Patricia Etteh: Another thief exposed!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Patricia Etteh is the Speaker in the Assembly of thieves!

She approved over N628 million to renovate her house and that of the Deputy Speaker.

I am not surprised at all!

This is what you get when you call allow David Mark to be the Senate President.

This woman is just following the footprints that she sees ahead of her.

What more can we say about the thieves and illegitimate people that are ruling Nigeria? This is classical madness.

Nigerian leaders are still fools and idiots.

Some people don’t even have 10 naira or 100 naira to eat snacks or decent meals at the road side canteen, and someone is spending this much to adjust a house.

How much will she use to build a new house then?

Bad road everywhere, dysfunctional schools, dirty water to drink, malaria killing children under 5 at ease and rendering adults morbid, ….etc etc..yet these politicians will use every little opportunity to steal and loot. Shameless people. Idiots!

Wonders will never cease in Nigeria, a den of robbers.

The “Noticeme” Attorney General and the Naira Jargons

Adeola Aderounmu.

Michael Aondoakaa is an interesting person in the illegitimate government in Nigeria. As the Attorney General, he is really showing himself.

First, it was a tango with the EFCC trying to strip the body of its power to prosecute thieves. I understand that Michael Aondoakaa was representing some thieves before he benefitted from this crazy administration, so I am not surprised that he tried to destabilise the EFCC. Obviously, he is acting on behalf of his former paymasters.

Now, he has turned his attention to Soludo, the central bank governor. Soludo rightly or wrongly has annouced measures that he thought would improve the Nigerian economy. I don’t know how that would have played out but I am amazed that this same Michael Aondoakaa has come out strongly to nullify the propositions of Soludo.

He did that in his capacity as the Attorney General.

The discussions that will follow in and out of Nigeria will surely be intensed.

Will Soludo resign?

Will Mr. Michael Aondoakaa tell us about all these legalities in an illegal government?

Can he tell Yar Adua, his master that the election that brought him in was an illegal one? How many court orders will he be obeying or flaunting in the days ahead? 

What are his duties as the AG other than poking his nose into other independent arms of government and cutting their wings?

As the AG of Nigeria, how does he intend to reform our laws and justice system?

And so on and so forth….the jaga jaga continues…we don’t even know who is in charge! 

The Niger Delta War: My prediction comes to pass…

Adeola Aderounmu.

On October 29, 2006: I wrote on this blog page:

Let no one be deceived, the situation in the Niger Delta is a real threat to the Nigerian State. My brother expressed grave fears for the elections in 2007. In his view, and based on his encounters with the militants, he thinks that the 2007 elections is a disaster waiting to happen. He expressed concerns that a serious war can break out. Now is the time to put the militants out of business for the sake of the entity called Nigeria. 


_______________________________________________________________  Today, in August 2007, there is war in Port Harcourt.  The war is about one week old now.

I rightly pointed out that the 2007 election will be the trigger for this war and it has turned out to be so. My conclusions then were based on what my brother told me. He is a marine engineer and his fishing boat goes through this delta regularly. They have been attacked a few times but he has survived to tell the stories.  

In the ongoing war, Innocent people have been caught in the lines of crossfires and they have been killed for nothing. This is Nigeria for you! 

This is part of the consequences of a do-or-die election and absolute neglect of governance.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!

Nigeria must learn from Sierra Leone

Adeola Aderounmu.

5 years after emerging from a civil war, Sierra Leoneans have gone to the polls in a very credible election.

For more than 10 years, this country was torn apart yet the people have been able to conduct themselves to partake in (and deliver elections) that Nigerian Iwu and Obasanjo should go and take a cue from.  They should take Akala and Adedibu with them for the lessons.

5 million people showing the way to a tired, weak giant of 140 million people.

Well Done Sierra Leone, Your glory has come!

Why Nigerian Foreign Debts should NEVER be forgiven, Cancelled or pardoned!

Adeola Aderounmu.

If one takes a liberal and objective look at the way things are going on in Nigeria, then one will come to the conclusion that seeking debt forgiveness is nothing but absolute rubbish.

This is a country where one person can have more than 20 billion dollars in his bank accounts in Switzerland or some other stupid island somewhere. Some Nigerian politicians  and dictators are richer than some smaller countries in Africa.

This is a country where someone who is a public officer would wake up and declare an assets of 259 million naira, 1 billion, 4 billion and so on. Is this not the same country where we all grew up? Didn’t we know how much we earned monthly working for this same government?

Take a look at what has been stolen from this rich country. In 1991, only one person pocketed all the earnings of this country!

To pay whatever debts Nigeria owes, all that Nigerians need to do is to go to all these thieves one by one and ask for a refund (or change!)

Then, we will pay our debts and still have excess left to rebuild our country!

This is the truth that everyone is shying away from! This is a worrying amusement.

The truth will set us free!

May the glory of Nigeria come, soon!

When a thief is the Senate President!

Still reflecting on Nigeria: the madness continues?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

As we have settled for the illegitimate government in Nigeria, the only thing I can do now is to wish my country of birth good luck. Good luck always remind me of the name of the man they call the vice-president in jagajaga Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. He has vowed never to make public his assets declaration. He is not obliged by law!

Law or no law, Obliged or no Obliged,  it would be nice if he can change his mind especially if he has no skeleton in his cupboard.

But there are more pressing things in Nigeria than the bad luck of the so called vice-president. 

Nobody has explained to me how David Mark, a thief, is now the senate president in Nigeria! Since I don’t have an answer to that question, I have refused to join voices to tell Badluck to declare his assets. I have also stayed out of the campaign for the same reason that Maurice Iwu, Obasanjo, Babangida, Adedibu and Akala, Kalu, Alamieyeseigha are not in prison.

To me, all these men and their contemporaries (from 1960 to 2007) are criminals and I cannot say prosecute one without saying prosecute all. Nigeria will find it difficult to be a great nation as long as thieves are in power or they are still going about as free men.  

We have seen how ex-convicts took glorious rides from prisons to Aso rock. We saw it in 1999 and we are seeing more of it in 2007. Thieves are getting away one by one and all they have to do is called plea bargaining.  Amusement does not cease in Nigeria. 

In Nigeria, there is a way to justify every stupidity. It bothers me because none of this madness translates into better life for the masses. May the glory of Nigeria come, soon.     


Goodluck declared his assets publicly on the 8th of August 2007.  






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