6 Jonathanic Years Of Waste

At this time in Nigeria’s history no change or transformation will be complete without a lasting political solution. I hope to continue to write again about Nigeria but only under a new dispensation, otherwise it will not be worth it.

Six Jonathanic Years Of Waste

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

As l write this article, the main opposition party in Nigeria the APC seems poised to win the 2015 presidential election. Everyone is waiting for the official results to be announced by the electoral commission-INEC.

In 2010 when Umaru Yar Adua died l wrote an article on my blog lambasting all his supporters who were creating obstacles that could disrupt the smooth emergence of the vice president Mr. Goodluck Jonathan as the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

At that time l was enraged that democractic principles could be thrown away if Mr. Goodluck Jonathan was not allowed to continue as the president of Nigeria as stipulated by the constitution.

My support at that time was for the continuation of an imperfect mandate.

During his short reign as the president of Nigeria Umaru acknowledged that he became the president of Nigeria through a fraudulent process. He was probably swept off his feet by the PDP rigging machinery courtesy of Obasanjo and Ibori.

The PDP which emerged as Nigeria’s ruling party under Mr. Obasanjo in 1999 until the time of Yar Adua’s death was already a great disappointment.

To the chagrin surprise of ordinary Nigerians, after the military left in 1999, corruption was re-entrenched in Nigeria’s civilian reign just the way it has always been since independence in 1960. Nepotism became rife and the dividends of democracy stayed mostly with the politicians, their families, their friends and acquaintances.

Mostly too, the business of governance was neglected as the presidency, the executive members of government, the ministers, the governors and even local government chairmen raked in monies into their personal accounts in Nigeria and abroad.

Crude oil production and marketing became complete mafia affairs. Subsidy scam, pension scam and employment scam escalated with time. The diversification of the economy was put into coma.

There were occasional pockets of good news but overall the expectations of more than 90 m Nigerians who live below the poverty level and unsure of the next meal remain largely unmet. They continue to suffer and continue to live hopelessly even to this day.

It was against this backdrop of disappointments that Nigerians gave a popular support to the candidacy of Goodluck Jonathan in 2011. They thought he was a new kid on the block.

But they got it wrong. If the track records of political office holders are relevant in Nigeria and the laws correctly enforced, Goodluck Jonathan would have been a prisoner at the time he was contesting for the office of the presidency.

This is because he had used his wife as a front in looting the funds that belong to the people of Bayelsa State when he was deputy governor and later governor.

Goodluck Jonathan was not fit for any political office. This is actually true for more than 90% of Nigeria’s politicians. Many of them are criminals waiting to plunge the state and national treasuries. So it is not as if Gooldluck Jonathan is an isolated case.

When Goodluck Jonathan started his own mandate in 2011, it suddenly became clear that the largest black nation in the world had been handed over to a clown. Goodluck Jonathan is not only clueless, he is also grossly incompetent and lazy.

The ridiculous nature of politics in Nigeria in the hands of fraudsters cannot be overemphasized.

The fact that the Nigerian National Assembly could allow such a disaster on Nigeria reveals that national assembly is also full of individuals who are after their own selfish interests. To call them criminals too is fair enough considering that their inactions have continue to send children, unprotected people, the elderly and the several other categories of Nigerians to their early graves.

Where lies the hope of the common man and the ordinary people in Nigeria?

Since 1999 the return of civilian rule in Nigeria has revealed the criminalities of civil administrators and their actions and inactions together have contributed enormously to crimes against humanity.

Since 2011 Mr. Jonathan did absolutely nothing to curb corruption.

His antecedents provide a useful base for comparison. He was corrupt as a deputy governor and later governor. He allowed all the corrupt people under him to flourish. He released murderers from prisons, he pardoned convicted persons and he embraced them publicly. Jonathan promoted drug dealers and put them in position of authority.

Jonathan’s affinity for criminals and crimes has no bound.

The latest were the re-enthronement of a thug one Mr. Fayose as the governor of Ekiti and a known criminal Mr. Obanikoro as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan up till now is the worst president Nigeria has ever had. The previous political and military rulers are all crooks and corrupt people. But Goodluck Jonathan took corruption to a new dimension. His simply laid it like a spreadsheet program.

They should all been prosecuted and it is never too late to recover Nigeria’s stolen wealth.

A president who does not understand that stealing is corruption is a source of international embarrassment to Nigeria and Africa.

