Postcards From Legoland, Denmark



By Adeola Aderounmu

Happiness is one of the most important things in life.

When I set out on this holiday trip with my family, I knew my next article would be written in Denmark and I would like to find some inspirations, taking the time off my holiday mood and punching my keyboards. I write from Lanladia-Legoland.


Lanladia is a small settlement in Billund which is about 265 km from Copenhagen. We took a long road trip all the way from Stockholm. That was the plan.

Before we left Sweden we made quite a number of stops on our way. We spent the first night at a small town called Vetlanda in Småland, in the heart of Sweden. Actually we visited a friend of my wife and her family and spent the night at their country home. It’s situated on a farm area. The children had fun with the kittens and the cows on the farm.

Vetlnda Farm House

Vetlnda Farm House

We also saw a friend of mine Olutayo Adegoke before we arrived at the farm house. It was an impromptu stopover but he was glad to take a short break from his work as we had lunch in a park near his office just outside Nörrköping. It was almost incredible when Tayo told me he would be travelling to Nigeria that night. What a stop we made!

Adeola Aderounmu and Tayo Adegoke

Adeola Aderounmu and Tayo Adegoke

The next day our first stop was Avesta, also a small town in the South of Sweden. There lives Kelechi Udeh, a youg man I knew from Festac Town. We had lunch again in the open and near a car park at the center of the small town. We mingled with Kelechi for about 45 minutes and off we drove. He told me he is very happy to be settled in Avesta and I was marvelled how a Festac Town found happiness in a small town. Variety will remain the spice of life. It will always be in order to bloom where one has been planted.

With Kelechi Udeh in Avesta

With Kelechi Udeh in Avesta

We reached Malmö in the early evening. Tolu Taylor agreed to host us for dinner. We were not going to say no. Tolu, a big brother, was my senior at Festac Grammar School. Adeolu Sunmola who was my junior and my student at the same school joined us. Onyebuchi Echigeme completed the mini reuniuon of the Festac Boys in Malmö when he later joined us for dinner at Tolu’s house. Indeed, Festac Town and the people from Festac are always close to my heart.

With Tolu Taylor and Adeola Sunmola in Malmö City

With Tolu Taylor and Adeolu Sunmola in Malmö City

We spent the night in Malmö and drove off to Denmark the next morning. We left home in Sweden on Tuesday morning and arrived Legoland in Denmark on Thursday shortly after lunch. We have driven close to 1000 km without encountering a single pot hole. I called European (E) roads paradise roads.

with Onyebuchi Echigeme

with Onyebuchi Echigeme

When this essay goes to publication we will probably be on a homeward journey. If our plans work fine, we will make surprise stops at Gothenburg and Örebro to vist more of my friends and incredibly it’s all about the Festac Town connections. They were built connections built from 1977 to 2002. They will last for life. In Copenhagen, we will be lucky if Mary Owolabi is home when we make our journey out of Denmark. She spoke of other plans, but we’ll see what happens.

The children are having a blast. I read one day ago that Denmark is now the home of the happiest people on earth. It’s a good thing to be here when it happened. LEGOs are made or born in Denmark and it is a good experience for the children to see where some of their toys come from and how they come to life in Billund, Denmark. They are old enough never to forget the experience. The adventures have been awesome.

What will be hard for them to know is my heart felt wish or desire for the country where I was born. Unfortunately our experiences together in Nigeria in 2010 were mostly unpleasant. We spent 2½ hours at MMIA before our luggage were complete in our care, ran on generators for 2 weeks, nearly suffocated in heavy and static traffic, had limitations to where we could go and things we could do. The best thing about Nigeria was the warmth of our families and friends.

I have read the news, followed my twitter stream and stayed in touch with global events. I have read so many conspiracy theories on the Malaysia Airline plane that crashed in Ukraine. There are always more sad news than good news or maybe the good things are not always newsworthy. I am mostly worried about the things that are going on in Nigeria, a paradise lost.

Yea, Malala came to town. She was in Abuja to press for the release of the Chibok girls. Then the “bringbackourgirls” campaign group entered a one chance roforofo fight with the corrupt Nigerian presidency. Mr. Jonathan was at the fore front of a “fight” for once in a lazy presidential life time. I learnt he was bitter when he was refused the chance of meeting the Chibok parents.

