As History Beckons Again: Nigeria’s Knee And Jerk Demon-crazy

As History Beckons Again: Nigeria’s Knee And Jerk Demon-crazy

By Adeola Aderounmu

This British-established country is perpetually drowning in some unpretentiously visible overdose of regional (mostly ethnic-driven) type of democracy. It is pseudo in nature and volatile in mix. But now, it may go to rest on all of her false foundations for the next 4 or 8 years. Depending on foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances in the days and months ahead, there will be the usual turbulences most of which will be absorbed by the plasticity and elasticity of the resilient human population and landmass.

Who could have thought that an incompetent Buhari (fake or real) would steer the affairs of a failed British experiment for 8 years? But someone did. How can a person who is very daft steer the affairs of a country such as Nigeria (with all its faults) for such a long time? You have to actually stop whatever you are doing and think for a moment: how? I may have written here before that that Buhari that represented Nigeria would not even qualify for a domestic work in a home. But he ruled a country. You should be very worried by the type and composition of the people in that country.

When the 2023 (s)election results were announced, the polarised nature of Nigeria was thrown open again. All the agitations that were previosuly channelled to the freedom of the Yoruba Country and the Igbo Nation were predominantly diverted to the support for APC or Labout Party. It is clear that several billions of Naira went into the hands of so-called agitators. The 2023 elections became the money spinner of many of the people we thought were genuine agitators. There were opportunists, just like the rest of us. The cry for freedom was transformed to the smile to the bank.

On several fronts, on many platforms, there are uncountable cycles of idiocies within and outside Nigeria, about Nigeria. There is a new cycle of idiocy for the elites holding the country hostage every 4 years. There is a cycle of idiocy for the masses performing the usual follow-follow mentality just as the late music icon Fela sang a few decades ago. There is a cycle of idiocy for the wannabe freedom fighters cashing out every 4 or 8 years following the same wavelength as the political cycle.

There is a cycle of idiotic, perhaps civil-less citizenry where both the intelligent and the foolish follow the stream of collective amnesia. It is here, in this cycle, that the highest level of wisdom can be thrashed by the lowest level of stupidity. It is here that your sanity is directly proportional to the number of hours you avoid the social media space and web put together. In that social media space, you need a buoyancy to resist madness.

In whatever Nigeria that emerges before or after May the 29th, May The Force Be With You All.


As Another May 29 beckons: That Nation in Custody

As Another May 29 beckons: That Nation in Custody

By Adeola Aderounmu

A few years ago, I wrote about a book called “The Entrapment Of A Nation”. In that book, Nigeria is the nation. But I borrowed the title from a great Nigerian author Naiwu Osahon whose book “A Nation In Custody” I read as a teenager. I will never know why my father bought me that book. There must be a message in the purchase of the book as much as I took many messages with me from the book. Not that I remembered those messages from the book right away, but I think I learnt the meaning of the word “haphazardly” from the book. That sums up all I remember. Imagine a nation, Nigeria, created haphazardly, and operated haphazardly. Imagine infrastructure created haphazardly, imagine the way of life haphazardly organized. Imagine education, roads, houses and even the human mentality in Nigeria haphazardly organized. Got the picture yet? Or do you need to check the meaning of haphazard?

If their plans go ahead, the Nigerian-APC led government will transfer political power to one Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In 2007 (that is 16 years ago), I wrote about Bola Ahmed Tinubu on this blog. Yes, this same blog (one of Africa’s longest blog).


It should still be possible to still grab my opinion about Tinubu though many of the external links on that article are now invalid.

I realized that I did not write any article for the month of April 2023. That is a big surprise and how time flies! But I was observing all the nonsense that transpired since the useless election of 2023. I always just imagine how stupid some people can be actually. I mean, if you call yourself a naija person and you did not know before the (s)elections that Tinubu would be rewarded with the victory, then how truly naija are you? You must be the dumb version of naija person, for real.

On many occasions, I re-echoed what I knew of Naija elections since 1979 and then we have all seen the trend since 1999 when Abdulsalami rubber stamped Obasanjo and so on. Then you come online and shout I am obedient. That is fine! But to expect anything else that INEC published is simply being dumped. But fight all you want, maybe history will be kind to you.

Perhaps you will bring some form of organization into the haphazard nature of Fraudgeria, your Nigeria.

I will surely continue to write about Fraudgeria for as long as I can.

But it is the Yoruba Nation that must find her way out of custody today or tomorrow or someday in the future. It is a necessary and compulsory occurrence for the re-emergence of the glory of the Yoruba race and the re-assurance of the glory of the African.

