The most useless senator in the world-marries 13 year old..!


This news has been making rounds in Nigeria in recent weeks. Ahmad Sani Yerima is probably the first man to introduce Sharia Law in Northern Nigeria.

Anmad Sanni got married recently to a 13 year old girl, most likely from Egypt. The nationality is not the problem.

The problem is that this useless man is a paedophile and should be punished under both the sharia law and the national law in Nigeria.

This is a crime he should NEVER get away with. Child abuse of the highest order!

This man is the former governor of Zamfara State. Those who are wondering why Nigeria is not making any progress can now fathom the nature of our problems. Among them is that we have stupid people in positions of power and authority.

I don’t know how we descended this low and I’m worried about how we can get out of all the messes.

I mean this man, how many wives does he have now? How many 13 year old has he been having sex with? How many 16 year old?

Who is Ahmad Sani Yerima? A former governor? A Nigerian senator?

A 13 year old girl should be in school getting some real education. She should be living her life, free of submission to some paedophile whom we have wrongfully tagged “senator of the federal republic of Nigeria!. What type of useless senator is that? He must be the most useless senator in human history..!

Imagine the type of retrogression that his reign must have brought to Zamfara State! How could a paedophile protect the rights of women and children? What is he doing in the Nigerian senate? Where are the police?

The Nigerian Senate cannot continue to tell us that this is a private matter, it is not. This issue bothers on the protection of the rights of children. And for such an irresponsible man to have enjoyed elevation in the Nigerian political space speaks volume about the mad men in public services.

From Egypt? Is that true? Is this about child slavery or human trafficking? What are the concerned agencies in Nigeria and Egypt doing about this international scandal?

Let us not hide under any form or religion or culture to deprive children from living or leading their lives normally. It is criminal to do that or to agree to it.

Please save this girl and let us get her back to school. Let’s get a bond or foundation that will see this girl through college in Nigeria or Egypt or wherever she comes from.

Yerima’s house should be search in order to set free all the under-aged girls he has in his camp. How many school aged girls are we talking about here?

Let’s create awareness about the paedophiles in government houses and let us raise our voices in oneness to condemn this inhuman act. We must protect our daughters, our sons and our future.

We must say No to paedophiles and paedophilic acts.

NIGERIAN POLITICS-The persistence and the return of the thieves


Babangida sees himself as the messiah. I hope his return to our consciousness will land him where he really belongs-kirkiri maximum prison.

Good enough-even if it turns out to be a gimmick- reports of how he stole 12 billions dollars are now making rounds again.

I don’t get it: how can he steal so much and still have the guts to walk free? Something serious is wrong somewhere. Oh I forgot. This is Nigeria. You can steal, loot and even murder and walk free.

Somewhere along the line people like Babangida will continue to meet constant truth. He stole and participated in the destruction of Nigeria. He should be in prison spending time and returning all the monies he stole so that we can rebuild Nigeria.

This man and thieves like him live like the emperors of the Middle Ages. Check out their mansions and territory. It is just too impossible for a soldier to be that wealthy without having stolen. Life apart, what can’t 12 billion dollars buy?

Atiku Abubakar is back in PDP. More than 2 years ago, I wrote somewhere that the fate of this man is swinging. Greed will never have a place to settle or relax. This is part of the laws of nature.

Atiku and Obasanjo, hand in hand stole Nigeria’s monies from 1999 to 2007. Who can ever forget how they both exposed each other’s thefts and looting habits. We have Obasanjo’s third term evil ambition to thank for that.

Political prostitute-that is what Atiku is. He will never find a place to rest his ambitions because he is not clean. This is the nature of Nigeria’s politics. It breeds men and women who have no honour. They have no shame either and they don’t even think about the repercussions of their attitudes and mentalities. Cognitive ability suffers violent relegation in Nigeria’s political arena.

Again we must remind ourselves that the only reason why these men who have contributed to the destruction and ridicule in Nigeria are parading themselves is because we have not unanimously told them the truth.

Obviously what people will eat continues to rob them of the immense capabilities of their intellectualities. Money first and country last is the slogan of millions of Nigerians as well. That summarises the huge task will face. We hide from the truth because we intend to benefit from the perpetration of lies and evil.

Imagine how we will salvage the future of this country if we are all so knowledgeable and bold to tell Babangida, Obasanjo and Atiku that they are all thieves and that we are now going to prosecute them and thousands of people who have participated in the irresponsible acts of not upholding the pledge they made to motherland.

