By Adeola Aderounmu

At various times I have described the Nigerian government with harsh terms. The situation remains the same.

The government of Nigeria promised to give Nigerians constant electricity power by the end of 1986. Twenty-six years later Nigerians are still living in darkness.

A cheap blackmail will be that each successive government would absolve itself of the shortcomings of the previous government. Another senseless blackmail is for the civilians to blame the military gangsters and vice versa.

But the constant truth is that every government in Nigeria, past and now, is useless and corrupt. Each government has neglected its primary roles over the years and almost no one set of corrupt politicians or tropical gangsters is better than the other in terms of providing for the populace and maintaining infrastructure.

On June 1 2013, the useless (present) government of Goodlcuk Jonathan will increase the cost of electricity and consumers will start to pay more for what is not available.

It is only in Nigeria that people pay for what is not provided.

It takes a foolish, wicked and senseless government like that of Ebele Goodluck Jonathan to increase the price of what it is not providing.

This strategy has been used in the past-with promises made and no delivery on the promises. The cost of electricity keeps going up.

This government is wicked and foolish.

What is wrong with Nigerians? Are they going to accept this nonsense, again?

I think it is time for them to emerge from their holes and push this government to the dustbin of history once and for all.

There is no alternative other than ending this murderous and repressive regime. It is the most useless ever!

June 12 1993, Just Like Yesterday..!

Adeola Aderounmu

I remembered when my parents used to talk about how life was in the 1950s and 1960s. Then I used to imagine how they could possibly remembered things that happened so long ago vividly. Now that I am an adult, I think I understand better how time can fly and then 19 years can be like 4 months!

This is the way that the time that had passed since June 12 1993 to this moment seemed to me. In fact, June 12 seemed to me like yesterday. It’s all so fresh in my memory. I was studying at the University of Lagos at that time.

As I remember June 12, I will dwell on the principles of the events of that day and not on the person of MKO Abiola, Bashir Tofa or the tropical gangster called Babangida. The reason why I will not dwell on personalities fully is because the election was not about them, it was about democratic principles and the rule of law.

On June 12 1993, millions of Nigerians voted in the best election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria. It was possible for the people to vote right because the elections were properly planned and well conducted. There were pre-election debates and it was easy to know who was intelligent and who was really dull.

The people voted and the results were rolling in more to the favour of MKO Abiola. When it became evident that Abiola would win, Bashir Tofa (the opponent) was said to have sent him congratulatory messages. Now, that is a good man when it comes to the spirit of politics without bitterness. Records have it that as the results were been announced, the prices of goods and services were dropping. There was a tailor who refused to be paid for the services he had rendered. He was so overjoyed that “at last” hope has come to the people.

That was the spirit and mood until Nigerians received a rude shock from the nonentity called Babangida. This useless man cancelled or annulled the best election in our history. There were many theories to this annulment including that Abiola is a creditor of the government, or that a few idiots would not like to see him be president of Nigeria. Some people said it was because of what he did when he was in NPN that he betrayed Awolowo. I will not be drawn into these kinds of thoughtless arguments.

The fundamental thing about June 12 was that an election held and Abiola won. The crime about it was that some cabal secretly plotted against Abiola and eternally denied him of the mandate that the Nigerian masses gave to him. He was asked by the people to give them hope, but a few hopeless and selfish persons, some of whom unfortunately are still around the corridors of power decided otherwise.

The annulment was resisted by many true democrats, some were killed and many went into exile. Some people chickened out and were back in subsequent governments because they were simply thieves and opportunists originally. The vice-president-to-be for that annulled election is now back into the new illegitimate government that started on May 29 2007. This will show any reasonable person that such people have no shame for their misdeeds and I doubt that this man was not once a looter of our treasury. They never get enough, do they? They always stage a return to our lives and the implication is that since 1960, we have had a system of recycling sycophants in our government houses. Those that cannot be recycled stay out as useless godfathers-destroying the system to selfish ends.

Many people died in the struggle to actualize that mandate popularly called JUNE 12. May their souls find peace. They are more honourable than Babangida and his hopeless cabal put together. It remains to be proved if there were no foreign interference in the death of MKO Abiola himself, the man widely believed to have won the 1993 elections. It is not understandable why he died under questionable circumstances while a delegate from the United States was visiting him. How did a cup of tea become a poison? Historians have their hands full there and those who know the truth but cannot say it will always be judged by their consciences.

