ICC And the Dilemma of African Rulers

By Adeola Aderounmu

Kenya may be pulling out of ICC. Many African countries may follow suit.

The ICC was supposed to be a place to bring criminals to judgement irrespective of continents or affiliations.

Unfortunately it has turned out to be a place primarily for the prosecution of war criminals from Africa. These criminals are serving and ex-dictators or rulers from Africa.

It’s sad because whilst it serves as a deterrent or likely deterrent for future war crimes, it is essentially a discriminatory or racial institution.

Why have war criminals from Britain and America not been prosecuted or even served warrant of arrest? Are some race or countries more equal than others? The answer is yes if we go by the standard by which this world is run.

Not that I like any stupid dictator from Africa (an inch). I think the problems from Africa are obvious because of the stupid ways many of the continent dictators and civilian rulers plunder their countries. That makes their crimes too obvious but not more serious than the drones and rockets that have sent children and other people to their early graves in countries targeted by NATO, Britain and America.

If ICC will stand the test of time, the prosecution of war criminals and those who committed crimes against humanity must be across board. If a British Prime Minister or an American president cannot be prosecuted for war crimes then the ICC should be scrapped immediately. As it is now, it is a useless organisation and a racial instrument.

Keeping Up With Nigeria is Pretty Hard…

Adeola Aderounmu

Sometimes, I try to pretend like I don’t really care about Nigeria. Sometimes, I feel deep hatred for the crazy people ruling and ruining the country. Sometimes I feel the flow of nationalism in my vein and solidarity takes over.

Whatever the feeling, frustration soon set in for my inability to wipe away all the useless people in and around power across Nigeria.

These fools in the old and new PDP and across all the useless major political parties in Nigeria stir an irreversible hatred for Nigeria in me. They and all the public workers in high and low places across Nigeria who have settled to terms that the only way to rule and be ruled in Nigeria is to be a criminal by stealing, looting and neglecting selfless service have tilted my feeling for Nigeria from hopeful to passionate hatred for the general system of things down there. With the type of people ruling and the mentalities of the populace, Nigeria is condemned!

Jonathan has spent the bulk of his time in Aso rock fighting for his political life. This fight is the fight that the people of Nigeria would have fought on his behalf if he had been a worthy ruler after reaching the pinnacle through dubious and criminal ways. No election or selection in the history of Nigeria (except the 1993 elections) has been without criminal activities and diabolic plots.

If a man is good and upright his work and achievements will speak for him. Under Jonathan, corruption was refined and redefined. In this regard, he was simply “impotent”. Just not to look too far, his wife is a critically corrupt woman and her looting activity and wastage of public funds will tear apart the word “probity”.

My hatred for Nigeria is amplified by the type of people trying to unseat Jonathan. Together all these people (Jonathan and the new PDP) ought to be rounded up and speedily PROSECUTED and send to life imprisonment. They are all crooks and criminals.

Nigeria is a country where evil people dictates what will happen and about 200 million zombies carry on from day to day like it’s ok. I would probably become one of these zombies if I return to Nigeria or I would be killed by these fools who want power by all means. Nigeria presents one of the most unusual dilemma of dis-united nations.

It’s an adventure in itself to be called a Nigeria because it is a senseless and loose term in itself. Who is a Nigerian? Where is he/she from?

The answer is that it does not exist-no one is Nigerian and Nigerians don’t come from anywhere. Nigeria is a geographical expression and the main reason for governance in Nigeria is to capture power and wealth and oppress the others.

To be sure, you can ask Obasanjo, Babangida and now Jonathan: what are the plans for “Nigerians” for the next 50-100 years? These fools will not be able to answer you. This is simply because for them, governance means me, me and me. Therefore the term/expression Nigeria/n has been abused, misused and nullified.

In that West African region, life is a struggle and you either make it or die trying.

It is easy to define a people when they have something in common, when they have a plan for now and the future. In essence, you ought to be wary of what your unborn generations are going to face.

In Nigeria everything is about now and now, which is why it is easy for me to call Nigerian rulers mad men and fools. Only fools and mad people are not wary of the need to plan for the future. Only idiots will be elected or selected into office only to become murderers and looters like Babangida and the other rulers across Nigeria.

It is pretty hard to keep up with Nigeria. Many people have given up once they cross the borderline to another country.

Many questioned people like me. Why do you write “shit” about your country? Why don’t you come back to Nigeria and help with the situation? Why don’t you come back to Nigeria and see if you will not be killed?

Some even ask “what is your agenda?

Many of these questions are stupid questions. Some of them are senseless comments!

What I know is that the world’s worst modern slavery is going on in places like Nigeria where the rulers pretend to practise democracy. Nigeria’s form of government is undefinable. If you call it democracy, you need to get a medical checkup in a reputable hospital.

What I see is mad people in and around power and a followership that is absoluetly zombified.

What a useless country! I can bet that more than 90% of the people reading this from Nigeria are using artificial power supply commonly called generators.

Act 2, scene 1 please!

How Obama Is Bringing Stockholm To 2 days Of Standstill

Barack Obama will visit Stockholm-Sweden from 4-5th of September 2013. For those 2 days life will become hell for some people especially those who live or work around Stockholm city.

We have not seen something like this before in Sweden, when the capital of Scandinavian would be brought to a halt because of a visit.

