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Who is this fool called Labaran Maku?

Adeola Aderounmu

If people don’t have any sense to make, why can’t they stop insulting the intelligence of “the intellectual pool in Nigeria”?

This Labaran Maku is probably living in on another planet the way he has been going around to blow Goodluck Jonathan’s trumpet in the past few days.

These are the type of people Obasanjo warned Jonathan about. It was Maku who said that Jonathan is the best thing to happen to Northen Nigeria. Really?

What does he mean? Northern Nigeria is at war with Nigeria via Boko Haram. Is that the best thing to happen to Northen Nigeria? I recommend a psychological evaluation for Mr. Labaran Maku.

I heard he was a student leader in his youth days who fought against the increase in the price of petroleum. As a government spokesman, he was ready to lay his life for the reversal of ideology that gave rise to the increase in price of petroleum. You can tell he is not ok.

Now this “fool” wants us to commend Jonathan for his leadership style. Really?

What kind of a mad leader or ruler steals so much money ? Goodluck Jonathan may be your president Mr. Labaran. In my eyes, he is a pure criminal who deserves the longest jail term ever.

There are serious allegations of missing trillions of Naira and you are commending him. He is your boss, do his biddings. But please stop insulting the intelligence of the rest of Nigerians.

Your boss cannot deal with corruption in his family and he cannot deal with corrupt men and women in his executives. It seems that they are all “sleeping together” and cannot get rid of the corruption that binds them.

Please Mr. Maku, stop fooling around.

If the people in Nigeria and the people around you cannot tell you the truth because many of you lose your senses because of food and money, those of us who are not around you and who are not partakers in your destruction of Nigeria will be bold enough to tell you the plain truth-You are all criminals!


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Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan: YOU ARE SUPER CORRUPT!

By Adeola Aderounmu

If you have not read Obasanjo’s letter, you are in the dark. Nothing said is new but for me it feels fulfilling to get an official confirmation to my blog posts.

Obasanjo said Jonathan has brought corruption to the level of impunity. That is a bloody lie. Jonathan just kept the status quo.

Impunity was there when Obasanjo came in. What Jonathan has done is to raise the bar.

With Obasanjo, Okonjo-Iweala did magic with Abacha’s loot that was returned to Nigeria by the government of Switzerland. Only Obasanjo and Iweala knew where the money went.

Obasanjo came into government in 1999 almost a wretched fellow. When he left government, he was super rich. No explantion for source of wealth. We know it is looting.

Under Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweale has presented herself openly as the ugly face of corruption-several funds have disappeared or gone missing. The largest sum of monies to disappear from the Nigerian treasury have taken place under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala, Allison Madueke and Lamido of the central bank.

Obasanjo and even Babangida must be shocked that there are bigger thieves and criminals than them in Nigeria. Babangida must be feeling poor with the 12 billion dollars that the stole from Nigeria.

Obasanjo was been feeling silly by the 16 billion naira NEPA money that disappeared under his watch.

Goodluck Jonathan, together with Okonjo-Iweala and Allison Madueke are today Africa’s biggest thief. If you are reading this, you assignment is to go and find out how much these criminals have stolen recently in Nigeria.

I will never stop to say that Nigeria is the MOST corrupt country in the world.

If the sum we are talking about here disappears from the European Economy, Europe will face a sudden depression and global economy may collapse!

The level of corruption in Nigeria is the single most important tragedy of modern era on the face of the earth when war is not in consideration.

To event think that the name of the ”former pride” of the WORLD BANK Okonjo-Iweala kept coming up everytime money gets missing is a disaster to the reputation of the world bank.

Nigeria’s presidency and executive arms are so shameless and unbelievably corrupt you wonder what Nigerians are waiting for!

To include the legislators and national assembly in the sources of money missing from Nigeria daily is a source of permanent headache and worries.

In the midst of plenty, Nigerians are suffering, smiling and shieding looters! What about the states and local councils? You get Corruption Inc., Nigeria.

Obasanjo’s letter pointed how Jonathan shielded Ms. Oduah from punishment in a crime that is known globally. Goodluck Jonathan is the lowest thinker among the men who have ruled or colonised Nigeria.