MKO Abiola died when many thought he would be released to claim his mandate after the death of one of the notorious generals called Abacha. The implication is that he was up against an evil cabal who will not mind travelling to hell just to deny him. Indeed the cabal succeeded in their plots and 14 years after, can anyone see any progress in Nigeria? Don’t even think about the GSM, I am tired of that jingle as a measure of progress.

One thing is sure, in as much as we have refused to take the right steps and as long as we have not resisted those who are manipulating our country to a selfish end, millions of people will continue to live in poverty. This is not a curse, I lived through this dilemma and my family and friends do not deserve my curse. It is just what I call the unarguable reality of our lives. It is not for fun that the holy books stated that “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free”!

It is one thing for us to know the truth, acknowledge it, make amends and set Nigeria on the path of glory and it is definitely another thing to continue to deny ourselves the knowledge of the truth, make a few people enjoy the fruits of the land and leave the helpless and resilient majority wallowing in absolute/abject poverty.

The way to GLORY will be a struggle on all aspects of our lives, social, economic…and so on. The way to prosperity and the good of all will be to seek the men and women who will be ready to serve selflessly and dedicatedly. In Nigeria, we need the rule of law above the rule of men.

May each June 12 continue to unsettle the mind of the wicked. May it bring jugdement who those who spilled the blood of the innocents. AND May the goodness of June 12 bring milk and honey back to the Nigerians who are weak and poor, living on less than 1 dollar a day.

This is my personal opinion and that is the way that I see it.


First Published on this blog in 2007

JUNE 12 1993

By Adeola Aderounmu

What happened on June 12 1993?

On June 12 1993, several millions of Nigerians voted in the best election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria.

The elections itself had been planned along two party system. Social Democratic Party’s candidate was Chief MKO Abiola while Alhaji Bashir Tofa was the candidate of the National Republical Convention.

Nigerians voted massively in favour of Moshood Abiola.

Bashir Tofa (the opponent) sent congratulatory messages to MKO Abiola.

As the results were announced, the prices of goods and services were falling.

There was happiness all over Nigeria. There was hope that a new dawn has come.

There was a tailor who refused to be paid for the services he had rendered. He was so overjoyed that “at last” hope has come to the people.

Bus conductor and drivers were offering free rides. You didn’t have to pay anything.

That was the spirit and mood until Nigerians received a rude shock from the military gangsters led by one notorious Ibrahim Babangida. He announced the annulment of the results of the elections without reasons.

There were many hypotheses trying to explain or justify the annulment including that Abiola was a creditor of the federal government, or that a few idiots would not like to see him be president of Nigeria.

Some people said it was because of what he did when he was in NPN that he betrayed or opposed Awolowo, a fellow Yoruba politician. He is also alleged to have sponsored military coups in Nigeria.

No form of arguments would justify the annulment of the June 12 1993 peaceful presidential elections.
The fundamental thing about June 12 was that an election held and Abiola won.

By cancelling the decisions made by Nigerians in a democratic process, treasonable felony was committed by Babangida and those around him including the late Abacha.

Babangida should be arrested and tried not only for corruption but for treason and crimes against humanity. Why is Babangida still a free man in Nigeria?

It is a revelation of the stupidity of the Nigerian Law system and the useless judiciary structure that make it impossible for people who committed treason to remain free in Nigeria.

It is a revelation of the types of thieves, looters and abnormal people who capture and rule Nigeria since 1960 to date.

Are some people above the law in Jonny’s county?

The annulment was resisted by many true democrats, some were killed and many went into exile.

Many innocent Nigerians died in the failed struggle to actualize the annulled mandate.

Many Nigerian politicians sold their souls for porridge because they could not stand on the June 12 mandate. Political prostitution is an old business in Nigeria.

Baba Gana Kingibe was a prince of the game of political prostitution long before Atiku Abubakar.

Nigerian traditional rulers who could have pressurized the silly Babangida kept mute. They loved bribes because their prosperity is built on them. Traditional rulers in Nigeria are part of the criminality of the rulership.