Obama is bringing:

1. Air Force One
2. His car- the beast
3. 5 helicopters
4. About 40 cars
5. 29 transport planes
6. Security from the secret service
7. About 300 advisers and press contacts
8. Other personals numbering around 150
9. 6 doctors
10. His cook

He will also be provided security by all the police in Stockholm.

I thought maybe the Swedish government can declare 2 days of holidays for everyone. Or maybe we can have the longest weekend ever closing on Tuesday night (3rd of spetember) and returning to work on Monday the 9th.

One of the busiest roads in Stockholm (E4) will be closed during Obama’s arrival and drive through to his destination in Stockholm. Large areas of the central part of Stockholm will not be accessible and transport will be severely affected.

While I understand the security and safety issues connected to Barack Obama, I do not personally appreciate the extremity attached to it. I do not appreciate that the lives of other people will be put on hold for up to 2 or 3 days depending on where Obama is threading.

A major train station will be locked for more than 12 hours. Some businesses and offices will be closed for certain periods.

Thousands of people will change their local and international travel plans for the sake of Barack Obama.

In this age of advances in technology and sophistication, I do not agree that what it takes to protect Obama is to pause or stop the lives of other people.

I think this has been taken too far.

I thought Nigerian rulers took things too far when they take over major parts of the cities or town during their worthless visits or attendances at events.

But looking closely on what is about to go down in terms of American and Swedish tax payers monies due to one Obama visit, I am almost weeping for the poor people in America.

The New PDP in Old Skin

By Adeola Aderounmu

If there is something that Nigeria does not need now, it is the so called splitting of the PDP resulting in the re-emergence of corrupt and useless politicians.

When Obsanjo third term bid was botched it was Atiku Abubakar who spear-headed the rofo-rofo fight. It was a “good” fight because he send Obasanjo packing using his might and that of the senate. Despite all the funds that Obasanjo wasted on the senate he was unsuccessful in his bid to change or manipulate the constitution to suit his evil third term agenda.

Even Ribadu could not save the day despite all the witch-hunting that he led with the EFCC. Nigeria is never short of useless people and thoughtless politicians.

As Atiku battled Obasanjo, Obasanjo fought back by exposing all the monies that Atiku has also looted. Everyday in the newspaper we read about the shady deals of both Obasanjo and Atiku.

They provided evidence and counter evidence of how they both looted Nigeria.Yet both men were never arrested. They were never tried for their criminal acts and for looting the Nigerian treasury. So in short Nigeria is a country where rulers can loot, expose their loots and still walk free. What a useless country!

Hence when a man like Atiku decides that it is time to divide the PDP because Jonathan is becoming full of himself and acting like a dictator, people must know that while that may be necessary for the PDP, it is the last thing that a useless country like Nigeria needs. Nigerians don’t need the re-cycling of corrupt people.

Atiku is desperate to become the president at whatever cost. So, like one popular Nigerian writer puts it, the politicians we have in Nigeria will not solve Nigeria’s problem.

Politics for them is not about serving the people or rendering selfless services. All they aim at is their pocket, their ego and their mad urge for riches. All they want is to loot and deceive the people.

I don’t feel anything by the recent split. Instead it goes to show the claim by one APC chieftain that Jonathan is a kindergarten president. Indeed, he is.

The day after the fatal splitting of PDP, he brought Obasanjo to Aso Rock. Obasanjo is around 80+ years and he is the solution for Jonathan. These people are crazy.

So Obasanjo will help him to either defeat Atiku or beg Atiku? I don’t understand which of these 2 functions that brought one corrupt former ruler against his corrupt deputy. Both of them plus Jonathan should be sent to kirikiri assuming we have a functioning judiciary that is independent of the executives.
Nigeria is no ordinary country. The politicians are insane and the populace is disconnected. The geographical area called Nigeria is occupied by people with very short memories. The region is dominated by a people or a collection of nation that do not learn from their past. This race forgets its history and live in the moment only.

Else what should happen in Nigeria should supercede both the Arab spring and the Ukrainian revolution. No matter the political party that rules in Nigeria, the situation can only get worse. The system of government is bad and obsolete.

The institutions are not working. Security is at its lowest ebb. Schools are decayed. Roads are the worst in the world. There is no electricity in Nigeria. Water availability is a mirage. Manufacturing is zeroing and everything has fallen apart. Injustice is rife and impunity reigns.

Hence a new or factional political group is far from the need of Nigerians.

The useless government today should have summoned the courage to initiate political changes that will bring about true federalism. The people should be given voices that will help them to determine their mode of existence and the type of life that they want to lead.

What the present useless government has done is to promote corruption to a new height. This government is probably more corrupt than any other government ever seen in Nigeria. There is no known plan or direction. The man and woman at the top have made themselves into lord and almighty, taking what they want, as they want it and how they want it. Madness at its peak!

But history is full of details that show that freedom is not given. It must be won. Nigerians are like modern slaves, even many will not acknowledge it. The fear in the minds of the people have not allowed them to revolt and take what is theirs.

The greed that has been sown in people have confused their ideologies. Everybody thinks that their time to plunder Nigeria directly and indirectly will come.

It pains to see the futility of life in Nigeria. Life has no meaning to millions of people down there. Everything must be fought for, even water and electricity. Everyday must be lived as if it is a war situation. It is sad and it hurts when a few idiots loot, merry and carry on as if everything is alright.

One day, one hopes that the people hit the war and fight back.

(unedited entry)