Goodluck Jonathan does not also understand the importance of courtesy and decorum. The way his wife have been screaming, crying and lately campaigning across Nigeria adds to the embarrassment that his family brought to Nigeria.

Mrs. Jonathan graduated from the looter of Bayelsa to the looter of Aso rock and she runs her mouth faster than her brain cells.

The Jonathans have not represented Nigeria in good light.

Nigeria is blessed with courageous people and some of the most brilliant and sound minds in the world, yet the country always manage to bring insane people to serve in public offices as politicians.

The process that produces the likes of Jonathan and his lousy wife has also over the years produced thousands of similarly unfit people in various public and political offices.

This is one of the sources of the challenges that Nigeria faces. Wrong people who should be receiving counselling and psychological supports have been elevated to run politics and policies.

The lack of electricity, the lack of functional public schools, the lack of good roads and the absence of social justice did not start with Mr. Jonathan. Under him things that did not start with him just went down the spiral curve.

He is always emphatic about these issues and he is always repeating the obvious- that Nigeria’s problems did not start during his administration. He is so clueless not to even take one issue head on and solve it as an evidence that he can perform.

It is not only the oil sector that is in tha hands of mafia, even Nigeria’s electric power sector has been sold to the mafia. Billions of dollars were spent by the wasteful PDP government since 1999 when Obasanjo came to power but the power generation became worse. It can only be criminals who stole the money and left the work undone.

The population of criminals in government increased in the last 6 years because Jonathan had no plan and no clue about what governance is all about. It may also be that he got too drunk often like he did in Addis Ababa and forgot the task before him at the AU meeting.

I long for a country where social justice will reign.

One day l hope the judiciary arm of government will ressurect and that the police will become the institution it should be. My hope for Nigeria is that no matter the political party that any politician belongs to, that they will never be protected from the law by any form of immunity.

My hope is that Nigerian politicians, the mafia in the oil sector and in other sectors hindering the progress of the country through corruption will all be brought to their knees at the court of law, to face justice and to return looted monies.

My hope for Nigeria is that a day will come when crazy people will be bundled out of political and public offices so that normal, unright people with sense of responsibility and accountability will start to run things.

In many countries around the world, it is those few sane people in government that have kept the system working. Unfit people are never elected and they are bundled out through due process when they have been errorneously put in public office.

Nigeria can become that country where the best brains, the trusted hands and the brilliant public administrators can be saddled with nation building. The judiciary must work so that when brilliant minds become criminal minds, they can be quickly shown their room numbers at kirikiri.

At this time in Nigeria’s history no change or transformation will be complete without a lasting political solution. Nigeria must return to true federalism or regional government. The power at the center even if the judiciary is working must be removed and made unattractive.

Politics cannot be a business adventure for lazy or criminal minds and the task before a government and the people as well is to make politics unattractive for those who think that it is a means to acquire wealth for themselves and their unborn generations.

The emergence and the reign of Goodluck Jonathan were an insult to the intelligence of the Nigerian people and to Africa in particular. He and his wife brought Nigeria to ridicule and together with the loads of corrupt people in the government they made Nigeria a laughing stock in the comity of nations.

Under Jonathan Nigeria remains as one of the most corrupt country in the world.

I will hope that the 2015 elections bring a new government. It will be interesting to see the other side of the coin.

Without a change of government through another political party we will not be able to know if the 1999 to 2015 pdp years was an avoidable waste.

In subsequent essays l want to evaluate a new government at the national level because the PDP is a known disaster.

I hope to continue to write again about Nigeria but only under a new dispensation, otherwise it will not be worth it.


Nigeria Decides: My Random Thoughts As Nigeria Approaches A Make Or Break Election Season

Adeola Aderounmu

The Day Before The Election

Nigerians, Take The Risk. Change A Bad Product.

I have been silent about the Nigerian elections because as early as 2011 l wrote that 1999-2015 PDP years will be the worst years of the Nigerian life. I am talking about the life of more than 90m people living in extreme poverty.

It was an easy prediction when l saw the fools, nonentities and idiots that emerged to power. It is sad because that outcome maintains an unfortunate pattern.

There is nothing l write here that will be enough to cover my thoughts on Nigeria which are already expressed in hundreds of articles spread on my blog, the Nigeria Village Square and tens of other blogs and news sites around the world.

