Terrorists Slaughter Nigerian Children Like Goats AND The World is Looking

By Adeola Aderounmu

In NORTHERN Nigeria mostly in Borno State, the terrorist group popularly called Boko Haram have been on the rampage in recent days.

During week 8 of 2014 they reportedly killed more than 200 people in separate attacks. In one attack they actually razed down a whole village and shot the villagers as “sport” as they try to flee.

Nigerian school children slaughtered by Boko Haram

Nigerian school children slaughtered by Boko Haram

Tuesday-Week 9, Boko Haram stormed a school and killed several students mostly male. Reports suggest that between 29 and 5o pupils may have been killed. They were butchered and some of them were burnt as the school was razed down.

Boko Haram has since been kidnapping women and girls and keeping them as sex slaves.

North Western Nigeria is now probably the most dangerous place to live in the world and definitely the worst place you want your children to be. They are targets for blood thirsty terrorists.

Boko-Haram-sect-image from the Punch Newspaper

Boko-Haram-sect-image from the Punch Newspaper

Terrorists that target children and women are definietly cowards and murderers.

The government of Nigeria under the rulership of one lazy man called Goodluck Jonathan does not seem to have a clue on how to curb this terror or protect the lives of women, children and other people in Northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian army can oppress civilians and ordinary people but has failed the test of Boko Haram terror.

In January 2014 Boko Haram killed 22 at a church service in Adamawa. The New chief of army staff and Mr. Jonathan boasted that Boko Haram will be history. These boasting and promises have been going on for a long time.

Months after months and attack after attack, the people of Northern Nigeria are promised that Boko Haram will be history. Rather it is Boko Haram that continues to thrive killing civilians and sometimes the members of the Nigerian army too.

So we are now at this point where the cluelessness of Mr. Jonathan is confirmed. Why hasn’t he resigned? Under his watch 20 billion dollars is missing and people are being slaughtered like goats in Northern Nigeria.

The vices and problems in Nigeria have escalated under the reign of Mr. Jonathan. The man who said he had no shoes in 2011 has made sure that many Nigerians now have no shoes.

Mr. Jonathan is incompetent, and has no clues about what the presidency of Nigeria entails. All he has done it to acquire more aircrafts and other personal wealth to himself and the crooks that surround him.

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan remains clueless as Nigerians are massacred and murdered by terrorists

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan remains clueless as Nigerians are massacred and murdered by terrorists

It is so bad that Mr. Jonathan made a budgetary allocation for his feeding in the Nigerian budget. These are his priorities-his own comfort.

Everytime Boko Haram attacks, he and his zombie media men are quick to condemn the attack. The efforts of the Nigerian army is nothing to write home about. Why are they not better equipped than the terrorists?

In the end a more permanent solution to the menace of Boko Haram is desired.

There is a need to change the system of government in Nigeria. Having a center with so much power and authority need to be demolished with immediate effect.

Nigeria needs to revert to the system of governance that is based on regional government.

North-western Nigeria is now in the hand of terrorists. They should be flushed out with immediate effects by all means and all force possible.

Under regional government, there will be no morons saying they want to capture Abuja because Abuja will cease to exit. Under regional government the people of North Western Nigerian will equipp their own military to withstand insurgency or to prevent it from raising its ugly head in the first place.

The world cannot keep looking away while children and other vulnerable people are subjected to genocide. This is crime against humanity.

The Nigerian government should know its prime duty. To protect the life and rights of her citizenry. Those who cannot guarantee these are not fit for positions in government.

Mr. Jonathan should know this and one more attack from Boko Haram, I will be shocked that the Nigerian people do not chase Mr. Jonathan out of office by force. Enough is enough!


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Criminalities in the Nigerian Government

By Adeola Aderounmu

This topic relating to criminality in the Nigerian government continues to be of interest to me with each passing day since I wrote that article in the Nigerian Guardian in 2002 titled “Why Politicians Steal”. I think Nigerians continue to chase shadows and ignore real issues.

