Rotimi Amaechi, simply an idiot! (Video)

How can a fool even aspire to be a president? Buhari loweree the bar to the level of insanity, so every fool thinks it is child’s play to lead a terror-infected country

Video: Courtesy of Channels TV.

2023: Nigeria For Sale, Again!

2023: Nigeria For Sale, Again!

By Adeola Aderounmu

The APC mandate (2015 – 2023) promised changes but it became one of the most scandalous government the world had ever seen. Under the criminal activities of Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria became more established not only as a terrorist country but even more so as a country to be off-loaded to the highest bidders.

Before I proceed, if you are participating one way or the other in the processes or the forth coming scam called elections and you are not ashamed to be doing so, I am ashamed and scandalized on your behalf. I am, truly!

The criminal organization called APC pegged the fee for its presidential form at 100 million naira. You have to be a criminal to set such a fee and you also have to be a criminal to buy such a form. Nigerian politicians are essentially thieves.

I am not going to bother you with the details of the processes of the elections. They are too numerous to highlight here. But one thing is obvious, Nigeria is once again for sale. The highest bidder would be given the mandate if the people refuse to end the charade once and for all by returning to their regions to govern themselves.

One criminal called Atiku has purchased the bid on behalf of the lame opposition called PDP. The APC led by criminals like Buhari are trying to figure out how to re-purchase Nigeria in 2023. They are working out a candidate who can match Atiku dollar for dollar. But do not forget that APC and PDP are the same criminal organization. They are just the 2 sides of a useless coin.

If this charade continues, Nigeria would have a new owner in 2023. A new owner with previous criminal records. Do you know how much Atiku stole at the Nigerian customs? Have you any idea how much the old criminal stole as the VP under Obasanjo. For 8 years as VP, this guy and Obasanjo stole so much money that Nigeria almost evaporated. Atiku is also living permanently in UAE. He will soon jet out and return for the elections if Nigeria does not go up in flames.

APC and PDP are now the co-owners of Nigeria. The election is just to assign who lead the stealing of oil money. The election is also to assign who loot the VAT and all funds coming in from the Lagos Port.

For 20 years, this is what I have done. To write that Nigerian-politicians are criminals and that the people have been zombified. Several millions will continue to live and die in poverty. They will never have a taste of the good life. Several millions of children will die before the age of 5 because of preventable diseases. Uncountable Nigerians will live their entire life span without experiencing 24 hours of electricity. Many will never travel on good roads or live in planned housing system.

Several thousand will be murdered annually not only due to terrorism duly sponsored by the government but also as a results of road accidents, daily murders, nighttime assassinations, and outright deaths due to different grades of armed robberies.

Nigeria is not going to be for everybody. It will remain a place where a few people make it and live as lords in the midst of poverty- and poverty-stricken people. Nigeria is not designed to produce prosperous citizens unless the citizens wake up one day and decide to end Nigeria. It is only in the various nations entrapped in Nigeria that the people can pursue happiness and prosper. Any other way will perpetuate poverty, penury and impoverishment for as long as the moon and soon endureth.

Right before our eyes, in the spate of 2 weeks, we saw how monies probably larger than the entire annual budget of Nigeria was distributed by criminals to other criminals called delegates. Monies that can sustain the entire sub-Saharan Africa vanished into the hands of criminals. If you are a normal person, you will do the little you can and everything in your power to campaign to end Nigeria. Your unborn children are going to be slaves and they will suffer more than you and I.

There is no other solution except to end Nigeria and to end all the activities of the crazy, useless and senseless criminal politicians. There is no need aspiring to be with them or to eat out of the senseless national cake as they say. Your children’s children will curse your graves for doing nothing when you could.

Nigeria is an aberration, a curse to the new world order. It is best for Yoruba Nation, Biafra and other nations like the Middle belt to emerge and take their destinies in their hands. It is time for the oil producing region to manage their affairs. It is time for the agricultural and educational west and east to manage their lives. It is time for the agricultural north and the rest to manage their lives. Let everybody go home and build their nations. It is time to end the parasitism of the north and the politicians in general.

It is time for each nation to take care of her security of life and property. It is time to build prosperity based on common good of all. There is no other way to end Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world. There is no other way to end the fact that Nigeria today is probably the worst place in the world to be born or live.

You cannot fold your hands and let Nigeria happen to you. You will not live to tell the story! End Nigeria now to save your life and those of your loved ones!