This short post is not directed at those who directly and indirectly are beneficiaries of a system that is still built on fraud.

I thought that the thing l missed most when l look at Nigeria (a paradise turned hell for more than 90m people) is social justice.

l have suddenly realised that lack of common sense is even worse. It invariably explains why social injustice is rife.

Hence, in recent times l have restricted myself to posting my articles only and almost not commenting on Nigeria on the social media. As the level of foolishness increases, I decided to thread carefully.

The 2 major things l have enjoyed on my portable touch screen computer are the scroll down and the delete buttons. In the old days of yahoo chat rooms we called it IGGY. Some of you are too young to grab that, sorry.

Anyhow, in many countries around the world, when you buy something, say a mobile phone and it is deficient, you go back and return it. Then you get a new one. It is called CHANGE.

Sometimes you just CHANGE so that you can see what the other side looks like and to be able to make fair comparisons.

But definitely when a product is bad, you must change it. Then, if the new one is not working well, you still go back again and change it even if you have used it for a while.

Until you get something that works as you had expected, you have the right to change the product.

This scenario is the same with the principles of democracy and common sense.

A man who stick with a known bad product for whatever reasons at all is a complete fool.

If a group of people decide to continue with a crazy government led by a weakling drunkard, they may all perish in one swoop. If the majority allows go with this negative flow, a new research needs to be done on the entire population. Geneticists should be called in.

Nothing in this life is going to be perfect. Nevertheless change is constant. It is desirable because even boredom can kill both mentally and physically.

It must take one of the biggest levels of known human stupidity to be afraid of change or a new chance.

A word is enough for the wise.

The problem is, what is going to be enough for the foolish?

Post 1.                     What The IGP Said

The inspector general of police said the Nigerians should go home after casting their votes. He is not entirely wrong on this point.

There are many angles to evaluate the statement. It also depends on whether one wants to be civilised or barbaric in approach.

I have cast my votes a few times in Sweden. I go home after doing so. The results are announced and life goes on.

Nigeria is not like Sweden even though both countries are inhabited by humans.

The Inspector General of Police spoke like he is living in an organised society. For, if that was the situation, the voters need to go home after casting their votes.

Unfortunately elections in Nigeria are a matter of life and death, do or die type.

Nigerians who get entangled in election malpractices and violence are the uncivilised ones.

Or how do you describe a people who cannot cast their vote in peace? How do you describe criminal politicians who take elections as a matter of life and death? For me that is uncivilised!

So on the election day in Nigeria (if the PDP does not cancel the process this time) people will cast their votes, they will carry knives, guns, cutlasses, they will stay back at the polling booths, they will want to see the votes counted, there will be arguments, there will be violence and sadly some people will die!

Uncivilised is almost an understatement when people are dying in connection to election!

Votes do not have to be protected by deaths..!

It is sad that more than 50 years after independence, Nigerians will not be conducting peaceful elections.

Post 2: Shutting Down The Country

Many Nigerians are moving back to their states of origin or there places of births. This as usual shows the artificial coexistence of Nigerians and highlights the need for a more resounding political solution to the country’s dilemma which continues to lie under the dirty carpets.

Nigeria is shutting down due to elections. How many signs of barbarism and backwardness can one get from a simple/ordinary election?

People are moving to where they think will be safe if violence breaks out. Vehicular movements are being restricted and a lot of time will be wasted doing nothing but preparing for elections and waiting for the outcome.

Holidays will be declared for an election that is holding on a Saturday. The country will lose a lot of money and the economy will shrink further.

Nigeria embarrasses Africa a lot. Nigeria is a disgrace because she cannot conduct election on a Saturday without bringing everything to a halt.

When ordinary elections brings a people and a country to a point of uncertainty that it even becomes difficult to predict the next day after the election, then a radical solution is desirable.

At an age when computers and technological processes are making life easier and easier and when people are already solving problems of the next generation, Nigerians are stuck in the 18th century battling not only the absence of electricity but even simple things like counting votes.

There are times when being a Nigerian is hard, for example when you try to convince other nationalities that you are human just like them and that you can actually count people manually or by inputting their records in a data system.

When you have to explain to people that you are intellectually sound as they are or even better, they wonder why then your country is shut down not only by terrorists in the north, south and east but also by a process that is as easy as ABC.

