars daily in salaries, contracts, allowances and estacodes while over 90m Nigerians live in permanent penury and irreversible hopelessness.

In Nigeria like I have pointed out a million times on this blog, corruption is the king. Even the president is probably stealing as I am writing this. He has depleted the external reserves and he is borrowing money to finance his extravagancies. Nigeria’s president cannot travel in normal aircrafts; he is still buying more presidential planes. He cannot live in a normal house; corruption is embedded in Aso Rock, Abuja. The presidency and other government arms and agencies in Nigeria are borne of corruption and live in permanent corruption.

Nigeria is runned by thieves and gangsters and David Mark does not have the moral rights to call the NFF the most corrupt government agency. There is no shame in being a looter of treasury and there are no consequences for serious crimes in Nigeria. Phone calls from the so called high places have overturned several judicial processes. The judiciary is a huge joke as revealed by the recent Ibori case. Ibori was declared innocent in Nigeria because he stole to make way for Yar Adu, Obasanjo and Jonathan. Useless people altogether!

If things were right, the one who threw the stones and the ones in the glass houses should be serving life sentences.
Nigeria will remain in coma until all these anomalies are addressed and the question is BY WHOM?

One day the people will rise up and take what is theirs. That day, sense and reasoning will prevail.