Obasanjo, Alibaba and the 400 Thieves

By Adeola Aderounmu

The bitter truth about the whole argument is that Obasanjo’s statement is true. What is also not shocking is that Obasanjo is among the thieves.
The National Assembly is made up of thieves and some of us have argued tirelessly about this fact.

No one essay will be enough to verify the allegations that Nigerian politics and many aspects of the Nigerian public life is dominated by criminal minds-crooks who will doctor facts, records and even do whatever it takes to continue to loot Nigeria in as many ways as possible.

The salaries and allowances of the Nigerian politician is the first attestation that he or she is a thief.

Otherwise they should have reviewed the salaries of politicians in Nigeria to reasonable figures. Collecting the highest pay in the world and spreading poverty among the populace is both wickedness and crime against humanity. On top of that is probably an aggregate of the most corrupt set of politicians on the face of the earth.

When these exaggerated incomes are added to the loots that are carted away daily, weekly and annually Nigerian system of politics becomes the most profitable ever (but criminalized at the same time).

The fact that 99,9% of Nigerian politicians steal one way or the other makes Obasanjo’s statement more than true. But Obasanjo supervised these criminal acts over 3 terms first as a military head and then as a 2-term serving president (of the thieves and armed robbers he is now pointing fingers at).

If the Nigerian politicians are not thieves and armed robbers, can they explain to the world why a rich country like Nigeria is inhabited by extremely poor folks who don’t even know what the next meal is going to be?

The man who is ruling Nigeria today called Goodluck Jonathan is an epitome of the stupidity of the Nigerian politician. This man is supervising one of the most loot-crative governments ever seen in Africa. His government lack purpose and direction. If you want a definition of failure, look at the Jonathan’s government. They are all the same.
Nigerians deserve a revolution and the politicians deserve several years behind bars. I mean nearly all the politicians should be sent to jail!
Nigerian politicians and military gangsters destroyed everything they took over from the colonial masters.

The roads in Nigeria are terrible and rank among the worst roads in the world.

Nigerian schools have lost their glories and education does not have the prestige it once had.

Nigerian public schools have been totally and absolutely destroyed.

Teachers are not inspired and the children have come to learn a new culture based on living large on fraud and non-accountability-as exemplified in the society where anything goes.

Nigerian hospitals are ill equipped. Old story of course!

Almost everything is in a sorry state.

On the other hand private schools and private medical facilities continue to serve the rich and elites.

The politicians and their families go to school and hospitals abroad starting from Ghana.

In Nigeria electricity is almost absent. Nigeria has the most inefficient power generating system in the world.

We don’t need an Obasanjo to tell us that Nigerian politicians are thieves and armed robbers. We already know these things.

What we have done is to sit, talk, write and jest about these things.
Many of us merry with these thieves and armed robbers because they are our brothers and sisters, or they are our family friends and acquaintances.

So we look away and sometimes even give them awards for service to motherland!!!

But there are over 100 million people who are helpless and resilient living on less than a dollar per day. It is one of the world worst untold tragedies to be an ordinary Nigerian.

It is not worth it any longer feeling sorry for ourselves or the over 100 million poor people.

A people get the rulership or leadership it deserves.


Such actions must however be backed by sincerity and purposefulness otherwise it will be sheer rubbish and repetition of the cycle of idiocy.

On that day, or in those coming days it would be wonderful to witness the gradual return of power to the people and to the regions.

One day Nigerians will decide the way forward for their lives. Just one day!

Freedom or empowerment will never come from the oppressors to the oppressed. History has no such records.

When Nigerians are tired, they will know what to do. Until then Obasanjo’s statement is only an inspiration to the aspiring Nigerian politicians at home and abroad. Their sole aim is to eat from the national cake by stealing and looting. They need to be choked in the process by the people who want freedom.

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