When Babangida went to Ogun State last month to attend the birthday party of another thief called Gbenga Daniel, he was welcomed by applause by the useless rented crowd in the arena and the man started to talk about federalism. What nonsense! This man participated in several coups and treasonable offences and he annulled the best election ever in Nigeria. What does he know about federalism?

They say he is intelligent, I say he is foolish. They say he has money, I say he stole money. Let him campaign to the marines for as long as the arm of the law is afraid of him. Where is the Justice system in Nigeria? Long dead?

RATHER than applause and in the absence of justice, we have been advised to throw stones. It is not a bad idea because it is too scandalous to see those who stole our wealth trying to stage comebacks to confuse us with our wealth. No greater scandal!

My lamentations are consistent and will not waiver. Let us bring all thieves and looters to judgement. Let’s try that approach for only 6 months! I’m sure that along with electoral reforms, a total war against corruption in form of prosecution of living offenders is one of the greatest tools to revitalise Nigeria.

Without that more thieves will change political parties or return to politics and their mission is simple: to deceive us with hope while they return to fill their insatiable fat pockets with our commonwealth.

Let the process of justice starts now!


Adeola Aderounmu

If Jonathan returns from the US, Nigerians should start paying attention to both his speeches and body language.

IBB declared his intention to run for presidency on the same day that Jonathan is meeting Obama. The witch cried last night, the child died today. Who does not know that it was the witch that cried last night that killed the baby?

There are suspicions that the US is backing Babangida’s candidacy for the presidential election coming up in Nigeria in 2011.

Summarily, without wasting time, Babangida is a thief. He is a key player among those who destroyed Nigeria. He is part of those who stole our future. In his time, he didn’t do it alone. Infact he chose some men and women of substance in Nigeria and together, they institutionalized corruption. They took corruption to a new height and level. For 8 years as a dictator and tyrant, Babangida destroyed the foundations of Nigeria’s democratic institutions. For several more years he stood behind the scene and monitored the degradation of our lives.

Without wasting more time, this stupid and useless man annulled the best election ever conducted in Nigeria in 1993. By now, Babangida should be in kirikiri facing life sentence. The fact that he is still a free man implies that Nigeria is a funny and ridiculous country. Nigeria is peculiar.
Babangida stole Nigeria to dryness! He is alleged to have masterminded the killing of Dele Giwa among many other atrocities.

It is only in Nigeria that a known thief will control other people and order them around. It is only in Nigeria that someone who stole more than 12 billion dollars will walk free. Where is the money that Nigeria made when the US fought Iraq during the gulf war? Babangida has not told anyone where the money went to.
Babangida in the Nigerian context is one of the untouchables. He is simply above the laws in Nigeria. Why can’t he be charged for treason for all his roles in coups? Why can’t he be successfully investigated for the monies he stole? How long was Babangida in service and how much money could he have made for those years? Does his wealth tally with the money he made as a soldier or businessman?

He said he is the most investigated person in Nigeria. Really?

If he was investigated in deed and truth, he should be in prison by now drinking garri and eating dry beans.
And he has the guts to declare that he wants to be president in Nigeria. Sometimes I think Nigeria is not on planet earth. This is why I still consider the EFCC (whether under Ribadu or Farida) as a HUGE joke. The biggest and the most popular thieves in Nigeria are free men and women. Who is fooling who?

When Nigeria is ready, the likes of Babangida, Obasanjo, Atiku, Ibori, Anenih and even Jonathan himself will have their residential addresses changed. They all belong to kirkiri maximum prison!

How many of the politicians in Nigeria can tally their wealth with their incomes or business earnings? 99.9% of them are looters! It is painful because they loot and do nothing tangible to improve the country and the quality of lives that we live. There are several countries in the world where politicians steal and loot but at the same time they make significant contributions to the society. In several countries, corruption is limited.
In Nigeria corruption is unlimited, it is the norm.

If Mr. Obama has anything to do with Babangida, it will be one big scandal we must blow to the open. Those who know should give us the facts and figures. Obama should mind the relationships he keeps and he should actually stay clear of Nigeria’s affairs if this is the type of candidate he would support. Is the US supporting IBB because they want to reward him for crimes that have been covered for years? Or is it just to keep the oil flowing from the filthy deadly delta to America. No greater scandal. The blood of the slain innocent people will drown all accomplices in this matter.