Those whom we taught were leaders became rulers and accomplices to the crime. Obasanjo said Abiola was not the messiah. I don’t remember MKO claiming to be one.

Abiola died without realizing his dreams and without claiming the mandate he got from millions of Nigerians in the most peaceful and fairest election ever in the history of Nigeria.

The circumstances surrounding Abiola’s death remains controversial. He died in the arms of American visitors sent by Bill Clinton. He was poisoned in the presence of the American delegation. It has become one of the several conspiracy theories that he was killed by the Nigerian military government with the assistance of the Americans.

Abiola’s nephew told me how the issue of repatriation seriously pursued by Abiola became one of his likely undoing.

Those who are too young to understand the June 12 story should continue to discern what they read because lies will be told. Many things have been said against Abiola. Some of them may be true but nothing said can take away the fact that he won the election and that Babangida is a living criminal.

How the laws work in Nigeria is still a mystery. How can someone commit treason and be free?

The 2011 elections are by no means close to the peaceful and fair elections of June 12 1993.

And for those who are superstitious it appears that until something is done to make amends for the devilish errors of June 12 1993, Nigeria may never make progress. Living conditions have become worse since then.

Naming the University of Lagos after MKO Abiola is very unnecessary. The man would turn in his grave if the hope of 1993 radiates once again.

When Obasanjo was imposed on Nigerians in 1999 politicians thought they have made amends for June 12 1993. That was an error of judgment. Obasanjo was anti-June 12, so it doesn’t count in the superstitious world. In fact it may have added salt to the injury.

Recently Obasanjo called Nigerian politicians crooks, thieves and armed robbers like I have always done. The difference between our common points of view is that Obasanjo is included in the list of those he counted. He looted especially the power fund. Nigerian remains in permanent darkness.

Since 1999 the standard of living has dropped and gotten worse. More people have become poorer and lives have been lost in several conflicts.

I do know that the Nigerian government also stupidly adopted May 29 as democracy day in Nigeria. May 29 is not a day of democracy. On May 29 1999, Evil triumphed over good in Nigeria.

Sometimes I wondered how Nigerians allow the useless government to impose things that are evil on them.

It would have been better, to honour those who gave their lives for democracy that June 12 be made the national democracy day. Or we just don’t have any democracy day and still honour these unsung heroes on October 1st every year.
Rather what we do is to decorate accomplished political looters and thieves with national honours.

It appears to me that for as long as we continue to deny the truth about the significance of June 12 and its role in the establishment of our struggling democratic process that we may not make any real progress in this country.

During the presidential debate in 1993 Abiola spoke to Nigerians and answered their questions on what his plans are and how he will help Nigeria to become great.

June 12 came with a manifesto and programs of hope. That is why it is sad that we didn’t experience the reign of Abiola.

A mandate similar to what Abiola got in 1993 and the hopes and confidence that came with it are necessary ingredients for growth and development of Nigeria.

I don’t think anybody can rule Nigeria successfully without a mandate similar to that which Abiola obtained in 1993.
It cut across religion, regions and tribes. It was a universal mandate, made in Nigeria.

It will also be impossible for anyone to lead Nigeria and make meaningful progress without a manifesto of hope and programs that are well planned and thought through.

The positive impacts of Abiola’s victory lasted a few hours; they are part of the most memorable hours of my life. For the first time in my life, then in 1993, I saw hope on the faces of Nigerians. As a country we saw light at the end of the tunnel but the light faded away, very quickly.

In 2012 we remain in the tunnel, led by useless rulers like Jonathan and ruled over by corrupt Ministers, corrupt governors and armed robber legislators as confirmed by Obasanjo.

Hope is gone?

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Stupid Rulers of Nigeria: How to Honour MKO Abiola

By Adeola Aderounmu

You don’t honour a man like MKO Abiola by naming the prestigious University of Lagos after him. That is sheer stupidity. Goodluck Jonathan must be either out of his mind or senses.

If you want to honour Abiola, stop the corruption in Aso Rock and stop the corruption in all the government houses across Nigeria.

Honour Abiola by investing in, and promoting sport across Africa. He was the pillar of sports in Africa.
Maybe the return of Nigeria to regional government with power bases among the people will be a good way to honour MKO Abiola.

