How A Terrorist Regime May Take Over Nigeria: The Afghan Template

Buhari closed down schools in Abuja for a terror group that Lie Mohammed said was defeated in 2015. Buhari may shut down the entire country citing security concerns. When the entire country shuts down, it will open the way for the terror regime to proclaim victory.

How A Terrorist Government May Take Over Nigeria: The Afghan Prototype

By Adeola Aderounmu

Sometimes people who cannot achieve something (good or bad) wonder how others did it. Sometimes too, certain things are so unthinkable that the doubts that they would ever happen rise above the reality of their possible occurrences.

Adeola Aderounmu, July 2022

I started writing this article on Monday the 24th of July and by 27th a lot has happened to influence and authenticate the purpose of the write up. There are now reports in several newspapers that terrorists are planning several attacks across Nigeria. The reports, to me, revealed an expected natural sequence of terrorist takeover of a regime that has worked mostly in favour of a Fulani-led terrorist administration. No surprises. But I will go ahead to finish the article I started.

But before you doubt how the unthinkable can come to pass even in this so called modern civilized world, you should remember that it is in your lifetime that a civilian government in Afghanistan handed over to the Taliban who now rule with iron fists and under the guise of a certain religion.

Likewise in my lifetime, in 1993, it was unthinkable I’d witness the annulment of the presidential election won by Abiola, no matter the sins of the man. I could not believe that a monster called Babangida would be allowed to get away with treason, time after time. I will not even drag you yet to the thoughts of how the same monster and one of the cruelest tropical gangsters even became a kingmaker that even one Peter Obi went to pay homage. It is a disgusting thing to imagine. But let me not digress too far. If Babangida is arrested today, it is a deed that is not too late. Criminals should never walk free.

Now, terrorist regimes whether Boko Haram (or ISWAP or both) can conquer Nigeria with ease. There are so many indicators since 2015 that the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate is either working to help Boko Haram achieve its objectives or not doing enough in sincerity to stop a probable Boko Haram takeover of Nigeria. Let me explain my observations.

In several parts of Northern Nigeria, Boko Haram control the local populations. They collect taxes too. In Borno specifically, Boko Haram have elected/selected its own governor for the second time now. So invariably, there is a parallel Boko Haram administration in Borno State. There are Boko Haram controlled councils scattered all over northern Nigeria. Buhari folded his arms and kept killing young people in other regions. Why not kill or eliminate terrorist instead?

For a number of years now, I have consistently stated that the Buhari in Aso Rock does not deserve another 24 hours in office. I stand by that proclamation come what may

Boko Haram have humiliated the so-called Nigerian-Army several times especially in the north. They have sacked army barracks and local populations. They do what they want, when they want and how they want. In several situations, Boko Haram do not face any opposition in strife. They are free to go. It is obvious that they have infiltrated the Nigerian army by having loyalists enlisted in the army and through Buhari’s policy or recruiting terrorists into the so-called Nigerian army.

Many times, Boko Haram have carried out their criminal activities without encountering resistance. Recently, they worked together with Buhari and the Nigerian military operations to attack Kuje prison in Abuja. The prison is supposed to hold arrested terrorists among other categories of criminals. Boko Haram leveled the prison, took away all terorrists in prison and walked away without any opposition or an opposition that they crushed without much ado. How is that possible if Buhari did not approve the invasion? How???

How can terrorist attack a maximum-security prison and walk free? Buhari was quick to visit the prison after the attack. This is the same Buhari that does not move an inch when several other attacks have been carried out or when innocent citizens have been kidnapped or killed by terrorists.  Buhari does not pay condolence visit and he does not utter words on activities of terrorists until the Kuje prison invasion. Why? The common reactions prior to Kuje prison attack are press releases by Garba or Adesina on leaving no stone unturned. Such a clownish, unserious, monotonous response.

When Buhari was in the opposition, when he cried on TV because of his wicked ambition, he reacted better and very affirmative. One time he promised to crush Boko Haram in 3 months. At another time, he said an attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the north. I believe more in the latter considering that he does not care to see Boko Haram crushed or its members in prison. The whole world remembers the stupid lie credited to liar Lie Mohammed who said in December 2015 that Boko Haram has been technically defeated. Lying old man!