Election is hard in Nigeria, it reveals a lot about the mindset of the politicians, the misruled population and the overriding but sad low level of common sense among the general population.

(unedited posts on election 2015)

Weep Not, Nigeria..!

Nigeria, you are one country whose past must be retraced so that the future can be better. You must find that spot where it all went wrong.

Weep Not Nigeria..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

The home run to the Nigerian presidential elections is here, at last.

The presidential and national assembly elections that should have held since February 14 2015 are now expected to go ahead on March 28 2015.

There is still a low risk that the entire process is truncated.

The corrupt and destructive ruling party since 1999-the PDP is not in support of the Voters’ card to be used for the elections. Until the elections become realities it appears that the PDP will continue to push for the termination of the appointment of the chairman of the electoral commission Mr. Jega.

Other means that the PDP have attempted in jeopardising the forth coming elections are sponsoring of violence in the country and pursuance of various last-minute court injunctions aimed at frustrating the main opposition party-the APC.

At the beginning of week 12, some miscreants were gathered from south western Nigeria and allegedly also from south-south region of the country. They converged on the city of Lagos and unleashed mayhem in some parts of the mega city.

The wife of Goodluck Jonathan said to stone the people chanting change. This group of miscreants had more than stones. They had dangerous weapons including guns.

The commonest trend is that people who engaged in this type of senseless demonstrations in Nigeria usually do so after they must have received huge sums of looted money from the politician or the person they are supporting.

In this case huge sums of money and scam contracts have been used to induce the thoughtless elements who chose Monday of all days to interrupt businesses and other human endeavours in Lagos state.

This is not the first time Mr. Jonathan is empowering terrorists or militants in Nigeria. The warships in the hands of the Niger delta militants have not been thoroughly explained.

Mr. Jonathan has empowered terrorists in different parts of the country in different ways.

In his recent interview with a BBC reporter, he was dumbfounded as usual, unable to explain why the Boko Haram terrorists ravaged the north eastern part of Nigeria as the Nigerian military looked on helplessly.

Those who participated in the shameful Monday demonstration in Lagos, the nerve center of Nigeria and the heartbeat of Yorubaland, were paid from the huge sums given to one Gani Adams the leader of the armed militant group-aka OPC in Western Nigeria.

Some children and adults have lost the use of their cerebrum and they will use their left hands to point out the direction to their fathers’ houses. This is the lot of the thoughtless and shameless OPC faction led by Gani.

In addition, these lost sons of Oduduwa know that it is an abomination to waste away Monday mornings (ojo-aje) in Yorubaland. They ought to seek the forgiveness of their ancestors before the wrath of the gods start to descend on them and their households.

In any case, back to the scam security contract issued by Mr. Jonathan to terrorist organisations, the constitution of Nigeria is clear on whose shoulders the security of the country rest upon.

The Nigerian military will protect the country from external aggression; the police will maintain law and order internally.

On the sea and the international waters around the country, the Nigerian Navy will ensure that all is well.

Mr Jonathan is probably the most clueless ruler any country can have. Who hands over the security of life and property of a country into the hands of local militants or terrorist groups?

Only clueless and dangerous minds will justify the security contracts anomaly under Mr. Jonathan, the first of its kind in human history.

No ruler or leader in human history has gone to sleep for 5-6 years in a place where civilians and ordinary citizens are slaughtered by terrorists.

Someday it will be nice to question Mr. Jonathan on his style of rulership.

He and his advisers need to inform about what they were thinking or not thinking when they gave the functions of the Nigerian army and the Nigerian navy to local terrorist organisations.

The above are some of my arguments when I chose to describe the Nigerian lawmakers are criminals and nonentities. They have turned blind lines to absurdities, lawlessness and outright impeachable offences. Birds of the same feather will flock together.

What kinds of political solutions or approaches are they aiming at?

Why is Nigeria’s ruler Mr. Jonathan still awarding security contracts to terrorist organisations?

Apart from outright stealing and looting, there are several other reasons why Mrs. Jonathan is afraid of the prison terms that her husband may face someday in the future when Nigerians wake up from their slumbers and start to ask for justice and fairness.

Who told Mrs. Jonathan she will be spared should in case her husband ends up in prison?

They and several thousands of political criminals across different political parties will end up in prisons if the law system in Nigeria starts to function today.

There are several thousands of criminals spread in different government and private institutions as well. The jails will burst if the justice system suddenly comes to life in Nigeria.