Here I am putting together a number of issues in a disconnected manner but there is a sense I’m trying to make. Four years from now, if we all tarry, there will be a repetition of the tribalistic and bitter politics that showed that Nigeria is a fraud (Fraudgeria) put together by the British gangsters since 1914 for the orgy of the British royals. Everything in Nigeria is focused to grabbing the power at the center in order to control the rest of the criminal set-up called Nigeria.

After May 29, the pretense will continue. The politicians will settle down to share and spread loots. They will lie about the Boko Haram war that continue to eat deep into the mainland of the North, approaching the center. They will lie about the spread of the Fulani who have sacked many indigenous populations across the country. They will lie about the conquest battle or jihad that continue to spread like a snake poison. A few more people will be made rich by the new connections in the new government of Jagaban. Several millions will remain in poverty and a few more millions will join them in penury. Jagaban will travel abroad to take care of his health while the people perish in a system that was made to kill them.

Nigeria is a rollercoaster playing on repetitions of the failures of history. A people that do not learn from their past to correct their presence in order to ensure a prosperous future will continue to waste away from one generation to the next. If there is one truth that was confirmed in 2023, it is the fact that the various nations entrapped in Nigeria hate one another, not necessarily at the individual level, but at the group and organization levels. Individuals can marry across nations, they can do business across boundaries, and they can profess what they think, but the outcomes of the INEC election of 2023 showed us where we stand at the group levels. We are not one, we will never be one.  

My opinion is that each nation entrapped in Nigeria should be set free and allow to prosper at its own pace. Each nation should be allowed to go back to where they were before the invaders from Europe and Middle-East disrupted and stole our civilisations. The system of government in Nigeria especially is very ridiculous. How does it sound when one man will decide the fate of more than 200 million others? A perfect starting point for Fraudgeria is the total dismantling of slavery as a form of government.


Nigeria’s 2023 Disgraceful (S)Elections: No Surprises..!

If you are complaining about the 2023 Nigeria’s (s)election, you are like a child that does not know medicine and called it vegetable. Welcome to the club of traumatized children and adults. May your stay be short..!

Nigeria’s 2023 Disgraceful (S)Elections: No Surprises..!

Adeola Aderounmu

Only babies and ignorant people should cry or complain about Nigeria’s (s)election process for 2023 for which several billions of naira was earmarked.

I have been conscious of Nigeria’s elections since 1979 (that is 44 years ago), so what happened this year (in 2023) is just a sequel to my earliest traumatic knowledge of elections in Nigeria. In 1979, Obasanjo stole the mandate of UPN and dashed it to NPN.

On a number of occasions, I have written about this traumatic 1979 elections. The trauma is a life-long one. It was not made easier when that criminal called Babangida also stole Abiola’s mandate in1993 and threw it away like a piece of rubbish.

So, if you are complaining about the 2023 Nigeria’s election, you are like a child that does not know medicine and called it vegetable. Welcome to the club of traumatized children and adults. May your stay be short!

I have no complaints about the (s)elections. It was exactly how I envisaged it based on a 44-year old trauma.

Since 2011, I have shouted times without numbers on this blog that Nigeria does not need elections. But I am just one person, unheard. So, I continue to write hoping that the future generations will pick up some lines, act and hopefully find freedom that their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents ignored. As far as I am now concerned, the slavery in Nigeria is now one of choice, and not force or cohesion.

For, how can a people or diverse people know the truth but chose to live the lies? I have termed it classical madness. Then sometimes I am thinking about a lot of things. I am trying to forgive myself and those who took me to many crusades as a child, even as an adult to pray for Nigeria. The precious times I would have spent learning programming and abstract mathematics if I was born in China or Sweden.

People are still praying for Nigeria. Such a waste of time and such a senseless behaviour. Which Gods/gods are they praying to? Did a God create Nigeria? How is Nigeria the problem of any god at all?

The Europeans created Nigeria by mixing nationalities that have nothing in common. That was the beginning of the entire madness. The Europeans and Arabs brought a concoction of religions to add more salt to the injuries. The confusion became enormous. Anyway, God will not solve the problems he/she did not create. When common sense starts to prevail, the people called Nigerians will disown their slave’s name, reinvent their original nationalities, and start on the path to rebuilding the advanced civilization that the Europeans stole or destroyed.

A lot of ignorant people are complaining about INEC, about Mahmoud. The staffs at INEC are their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. Are they saying that their family members are mad? The problem is not INEC. The problem is NIGERIA. Nigeria is not a country. it is a British company established for the pleasure of the queen of England. One of the most useless slogans in the 2023 elections was TAKE NIGERIA BACK.

Was Nigeria your father’s property. You cannot, and you will never take Nigeria back.

Peter Obi is a PDP member who hijacked the LP. That is what political prostitutes do. They are desperate for power.