As per the Kuje attack, a message went viral alleging that Buhari had a hand in the prison attack. The Nigerian government removed the security guards attached to the Kuje prison a few hours before Boko Haram attacked it. Who ordered the evacuation of the security guards? Such orders are usually from the presidency. My view is that Buhari negotiated with terrorists to get some of the kidnapped victims of the Kaduna train attack released in exchange for the Boko Haram terrorists in Kuje. Even major car parks were ordered to close at a certain hour on the anticipated day of the attack. Where did all these directives come from? There are indications that Buhari knew about the Kuje prison attack beforehand. That he did not stop it meant that he supported it. White is white and black is black.

There are profound pieces of evidence that Boko Haram can overrun the North of Nigeria an anytime without any resistance. The terrorists show their strength through regular massacres/genocide across the north. So, invariably the north is under the indirect rule of terrorists. The mechanism of operation of the so-called Nigerian Army showed that the onslaught of the military in the Eastern part of Nigeria may actually be a way to conquer the Eastern part of Nigeria. Why should the military concentrate on killing of young people in the East when the Boko Haram terrorists are on the rampage in the North? No one has been able to answer this question. Not even the selfish, wicked Igbo politicians have sat down to do this analysis. It’s the same for the Yoruba politicians, they are so weak and fearful they sheepishly adore the Fulani.

The Nigerian military is also very quick to act in the West and other parts of Nigeria. They suffocate any voice of opposition and they do not respond to tackle terrorists. Many Yoruba citizens have been massacred. Many have been kidnapped and many others have disappeared without traces. The recent massacre in Owo was a way to test the strength of Boko Haram in the west of Nigeria and to see how the Yoruba will react. Of course, there was no counterattack and retaliation were never spoken of. Yoruba are somewhat caged. If you put all these together, it should make sense to you also that Boko Haram can take over Nigeria at any time because they have instilled fear and cowardice in the souls of the people.

Was it not already clear that Nigeria was not one country or that the country had been divided when Sharia was introduced in the north of Nigeria? Was the north breakaway unclear to the rest of us? Was it not clear that what remained was the economic dependent of the north on the rest of us?

Is there anything that make anyone think that Buhari will not vacate Aso Rock for his terrorist brothers? Where has Buhari accounted for his statement that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North? Where has Buhari put distance between himself and the call that he should negotiate with Jonathan on behalf of Boko Haram? Has any journalist local or international asked Buhari why he was the appointed spokesman of Boko Haram? What exactly is the difference between Nigeria today and the Afghanistan that was handed over to The Taliban? What happened to killing terrorists with the combat jets that Nigeria bought? Why have the same combat jets been deplored to kill innocent citizens in the East and other places except where Boko Haram are hiding in plain sight?

Do you know that there is a Seriki Fulani in all the corners of Nigeria? Why do you think that has happened? Can you appoint a Bale or an Oba in all the local government in northern Nigeria? Who born you? Can you appoint an Igwe in all the villages in northern Nigeria? But come to Festac Town and see how one stinking Seriki was parading in a convoy. Come to Amuwo Odofin and see the population of the Fulani. What about all the cell groups that carry out coordinated attacks on Yoruba citizens and even on state constituted authorities? Let us ask Sanwoolu the governor of Lagos about that and see if he has an answer. I just read this morning that a Seriki Fulani would be appointed in Calabar. If the local population do not send these occupiers to where they belong, in time, perhaps soon or in the undated future, all lands across Nigeria will be declared Fulani land, illegitimately. The locals or indigenes will lose their culture and identities.

Buhari, this man has released terrorists and recruited them into the so-called Nigerian army. Only a terrorist can release terrorist and employ them. Who is this man working for?

Do you know why Sunday Adeyemo Igboho was designated for assassination by the Buhari-Osinbajo government? Do you know why Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped even after he escaped from terror-governed Nigeria? He was still very influential even in exile. Do you now see how everything Buhari has done empowered the North especially Boko Haram terrorists? Do you see the systematic weakening of the other regions?

Do you think anybody who is fighting terrorism will release or forgive terrorists? How can any normal human being arrest terrorist and recruit them into the Nigerian army? Is that even logical. It is only a terrorist person that will forgive a terrorist and recruit them into the National security apparatus. If Buhari is not a terrorist or in support of terrorism, he would be 100% opposed to it and he would hasten the prosecution and sentence of terrorists.

That this kind of anomaly go without the entire country asking Buhari to step aside/resign will remain a shock to me until the day I die. That this kind of thing will happen, and one pastor sit down there and say he’s a VP is even beyond a shock to me. If I could describe shock to the power of infinity with a word, that is how I feel about rest of us acting like 200 million zombies looking fearfully at Buhari executing a pro-Fulani, pro-terror agenda.

