Stop Shouting PVC, Emancipate Your Entrapped Nations!

The disintegration of Nigeria is the first step to start the several decades needed to rebuild the nations entrapped in Nigeria. It is the most absolute, necessary step, so that the people enslaved within Nigeria since 1914 can find their feet, purpose, direction and freewill to pursue happiness in the different natural nations that Eledumare provided them.

Stop Shouting PVC, Emancipate Your Entrapped Nations!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

When you have been writing about the same things for 2 decades, you sound like a broken record to yourself and your readers.

There is a charade and a fool’s campaign all over the social media relating to PVC. It is the acronym for registration card in Nigeria. In a recent discussion with some friends, I could not contain my anger. I was boiling over.

Let me explain, a bit.

According to what we know about elections in Nigeria since 1959, it was only the transition from Jonathan to Buhari that the presidential results was not contested. Jonathan became a close ally of Buhari and the APC that sacked him. Do your own reasoning and read between the lines why a sacked president became the best pal of the one that sacked him. Jonathan is playing a script and if you know, you know. The truth is Buhari was longed addressed as the president of Nigeria by the likes of Obasanjo and Tinubu long before the 2015 presidential elections. There was nothing Jonathan or any voter could do to stop the change that came in 2015. It has nothing to do with the PVC.

Young and old people on twitter and elsewhere shouting PVC are either ignorant or silly. The Nigerian celebrities will do anything for money. They have capitalized on the PVC craze to expand their networks and pockets. One of them said using the PVC for a particular candidate will be like a mob action. Another said do not come to my house if you do not have a PVC. Some employers and other organizations are using the PVC as the excuse for all sorts of illegal proclamations. Absolute nonsense!

Nigeria has no business doing elections. Nigeria is a failed country that should be dismantled as soon as the opportunities arise. Even if elections are conducted in 2023, nothing will change the fate of the over 100 million people living in absolute poverty. No man born of flesh and blood can rescue Nigeria. Nigeria is designed to nourish the elites and to perpetuate poverty and penury among the populace. The poor masses are built to rely on hope, faith, and religion in order to achieve a meaningful life.

Several millions of Nigeria, as it stands, will live and die in abject poverty. They will never live in proper housing. They will not see 24 hours continuous supply of electricity. They will never travel on good roads. They will continue to have access to less and less meaningful education. Their access to good medical care will disappear completely in a few years. Schools will close, hospitals will become luxurious, and their understanding of a meaningful life will evaporate.

These are the ills on which Nigeria has been established since 1914 when the British gangsters amalgamated the North and South of Nigeria for the orgy of the British empire. It is on this false hope that people without a sense of history and poor judgement of the Nigerian electoral processes are shouting get your PVC.

PVC to do what?

The disintegration of Nigeria is the first step to several decades of rebuilding the nations entrapped in Nigeria. It is the absolute necessary step to the people finding their feet, purpose, direction, and pursuit of happiness in the different enclave their nature and Eledumare has provided.

The persistence of Nigeria will lead to full scale terrorism across the length and breadth of the country. The foreign invaders now represented by the Fulani from across the west of Africa would eventually occupy all the parts of the country. They will continue to rape children, women, and men. They will continue to kill whatever stands in their way for the final occupation of Nigeria. They will kill mothers, fathers, pastors, strongmen and weak people.

Nigerians (such a meaningless name anyway) will stay on twitter, Facebook, tik-tok, and on their street corners until the final occupational plan of the Fulani is rolled out.

There is only one way out of this final occupation. Every nation in Nigeria must declare their independence. Every nation must take charge of its own security architecture. Every nation must take care of her own economy growth and development. Every nation must take care of her own languages and what is left of their culture. Every nature must educate her citizens. There is nothing like a good future for these nations in Nigeria. The Fulanis are coming for you and they are already on your soil.

Fight for your emancipation. Fight for your freedom. Stop shouting PVC. Stop supporting elections that have been decided before you were born into this slavery. There is a choice of freedom. The tasks ahead are hard and very difficult. The re-orientation of each nationality entrapped in Nigeria will take several decades to accomplished. Not to even get started and still hoping in Nigeria is the worst legacy you can hand over to your children and children’s children because they will suffer more than you and your parents combined.

Stop shouting PVC, put your strength in the service of the freedom of your nation and hope that your children and unborn children can enjoy the benefits of your sacrifices.

Stop Shouting PVC, Emancipate Your Entrapped Nations!

Another Terror Attack In Yorubaland: The Genocide At St. Francis Catholic Church

The Genocide At St. Francis Catholic Church, Ondo.

(Warning for sensitive video and image)

By Adeola Aderounmu 

Let us not be deceived. The Fulani invaded Owo. On a Sunday morning, 5th June 2022, Terrorists of the Fulani ethnic group made a clear declaration of war. This is not the first time. Since the inception of the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate, the Fulani ethnic group have been soaking the other ethnic groups in Nigeria in blood and tears. Buhari once described the rest of us as baboons and wanted our blood. He was a pained serial election loser, until he rose to power on the back of the fake promise to end the terrorism of his kinsmen.

For the records, it was exactly one year ago Igangan was attacked. So, the Fulani came back to carry out another major massacre on Yoruba soil. This time at St Francis Catholic Church, Owa-luwa Street, Owo. More than 85 people have been reported dead. They include men, women and children. The sorrow in Yorubaland is great.

 I do not want to write a long report about the terror attack in Yorubaland. I just want to remind the Ooni of Ife of his role as the Divine Premier of Yorubaland. He is failing the people of Yorubaland by not calling all the elders and leaders of Yorubaland to the declaration of Oduduwa Republic (Yoruba Nation).