For many years we know that people in government like presidents, head of states, governors and other types of political office holders in Nigeria are stealing the wealth of Nigeria. Of course there are other places around the world where the governments are corrupt but Nigeria remains a priority to us. We are from Nigeria.

We know that for some reasons there are selective persecutions and prosecutions in some of the cases/ reports of looting. In Nigeria it is a common and general knowledge that those in power and those in government steal every day. No one can deny for example that Goodluck Jonathan has coveted the Nigerian treasury to personal enrichments. There are excessive records to nail the ruler of Nigeria and his wife from their time in Bayelsa until now.

It’s not rocket science that the likes of Babangida and his co-travellers stole Nigeria’s money and they are living large.  What I find difficult to comprehend is how Nigerians deemed criminality as a befitting status for their rulers. Make no mistakes there are no leaders in Nigeria. The use of the word “leader” does not apply to Nigeria. No one is leading that country. The rulers are doing what they like because they captured a country where the people are “religiously” resilient and suffering from the Nigerian syndrome.

In sane climes, all the criminals who have ruled Nigeria will be cooling off in prisons. Going by the magnitude and nature of corruption in Nigeria, all the past rulers are supposed to be in jail. One of the implications of serving justice is that those who are currently looting and stealing in Nigeria will fear for their lives and existence after the days of immunity.  The fear will not be in us who are ready to speak the truth in the face of trials and imprisonment without trials.

More than 53 years after independence Nigeria continues to head to a place that sounds like the “road to perdition”. Many Nigerians have lost their moral compasses because of the wealth that they tap from the rulers of Nigeria. Those who are speaking the truth in Nigeria have become endangered species because somehow Nigeria became a country to be captured and milked by all and sundry when the opportunity beckons.

Many Nigerian writers and journalists have “written” their ways to wealth. They took the backdoors to the treasury of Nigeria. Many public relations outfits and experts have laughed to the banks at the expense of the glory of Nigeria. Even some thoughtless people write on behalf of looters/criminals in government for huge pay per article.

Late Fela Anikulapo sang about the missing oil money around 3 decades ago, or more. Since then several billions of naira have disappeared in Nigeria not just from oil money but from other sources of national wealth.

It is very disgraceful and embarrassing the type of people who get to rule and then loot Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala and even one Deziani are members of the gang under whose watch billions of dollars have disappeared in Nigeria’s recent history. One of them or all of these people should have been given the boots. Someone should be cooling off in the presence of crime investigators. No. That does not happen in Nigeria. Criminals don’t quit offices and they don’t get investigated. There are cases of witch-hunting every now and then. Political criminals are above the law. When they move on, they are given “tougher” assignments of looting on a bigger scale.

Someone, actually some people continue to connive with some criminals at NNPC over the years to siphon the oil wealth of Nigeria. Babangida did it and he’s living large on money that he stole. All former head of states (dictators) and all former Nigerian rulers have in one way or the other stolen parts of this oil wealth. It is therefore no news that the Jonathan administration found pleasure in making the monies disappear from time to time. No longer a mystery.

As the election (2015) draws closer, more monies continue to disappear. I know that Sani Abacha’s loot disappeared under the watch of Okonjo-Iweala and Obasanjo. I don’t want anyone to give me that counter story again-that the money was used for some projects that already have allocations in the Federal Budget.

The stories of how money disappeared always end up been “the money was used for so, so and so projects”. These projects are already in the fraudulent budget, so please….let us spare ourselves that version of the lies. In line with the above Nigerians also found out this year (2014) how the government of Jonathan presented a budget full of fraud. In another good country the finance minister who dares to present that kind of budget will resign out of shame after 24 hours. The people will also force the government out of power. Nigerians love to glorify criminals in the name of tribalism, nepotism and “l go chop my own” or “It’s God who put them there”.

I’m still also perplexed how these acts of criminalities percolate every facet of the Nigerian life. I wrote in the series “Things that happen in Nigeria” about the criminals in the Nigerian Civil Service. The story has not changed. Nobody in the Nigerian government has been able to address how the directors and bosses in the civil service continue to steal and divert funds into their private accounts through different means.