I know there was an allegation of a missing $20 bn from a government that is now trying to borrow $1bn to fight Boko Haram. Who are the clowns in Aso rock? Everyday several billions of dollars are lost to oil theft only in Nigeria. Everyday too, Nigerian politicians loot several billion of dollars in the executive, legislature, state governments and local governments. That’s the way to explain their sudden riches and capabilities to buy up anything including the former tallest building in Lagos/Africa. They can buy customized private jets anytime they want. How much do they earn legitimately?

The government that steals so much money should be ashamed to even ask for the least borrow-able amount from any creditor. The same government is paying huge sums annually to foreign PR firms and lobbyists to help it repair its battered image and to label Nigerians in such ways as to promote the corrupt government. Only dubious creditors will be willingly to lend money to government that is supposed to be richer than it-the creditor. They call it business when they do.

There is no greater PR than eradicating corruption and serving the people rather than selves. The extremely low level of mentalities of the Nigerian politician leaves one in awe and shock. From the view of the rest of the informed world, it is mockery and easily set Nigeria among the countries ruled by nonentities. The classification, “among the most corrupt” is too easy.

There is at present a wave and fear of impeachment going on in Nigeria only in APC controlled states or in states where a governor brought a PDP-stolen mandate to the APC fold. My bigger expectation is for the Nigerian revolution that will totally impeach, sack and sweep altogether what is probably the most corrupt government in the world with headquarters in Aso Rock, Abuja.

Unless such happens, several million Nigerians will never experience the real meaning and essence of life. The witch-hunting and cosmetic approaches of politicians against politicians who are themselves the major problem with Nigeria are not close to the cleansing solution that Nigeria and Nigerians need. The Promised Land is getting farther.

I knew since 2011 that governance is on a long recess in Nigeria. The trend is common and predictable. Once an election period is over and the new captors of Nigeria settle down to amass, steal, loot and drain the treasuries, the struggle that will sustain or produce the next conquerors of Nigeria quickly goes into motion.

In the last three years, such a condemnable trend has produced the largest number of political prostitutes ever in Nigeria’s history. It is part of the reasons the wave of impeachment became the strongest weapon today, for rather than service to the people and fulfilment of electoral promises it was business as usual and psycho-egocentrism peculiar to the Nigerian political class. It is therefore too easy to line up impeachable offences against those on the other side of the power divide.

Nigeria’s politics is driven by insatiable lust for money and the highest bidders always buy the consciences of the ever-hungry looters called politicians (and sadly the populace too). In all, they are all birds of the same feather and 99.9% of them from Aso rock to Badagry and Sambisa local government areas ought to be spending time in jails by now. But we know that the institutions are dead in Nigeria, the worst hit being the powerless police and the strikingly corrupt judiciary.

The in-thing in Nigeria today is rice politics and stomach infrastructure. Nigerians have short memories and those who are old enough have learnt nothing from history. Even as a boy in primary school I was aware of the consequences of the politics of stomach infrastructure championed by one Shehu Shagari in the late 70s slash early 80s. The NPN was a short-sighted political group that distributed rice, clothes and even apartments to members to ensure that they rig and won the elections back in the days. The rest is history.

That history that includes the extensive reign of tyranny and dictators is what Nigerians have not learnt from. That the PDP, APC or any other party can distribute rice directly or through criminal sponsors is an indication that Lagbaja’s theory of 200 million mumus is a fact. I am short of words or expressions. The situation is not normal; Nigerians are caged, mentally and psychologically!

No matter where I go, no matter what I do. I will always argue for and on behalf of more than 90m Nigerians suffering in silence, disconnected totally from governance and having no idea of the meaning of life, how much more the good life in this temporary passage called earth or world.

I will always argue for social justice, the common good, and a clear understanding of the meaning and essence of life which is not far from the principle of live and let live. I know that illiteracy and total ignorance play huge roles in some parts of the country. I know that the North is a catastrophe based on narrations of friends who went up North.