Nigeria will probably be a struggling country for as long as the clean-up is postponed. Nigeria should resist all forms of internal and external supports that IBB is counting on. If it will cost us our lives, let’s pay that price for our children and children’s children. At some point we must start the process that will regain this nation or part of it for the good of those we love and what they will come to represent-the future.

The reformation of the Electoral Commission should be expanded to include ascertaining the sources of wealth of the contestants. Let Babangida tell Nigeria how he came about the Castle in Minna? Let’s see his bank accounts, transactions and business profits. Let him and his likes come forward and give us solid accounts of how they made it BIG.

The ultimate Electoral Change will be credible elections and the counting of our votes. To allow the likes of IBB to contest and buy votes with our looted monies will further make a mess of our already stolen and pitiable existence.

IBB belongs to kirikiri maximum prison and the earlier he and his likes get there the better for the Save Nigeria Project.

YES, Enough is Enough!

Who will save us from this re-emerging evil?


Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s acting president Mr. Goodluck Jonathan has been to the US on official assignment and state visit to President Barack Obama. I didn’t really monitor the events surrounding the meeting or the talks that ensued. I have not even seen the CNN interview which Jonathan granted. I’ve been too busy with other things lately.
Surely details will continue to emerge on the nature of the discussion and the outcome. Keen commentators will be wary of the implications for now, and in the nearest future.

Personally I don’t know how much I should about this ceremony or visit. I’m too worried about factual events and concrete details. I’m so devastated by the reputation of Nigeria and the hopelessness of more than 90m people. I continue to emphasize that the real situation on the ground in Nigeria is a huge tragedy of the 21st century.

What is Mr. Jonathan going to do about the poverty in Nigeria? There are one million and one questions about the devastation and calamities that Nigerians face daily. Which of these man-made catastrophes is he keen on battling and defeating? Power supply? Corruption? Decay of education? Lack of roads, lack of water? Which one will he face?

I read that he is seeking the help of the US and UN in Nigeria’s power supply dilemma. It is on record that there had been collaborative efforts and high profile planning in the past. But what happened? Some individuals in Nigeria stole all the monies budgeted for power supply projects. Under Obasanjo alone more than 16 billion naira grew wings! No one is held or imprisoned as a result.

This is part of the real deal-corruption will not produce any significant progress in Nigeria. what is the essence of consulting abroad when corruption looting and stealing are the orders of the day in native Nigeria?

Let no one be deceived, Mr. Obama must have discussed about the welfare of the US and the prospect of continued oil supply from the deadly delta region of Nigeria. It doesn’t matter how the oil gets to America, he will tell Jonathan to get it there anyway. That is no secret. The relationship between exploited, devastated poor countries of the world and the developed, wealthy country is that of take and take. But it is a fallacy however to say that Nigeria is a poor country.

Nigeria is probably the wealthiest country in the world but thieves and looters like Ibori, Babangida and Obasanjo to name just 3 out of thousands have stolen all of Nigeria’s money and used them for family and personal gains.

Even Jonathan’s wife has been implicated in the past as one of the thieves who stole Nigeria’s money. The act of re-introducing Ribadu will probably be a way to smash Mrs Joanthan money laundering case for good. So the point is, Nigeria is assumed to be a poor country because of the recklessness of a few citizens who stole, looted and destroyed the country beyond redemption.

Jonathan’s visit to the US is going to be invariably meaningless because of the thieves in PDP and other parties. Nigeria’s politics and public service is an icon of pure insanity. The looting continues. With unlimited corruption and the non-prosecution of thieves in high places, no amount of visit to the US or cooperation with the UN will improve power supply in Nigeria.

With the Nigerian mentality and the nature of our crude politics, progress is out of sight. Change is needed and the recycling of looters and their progeny must cease. How this is achieved is a gigantic task altogether. Where do we start from?

Charity begins at home. Change must come from within.

The Campaign Against Maurice Iwu: it took so long.

By Adeola Aderounmu

The campaign against Mr. Iwu the fraudulent and corrupt chairman of the Nigerian Electoral Commission (INEC) must be sustained. To be sure, Mr. Iwu is not the problem with Nigeria. The problems are huge, numerous and enormous. However Iwu symbolizes evil and wickedness. He has been used as a tool to totally destroy the meaning of election in Nigeria. Mr. Iwu has taken rigging, corruption and recklessness of the electoral system to an irredeemable stratum.