There is that link between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank that can withdraw large sums of money usually several millions and then share the money directly into the bank accounts of directors for some seminars, projects or meetings planned essentially for self-enrichment. This is looting in the civil service. Put together with other forms of corruption across Nigeria in places of work and services these anomalies contribute to a form of existence that make Nigeria to be one of the worst places to live in the world.

Unfortunately the federal government of Nigeria lacks the moral pedestal to clean up a system when the occupiers of government houses in Abuja have shown tremendous criminal tendencies by looting and carting away billions of dollars. The 20 billion dollar heist can be true and sadly too, a tip of the iceberg. We have seen that for more than 53 years, that is, looting with impunity. Nigeria has lost the plot, completely.

The government of Nigeria does not see the shame in carrying out criminal activities. Goodluck Jonathan does not give a damn. He said so himself. What an emperor! The people are so tired and disconnected from governance that nothing matter to them anymore. Those who are not tired have succumbed to the Nigerian syndrome and you can tell that in Nigeria the judiciary has no “power” over thieves and criminals in government.

The Nigerian police is not free or empowered to arrest or question a ruler who is stealing. The Nigerian police cannot start a process that investigate the minister of finance but someone with the powers of a dictator has found the boldness to sack the Governor of the Central Bank because as we know, “you can’t be part of the problem and criticize the rest of us rightly or wrongly”. Not in Nigeria anyway!

In Nigeria many people are above the law. But if you are unlucky and you pick a pocket unsuccessfully at Agboju market, you will be beaten to death or burnt alive. The Nigerian masses are completely disorientated. They too, have lost the plot and their aggressions are misplaced. They kill people who steal N20 or a product worth N500. In Nigeria criminals who steal mobile phones have been jailed. We have read about undergraduates that are hanged for stealing. A man will die in Lagos for allegedly killing his wife. Imagine what should happen then to the rulers of Nigeria whose maladministration since 1960 has led to the untimely deaths of millions of Nigerians.

In this same Nigeria, the rulers, the governors, ministers, legislators and other public and private office holders have connived to steal, loot and divert billions of dollars, yet nothing has been done. This is why I always emphasise that Nigeria is not an ordinary country. Something does not add up. There is absolute insanity in the public space. All day in the Nigerian government has been for the thieves and looters, it does not appear that the days of the owners are in sight.

In principle, no one owns Nigeria. Therefore those who capture it at any level will continue to use her for their own advantages and benefits. This is the crux of the matter for the 2015 elections. The crux of the matter is not regional autonomy or a parliamentary system of government that will take away power from the emperors in Abuja and in state government houses. The crux of the matter for 2015 is self-preservation and mad politics as usual.

Those who capture INEC and Nigeria in 2015 will continue to destroy Nigeria if the people continue to look the other way and condone madness in high places. Nigeria is ruled by criminals and someway, somehow, there must be a means to stop this anomaly. In Nigeria the rulers are not leaders. They don’t lead, they accumulate wealth in the most primitive manner.

The Nigerian syndrome and the overstretched Nigerian resiliency toned by religion and a blind faith that is not supported by positive works is making Nigeria a place where the future generations will likely curse the day they were born.


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The Nigerian Syndrome

By Adeola Aderounmu

The Nigerian syndrome is the condition in which the people of Nigeria openly support their rulers and politicians who have contributed tremendously to the demeaning of their living conditions.

The Nigerian Syndrome

It is a also a condition where a crook, a corrupt ruler or a known criminal in government gets massive support from a group of die-hard followers who will never see the negative impacts of the criminal acts that have been perpetrated.

For example, James Ibori has/had supporters who even went to a London court to support the cause of him being a criminal. When Alamieyeseigha ran away from London to Bayelsa State he received a heroic welcome.

There are uncountable examples. Alamieyeseigha was even granted pardon by the massively corrupt Jonathan government meaning that the syndrome is displayed not only by individuals but also by the government. Bode George’s criminal charges and ex-convict status were removed by a court of law. His supporters took to “aso-ebi” with religious songs and they celebrated him as a criminal while his trial and imprisonment sailed through.