The resiliency of Nigerians has been totally transformed to a permanent weakness. Hence there are 2 remaining remedies to the prayers of Mrs. Jonathan.

The first is that Jonathan’s statement “I will surely win” comes to pass. The second is for him to be succeeded by another PDP looter. If these 2 options fail, it will be prison or exile for sure.

As l was saying, terrorists or local militants as Nigerians will prefer to call them should never be equipped or rewarded for their criminal and terror activities.

They should never been given any pipeline contract or any other type of contract at all.

There are reasons why the Navy exists as an institution. There are reasons why the police exist and there are jobs that the military should be equipped to handle.

Greed and clueless-ness form a bad combination. In the hands of a lazy, drunk mind the tragedy can be worse that what it has been in Nigeria. I had mentioned earlier that the PDP should have presented a sane mind on its platform the moment it became clear that a dangerous mind had mistakenly been trusted with power.

However, for as long as humanity exists, money will remain the root of all evil.

A people suffering from several years of misrule will continue to miss the margin regarding the meaning of life. Their conquerors will not understand the significance and transience of power.

When greed and in-satiation take over the feeling of contentment, the human mind may be irreversibly ruined. Sadly, this condition may also be incurable.

This is the point that many individuals have reached in Nigeria.

Under the prevailing political circumstances, and sadly too under the unfortunate mindset that the upcoming generation has been groomed, the Nigeria that exists today, just like the people whose souls have been overtaken by evil, is becoming increasingly incurable.

But weep not Nigeria, weep not..!

You seek change. How genuine? Will it happen?

With the characters of men and women parading the major political parties the question arises: is this what you deserve?

Why is the landscape occupied by drug barons, drug addicts, drunkards and incurable looters as the dominant political figures?

Generation after generation, you suppress freedom and sanity and install criminals in high places. Yet you cry foul!

These criminals, are they not your fathers? Are they not your mothers? Are they not your sisters and brothers?

What are you going to do about the corrupt souls, the evil people who continue to install criminals after criminals as the custodians of your treasury and the makers of the policies that ruin you?

Weep not Nigeria, weep not motherland!

The time is overdue.

Arise; take your destinies in your hands. Clean the table, wipe the stable, tidy up your domain and seek freedom.

Under the unitary system of government in Nigeria, there is no freedom and there will be no transformation. Change will be a camouflage.

Nigeria, you are one country whose past must be retraced so that the future can be better.

You must find that spot where it all went wrong.

There you will be able to pick up again patriotism, dignity in labour, brotherliness, selflessness, dedication, duty to man and country, justice, peace, fairness, merit-based rewards, competition to promote culture, to facilitate development and preservation of immediate society while not relegating the importance of nationalism.


A Savage Mark

When a suspected criminal is made a federal minister and if the case is not an isolated incidence but a trend, then you have the Nigerian politics-which is largely a government of the criminals, by the criminals for the criminals.

A Savage Mark

By Adeola Aderounmu

Which Way Nigeria?

When a suspected criminal is made a federal minister and if the case is not an isolated incidence but a trend, then it may not be unreasonable to state that Nigeria is ruled partly by criminals. What is more saddening than this is the obvious reality that the situation gets worse by the day.

Exactly 2 weeks ago l wrote an article titled A Savage Situation. It was to join the protest against the re-nomination of Mr. Obanikoro as a minister in the cabinet of Nigeria’s lazy and corrupt ruler Mr. Jonathan.

As it stands now it appears that Mr. Obanikoro was approved by the senate.

The fact that the name was not thrown out as soon as it appeared in the senate is also a confirmation that the Nigerian National Assembly is a den of touts and criminals.

The lawmakers who are opposed to the approval of suspected criminal Mr. Obanikoro and thereby staged a walk out during the deliberation process may feel hurt coming under a general classification-den of criminals. But it is not far from the absolute true situation.

To this day there are no clear information as to the several millions of dollars that is earmarked for the Nigerian National Assembly and the House of Representatives monthly. The general perception is that these houses are the most expensive to run in the world.

In the type of democracy that is practised in Nigeria the Nigerian National Assembly is a complete waste and so far a part of the embarrassment that befell Nigeria’s laughable and ridiculous democracy.

Which sane National Assembly will harbour a failed executive government for 6 years? Which National Assembly will look away with all the impunities, illegalities and extreme corruption in the land? It has to be the one with the same mindset.

