Month: May 2021

Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Speaks at Yoruba Nation Mega Rally in Osun State

Oduduwa a gbe wa o!

A Journey From 1960 To The Stone Age

Nigeria is a geographical region with an active “human survival of the fittest instincts” where daily survival is a miracle A Journey From 1960 Back to the Stone Age By Adeola Aderounmu The headline of this essay is prompted by how bad the country… Continue Reading “A Journey From 1960 To The Stone Age”

YORUBA nation anthem

YORUBA NATION ANTHEM (Download word document or pdf, check the files below the texts) Iṣẹ wa fun’le wa Fún ilẹ ibi wa Ka gbega (2X) Ka gbega f’ayé rí 2. Igbagbọ wa ni pe B’a ti b’ẹrú La b’ọmọ K’a ṣiṣẹ (3X) K’a jọla… Continue Reading “YORUBA nation anthem”

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