The Nigerian syndrome from the foregoing is suffered by individuals, government and institutions in Nigeria. When the complete analyses of this syndrome are done, it will be worthwhile to do a comparison of it with the popular Stockholm syndrome.

The Nigerian syndrome will definitely open a new chapter in anthropology and human/animal behaviour. It will be a study area that will explore corruption, tribalism, nepotism, extremely low human cognitivity, non-performance in government and many more vices that are related to hitherto inexplicable situations surrounding the mad politics in Nigeria.

For it is amazing how over 53 years of misgivings, mismanagement, maladministration and complete destruction of the institutions of government has not drawn the ire of the Nigerian populace in a united and collective way. It is very disturbing how voices of reasonings have been suppressed and replaced with voices of humans with distorted or frail mentalities.

There are several documented examples of how the people of the states or the regions that have been robbed showed open support for the the criminals that have robbed them through the looting of the treasuries. Sometimes the support cut across states and regions.

It is well known that corruption is systemic in Nigeria and that Nigeria is one of the most stinkingly corrupt countries on the surface of the earth.. Therefore what some Nigerians have done is to compare the degree of corruption of each administration. For example rather than condemn and prosecute Obasanjo, Babangida and all the other corrupt rulers of Nigeria, Nigerians find it more “befitting” to compare the level of corruption in these governments and take sides depending on their “feelings” or “nepotic inclinations”.

Actually, this is worrisome because the ideal thing to do is to condemn all these corrupt rulers and their ministers and accomplices in the government houses across Nigeria. Nigerians don’t condemn corruption in totality. They weigh corruption, especially on tribal scale.

The fact that Jonathan did not start the corruption business in Nigeria has earned him massive support among some groups of Nigerians who are only interested in the emergence of a christian ruler or a ruler from the South of Nigeria. Nigerians are slaves to religion too.

The Nigerian syndrome itself is systemic and and as mentioned earlier deserved to be studied in details. The Nigerian syndrome will make up more than a 4-unit course at any University. It  gets wider. In Nigeria intellectuals who are recruited into the government are known to have been part of the looting in government. Journalists like Reuben Abati whom everyone thought can reason logically because of the way he wrote went into government to defend the criminals he had criticized for many years. If you read Abati’s articles while at the Guardian, the complexity of the Nigerian syndrome will take a new turn.

What is it with the mentalities of the ordinary Nigerians that allow them to support the way the government is maltreating them? Why can’t Nigerians see that the government is bad and make a determined and collective efforts to ensure that the government is geared towards competency, accountability and probity? Why do people in government end up as criminals even when they were good people outside of government?

The Nigerian syndrome include the myopic views that Nigerians have on national issues and also their short-term memories of issues that have long lasting effects.

What is wrong with Nigerians? Why do they grade corruption rather than condemn it altogether? What is the relationship between corruption, tribalism, nepotism and Nigeria’s system of completely mad politics?

What is the cure for the Nigerian syndrome and does this cure hold the key to any attempt that will be made to eradicate corruption? In short, is there hope for Nigeria with the system of government that is in place?


Nigeria Sacks It’s Central Bank Governor

By Adeola Aderounmu

Reports from this morning stated that the ruler of Nigeria Mr. Jonathan has sacked the governnor of the country’s foremost Bank Mr Sanusi Lamido.

Many of us saw this coming. The ruler has told Mr. Sanusi to resign a few weeks ago after Mr. Sanusi exposed grand corruption in the administration.

Under the Watch of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Ngozi Iweala the Finance Minister, several billions of dollars have disappeared from the Nigerian Treasury. No one knows where the Money has gone to.

What is obvious is that Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Iweala have stolen Nigeria’s money. This is not the first time these duo have stolen from Nigeria but the magnitude continues to increase by the day especially as Mr. Jonathan is siphoning funds to Campaign for the 2015 elections.

This week Mr. Jonathan has been visiting churches and Palaces across Nigeria to seek support of religious rulers and traditional rulers in Nigeria. When such visits are made, a lot of Money is usually spend on the trips and much more is given to the religious and traditional rulers. So, in essence people know why the government of Jonathan is stealing more than ever before.