It must take a corrupt National Assembly to tolerate a corrupt executive and to look away at the extreme rot in the land.

The man who heads the Nigerian senate has been around for a very long time and he has done a lot to contribute to the destructions of several institutions in Nigeria. Now he appears to have moulded the senate into a criminal-approving organ.  This is not the first institution he is poised to destroy.

David Mark’s name will be indelible in the history of Nigeria. This generation will remember him for the expression-telephone is not for the poor. After the reckless statement one of the treasured possessions of the middle and low-income earners in Nigeria, the land telephones became historic and disappeared from millions of homes!

David Mark staged-managed the approval of Mr. Obanikoro, a suspected criminal despite the strength of the opposing voices. In Nigeria this means that Ghana-must-go bags containing raw cash (probably in dollars) has left the presidency or central bank and emerged in the houses of most of the senators or their bank accounts.

This is an aspect of the Nigerian politics-which is largely a government of the criminals, by the criminals for the criminals.

The people of Nigeria, I mean the ordinary citizens constituting about 90% of the population who are living from hand to mouth and unsure of the next meal are long forgotten in the political equation in Nigeria.

There might be elections in Nigeria at the end of this month. The coast is not clear. Both the ruling party and the main opposition party are moving around with wardrobes full of guilt and rotten skeletons.

Mr. Jonathan has literarily emptied the Nigerian treasury during his recent relocation to South West Nigeria. He’s been holed up in the region doling out monies as if it comes from his personal inheritance. Such is the height of corruption and stupidity in Nigerian politics.

Mr. Buhari is back from the UK, has not spoken much at the campaigns in Nigeria and is funded by unexplained wealth.

Now Nigeria remains at the point where appointing a criminal into a government is normal because it is assumed that there are no saints in government or that we who are politicians are all criminals. It is amazing that the citizens are quiet as the impunity continues to reach record levels.

The ordinary people are in real trouble. The future is so uncertain. Bandits have taken control of governance almost all of the years after independence. There is nothing happening today that is new.

The probability that ordinary Nigerians will get a better life out of any government under the current arrangement is very slim. The chance is narrow under a system that is designed to oppress and suppress.

Change is not only getting rid of the criminals in all political offices and public institutions, it also means that the political structures of Nigeria and the various institutions at the federal, state and local levels need to be reassessed for their functionalities.

Change is when people look in the mirror and see whether they are ready to shed evil for the common good of all.

Many concerned citizens and organisations continue to argue for regional government or true federalism.

If change does not come from the ruling party and if change does not come from the opposition, the category of Nigerians describe above will one day learn that they have to take their own destinies in their hands.

Ironically both fear and hope have hindered the Nigerian revolution.

It always appears that something will happen in the positive direction, but after a while hopes are always dashed. In recent history hope was dashed in 1993.  In 2007, many people were dumbfounded because it was not EUREKA. In the last 6 years Nigerians have learnt many new lessons as hopelessness and evil overshadowed good and happiness.

The fear factors were well analysed by the late Afro-beat legend Fela Anikulapo. It is one of the biggest hindrances to freedom for ordinary Nigerians.

The downtrodden Nigerians need to get organised. They need to be formidable. They need to conquer their fears and rescue themselves from the wolves.

It does not look like the wolves are going away soon if a David-Mark senate approves a fellow criminals back into its fold at the executive level.

I don’t think the wolves and the oppressors are going away if they continue to empty the treasuries for one or two accomplices, for the selfish royal families, for the religious rulers, for themselves and for their families without any consequence.

The wolves cannot depart for as long as it is possible to gallivant with stolen and unexplained wealth.

To the 90% Nigerians suffering from the over half a century of political looting and economic suppression, your future is in your hands. A savage mark can only be erased by force and popular revolt.

AIT’s Upcoming Documentaries

The Tiger Of Aso Rock, TheCrook On The Minna Hill, Criminal Couple From Otuoke, How Nigerian Transgender, Alamieyeseigha Fled London, Telephone Is Not For The Poor-David Mark, Boko Haram Is In My Government-The Inside Story, Drug Baron Heads Yoruba PDP, Sex, Drugs And Aviation-A FFK Story, The Jet-Age Of Looting NNPC, A Diezani history, Mrs. Jonathan, From National To International Embarrassment, Nigerian House Of Representa-thieves and Legis-looters, 30 Trillion Subsidy Scams-How PDP And Jonathan’s Economy Team Raped Nigeria. 