Maybe Goodluck Jonathan and all the politicians in Nigeria can stop stealing for a start to honour MKO Abiola.

Maybe one day we will have quality education and quality health services again. MKO will be honoured!

This stupid appeasement of naming the University of Lagos after Abiola is simply MADNESS that can only come from drunkards in Aso Rock. Nonsense and Ingredients!

Obasanjo, Alibaba and the 400 Thieves

By Adeola Aderounmu

The bitter truth about the whole argument is that Obasanjo’s statement is true. What is also not shocking is that Obasanjo is among the thieves.
The National Assembly is made up of thieves and some of us have argued tirelessly about this fact.

No one essay will be enough to verify the allegations that Nigerian politics and many aspects of the Nigerian public life is dominated by criminal minds-crooks who will doctor facts, records and even do whatever it takes to continue to loot Nigeria in as many ways as possible.

The salaries and allowances of the Nigerian politician is the first attestation that he or she is a thief.

Otherwise they should have reviewed the salaries of politicians in Nigeria to reasonable figures. Collecting the highest pay in the world and spreading poverty among the populace is both wickedness and crime against humanity. On top of that is probably an aggregate of the most corrupt set of politicians on the face of the earth.

When these exaggerated incomes are added to the loots that are carted away daily, weekly and annually Nigerian system of politics becomes the most profitable ever (but criminalized at the same time).

The fact that 99,9% of Nigerian politicians steal one way or the other makes Obasanjo’s statement more than true. But Obasanjo supervised these criminal acts over 3 terms first as a military head and then as a 2-term serving president (of the thieves and armed robbers he is now pointing fingers at).

If the Nigerian politicians are not thieves and armed robbers, can they explain to the world why a rich country like Nigeria is inhabited by extremely poor folks who don’t even know what the next meal is going to be?

The man who is ruling Nigeria today called Goodluck Jonathan is an epitome of the stupidity of the Nigerian politician. This man is supervising one of the most loot-crative governments ever seen in Africa. His government lack purpose and direction. If you want a definition of failure, look at the Jonathan’s government. They are all the same.
Nigerians deserve a revolution and the politicians deserve several years behind bars. I mean nearly all the politicians should be sent to jail!
Nigerian politicians and military gangsters destroyed everything they took over from the colonial masters.

The roads in Nigeria are terrible and rank among the worst roads in the world.

Nigerian schools have lost their glories and education does not have the prestige it once had.

Nigerian public schools have been totally and absolutely destroyed.

Teachers are not inspired and the children have come to learn a new culture based on living large on fraud and non-accountability-as exemplified in the society where anything goes.

Nigerian hospitals are ill equipped. Old story of course!

Almost everything is in a sorry state.

On the other hand private schools and private medical facilities continue to serve the rich and elites.

The politicians and their families go to school and hospitals abroad starting from Ghana.

In Nigeria electricity is almost absent. Nigeria has the most inefficient power generating system in the world.

We don’t need an Obasanjo to tell us that Nigerian politicians are thieves and armed robbers. We already know these things.

What we have done is to sit, talk, write and jest about these things.
Many of us merry with these thieves and armed robbers because they are our brothers and sisters, or they are our family friends and acquaintances.

So we look away and sometimes even give them awards for service to motherland!!!

But there are over 100 million people who are helpless and resilient living on less than a dollar per day. It is one of the world worst untold tragedies to be an ordinary Nigerian.

It is not worth it any longer feeling sorry for ourselves or the over 100 million poor people.

A people get the rulership or leadership it deserves.


Such actions must however be backed by sincerity and purposefulness otherwise it will be sheer rubbish and repetition of the cycle of idiocy.

On that day, or in those coming days it would be wonderful to witness the gradual return of power to the people and to the regions.

One day Nigerians will decide the way forward for their lives. Just one day!

Freedom or empowerment will never come from the oppressors to the oppressed. History has no such records.

When Nigerians are tired, they will know what to do. Until then Obasanjo’s statement is only an inspiration to the aspiring Nigerian politicians at home and abroad. Their sole aim is to eat from the national cake by stealing and looting. They need to be choked in the process by the people who want freedom.