What I saw in rural Oyo State during my service year in 1995/96 broke my heart. I saw very young and immature people having more children than the number of meals they can have daily. Even most of the adults have no clear scope of what types of life they were living. There is a lot of work to be done across the nations within Nigeria eventually. Education is a top priority now and in the future no matter what becomes of Nigeria or the regions enclosed within it.

My hope for Nigeria and the nations within it is that they will rise again and be on the path they were on the eve of October 1st 1960. The hope includes the rise of functional regional institutions that will usher or return good governance politically, economically and socially. Security of life and property through functional regional security is not the least of priority in a terrorist infected geographical space.

Nigerians are broken almost beyond repair and they need more than a miracle. Nothing short of a revolutionary ideology can save the day, nothing! It must be possible to wipe away corruption, nepotism, tribalism, looting and anything at all that stands in the way of the common happiness. There must be a way forward to build trust and comfort.

Happiness is all that matters in life. The excessive wealth piled up by Nigerian politicians is a reflection of their ill mental statuses, insensitivity to the plights of the deprived and an absolute lack of the understanding of the meaning and essence of life.

There must be a way to knock some senses into the politicians and public office holders that in a transient world, the senseless accumulation of wealth through direct stealing or looting is barbaric, meaningless and inconsistent with expectations of public services directed at humanity. If it takes a revolution of ideology or the over anticipated Saharan revolution, so be it. Silence on the part of a people being oppressed and misruled is not golden.

“Postcards from Denmark” is dedicated to:

1. A friend, Gbenga Akinbisehin (1973- July 16 2014). I heard about your death as a checked in at Malmö, you left too soon, too sudden. You’ll be missed.

2. Every non-corrupt Nigerian working genuinely hard everyday and never having the right to holidays. Your freedom will come.

Big Rewards For Political Prostitution In Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

The wave of swapping political allegiance in Nigeria is out of this world. There is no need to assign a Guinness book of world record to it. It is super unique and there are just no other countries as contestants.

Last year five governors (s)elected on the platform of the PDP in Nigeria left their party and joined the APC. What would have been more honourable and sensible was to denounce the mandate they stole through the PDP. They kept their mandates while seeking desperate means of self-preservations. It’s purely unethical and somehow also a criminal act. People who rob Peter to pay Paul will always be diabolical.

Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers has been leading the pack of aggrieved governors and he is still at loggerhead with Mr. and Mrs Jonathan on several River state and national issues. When you read or hear about some of his ordeals, they are like in the movies. It is either he narrates the “police-and-thief episodes” or the “cowboys-on-the-mountains” version. But the series are endless and this makes Amaechi a good real life actor. One day Hollywood may come knocking for him because Nollywood will not be able to afford him.

But seriously, governors like Amaechi (and other swingers cum politicians) who have been swinging or running helter-skelter, changing political parties like their underwear would have done humanity a big favour by delivering services to their people and bringing them out of poverty and extreme hopelessness. Rather than serve with their whole hearts, they keep oppressing the poor and selling propaganda across Nigeria and even paying corrupt bloggers and social commentators to kiss their asses. Politics should be about service to the people, not ego or blandishment of persons.

But trust naija where looting remains the shortest criminal way to wealth, the name of the game is survival, not service. The other PDP governors that defected to the APC with stolen mandates are Alhaji Ahmed Abdulfatah (Kwara), Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (Kano), Alhaji Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), and Alhaji Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto). Nyako was given the shakings of his life penultimate week. He knows who not to blame while his sweat is un-dry.

Just a few days ago one Fayose was returned to Ekiti state house riding on the back of unlimited funds looted by the presidency in Abuja. He had been bundled out of the PDP, went to the APC and then returned to the PDP. In all of Ekiti, there is no one leader to stand tall among the people. There are generally no leaders in Nigeria but rulers abound. No one could stop the return of a looter to the same treasury he once looted. What has become of the children of Oduduwa? Orunmila must be shaking his head in disbelief.

It’s typical Nigerian syndrome, that those who steal more money have greater opportunity to own the government houses across Nigeria. As it is for the PDP, so it is for the APC, they just loot the treasury away while doing very little or sometimes nothing.