AIT’s Upcoming Documentaries

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

African Independent Television (AIT) is running a documentary on Bola Ahmed Tinubu or a man they also claimed is Yekini Ogunleye.

It’s been over 5 years since l last watched any program on AIT. I gave up on them when Ibrahim Babangida, Nigeria’s foremost tropical gangster, bought Raymond Dokpesi, the owner of DAAR Communications and AIT.

Bola Tinubu has taken his case to court. That is not unexpected. He is a grown man and his lawyers are at it.

I may have seen an abridged version of the documentary. I was disappointed that l did not see the names of the producers of the Lion Of Bourdillion. I did not see the name of the narrator. The year of production and all other details that usually go with such a production were missing from the version l saw online.

I simply hope that the original version contains these information.

Some footages that need acknowledgement were also used.  It will amount to an extremely poor piece of journalism if the version l saw was the original version.

In any case, l imagined if Nigerian private television stations have been airing these types of documentaries since 1960, maybe Nigeria would have been a saner country, a better place.

I don’t know what proportion of the report is true or false. That is Tinubu’s headache. He and his legal team can roll with that.

The short arm of the law system in Nigeria has really made a mess of many court cases and proceedings.  I am not a fan of the Nigerian judiciary that is heavily compromised and saddled with corruption. I wish Tinubu and Daar Communications/AIT a wonderful time at the endless proceedings at the ridiculous Nigerian court of law.

Irrespective of what is true or false in the Tinubu documentary which partly looks like an advertorial for the government of Lagos State, it is a welcome development. If the PDP paid for the production and airing of the documentary, it will be a pinch of salt from the 21 billion naira raised in one day by various criminals and vested interests supporting Jonathan’s re-election. I wish AIT goodluck.

Since AIT has now ventured into investigative journalism and digging up both the past and present, it would be more interesting to see the follow up episodes.

I will like to see The Crook On The Minna Hill. In this anticipated episode, AIT should tell us how Ibrahim Babangida stole the money that Nigeria made during the gulf war. They should tell us why or how the same law system that failed to catch up with Tinubu failed to catch up with Babangida. AIT can even extend the documentary on how one Mr. Raymond Dokpesi could have benefitted from the stolen 12 billion dollars several years later. It will be a blockbuster!

I will like to see the Criminal Couple From Otuoke. In this story AIT can tell us how one Patience Jonathan was investigated on several occasions by the EFCC while her husband was the deputy governor and later governor of Bayelsa State.

AIT super investigators can tell us whose money she was looting and under whose watch they were been stolen. An update of the story can include how the Jonathans have looted the Nigerian treasuries directly and indirectly since they got promoted to Aso Rock by Obasanjo.

A documentary closely related to the Criminal Couple From Otueke will be How Nigerian Transgender, Alamieyeseigha Fled London. AIT may find the connection between the father (Alams) and son (Jonathan) of Bayelsans. Sometimes it is the prodigal son that forgives the unrepentant father.

Since AIT knows about Tinubu’s drug business, they may also probably highlight Jonathan’s drinking problems as well as his domestic and official  weaknesses. If some serious investigative journalism is carried out AIT may be the first company to publish Jonathan’s Phd thesis online.

Good luck AIT, hope you hit another blockbuster!

The people of Nigeria will like to see the documentary titled; Telephone Is Not For The Poor-David Mark. When AIT is done with this production they will be able to explain to millions of middle and low class households how there landlines vanished from the telephone catalogues and for real in the twinkle of an eye.

By doing some serious journalistic work like they did with Tinubu, AIT may sucessfully trace Nigeria’s budget for communication under David Mark and Babangida to some Islands or Tax Havens around the world. Let the search begins!

AIT can even continue with the story of Mark by analysing how much money has disappeared from the Senate under his watch. They may even uncover his plot to rule Nigeria under the rumoured interim government. Who knows?

In the world of documentaries and investigative journalism, there are no limits. AIT can look at the option of making a documentary titled: OBJ, Poor Farmer, Rich President. They may uncover how Obasanjo’s salaries helped him to rejuvenate his farm.

