Month: March 2016


When l was 8 years old, my class teacher Mrs. Nwaoha taught me the importance of merit in attaining positions whilst handing me my first experience of taking responsibilities outside my home. Her approach continues to influence my thinking to this day. Reflections By… Continue Reading “Reflections”

The APC Mandate: So Far, So Bad!

  Even if the APC mandate meant well, the realities on ground in Nigeria really hurt. In the daily lives of the ordinary citizens, things continue to fall apart. Some groups like the pensioners have even disappeared from the radar of the government. The… Continue Reading “The APC Mandate: So Far, So Bad!”

Echoes Of Idiaraba

I was born after the civil war. When l was growing up and in my formative years there was no one-teachers, counsellors or psychologists-who told us the reasons for the things that happened in northern Nigeria. Many of those things were unheard of or… Continue Reading “Echoes Of Idiaraba”

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