All over the world, terrorism is frowned at and there is no forgiveness for terrorists. Why is Nigerian absorbing terrorists from all over the world into the so-called Nigerian army? Why? Why? Why? What is the final agenda??? A while ago I wrote about the mathematics of absorbing terrorists into the Nigerian army and how it tilts the composition in favour of a terror-controlled army. Hence, if against all odds, the Buhari government delivers the country into the hands of the military, it would be handing over to a military that has moved all weaponry to the North of Nigeria and that is populated by terrorists. It is a perfect combo for the Afghanistan model of handing over power to terrorists.

It is likely that the Buhari in Aso Rock is following a script to ensure that power shift does not go to the Yoruba or the Igbo. Handing over to a terror-inclined military or allowing the Fulani terrorists to overrun Nigeria is not an unlikely outcome. It was so funny but very stupid to think that a certain Buhari will go to Liberia to talk about security. It sounded like something that can only happen on tiktok. This Buhari that ordered the closure of all schools in Abuja because of threat of terror went to Liberia to give talk on security. He should have been sent home at the airport. What a silly joke on Liberians. Are they also daft?

Buhari closed down schools in Abuja for a terror group that Lie Mohammed said was defeated in 2015. That means that, going by newspaper reports today 27th July 2022, Buhari may shut down the entire country citing security concerns. When an entire country shuts down, it will open the way for the terror regime to proclaim victory. Buhari in Abuja is possibly a sell-out. Until his last wish come to pass, the people who called themselves Nigerians have a choice to arrest him and drag him to a court of law for negligence of duty and for running a government based on propaganda. Who or what can 200 million people be afraid of? There is the other option of asking him to proceed on exile or to even drag him before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. For a number of years now, I have consistently stated that the Buhari in Aso rock does not deserve another 24 hours in office. I stand with that proclamation come what may.

Would there be a resistance to a complete terrorist takeover of Nigeria? I am not sure now that the Igbo people have shifted their focus to Peter Obi rather than stand by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the declaration of Biafra. Biafra should not be an option (if Peter Obi’s hope crashes because it will as Fulani will not handover governance to him). How can Peter Obi govern a northern Nigeria dominated by terror regimes? How can you govern a region that broke away during Obasanjo’s regime by adopting Sharia? Was it not already clear that Nigeria was not a country when Sharia was implemented in the North? Was it not clear the north broke away and used the rest of the country as economic support?

Punch Newspaper 27 July 2022 suggesting how terrorists plan to overrun Nigeria. Buhari may jump ship if the Afghan template has been given to him. How long before the people understand what is going on?

The resistance to a Fulani takeover is also weakened by the treacherous nature of the Yoruba. They deserted Yoruba Nation and Sunday Igboho at a time that freedom was close. Now majority are promoting Tinubu, a chronic liar and a man that is now almost as old as his first child. The Yoruba Nation is plagued by ambition rather than the freedom of the Yoruba. The fight, strife and jealousy in the group make me sick, daily.

There are other nations entrapped in Nigeria. In the Middle-Belt and in the Niger-Delta especially. It is not clear how they would respond to a full-blown Fulani terror onslaught on them. Benue has been bleeding for years and Ortom is supporting Atiku, a Fulani man with full knowledge of the evolution of Boko Haram. Ortom is a confused clown who is full or irony.

Let us be clear, it is just a matter of time before we choose between freedom and death. It is coming to the days when we choose between our deaths or working together to defeat a common enemy. It would be wishful thinking to think that these dark days are not even already here. Ask those who have been faced with kidnap in the hands of the Fulani terrorists and who lived to tell the story. Asked those whose mothers, wives and daughters were raped right before them. Those who you cannot ask are the thousands who have been killed in Yorubaland, Igboland, Hausaland and many other places across Nigeria.

I realized now that I could keep writing this article over a few more days but I’ll bring it to a stop soon. I always like to be clear. Only the living tell their stories. Those who have fallen to the terrorists have nothing to tell us anymore. Those who were in doubts and got killed have no stories to tell any more. Those who thought these situations were impossible and got killed in their hopes have no stories to tell any more. Those who prayed and thought prayers solve all problems but got killed have no stories to tell any more. All the pastors, bishops and catholic priests who have been slaughtered have no stories to tell anymore. Those whose ransom were paid yet got butchered into pieces have no stories to tell any more. The Igangan victims, the Owo Catholic church worshippers have no more stories to tell anymore. What about the images of the tortured kidnapped train victims? What stories can we make from that?