To make the documentary interesting they should look at the role of Obasanjo in the emergence of Yar Adua and Jonathan.  Where did the money for the campaigns come from and which state suffered for it? AIT can even tell those who do not know where the man who sponsored the campaign is today.

There are so many attack and watch dogs in and around Aso rock today.

What about AIT trying to make a documentary about a story or two that I’d written about. Imagine Sex, Drugs and Aviation! AIT, you have my permission to use my research material to do a series on Femi Fani-Kayode. He is a drug abuser, a woman beater and a former looter of the Ministry of Aviation. Don’t you think it will be an interesting investigative documentary to see the kind of campaign coordinator superivsing the Otueke couple?

One Doyin Okupe was alleged to have stolen from the people and government of Imo and Benue States. For him, you can do the Tiger Of Aso Rock. The documentary will show where to run for cover after perpetrating crimes at the state levels, a kind of graduation that is.

My parents are from the South Western part of Nigeria which makes me a yoruba by birth. I will like to see a documentary on The Drug Baron Leading The Yoruba PDP in South Western Nigeria. As my contribution to this documentary, I will like to pay for his return trip to the United States. Please mail me when he’s ready to fly, it seems you have him in your good books.

AIT common now, there are many, many series you can run. Your followership will grow nationally and internationally you’ll never go bankrupt again even after Jonathan’s reign of tyranny.

There is a man called Ali Modu Sheriff. He is a close associate of Jonathan and an alleged sponsor of Boko Haram. Go deeper into the allegation and tell us what you find in the Revelation Of Sambissa.

An alternative to the above will be How The Opposition Sponsors Terror. I think Nigeria and Nigerians will be intellectually richer when you have produced all the above documentaries. Perhaps you’ll help clueless Jonathan unravel the missing links between the opposition parties and Boko Haram.

Oh, l almost forgot. You should make a series on Nigeria’s House Of Representa-thieves and Legis-looters. You will not lack the materials to work with on this one. You just need to prove or disprove that the Nigerian National Assembly for example is the most expensive to run in the world.

You need to help Nigerians uncover the mysterious sums that go down the drain daily. Do a statistical analysis and see if the amount of wastage is positively or negatively correlated to laziness and the sleeping hours in both houses.

What about a neutral topic like Religous Country, Wicked People? Make several visits to the churches and mosques, try to explain the poverty index, crime rate and mumuism followership both religiously and politically.

You can show or disprove that religion leads to intellectual laziness, negligence of social obligations, lack of tolerance, bad government, blind faith and organized political crime.

To ensure that your documentary series last for several seasons, here are more suggestions:

  • Memory Lane, the Politicians And Soldiers Who Looted and Destroyed Nigeria, 1960-2015 (Part 1-20)
  • The Chibok Girls, Jonathan’s Changing Tunes
  • A Dictator Turned Democrat-Mission Impossible 4
  • Boko Haram Is In My Government-The Inside Story
  • Fashola: Productive or Destructive Product Of the Lion Of Bourdillion
  • APC States Versus PDP States: The Lions And The Tigers
  • Multiple Cross-Carpeting And Mental Health In Nigeria-A Political Approach To Medicine
  • APC To PDP And Vice Versa: The Recyling of Political Morons In A People Passive Society
  • Clueless Personified: Stealing Is Not Corruption-Evidence of Stupidity
  • Mrs. Patience Jonathan, From National To International Embarrassment
  • 30 Trillion Subsidy Scams-How PDP And Jonathan’s Economy Team Raped Nigeria
  • The Jet-Age Of Looting NNPC, A Diezani history
  • The Useless Roles Of Private and Public Media In Nigeria

Dear AIT and management, these suggestions should keep you busy for the next 10 years. When you start, you will see that there are several more areas of investigative journalism that will make your station the envy of global journalism.

Please feel free to contact me for more suggestions should you and your production crew run of of ideas or scripts.

I hope you find genuine sponsors from around the globe and that your employees will receive local and international awards for their investigations. This will move you and your employees away from the disgraceful brown enevelope, food-for-the-belly syndrome.

Nigerians will be more enlightened, the politicians may sit up. The judiciary may have finally met their own watch dogs. The disoriented police force may find their lost ryhthms and start doing their jobs rather than shooting civilians at the ratio of 20:1.

The documentary on Tinubu should not be the end. DAAR Communications, go to court and fight your case.

I wish you goodluck at AIT and at the trial.

The pen is mightier than the sword!