What you can take back is Biafra or Igbo Nation. What I can take back is Yoruba Country. what they can take back is Arewa, and the creeks of Jaja Opobo. Bury those ignorant thoughts of taking Nigeria back. Nigeria was never yours and it will never be. Nigeria used to belong to the British only and nowadays those who conquer Nigeria at the center (in a useless unitary system) co-owns Nigeria with the British owners.

I have no complaints with the 2023 elections. It was exactly what I thought it would be. And if you didn’t know since 2022 that Tinubu would win, then you need more than 500 hours of re-education about everything in your life. The moment you get involved in trying to choose one out of 3 criminals (Obi, Tinubu and Atiku), is the moment you lost the right to complain about the outcome.

Peter Obi is a PDP member, Tinubu is APC and Atiku, like Obi, is PDP. Peter Obi only hijacked LP, and that is what political prostitutes do. On this blog, I have shown that Atiku is the number 1 political prostitute in Africa (probably the world). Peter Obi was his mentee until he bailed out in 2022, so not a surprise to me that he hijacked the Labour Party. Obi is not a Labour Party person. He used LP because he is an opportunist, desperate for power. Anyway, not my business that several millions of people became accessories in the hands of these criminals who ordinarily should be in prison (if Nigeria was ever a country). On this blog, I have written about the UNTOUCHABLES (Atiku, Tinubu and Orji Kalu). That was in 2007. 16 years later, these 3 criminals are still prominent in Nigeria’s politics.

These days, my concern and interest are on the Yoruba Country. I am worried that Yoruba are not doing enough to exit Nigeria (or at least return to our West) so that we can take control of our resources and develop our country, The Yoruba Country. I am upset about the lack of unity in our land-The Yorubaland, because the moment we find our rhythm, we will be on our way out of Nigeria.

It is imperative that this life-time ambition come to pass so that our children and unborn children can live in the land that our ancestors left behind for us. Our land is Yorubaland presently called Western Nigeria. Once we start to manage our resources prudently, nobody will have the courage or audacity to call our land “No man’s land”. Surely, we will live peacefully with all the citizens of the world, and they will always be welcome to buy, rent, build or own property on our land. But no matter what, our land will still be ours and not a no man’s land. There will be regulation, there will be order. Mutual respect will reign because we are hospitable and civilized.

There is a lot more on my mind but let me try to end this now. Nigeria is not going to change for you, never. It’s a shame on those who know that the unitary system of government is a fraud but chose to remain quiet. I see multitudes of people, several millions of Nigeria who do not know that their suffering is based not only on corruption and outright madness of the politicians, but also on the unitary system of government which creates a permanent slave-master existence. Nobody, I repeat nobody can rule successfully over 200 million people using a useless unitary system. Again, that is classical madness.

INEC and Mahmud are not your problem. Your problem is Nigeria. It was designed to fail, and to make slaves out of people in the NIGGER ARES.



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My Generation Also Wasted Away

Living in denial does not obscure the realities of our lives, how miserable this country Nigeria has become.

My Generation Also Wasted Away

By Adeola Aderounmu

That my generation also wasted away is one thing I have come to accept. I never saw it coming (especially when I was a little boy, full of hopes and dreams of what I thought the future would be and what I would make of it).

Now, rather than shape our days and prepare our children for the future, the people I grew up with are fighting tooth and nails to ”vote”. That people are fighting to vote rather than fighting for freedom is a big disappointment. My generation has also come to symbolize emptiness, vanity and hopelessness.

To understand my essays, you have to brush aside your personal achievements or the achievements of some of the people in my (or your) generation. You must have a holistic mind of viewing the whole picture. If you tell me about people that made it in the rat race, then we should look at 200 million others who are members of the community of the poverty capital of the world.

The useless government of Nigeria made a decision to shut down universities so that election can hold in Nigeria. In 2023? I cannot find all the words to empty my frustrations and sadness in the few lines you read here.

That kind of decision is not only stupid and senseless, but also extremely irritating. It’s the kind of decision that make you rate the mental capacities of rulers of Africa very low. To make such a decision means that there is absence of minimum-level brain activities in such adults, a sort of mental retardation, so so speak.

For everyday that passes, for every hour that we wait or waste and hope on stupid Nigerian elections, the day of glory for the unborn generation shifts forward significantly. It is a very, very sad situation.

Again, this is 2023. In several countries around the world, elections are done so effortlessly that you would not even see a paper blown off the table. Personally, I have participated in several elections that allowed me to cast my vote even before the election day. No sweat, no stress, no labour. Just a walk in and a walk out after ticking some boxes. And we are all humans? So, how do we think in Nigeria?

Nigeria will never get to that point where sensible elections will be done,even 1 million years from now because Nigeria is a country founded on British fraud. Nigeria is a business enterprise created for the pleasure of the British. Nigeria is never going to be able to organize and prosper as a country.