Does anyone remember Atiku Abubakar? He probably holds the title of the “chief prostitute” amongst Nigerian politicians. Between 1980 and 2014 he had been a founder or member of PFN, PDM, PDP, AC, PDP and APC. There is no doubt that this behaviour exemplifies lack of seriousness. It shows an unrepentant strong desire of a political prostitute to serve self rather than humanity.

Examples of Political prostitutes in Nigeria

Examples of Political prostitutes in Nigeria

Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) is among this category of Nigerian political prostitutes. During the reign of Obasanjo he became a minister, first of culture and tourism, then of aviation. Under Yar Adua, he was investigated and arrested by the EFCC. Like many uncountable political-criminal cases, his trials relating to corruption and money laundry will drag until eternity. Then, they’ll fade away too and he’ll continue to claim innocence. In Nigeria, with the useless nature of the Nigerian judiciary, a James Ibori will always be innocent.

Mr. Fani-Kayode is now back in the PDP claiming that the APC is full of dictators. Thanks to Mr. Fani Kayode, we now know that the APC is also pursuing a jihadist agenda. Are we supposed to thank the moron of a corrupt general who cancelled the June 12 1993 elections? Perhaps the PDP is also no longer a nest of killers; it’s safe for some people to return.

Since the renewed romance with Aso Rock, Mr. Fani-Kayode will now have to disown all his “rubbishing” of Jonathan’s government including referring to it as the worst in corruption in the history of Nigeria. He will need Abati’s lesson notes. Nigerian politicians are too shameless.

You also have to wonder what the presidency and the Nigerian military are doing about Boko Haram and APC with all the intelligence and secrets at the disposal of FFK. Obviously FFK has also told us about the man without balls before he went back to his camp. Can Femi help Jonathan get his groove back? Can he help him to regain his balls?

But we know that the balls won’t matter once 2015 is secured by the PDP, for then FFK will likely become a minister again, under the same government (if PDP wins) he labelled as the most corrupt in Nigeria’s history. The toothless EFCC and the corruption-prone judiciary can suck it up in advance if they like.

One of the additions to the ranks of political prostitutes is the former governor of Kano State Ibrahim Shekarau. He’s done the full cycle in his prostitution journey moving from ANPP, to APC and now to PDP. Obviously his political experience can make him useful as a serving minister but it carries a previous taint of allegations of links to Boko Haram.

The ranks of people with alleged links to Boko Haram in the Jonathan government are increasing daily. What is FFK going to do about PDP and the Boko Haram appeasement tactics? Another mischievous angle to Shekarau’s appointment is that it is one of the several nonsensical political gimmicks in Nigeria. His impulsive appointment as a minister without a portfolio is coming on the heels of fundamental changes connected to the emirate in Kano, Northern Nigeria.

The journeys along the line of political prostitution can never be justifiable. It confirms the age-long fear that the major political parties in Nigeria are the fingers on a leprous hand. Some, like Atiku have done the cycle uncountable times. If you have sound principles and a convincing political ideology that are based on honesty, service to humanity and selflessness, there would be no need to change your political party like you change your underwear.

Again, the goal is clear in Naija’s peculiar but rotten politics: always put yourself in the best position to make political gains that will lead you to the treasury you can loot with impunity. The justice system will look away or help you get away if trials come.

It’s impossible to highlight all the unprincipled men ruining Nigeria but Femi Pedro the former deputy governor of Lagos State has been around too. From AD to Labour Party to PDP and now back to APC. I actually wrote about Femi Pedro here in the village square (see Nov 3 2007).

Someone responded then that he had dug his political grave when he left Tinubu’s party. That person saw the future. You wonder if Nigerian politicians are the hungry people actually. Their insatiable lust for wealth, power and ego is either evil or a special brand of psycho-egocentrism.

Olagunsoye Oyinlola must be really feeling princely. Even Jonathan is begging him to serve the PDP. Of course like the rest of the poli-thieves, the guy will keep serving his stomach. How can Olagunsoye missed the fact that Mr. Fayose got unlimited funds stolen in Abuja and his dreams came true in Ekiti in grand style?

I have no doubt that almost all Nigerian politicians are “dead on arrival” on money matters. They’ll kill for it. The forthcoming Osun state governorship election is already a box office thriller everyone is waiting for. Tax-payers money is about to go to the drain again!