Mr. Sanusi has been suspended but those who know Nigeria know that he has been sacked anyway. Sanusi himself is not a Saint. By the time the government of Jonathan is finished with him, they will publish (or not) all the financial recklessness that he has been involved with.

There are no Saints in Nigeria. I told a friend that the only positive thing with Sanusi’s revelation of the rot in this administration is that Sanusi himself is part of the rot.

Some fools will wait to be out of office or out of favour before they start to reveal the rot that they lived with and were part of. The government of Jonathan Believes that Sanusi is running the agenda of the opposition and that is quite possible. But nothing he said though is false. The truth remains that Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala and all the crooks in NNPC are looting Nigeria blind.

In Nigeria the government can be as criminal as it wants because the police and the judiciary are essentially useless. I have been writing this for years and I am still going to write about it in my next blog entry.

If the police are useful, they should have invited Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Iweala for questioning about the missing Money.

If the arms of government in Nigeria are not occupied by criminals, then Mr. Jonathan would have been impeached.

Nigeria is running one of the most useless form of government on Earth and it is Amazing how the people defend these criminals because of what they want to get from them or because of tribalism or some sort of disorderliness in their thinking faculties that make it possible to accept criminals in governance and public service.

The Sanusi-Iweala-Jonathan corruption saga will definitely open a new chapter in the annals of Nigeria. I think more than ever Before Sanusi will expose the lootings that have taken Place during his tenure. This guy will fight back and the criminal government will continue to nail him.

He who comes to judgement….

Murder In The Creek: The killing of Azizi and Yakowa.

This story explains what may have lead to the murder of Patrick Yakowa, the former governor of Kaduna State.

Yakowa was probably one of the longest serving deputy governors in the history of Nigeria. He was a christian from South-South Kaduna, regarded as one of the minority clans. This story tries to explain his rise to power and the probable circumstances that may have led to his murder in the creeks of the Niger Delta.

When Namadi was the Governor of Kaduna State, he had an overwhelming influence and his support base could win elections in Kaduna without much ado. In Kaduna the people were generally liberal but they do not forget in their minds that they love Islam-for the majority and Christianity-for the minority. It was fate that brought them together at this point. The landscape in Kaduna boast of a few rivers including Kaduna from which the name of the State was derived. In Kaduna, peace and tranquility prevails.

Namadi’s deputy was a gentleman. Unlike Namadi, Yakowa was born a Christian. He was gentle and humble. He did as he was told and was a loyal deputy. Yakowa worked so hard that he almost didn’t find spare time to spend with his family and loved ones. When he did, he was quick to realise that the money he had was not enough or was barely enough to support his loads of responsibilities and commitments. Many politicians in Nigeria bite more than they can chew.

Kaduna is not exceptionally different from the rest of Nigeria. The government in Nigeria is extravagant, copiously wasteful, corrupt and almost totally oblivious of the sufferings of the people. Nigeria is a complete mess compared to the potentials that had been bestowed on it by mother nature. The human resources available to Nigeria is huge but the growth and development are stagnant. The quality of life is embarrassingly retrogressive. Those who run Nigeria have been largely described as corrupt, crazy and retards.

Yakowa wanted more money so he could feel buoyant in his spendings. He asked Ramalan for more money because it was Ramalan who kept the treasury. By the way Ramalan became the treasury keeper because he was a friend of Namadi since his days at the counter at one bank in Kaduna. So despite the fact that he was sacked from the bank  (probably for criminal activities) Ramalan was able to keep the treasury for the whole of Kaduna. In Nigerian politics generally, religion and tribalism play prominent roles. Your background and track records are almost insignificant.

There are well documented true stories of how former criminals became prominent people in Nigerian politics. Ibori comes to mind too quickly and the present leader of the PDP in SW Nigeria, one Kasumu, is alleged to also be a criminal on the run from the US. In Nigeria murderers and criminals continue to occupy political posts and public offices.

