The Law of Karma came upon Danbaba

By Adeola Aderounmu

I reported with sadness how Mr. Danbaba’s driver knocked down and killed one of my best friends, Edward Kokobili.

Danbaba is the governor of Taraba state who crashed his private aircraft this week in Nigeria. Unconfirmed reports earlier reported that he died in the crash and updated reports stated that he survived the accident.

It shocked me, like several other anomalies from the stupid Nigerian government that the office of the governor did not give any public statement regretting the death of my friend. Nor did I receive any rejoinder after publishing the details on my blog and the Nigerian Village Square, a popular Nigerian news site.

When I heard about the initial report of his “death” the only thing that ran through my mind is the memory of my late friend. Later Eddy’s brother posted on facebook:

[The family, friends and associates of Taraba state governor am very sure must be having their own fair share of what it means to be hurt inwards and perhaps outward, due to the wanton carelessness those in government mostly have subjected this nation. Exactly nine months ago, my brother died @ the Nnamdi Azikwe International airport, due to the carelessness of the governor’s convoy and for eternity a lot of people have been hurt too. People in government positions must as a matter of responsibilty and urgency address the spate of WANTON CARELESSNESS in the land. It is a matter of chance and time, it can swallow anybody no matter the extent of formidable security in place. Is like a game of numbers, with time anybody can be subdued !]

I liked his comment and added that I am disappointed at the manner Danbaba had gone to acquire a fleet of private jets for his pleasure. He is s useless governor, no doubt. He is not alone, Nigeria is flooded not only by water, but by corrupt people and corrupt rulers. They don’t care about the people whose money they have looted and how the people suffer.

Several governors and in fact 99,9% of Nigerian politicians are pure criminals. It is sad and hard to live in the most corrupt country in the world if you haven’t cut your own corners and means of survival against all odds.

Sometimes I wish the law of karma will come suddenly upon all Nigerian politicians. Maybe that will be the cure for the land. Just maybe

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