The Ilana Omo Yoruba led by Professor Akintoye has been left alone for too long in the fight for the liberation of Yorubaland from the slavery imposed on her by the Fulani and Nigeria as a whole. Yorubaland must exit Nigeria in order to be able to take her destiny in her hands. 

I am hoping that the people of Owo will be unanimous in allowing zero INEC booths in Owo. I am hoping that the people of Igangan would allow zero INEC booths in Igangan. All over Yorubaland, it is time to end Nigerian elections on our land. We must never allow any political activity on the basis on APC, PDP, LP or any other useless political system based on Nigeria.

 Let us be unanimous that we are taking Yorubaland out of terror-controlled Nigeria. Let us tell ourselves the truth. We cannot be safe again unless we take control of our land and resources. Is there any other wakeup call greater than the massacre of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children right before our eyes?

There is nothing more to expect other than the worse if we do not end our relationship with Nigeria. Do not be afraid about what or how we will govern ourselves. All the options at our disposal are far better than allowing the Fulani to turn us to suya meat.

Yoruba, I beg you. I beseech you. Please do every little thing you can to contribute to the freedom of your race. The time is now. It is Owo today, it was Igangan yesterday. How do you know it is not your turn tomorrow?

You must act now to support Yoruba Nation/ Oduduwa Republic. It is your duty as much as it is mine.









2023: Nigeria For Sale, Again!

2023: Nigeria For Sale, Again!

By Adeola Aderounmu

The APC mandate (2015 – 2023) promised changes but it became one of the most scandalous government the world had ever seen. Under the criminal activities of Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria became more established not only as a terrorist country but even more so as a country to be off-loaded to the highest bidders.

Before I proceed, if you are participating one way or the other in the processes or the forth coming scam called elections and you are not ashamed to be doing so, I am ashamed and scandalized on your behalf. I am, truly!

The criminal organization called APC pegged the fee for its presidential form at 100 million naira. You have to be a criminal to set such a fee and you also have to be a criminal to buy such a form. Nigerian politicians are essentially thieves.

I am not going to bother you with the details of the processes of the elections. They are too numerous to highlight here. But one thing is obvious, Nigeria is once again for sale. The highest bidder would be given the mandate if the people refuse to end the charade once and for all by returning to their regions to govern themselves.

One criminal called Atiku has purchased the bid on behalf of the lame opposition called PDP. The APC led by criminals like Buhari are trying to figure out how to re-purchase Nigeria in 2023. They are working out a candidate who can match Atiku dollar for dollar. But do not forget that APC and PDP are the same criminal organization. They are just the 2 sides of a useless coin.

If this charade continues, Nigeria would have a new owner in 2023. A new owner with previous criminal records. Do you know how much Atiku stole at the Nigerian customs? Have you any idea how much the old criminal stole as the VP under Obasanjo. For 8 years as VP, this guy and Obasanjo stole so much money that Nigeria almost evaporated. Atiku is also living permanently in UAE. He will soon jet out and return for the elections if Nigeria does not go up in flames.

APC and PDP are now the co-owners of Nigeria. The election is just to assign who lead the stealing of oil money. The election is also to assign who loot the VAT and all funds coming in from the Lagos Port.

For 20 years, this is what I have done. To write that Nigerian-politicians are criminals and that the people have been zombified. Several millions will continue to live and die in poverty. They will never have a taste of the good life. Several millions of children will die before the age of 5 because of preventable diseases. Uncountable Nigerians will live their entire life span without experiencing 24 hours of electricity. Many will never travel on good roads or live in planned housing system.

Several thousand will be murdered annually not only due to terrorism duly sponsored by the government but also as a results of road accidents, daily murders, nighttime assassinations, and outright deaths due to different grades of armed robberies.

Nigeria is not going to be for everybody. It will remain a place where a few people make it and live as lords in the midst of poverty- and poverty-stricken people. Nigeria is not designed to produce prosperous citizens unless the citizens wake up one day and decide to end Nigeria. It is only in the various nations entrapped in Nigeria that the people can pursue happiness and prosper. Any other way will perpetuate poverty, penury and impoverishment for as long as the moon and soon endureth.

Right before our eyes, in the spate of 2 weeks, we saw how monies probably larger than the entire annual budget of Nigeria was distributed by criminals to other criminals called delegates. Monies that can sustain the entire sub-Saharan Africa vanished into the hands of criminals. If you are a normal person, you will do the little you can and everything in your power to campaign to end Nigeria. Your unborn children are going to be slaves and they will suffer more than you and I.

There is no other solution except to end Nigeria and to end all the activities of the crazy, useless and senseless criminal politicians. There is no need aspiring to be with them or to eat out of the senseless national cake as they say. Your children’s children will curse your graves for doing nothing when you could.

Nigeria is an aberration, a curse to the new world order. It is best for Yoruba Nation, Biafra and other nations like the Middle belt to emerge and take their destinies in their hands. It is time for the oil producing region to manage their affairs. It is time for the agricultural and educational west and east to manage their lives. It is time for the agricultural north and the rest to manage their lives. Let everybody go home and build their nations. It is time to end the parasitism of the north and the politicians in general.

It is time for each nation to take care of her security of life and property. It is time to build prosperity based on common good of all. There is no other way to end Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world. There is no other way to end the fact that Nigeria today is probably the worst place in the world to be born or live.

You cannot fold your hands and let Nigeria happen to you. You will not live to tell the story! End Nigeria now to save your life and those of your loved ones!