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When Our Presidents Are Murderers: General Obasanjo to Jonathan “You are a Murderer”

By Adeola Aderounmu

In his letter, Obasanjo alleges that Goodluck Jonathan is keeping over 1000 Nigerians on his list of ”people to be killed or maimed”.

According to Obasanjo, it is likely that Jonathan is also training his hit squad at the same location that Sani Abacha trained his killer squad as well.

But Obasanjo warned Jonathan using the Yoruba Adage that ”The man with whose head coconut is broken may not live to savour the taste of the succulent fruit”.

What Obasanjo is saying here is that history may repeat itself fatally on Goodluck Jonathan.

I have heard 3 theories about the death of Abacha. One, that he died while having sex with an imported prostitutes. Two, that he was poisoned in Aso rock. Three, that he was shot by an army officer.

I don’t know which of these theories is correct but we all know that the coconut was broken on Abacha’s head. Obasanjo is now warning Jonathan about his killer squad-that the next coconut may just break on his head!

Olusegun Obasanjo was pissed by the fact that Goodluck Jonathan set a murderer free and gave him a royal welcome.

Al-Mustapha was the head of Abacha’s hit squad and he ordered the killing of Abiola’s wife.

But Goodluck Jonathan used presidential powers to indirectly set him free.

Goodluck Jonathan is the WORST thing to happen to Nigeria.

My own reaction to these allegations is that Goodluck Jonathan should be stripped of his presidential powers, arrested and investigated. In Nigeria, the carriage of justice-real justice must start from somewhere and this is a new golden opportunity.

How can you free a murderer in the first place?

Who will confirm or corroborate Obasanjo’s story of a new killer squad?

Jonathan is doing these things because Obasanjo, Babangida and Abdulsalami all got away with murders.

Obasanjo is implicated in the murder of Bola Ige amongst others.

Babangida killed Dele Giwa and probably a generation of Nigerian’s military men.

Abdulsalami has been implicated in the death of MKO Abiola.

It appears to be a tradition that Nigerian’s rulers are murderers.

Obasanjo is exposing Jonathan, the same way he was exposed and nothing happened!

What a country!

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I Made You The President, Obasanjo Tells Jonathan (with regrets!)

By Adeola Aderounmu

Obasanjo made it clear in his letter that he made Goodluck Jonathan the president of Nigeria. According to Obasanjo, he said he did the same when he made Yar Adua and Shagari presidents in 2007 and 1983 respectively.

What Obasanjo implied here is that he acted in the interest of Nigeria on these 3 occasions when he had the opportunities to pass power to other people.

It is true I actually promised not to attack Obasanjo but it is hard to let go and forget our history.

In 1979 Obsanjo rigged the elections in favour of the NPN and Shagari, an incompetent crook from Northern Nigeria was made the civilian president of Nigeria.

What followed the handover was massive corruption among the civilians and severe hardship on Nigerians. Nigerians have not recovered from the grave error that Obasanjo made. The coups and counter coups that followed Obasanjo’s errors destroyed the essence of our lives in Nigeria.

Obasanjo had always done all in his power to prevent intelligent people from ruling Nigeria. Awolowo was blocked several times and 1979 was not an exception.

In 2007 Yar Adua was sponsored by Obasanjo and they used Ibori’s stolen wealth from Delta State to propagate the elections. Today Ibori is in a UK prison and Yar Adua died after a protracted illness.

In 2011 Obasanjo sponsored a drunkard named Goodluck Jonathan to become the president of Nigeria. Today Obasanjo is regretting that sponsorship.

Obasanjo felt betrayed that Jonathan now sees him as the enemy of his administration. On page 14 of the letter he wrote to Jonathan, Obasanjo must have been closed to tears.

Three times, Obasanjo made decisions or supported candidates that ruined Nigeria. Obasanjo himself ruled Nigeria as a military dictator and alnost succeeded with his third term ambition as a civilian president. His “boy-boy”-Nuhu Ribadu was used to chase everybody around town under the disguise of the EFCC.

Obasanjo’s letter is important but we will never forget the roles he played in the promotion of corruption and how his name has been mentioned in a number of corruption files.

What Obasanjo must also not forget is that mild and severe corruptions are both corruptions anyway and in no small ways, these acts have promoted poverty and penury in Nigeria.

(More reactions to follow)


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