Even common aides are shifting bases. Wonders will never end in Bongo! I can’t dwell on the two ordinary aides of Adams Oshiomole who are now political prostitutes in the PDP. But I can emphasise again that as long as the government treasury remains the shortest cut to sudden wealth in Nigeria, and in the face of non-existent honest mentorship manifesto in any of the political party, then the master-and-discipleship relationship or the governor-and-aide concept can rest in pieces.

What has been the saving grace for all categories of political prostitutes is simply the total failure of the Nigerian judiciary system. For we know that under normal circumstances many of these criminal-minded politicians would have been successfully prosecuted and many would have spent time at various prisons.

If punishments for political crimes and other crimes related to abuse of public offices had been in place before and after 1960, Nigeria would have been a paradise and probably the best place to live on earth. Currently, and sadly too, as an outcome of the sum of the activities of all these politicians and their military-junta counterparts/accomplices, Nigeria is ranked amongst the worst places to live in the world. It is still probably the worst place you want to have children!

Ironically, sometimes one wishes that the people can listen to these rulers and crooks very carefully. Just like Reuben Abati suggested in one of his many write-ups before tasting the forbidden fruits that revealed the real Abati, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has also been quoted more recently as saying that Nigerians need to start stoning the politicians because of their corrupt practices.

Imagine if the Nigerian people start to stone all the crazy politicians looting the treasury at the local, state and federal levels. Maybe that will put Nigeria on the right path again if they are not replaced by similar crooks! There is also a problem of new set of crooks taking over from expired crooks.

Every 1 kobo that is stolen from any treasury in Nigeria contributes to the systemic poverty and these crooks can even steal 12 or 20 billion dollars in one swoop. It’s amazing the magnitude of corruption and impunity in Nigeria that allows the criminals to live large and rise above the law system. I cannot over emphasize this treasury-rape syndrome.

Nigerians are letting the politicians get away. Nigerians are allowing themselves to be fooled by the political parties and all the criminals that saturate these parties. The people are totally subdued mentally and even physically despite their numerical advantage. They act not in the face of obvious oppressions because their friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and other family members are involved in the crime or are waiting to benefit from the insane system.

The political parties in Nigeria and their imaginary manifestos have never been significant especially after the second republic which saw to the demise of parties like the UPN popular in western Nigeria. Even the days of SDP and NRC provided Nigerians with distinct options.

Nowadays, the common people are happy to mortgage their future and that of their children for a 5kg bag of rice and peanuts as proven again (recently) in Ekiti state. The handicapped police are totally inefficient and the judiciary is absolutely corrupt dispensing justice on a cash and carry basis. In essence the institutions are grounded. This combination produces a dilemma of the highest order in Nigeria.

Come 2015, it won’t matter the prostitutes or group of prostitutes that seize Nigeria when the institutions are not working and at a time when the people are already deflated and defeated by both politicians and terrorists. Even if we turn on the fight for regional governments, it won’t matter if we allow the political prostitutes cum rapists to return to their different regions to continue the rampage and rape locally.

For Nigerians, the roads to freedom within Nigeria or in the different nations that may emerge remain a very long one. Nigerians have one more walk to do. It will be the longest walk of their lives. Freedom from political and mental slavery will never be given on a platter of gold. It must be earned.

Such freedom will not come from the “dead on arrival idea” of a useless rotational presidency coming from the secluded and retired minds caged in a carnival-like arena in Abuja.

Nigeria’s longest walk to freedom which will rid the country of sycophants and low-grade mediocres and hopefully re-establish the institutions that will serve humanity and posterity will come from a united, purposeful and well orchestrated revolution of sound minds and committed citizenry.

My Random Reflections @ 42

My Random Reflections @ 42

(Published originally in Nigeria Village Square on July 12, 2014)

Adeola Aderounmu
Adeola Aderounmu

This is the 7th edition of my random reflections on my birthday. It started in 2008 when I turned 36. One of my favourite Swedish expressions is livet går aldrig i repris. It means you cannot go back to live through life again. You may disagree if you believe in reincarnation.

