Stupid Rulers of Nigeria: How to Honour MKO Abiola

By Adeola Aderounmu

You don’t honour a man like MKO Abiola by naming the prestigious University of Lagos after him. That is sheer stupidity. Goodluck Jonathan must be either out of his mind or senses.

If you want to honour Abiola, stop the corruption in Aso Rock and stop the corruption in all the government houses across Nigeria.

Honour Abiola by investing in, and promoting sport across Africa. He was the pillar of sports in Africa.
Maybe the return of Nigeria to regional government with power bases among the people will be a good way to honour MKO Abiola.

Maybe Goodluck Jonathan and all the politicians in Nigeria can stop stealing for a start to honour MKO Abiola.

Maybe one day we will have quality education and quality health services again. MKO will be honoured!

This stupid appeasement of naming the University of Lagos after Abiola is simply MADNESS that can only come from drunkards in Aso Rock. Nonsense and Ingredients!

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