Corrupt and Inefficient Iwu Maurice

Image from Nigerian Guardian Newspaper

I’m wondering why it took so long for this campaign to take form and shape. What is important now is that this campaign must be sustained and the eventual removal of Iwu must be achieved. If not, his activities will destroy more lives and souls.

In December 2007 I published the article below in the Nigerianmuse and on the Nigeria Village Square. I also published here on my blog and I’m just going to re-post it again exactly the way it was.
My views about Iwu are the same and I think the man should be facing the court of law by now. His former boss Mr Obasanjo should join him in trial. The crimes they both committed/perpetrated should not go unpunished. Removing Iwu is one thing, making him and his masters pay for their crimes is a bigger issue that should not be swept under the carpet-which is usual for the lazy and inherently corrupt successive governments in Nigeria.

A Persistent Resident Evil in the Aisle

Adeola Aderounmu
Written on Dec 11 2007

If we don’t do away with Iwu in our public arena and let him be HEARD NO MORE, someone will wake up tomorrow to tell us that Iwu is a hero. At that time, the likes of Babangida, Obasanjo and Atiku would have become saints and ordinary Nigerians would have been totally converted to their footstools. Iwu must go now!

Nigerians should not get tired of reading about one man or one incident day in day out. It is imperative that all of us who feel genuinely concerned should continue to echo our thoughts and actions where necessary until we rid our society of evil and atrocities. Mr. More-rice Iwu is one man we must continue to elaborate on until he is gone. He MUST go! He was quoted immensely by a recent report (10th Dec 2007) in This Day Newspaper

He stated that the conduct of the elections was far better than the June 12, 1993 election which is generally regarded as the freest and fairest in the history of Nigeria. Apart from confirmed madness, I tried in vain to find any other rational reason why any entity would make this kind of reckless and thoughtless statement. Would any sane person compare the worst election in human history with the best election ever held in Nigerian since 1959?

Iwu went further: Nigeria was able to transit from one civilian regime to another for the first time in the history of the country. This is a very, very useless line of argument. What is the value of a history that promotes shame, ridicule, lawlessness and executive madness? The significance of any election is not in the transfer of power; it is in the meaning that it adds to life. The significance also lies in the realization of the wish of the people, the need for a proper and appropriate change where necessary and the hope for a greater tomorrow. I will repeat that the 2007 selections in Nigeria were nothing short of a farce. It is a slap on the face of the intelligent minds that abound in Nigeria and those abroad.

Nigeria is fond of setting bad examples to other African countries and it is a big shame. It appears to me that Nigeria has not made any progress democratically despite the mistakes and shortcomings of the past. We repeat history and never learn from them. It was very stupid of us all as Nigerians to accept the outcome of the useless 2007 selections in the name of civilian to civilian transition.

After the 29th of May 2007, we still couldn’t bundle into jails all those who squandered our future. I am really disappointed that people like Obasanjo and Iwu and the others who have contributed to the demeaning of Nigeria are not investigated or placed on trial. We need to take control of our lives, our destinies and our future. It must start from someone, from somewhere. Yet it seems that we are wasting this opportunity which is still very fresh.

The INEC chief said in spite of the odds against the smooth conduct of the 2007 general elections, INEC was able to organize free and fair elections that produced winners from state assemblies to the office of the president. This is a classical example of what Fela termed “Animal talk don start again, hear o another animal talk”. I feel so enraged each time I read comments from Iwu. Who do I blame? I blame a system where people worship idiots like him. This is a man that should by now be facing the full wrath of the law. Where is due process and where is the so called ruse of law? Where are our investigative police and judiciary in all of these messes? AG nko?

The jargons that keep coming from Iwu went on: “It was a sad moment to say that 2007 elections was the worst elections when we knew what was happening in other parts of the world.” What does this mean? Which other parts of the world? Is it Sierra Leone that just emerged from a civil war and yet managed to conduct more credible elections? Is it France that conducted their elections a few weeks after the scandal in Nigeria? Is it South Africa from where he imported electoral materials days after the pre-prepared results have emerged?

Is it Ghana that had been reaping the dividends of democracy such that Nigerians are now relocating to Ghana? Which other parts of the world was Iwu talking about? Why do we even have to look at any other part of the world? We are talking about madness and lawlessness in Nigeria and he wants us to look for greater madness to see how blessed we are.