Another one is tiden går fort. Time goes fast. That might be relative though depending on how you measure or spend your time and how fun or interesting your days and months are. Time goes fast especially when you are having fun or if you’re always on a busy schedule and still have to figure out the entry for a weekly column. Time can’t go fast for you if you are in jail or under oppression by government or other forces.

I thought about many things but these are some of my reflections @ 42.

In the last 12 months I have maintained my dedications to family, work, environment, exercise, friends, Yoruba Union in Stockholm, keeping a tab on Nigeria and daily acquisition of knowledge about things and global events in general.

During this period in review, I have also found out more about Oduduwa, Orunmila and Ifa than my previous 41 years on earth. It’s not the best of situation that we were shielded from the knowledge of our customs, traditions and indigenous religions as we grew up in Nigeria.

Children born in the cities almost exclusively are deprived of this fundamental right and knowledge by their parents and the society. They paint Ifa (the Yoruba religion) as evil and embraced Islam and Christianity on our behalves. Then they forced one or both of the foreign faiths down our throats!

All over the world Christianity and Islam have failed to erase or erode indigenous religions and beliefs. Many of those who brought Christianity to Nigeria have abandoned the faith. They are now free thinkers. Even those who brought Islam are trying to find true freedom. It’s cheerful news to see that some believers have made efforts to sustain and propagate the Yoruba traditional religions even in places like Lagos state.

I am happy about my present personal research on Yoruba traditional belief and understanding of it. It is better late than never I would add. It has been quite an experience to know more about Olodumare, Oduduwa and Orunmila. Orunmila gave to mankind the Ifa institution which deals with everything about life.

During the past few months I have delivered 2 lectures relating to Ancient Yoruba Arts and Ile-Ife as the ancestral home of the Yorubas. I did them on behalf of the Yoruba Union in Stockholm and in my capacity as the president of the union.

In the autumn of 2014 I will be speaking about Ifa and to ensure that my audience is carried along I have agreed to do the lecture in Swedish language, here in Stockholm city. I found great happiness rediscovering the traditions and belief of our forefathers in Yorubaland and I want to tell others about it.

In western Nigeria we must find ways to integrate the knowledge about Olodumare and the Ifa institution back into the curriculum. That much we owe our children and posterity.

My random reflections will be incomplete if some of the pressing issues in Nigeria are not included.

I am worried about the declining status of public education in Nigeria. I am sad that doctors went on strike when the public health system was already collapsed anyway. There is political instability in Nigeria and that is no news too. Terrorism is full blown and anyone can be bombed away at anytime, anywhere in Nigeria.

Education in Nigeria is now in the hands of very wrong people. The Nigerian government is ready to sell its birthright and those of the populace for a pot of porridge. How the education department went from a late Aliu Babs-Fafunwa leadership to one Ibrahim Shekarau-the book burner-leadership remain shocking.

According to the gangsters now ruling Nigeria, intellectualism can rest in pieces! This appointment in the education department is a wild slap on the faces of intellectuals who would be answerable to the man who hates western novels at the time that Boko Haram’s ideology was on the rise in Northern Nigeria showing conformity on the part of Ibrahim Shekarau at that time. There is no shame in Nigeria, only political strategies built on greediness and psycho-egocentrism.  

The plights of Nigerian students attending public schools are sorrowful and regrettable. Who can forget what the UPN did in Western Nigeria in terms of providing free and qualitative education? Only those for forget the lessons of history and social development will forget.

The declining or worsening conditions of education in Nigeria is a major topic that many scholars need to address. I know that my friend here in Stockholm Charles Adagbon is really upset about the LASU imbroglio and he’s working on an essay.

By my count, 1695 students were admitted as new intakes for 2013 /2014 academic year at the Lagos State University. On another list there are 41336 students on full time and sandwich programs.

The average school fees expected from a fresher is N250 000. Arts and Education students are at the lower end of the ladder with N193 750 and the College Of Medicine students on the other end with N308 750. In my world this is simply insane!

In a country where the minimum wage is N18 000, where does Mr. Fashola expect poor parents to extract N250 000 from? Many people are even out of jobs having no means of livelihood.

