Terrorists Slaughter Nigerian Children Like Goats AND The World is Looking

By Adeola Aderounmu

In NORTHERN Nigeria mostly in Borno State, the terrorist group popularly called Boko Haram have been on the rampage in recent days.

During week 8 of 2014 they reportedly killed more than 200 people in separate attacks. In one attack they actually razed down a whole village and shot the villagers as “sport” as they try to flee.

Nigerian school children slaughtered by Boko Haram

Nigerian school children slaughtered by Boko Haram

Tuesday-Week 9, Boko Haram stormed a school and killed several students mostly male. Reports suggest that between 29 and 5o pupils may have been killed. They were butchered and some of them were burnt as the school was razed down.

Boko Haram has since been kidnapping women and girls and keeping them as sex slaves.

North Western Nigeria is now probably the most dangerous place to live in the world and definitely the worst place you want your children to be. They are targets for blood thirsty terrorists.

Boko-Haram-sect-image from the Punch Newspaper

Boko-Haram-sect-image from the Punch Newspaper

Terrorists that target children and women are definietly cowards and murderers.

The government of Nigeria under the rulership of one lazy man called Goodluck Jonathan does not seem to have a clue on how to curb this terror or protect the lives of women, children and other people in Northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian army can oppress civilians and ordinary people but has failed the test of Boko Haram terror.

In January 2014 Boko Haram killed 22 at a church service in Adamawa. The New chief of army staff and Mr. Jonathan boasted that Boko Haram will be history. These boasting and promises have been going on for a long time.

Months after months and attack after attack, the people of Northern Nigeria are promised that Boko Haram will be history. Rather it is Boko Haram that continues to thrive killing civilians and sometimes the members of the Nigerian army too.

So we are now at this point where the cluelessness of Mr. Jonathan is confirmed. Why hasn’t he resigned? Under his watch 20 billion dollars is missing and people are being slaughtered like goats in Northern Nigeria.

The vices and problems in Nigeria have escalated under the reign of Mr. Jonathan. The man who said he had no shoes in 2011 has made sure that many Nigerians now have no shoes.

Mr. Jonathan is incompetent, and has no clues about what the presidency of Nigeria entails. All he has done it to acquire more aircrafts and other personal wealth to himself and the crooks that surround him.

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan remains clueless as Nigerians are massacred and murdered by terrorists

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan remains clueless as Nigerians are massacred and murdered by terrorists

It is so bad that Mr. Jonathan made a budgetary allocation for his feeding in the Nigerian budget. These are his priorities-his own comfort.

Everytime Boko Haram attacks, he and his zombie media men are quick to condemn the attack. The efforts of the Nigerian army is nothing to write home about. Why are they not better equipped than the terrorists?

In the end a more permanent solution to the menace of Boko Haram is desired.

There is a need to change the system of government in Nigeria. Having a center with so much power and authority need to be demolished with immediate effect.

Nigeria needs to revert to the system of governance that is based on regional government.

North-western Nigeria is now in the hand of terrorists. They should be flushed out with immediate effects by all means and all force possible.

Under regional government, there will be no morons saying they want to capture Abuja because Abuja will cease to exit. Under regional government the people of North Western Nigerian will equipp their own military to withstand insurgency or to prevent it from raising its ugly head in the first place.

The world cannot keep looking away while children and other vulnerable people are subjected to genocide. This is crime against humanity.

The Nigerian government should know its prime duty. To protect the life and rights of her citizenry. Those who cannot guarantee these are not fit for positions in government.

Mr. Jonathan should know this and one more attack from Boko Haram, I will be shocked that the Nigerian people do not chase Mr. Jonathan out of office by force. Enough is enough!


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4 thoughts on “Terrorists Slaughter Nigerian Children Like Goats AND The World is Looking

  1. The guy has not started giving a “damn” and no intention to give any damn. What they care about isn for the so called First Lady rolling about, forcing her ever boring baby like slugish speeches on thosenwho have no choice than to applause what they hate.


  2. Adeola, I am glad that you are not tolerating the misrule that characterises modern day Nigeria. Hopefully if more people speak up about the carnage occurring in the North East, effective action will be taken to bring a stop to it. People there seem to have an “I’m alright, jack ” attitude, ie if it is not directly affecting them, they don’t care. This is not the way we can hope to survive (not to talk of thrive) in this increasingly inter-connected world. Ignoring the tragedy of the North East will not make it go away. The North East is not the otherside of the world, it’s part of the same country. Even if it was a different country, it is still on our doorstep. So one has no excuse to ignore them.

    The Jonathan administration, has one of the largest armies in Africa, it has billions of petro-dollars at it’s disposal, why is it not taking the Boko Haram issue seriously? Why are these massacres still continuing? Boko Haram are not invincible!!

    I am glad, you being from the South West have not taken the attitude of many people by ignoring the problem. When we all decide to wake up, and join hands and face this (and many other issues), then we will truly make progress; until then we will continue to thrash about helplessly like a fish out of water.


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