Yakowa’s request fell on deaf ears. The treasury keeper of  Kaduna State called Ramalan did not like Yakowa’s face, to put it mildly. The hatred was deeper. Ramalan kept the wallet of Kaduna and did not see any reason why Yakowa’s allowance or wages should be increased. Only Namadi’s voice was supreme. But this voice was not persuasive enough to let Ramalan increase the allowance for Yakowa. Yakowa was not happy that his monthly allowance cannot be increased by just N1m.

One day an expected tragedy struck in Nigeria. The paramount ruler died despite several efforts made by both the local juju men and the witchdoctors from the Republic of Germany to save his life. Jonathan became the ruler, replacing Yar’Adua.

This was an unexpected shift in power in Nigeria. The Juntas have not recovered from the shock and consequences. It appears they will tear the country apart before the next 400 days counting from today. The worst thing is that the ordinary people are suffering and smiling. With respect to their rulers the people cannot separate insanity from fantasy and they know almost nothing about the real meaning of life. They just live or more correctly, survive.

Anyway Namadi was drafted away from Kaduna. Somehow religion is key to the selection of rulers in Nigeria. He became Jonathan’s deputy. Subsequently Yakowa became the Governor of Kaduna and Ramalan left the treasury and became the assistant to Yakowa. In Kaduna State this is the hierarchy of succession. Commissioner of Finance-Deputy Gov-Governor ascension. The power shift in Kaduna is strikingly similar to the one that just took place in Abuja: people of minority clan ascending to paramount rulership.

With the way the economy is managed around all the regions making up Nigeria, the Governor in a certain region or state is the richest person because he signs all contracts and can also loot the most. The one who controls the treasury is the next-richest-he can steal or hide funds. The positions of deputies in Nigeria is ceremonial. It is called figurehead. You can work hard and still not have the possibility to sign or award contracts.

Ramalan became the deputy to Yakowa by succession. So, he-Ramalan-found himself in the position that Yakowa was earlier and then he realised the “sufferings” and isolation that Yakowa felt. He realised he had been mean and unreasonable in turning down Yakowa’s appeal for an increase in allowance. He did not feel any remorse though.

There were other issues. Using the political base of Namadi, Yakowa was able to win a new election to keep the position of the governor. It may also be that the power and influence of the incubency in Africa avails much. But Yakowa soon dropped his political base. The implication is that he weeded Namani boys out of the new administration.This angered Ramalan and Namadi. As the governor, Yakowa was a fair person and he was well liked. Even the majority group disliked not to love him. He was not “one” of them but he treated them kindly.

Ramalan maintained a constant and powerful line of communication with Namadi who now has greater powers despite being a national figurehead. In his contradictory roles, he aligned with Ramalan and together they plotted to unseat Yakowa. They did not succeed in their subtle approaches. One day they suddenly realised that there were loopholes in the national security of Nigeria. They knew Boko Haram had been bombing in Maiduguri unabated.

Namadi plotted with Ramalan and they started to throw bombs around Kaduna.They recruited idle hands that were readily available in the North as the devil’s workshop. The people became confused. When Namadi was the Governor, there was nothing of this nature. The people knew that they love one another. No one could understand why the liberality of Kaduna was now brought under siege. But the Zaria mafia knew!

Rumours rose, spread and died. Yakowa-the gentleman he was, and the trust he had in his subordinates-called for calm but chaos came from time to time. The biggest and the most secured military base in Africa is in Kaduna and people come from all over the world to receive training at Jaji. Due to Namadi and Ramalan’s plots Jaji barracks was successfully attacked. All these to bring down the reign of Yakowa, a man of faith in the way of the Christ, and a Kaduna South-South minority as they call them. The last bombing during the reign of Yakowa was at a church not too far away from Malali. A brand new Honda car was sacrificed for this act of cowardice.

Despite the bombings, despite the thick plots, Yakowa continued to prosper politically. Ramalan and Namadi started a thicker plot to compromise the liberal status of Kaduna state even more. Some myopic people think that you must be from Zaria to hold sway. They can’t even openly tolerate men of other faith. During the reign of Yakowa and with enemies all around, there was now a group of disgruntled elements playing the religious cards. After corruption, tribalism and outright stupidity, religion is rated as one of the biggest clogs in the wheel of progress in the country called Nigeria.