Meanwhile Akpabio’s fraudulent pension in Akwa Ibom was an eye opener into the already existing pension laws of Lagos state and other states where tax payers money are now looted in the name of fraud called  pensions.

The fraudulent pension that the Lagos state government is paying to Bola Tinubu is enough to cover the school fees of all LASU’s 100 level students probably 3 times over. By implication, one man’s unnecessary pension in Lagos state can send 1695 students to LASU for 3 years, or more. What manner of greedy people are running Western Nigeria these days? Is the situation the same at the remaining state universities across Nigeria?

In my recent essay (Rewards for political prostitution) I mentioned the failure of the judiciary in Nigeria as one of the principal factors in the endless story of corruption among nearly all Nigerian politicians. By implication the judiciary in Nigeria has ridiculed itself and rendered itself almost useless in the presence of the law system it was meant to tend and defend.

How the judiciary allowed the military and the executive arm of government under “democratic” dispensation to destroy the law system is unforgivable. The useless protective immunity clause does not cover crooks when they are out of office. How come the law failed to catch up with political criminals in Nigeria? Are they accomplices?

The urge to steal and loot would have been minimised or even zeroed if the culprits have been sent to the appropriate rooms in Kirikiri maximum prisons and other self-contained rooms meant for prisoners across Nigeria since 1960.

The smallest act of corruption adds to the misery of the common man. The tiniest of looting makes education expensive and unaffordable. 20 billion dollars is not missing but 927 million dollars is unaccounted for. That was the Nigerian sena-thieves and their outcome on one of the several complains of corruption rocking the scandal-full government of Nigeria. Birds of same feather, what do they do?

In 2013 more than 10 million children in Nigeria have no access to education. It will not be an exaggeration to state that the probable number today may be well over 15 million. The factors that may have led to the increase are: the continuous looting of the Nigerian treasury by Nigerian politicians clearly spearheaded by the corrupt presidency, the complete neglect of duty to humanity and country, the closure of hundreds of schools across Northern Nigeria due to terrorism, the burning down and destruction of hundreds of schools by Boko Haram, the continued rise in the cost of education in public schools and the non-affordability of private schools by children from poor and middle class homes.

My point on the LASU issue is that if Lagos state is prudent enough, the indigenes of Lagos State can receive free education at all levels. I think this is what Charles is trying to address in his unpublished essay. If Lagos State claims it has no money then they should stop the fraudulent pension of ex-governors and deputies gulping over a billion naira annually.

The amount lost to the pension loot is enough to cater for the education of the 1695 newly admitted students at LASU for 3 years. Invariably if other loopholes are blocked, more poor people can also get some education to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

The pension that former governors are allocating to themselves in Nigeria is executive recklessness and a breach of public confidence. It is open robbery of tax payers’ money. It does not matter that it was signed into law. It is still looting which is the specialisation of Nigerian politicians.

Across Nigeria, if corruption is terminated and punished, everybody should have access to free education, free health care, clean water and other basic infrastructure that make life worth living. Everybody can have a good life in Nigeria or in the different regions of Nigeria!   

Unfortunately, Nigerians remain oppressed from all angles. Everyday the court of laws and the prosecution arm of the federal government like the EFCC continue to tell us that known criminals in politics are free of corruption charges? What are the consequences of social injustices? The implications are obvious for more than 90m Nigerians living from hand to mouth and in serious doubt about the next meal.

In the face of all the difficulties that Nigerians encounter daily, it is sad that the priorities of the rulers and politicians are different from the needs of the people. For example, Goodluck Jonathan would rather lay red rugs on muddy road to get to the forest where he can lay the foundations for a private university for his fair-weather friend Mr Oritsejafor rather can confront the complicated problems facing public education.

Mr. Jonathan is also now issuing out ministerial positions like a lottery pamphlet to various persons based essentially on patronage and ass kissing of the PDP.  There are several Nigerian professors at home and abroad versed in educational policy and up to date research knowledge on how to move education forward. Look what the Nigerian ruler settled for! It shows his mindset and cognitive impairment.

But nature will always find a way to balance its own equations. If the roof of a house collapses, the greater casualties may likely happen to the people at the top floor. It’s all relative anyway. In Nigeria the poor and downtrodden have always outlived tyranny. The future looks set for the same pattern based on the sequences of parallel events that typically show the neglect of governance and the elevation of ego and tyranny.

