The Law of Karma came upon Danbaba

By Adeola Aderounmu

I reported with sadness how Mr. Danbaba’s driver knocked down and killed one of my best friends, Edward Kokobili.

Danbaba is the governor of Taraba state who crashed his private aircraft this week in Nigeria. Unconfirmed reports earlier reported that he died in the crash and updated reports stated that he survived the accident.

It shocked me, like several other anomalies from the stupid Nigerian government that the office of the governor did not give any public statement regretting the death of my friend. Nor did I receive any rejoinder after publishing the details on my blog and the Nigerian Village Square, a popular Nigerian news site.

When I heard about the initial report of his “death” the only thing that ran through my mind is the memory of my late friend. Later Eddy’s brother posted on facebook:

[The family, friends and associates of Taraba state governor am very sure must be having their own fair share of what it means to be hurt inwards and perhaps outward, due to the wanton carelessness those in government mostly have subjected this nation. Exactly nine months ago, my brother died @ the Nnamdi Azikwe International airport, due to the carelessness of the governor’s convoy and for eternity a lot of people have been hurt too. People in government positions must as a matter of responsibilty and urgency address the spate of WANTON CARELESSNESS in the land. It is a matter of chance and time, it can swallow anybody no matter the extent of formidable security in place. Is like a game of numbers, with time anybody can be subdued !]

I liked his comment and added that I am disappointed at the manner Danbaba had gone to acquire a fleet of private jets for his pleasure. He is s useless governor, no doubt. He is not alone, Nigeria is flooded not only by water, but by corrupt people and corrupt rulers. They don’t care about the people whose money they have looted and how the people suffer.

Several governors and in fact 99,9% of Nigerian politicians are pure criminals. It is sad and hard to live in the most corrupt country in the world if you haven’t cut your own corners and means of survival against all odds.

Sometimes I wish the law of karma will come suddenly upon all Nigerian politicians. Maybe that will be the cure for the land. Just maybe

The Miracle of Berlin: Germany 4: Sweden 4

By Adeola Aderounmu

I watched in disbelief as Sweden overtuned a 4 goal deficit and nearly snatched victory in Berlin on the 16th of October 2012.

The Germans were 3 goals up after 30 minutes with 2 goals from Klose and one from Per Mertasacker.

In the 56th minute Ozil got the 4th goal and appeared to have “sealed” the game for the Germans.

The turning point came for the Swedes when Zlatan perfectly utilised a cross from Kim Källström. Zlatan headed beyond the German goalkeeper to orchestrate one of the biggest and most inprobable comebacks in football history.

With 35 minutes to go, Sweden scored 3 goals. The last goal was scored in the 93rd minute by Rasmus Elm.

In between, Lustig and Elmander had scored one a piece and Sana missed an open net. Otherwise Sweden would have won the game.

It must have been the worst night for German football but a sweet night for Swedish football.

Nigeria thrash Liberia 6-1, Shame in Dakar…

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria will return to the African Cup of Nations in 2013 in style. After playing a 2-2 draw in Liberia, the Super Eagles triumphed in Calabar.

The Chelsea duo of Mikel Obi and Victor Moses were among the goals scorers on the day the Super Eagles went on rampage and decided to teach some football lessons to their opponents.

Congratulations to the Super Eagles of Nigeria. I hope you will do well at the Nations Cup.

Meanwhile Senegal crashed out and disgracefully too. Ivory Coast were 2 goals up when the Senegalese fans disrupted the game. The players were protected by the police and the game was abandoned. Some people were injured by objects thrown around the pitch.

I hope CAF will come down heavily on the Senegalese. A 4-5 year ban wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Football is part of sports. A game of football is not a war.

Achebe Distorting History

By Adeola Aderounmu

It is unclear why Chinua Achebe smeared late Awolowo in his new book-There was a country. People that are well respected worldwide in literature, art or any endeavor at all should need always to be careful when they go to the print.

Tribal sentiments and even emotional sentiments should not be allowed to overtake vivid reasoning.

Unfortunately Achebe did not realize this and it is shameful that despite his age and exposure to historical facts he decided to write the role of Awolowo during the Nigerian civil war. What Achebe wrote about Awolowo are pure lies and historical jargons.

There are so many books out there that have explained the role of late Ojukwu in both the war and the consequent genocide suffered by the people of Eastern Nigeria during the civil war. It is therefore needless for me to repeat or recant the things or issues that are known as facts and truths.

Those who are not sure should seek knowledge. What Achebe has done is to fan the tribal conflicts in the minds of people-both Easterners and westerners-which is diabolic in itself.

It brings to fore that one of the most important things in life, viewed consciously or unconsciously, is the protection of one’s race. Achebe’s book which I will definitely not read strengthens the call for Nigerians to return to their tent and mind their own business and destiny.

No matter how long it lasts, people of different races in Nigeria will continue to pretend that they love one another superficially while harboring contempt, hatred, malice and un-forgiveness in their hearts and souls.

It is a tragedy to live a life that you didn’t choose and to pretend that it was okay. It must have been painful and hurtful for Achebe that he and his people were denied of their country-Biafra. Living with that lose for several years took its toll and the book must be a piece of the iceberg of the inner sufferings.

However laying the blame at the feet of Awolowo was an irresponsible act.

The pseudo-existence of a country like Nigeria remains a recipe for racial discrimination, tribalism and severe underdevelopment. Only the captors of Nigeria and few people benefit from Nigeria. The rest are-in the words of late Fela Kuti-suffering and smiling.