At a public forum last week, Iwu mentioned that politicians wanted coup in April 2007. What a cheap blackmail? Which coup in the history of man will ever surpass the one masterminded by Obasanjo and executed by Iwu himself? Why have we done this to ourselves in Nigeria or why are we permitting this kind of persistent shame?

Are we normal in Nigeria? Is this what it means that Africans are less intelligent? I don’t know what more to ask. Really it is very annoying and frustrating. I mean we went to school in Nigeria and we knew how intelligent our teachers and lecturers are. So, why do we get all these nonsense from those parading our public life? It is hard to understand but if this is what the outside world will hear in order to judge us, then where is the intelligence? Where is the non-fraudulent mind if one of it exists in Nigeria public arena? Help me!
Just when I thought I have read all the nonsense that Iwu had to say, he dropped another line of lunaticism.

He said:
The 2007 elections we agreed were not perfect, it was a human undertaking. It won’t have been perfect. But I still maintain to the annoyance of some people that the 2007 elections were free and fair.” Yes Mr. More-rice Iwu, I am seriously annoyed and if I was a lawyer, I would dedicate the rest of my life to your prosecution until it shall comes to pass. Free and fair? Is this man normal? Iwu said that he is resolute in actualizing his missions of reforming the country’s electoral reforms, in line with what was obtainable in other developed countries. This is ridiculous.

That takes me to Yar Adua who has been talking about electoral reform. Is it the same reform that Iwu is referring to? Is the anticipated electoral reform Yar Adua’s project or Iwu’s mission? Iwu’s mission remains evil in nature and will never achieve any good or positive results. He will only end up setting more tasks for the judiciary who will continue to annul and rule in favour of re-election or resuscitation of proper candidates.

That will also plunge Nigeria into deeper crises. Similarly, if the power to appoint the chairman of INEC still resides with the presidency, then it looks like Umaru is going to leave Iwu to continue with the imaginary reforms he has been talking about. It would be a nice way to pay back Iwu who presented the certificate of office to Umaru when everyone was still shouting foul play. Anyhow, Umaru Yar Adua lacks the foundation to orchestrate an electoral reform as the battle for the soul of the presidency remains undecided. So, Iwu’s reform or Yar Adua’s reform, Nigerians loose either way. What a tragedy!

When Iwu mentioned that … when we knew what was happening in other parts of the world and then…… in line with what was obtainable in other developed countries. I knew for sure that he was absent minded. This is a man who said that we should be happy with our election by comparing it to other parts of the world and at the same forum saying that he wants to make electoral reforms that would compared to what is obtainable in other developed countries. So, the developed countries are in another planet or what? Truth is constant, it is not malleable. Inconsistency and heresy are clear symptoms of a die-hard liar. Iwu is a hardcore liar!

What are the terms governing the operations of INEC? Can the National Assembly do something about it? Apart from an unwillingly and a slow presidency, who else can we turn to for the removal of this cankerworm called Iwu? What about the Integrity Group? This man MUST go! The removal of Iwu is one of the steps we must take to move Nigeria forward. Let us rise up against all the evils in our society and their platforms.

If we don’t probe and try the previous and serving administrations and their key players, we will be taking steps that will only reveal that we are not destined for greatness. We need to stop thieves and deceivers like Iwu in high and low places and put everybody on alert for national revamping. Making Nigeria great is not going to be a day’s job. It will be a collective duty on virtually on frontiers of our lives. But Nigeria will never be great if we don’t resolve to take the first step. Many more generations will be wasted and people will continue to wallow in poverty despite the wealth of the nation. My heart has been bleeding for Nigeria, a rich country where values are not placed on human existence but which instead has become a place for the glorification of sycophants.

Let us not coat evil with honey. Nigeria must do away with Iwu, he is the resident evil, the remnant of the 2 dream killers who disenfranchised 140m people in a world record scandal and farce called election in April 2007. Let us continue to make all the sincere and necessary inputs that are needed to salvage Nigeria even if we have to do that a million times on the same issue.

We are living with many evils in Nigeria, from Babangida to Obasanjo, and the rest of them. One of these evils is very much at large and for as long as he remains relevant and influential in the order of things in Nigeria, this country will know no peace and the disappearance of the entity called Nigeria can be catalytically enhanced by such a fellow. If Iwu remains in charge of elections or electoral reforms, Nigeria’s doom day is surely at hand.