The country is so disorganized and stressful that it is probably the worst place in the world today to be born or live. Do you think that the electoral commission in Nigeria can send people’s voting cards or registration numbers to their homes by post? The answer is NO!

There is a price, a cost for freedom but what commonsense can accomplish is priceless. Freedom for the nations entrapped in Nigeria represent the last hope for the unborn generations.

The voting papers or cards will surely disappear in transit and those that will arrive would be distorted and manipulated. The level of criminality and dishonesty in Nigeria is way out of this planet. It is in all facets and aspects of life. I posted some copies of my latest books to Nigeria in February 2022. One year later, they have not arrived the destination to which they were sent. Thieves everywhere! The books I posted to other countries in the world arrived safely.

Do you see what is going on with money change and new currency in Nigeria? That is another story for another day. If not for madness and mental retardation of Buhari and Emefiele, I do not know what else in the world that would qualify 2 idiots who changed old currencies to new currencies that were not printed. Just imagine the suffering and how people are dropping dead or going mad by taking off their clothes in banking halls and other places like the gas stations.

Let me tell you something. There are no solutions to Nigeria’s problems for as long as the people think that elections are the solutions. We have been on this trail even before the 1959 elections, if we draw our attention to just the year before the scam called independence. Personally, as a long-standing blogger, a consistent one for that matter, I have maintained that Nigeria has no business with elections.

In the time past, I thought that if we organize the system and become normal people, that we could arrange something acceptable and sensible. But now, Nigeria does not even have a reason to remain a country, so conducting elections make no sense. In the face of the reality of the diverse nationalities that cannot have a common goal, I have come to terms that something that did not work for more than 100 years will never work. It must take madness to think that Nigeria will work.

It pierced my heart, and virtually I bleed, for I do not understand why anybody that has brain cells would want to vote in or for Nigeria. Why? I have been convinced before 2011 that Nigeria will never make it through elections. Was it about 10 years ago that I wrote ”Why God will not save Nigeria”? In many ways, I have been spot-on. I will only repeat here that 20 years from now, Nigeria will be worse than it is today if the country is still in existence.

We need clarity in our minds and in our heads (brains), that even after the disintegration of Nigeria, the various nations entrapped within it would need between 50 to 100 years to normalize, make progress and establish permanent prosperity for their citizens and unborn generations.

So even if Nigeria disintegrates today, my generation remain wasted. There is no more cure for my generations. It is over. We are just waiting to grow old and die. Living in denial does not obscure the reality of our lives. But there is hope for our children and children’s children if we get back our entrapped nations today. Then we can start the journey to rebuild, the journey to reinstate and the journey to repair what was truncated by amalgamation of people with different destinies, cultures, traditions and ideologies. Nigeria is a volatile, destructive mix.

For every day that passes, for every hour that we wait and hope on stupid Nigerian elections, the day of glory for the unborn generations shifts forward. It is a very, very sad situation.

In my opinion, this fraud called Nigeria is the only country in the world that did not make progress since the 1960s. I cannot point out one country in the world that was prosperous in the 1950s where the people are living in extreme poverty in 2023. While it got better for others, Nigeria became the dustbin of the world. The elites in Fraudgeria have made a mess of existence for the masses.

It is amazing how I have written about the same thing since 2002. I mean I have given more than 2 decades of my life writing the same thing, week in, week out. Me, I salute myself. I could have looked the other way when I left Bongo in 2002 but I saw it as a call to remind myself and the people who care to listen what we missed out and how we can rescue the future for the unborn generations.

My generation has a few years left to get something right. Imagine if we convert the years of our lives that are left to days or even weeks, perhaps it may open our eyes to the essence of life and how life should be ”live” and ”let’s live”. Life is transient. Our days are soon gone, and we have so far failed to justify our existences on this planet. It’s a huge shame to all creatures on the geographical space named Nigger-Area by the gangster colonialists.

Any generation of Yoruba that want to enjoy their existence and purpose in life on the land that their ancestors left behind for them must fight early and take back control of their lives. My generation has failed and is wasted. My parents died living on hopes that Nigeria will be better. My grandparents did the same. I refused to go to my grave thinking Nigeria will make it under a senseless unitary system.

Voting, participating or getting involved in Nigerian elections means that you have no sense of history and you are very selfish. You are actively destroying the unborn generations. Your legacy is a scam. In 4 years’ time, you will still be worse off and still be voting, senselessly!

No matter what happens, no matter how it goes, these words I write will be golden because the nations entrapped in Nigeria will remain the key to a happy life, a fulfilled existence and permanent prosperity for the slaves living in present day Nigeria, when they become free. The nations entrapped in Nigeria represent the last hope for the unborn generations.

There is a price for freedom but what commonsense can accomplish is priceless.