There is a lot to be fixed in Nigeria, not least a functional system of governance that will remove the patronage at Abuja, the citadel of corruption. 2015 will redefine Nigeria in many ways. For the umpteenth time in 53 years of post independent Nigeria I see a people presented with similar options at each crossroad of their history.

Oh well, I have just opened my birthday present and it seems I’m going to get a new bicycle and be ready for work after the summer holidays. This evening, I’ll grill some lamb meat for my immediate family and we’ll share together like we always do. Birthday lunch, mainly grilled chicken is almost ready.

My hope and dreams for Nigerians remain alive. I wish that one day they’ll start on that road that leads to true emancipation and everlasting freedom. I hope that all Nigerians will come to realise the true meaning of life, while appreciating the transiency of it.

I hope that people will come to realise that the system can work again if everybody is doing the right thing in their own little ways. These are what great societies and the developed countries are built upon among other virtues: contentment, trust and civil dedication. They are not built on massive corruption, political instability, selfishness, greediness, religion and prayers of the wicked.

US Army, Nigerian Army and Boko Haram Playing Hide and Seek In Sambissa Forest?

By Adeola Aderounmu

I don’t know who is having a laugh or a rough time now among these 3 gangs. I mean the US promised intelligence and provided it. At what cost I don’t know and I’m sure many people do not care the cost as long as the “Chibok girls” are found and Boko Haram esterminated from the surface of the earth.

But many people have been disappointed and they are like: you mean the girls have not been found! You mean the US in Nigeria is not doing the magic? wao!

Well, sources have it that the US provided images on the movement of Boko Haram to the Nigerian Army. But what is the Nigerian Army doing? The Nigerian Army is avoiding the locations where Boko Haram operates. So rather than use the information from the US assistance to curb Boko Haram, it turned out that the Nigerian Army is using the information to actually avoid Boko Haram. This is very serious but laughable.

The Nigerian Army over the years have sold many of its weapons and ammunition to Boko Haram. Boko Haram is a big threat to the Nigerian Army that is full of treacherous fellows. We knew that before the US came, but now we have a confirmation that they are not only treacherous but also fearful.

This is the same army that stopped the war in Liberia, Sierra Leone and made impacts in Congo. At home the Nigerian army is a failure. But this is not a sudden occurence, it was a systematic breakdown coming from the failure of governance and the roles of the Northern elites.

The Northern elites remain pleased with Boko Haram if that is what we bring them back to the presidency in Nigeria in 2015.

The way this whole mess is playing out and with the murder and massacre of Nigerians in Northern Nigerian and Abuja, the Northern elites will wake up soon to realise that they have been chopping off the fingers that feed them knowingly or unknowingly.

Governance in Nigeria is a huge joke anyway with the ruler Mr. Goodluck apparently not feeling safe outisde the Aso rock and bursting off any visit around troubled areas. He is so scared of the Nigerian army he feels like one of them can sniff his life away. This is the state of loyalty of the Nigerian army to the Nigerian nation.

Goodluck Jonathan is a coward, but playing smart in a small confine. He should have rounded up all the former and serving generals and civilians who promoted, supported and financed Boko Haram. He was so slow things got out of hand. He may have been part of a terror cell himself which will seem logical too. I agree it is more complicated than that but doing nothing at all because of selfish interest and political power is costing Nigerians innocent life. Add to the injustice and madness of corruption in Nigeria, this is hopelessness for the common people.

So, no the girls are probably gone a long time ago. Boko Haram had all the time in the world to diaply arrogance and “freedom”. The hide and seek game is very insultive to the collective inteligence of informed Nigerians.

I don’t know how Nigerians can co-exist in 2015, it will be one of the greatest miracles of all time if Northern Nigeria (now harbouring PDP “settled political prostitutes”) goes along with a Jonathan presidency in 2015. How are they going to conduct elections around Nigeria with bombs dropping daily? If elections are held only in certain parts of Nigeria, will that count as national elections? How far will Boko Haram take this war as the Nigerian Army plays the handicapp? The thriller will be another box office hit.