Several days had gone by  before a final plot emerged. Yakowa will be eliminated. Yakowa went to participate in the burial of the father of Douglas, a man whose fortune was favoured by Jonathan. The place was deep beyond the creeks, a place he knew nothing about and for which he had no attachment. It was several miles from Kaduna and that sort of social engagement was the type you send your deputy or a commissioner to attend. Yakowa has not been reading between the thick lines.

Many historians will miss the connection between Yakowa and the man whose father had died. But he chose to attend the burial as this was a common practice  in Nigeria. Corruption unites the rulers and social gatherings like these became the means to more power and connections that help to keep the hold on power and to achieve good-will points that repay with favours from the paramount rulers.

When it was time to return to Kaduna, Yakowa’s helicopter did not show up. Who knows where it held up? Kaduna? Abuja or Lagos?  Who suggested to Yakowa that he could travelled back in the company of Azazi?

Yakowa travelled in the company of another “enemy” of the State. Azazi had criticized Jonathan and Namadi. He was so bold he said that Jonathan’s government accommodated terrorists who are operating in Borno and other parts of Northern Nigeria. Azazi might have told Yakowa more about the bombing in Kaduna and as an ex-soldier he may even have told him how Jaji was compromised by Namadi and Ramalan.

What Azazi, a former military security boss, should have known better however is that hardly do any former military man travel in military helicopters. Actually, they don’t. They chose private companies and for those who have looted Nigeria like Babangida and Abdulsalami, they probably have their own fleet of helicopters and jets.

Azazi spent his last minutes with a fellow like him: both marked for elimination. What both of them did not know was that the helicopter had been “tampered” with. They did not make it out of the creek alive. Namadi made good his promise to deliver Kaduna into the hands of Ramalan-his brother in faith. In a way he probably worked with Jonathan on this one. With one stone they killed two birds plus four. All six bodies were burnt beyond recognition. It was a masterpiece murder, planned in high places and executed in the creeks.

Yakowa’s sins are that he paid back Ramalan for what Ramalan did to him. It was not a  bad pay back as such but Ramalan is a wicked man and a man who does not have the liberal status of Kaduna at heart. He saw his own “retaliation” as a love for his religion and killed for it. He will kill again if necessary, for the supremacy of Zaria. Azazi’s sins was against the nest of killers called PDP and his comments perceived as threats to the reign of Jonathan. In Nigeria, state-sponsored murders are permissible. They killed Kashimawo Abiola in the most brutal way possible, they killed Kudirat Abiola, they killed Bola Ige even when he was working for them. They murdered several others once they are not on the same side as the paramount rulers. Nigeria is no ordinary country.

When Yakowa died, the misinformed locals in Kaduna thought the bomber was dead. Indeed the bombings stopped since the sponsors-Namadi and Ramalan-now have what they want. They got it exactly the way they wanted it-to make the people believe that Yakowa was the bomber. They even planted “evidence” in his office. In Nigeria, what don’t people do for power and money? Ramalan wanted more money and the ultimate state power and both Ramalan and Namadi thought they found peace with “religious politics”. Ramalan now spends most of his time playing polo and Namadi faces an uncertain future as politics in Nigeria continue to heat up the system. His political base is reported to be in shambles.

The murder in the creek went on to be one of the several murders that are not investigated or solved in Nigeria. After the initial outcry/outrage and a promise to leave no stone unturned by the hypocrites at the presidency, everything went back to “normal”. In fact, these “multiple murders” like many before them were classified as “an accident”. When Jonathan boasted last week about investigating state-sponsored murders/assassinations, no one took him seriously. To take a man seriously, you must first ask him to take away his bottle of intoxicant. When he is sober enough, tell him that charity begins at home.

These are the probable circumstances that may have led to the murder of Yakowa. He was not a collateral damage in the assassination of General Azizi. He was also a target for elimination.