You still have a story to tell. I still have a story to tell. My story is this: for the love of the unborn generation: you need to stop believing in Nigeria that may consume you at any moment. You need to stop shouting PVC like those who voted in 1959, 1979, 1983, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 & 2019. For with time, our dreams faded away and our future got stolen. Millions of us are living the life we didn’t choose. Many are in abject poverty and misery, and they will never EVER experience the meaning of life.

Our actions today will either lead us to freedom or an existence with the status quo, and a likely subjection to slavery under a terror regime like in Afghanistan. The status quo will solidify the enslavement of the unborn generations. You cannot undo or stop the ambition of the terrorists by a plastic called PVC. The so-called Buhari in Aso Rock may jump ship. He may! He may do anything he has to do to fulfil the Fulani dream. What are you going to do for your own dreams, for your freedom? What can you do for the freedom of your people, the ones whom you love the most?

I’ll stand with the Yoruba Nation, on the land bequeathed to me by our ancestors from the time of Oduduwa, forever.

Yours sincerely

Adeola Aderounmu

Serenity by Adeola (c) 2016

Serenity By Adeola Aderounmu

Background is Wenngarn’s castle in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The blue sky

The hope of mankind

The Grey sky

The torment to our souls

The wind blows

Take my sorrows away

The water flows

Wash my pains away

My family

My blood

My father

My strength

My mother

My friend


My drive

My children

My reason to live

I want to stand in the rain

I want to lie down in the shade, in the garden

I want to walk down the seaside, so l can listen to the music of nature

I knew my home

I have seen the world

I have seen beautiful cities

I have been at the country

Where is the perfect place, where serenity is all?

Take me to the place

Where my soul will be at peace with my mind and humanity

Take my there

©Adeola Aderounmu                                  April 12, 2016

My Random Reflections @ 50

My Random Reflections @ 50

I wrote my first random reflections when I turned 36 in 2008. Time flies as they say. Yours sincerely turned 50 on the 12th of July. I am grateful to Olodumare for the gift of life, for the strength to carry on and for the blessings over my life.

Adeola Aderounmu

I have spent more than 20 years writing about Nigeria and I have spent a part of those 2 decades to put together 3 books. I have started to write the outline for the 4th one. In due time I look up to Olodumare for inspiration to complete the book.

But my mind is troubled.

Since 2002 when I wrote my first published article in the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper (Why Politicians Steal), Nigeria has sank to the level that Lagos her major city is probably the worst city to live in the world. Nigeria has now been described as the poverty capital of the world several years after I coined the phrase MASS POVERTY to describe the uniqueness of the poverty that even engulfs all the millionaires, billionaires and gangster politicians.

My submission was that no matter who you are, as long as you are living within the geographical space called Nigeria, you are invariably living in poverty. Look at the recent floods across Nigeria, it is a clear case of what it means to live in poverty as a result of bad environmental planning. Look at the clowns living at Lekki. It is like they are living in a swimming pool. Even if you look at the case of electricity, as long as your 365 days a year supply of electricity is not coming from the electric power company, you are living in extreme poverty. Pray you are not the modern day slave with or without your wealth.

The ability to provide your own essential social amenities in a certain geographical space is not a sign of wealth, it is a sign of living in bondage and poverty. These were some of my ideas in defining mass poverty a few years ago. The idea was to spin everyone to a critical thinking including those who think they are better than others in Nigeria and as a result would never complain or see anything wrong with the system.

So I am sorry, in my own eyes, everybody living in Nigeria is living in extreme poverty, starting from the people in Aso rock, to the people in government houses and to all the corners of the space in Nigeria. It does not matter if you work in the private or public sector, it does not matter if you are on chicken island or banana island, living in the Nigerian space is living in poverty. It does not even matter if you hire 100 military fools as your guide daily. That is still a poverty-stricken life. 

Let me digress on my random reflections.

Two issues (one negative and the other positive) that will eventually end Nigeria are the issue of terrorism and the fight for liberation of the entrapped nations within the geographical space created by the British gangsters/unfortunate colonisers. 

Terrorists are already taking Nigeria apart bit by bit. The stinking, dirty, rapists cum terrorists come in different shades and shapes. There are several factions of terror groups festering on Nigeria, a country that definitely lacks real governance, a country steered by a non-existent leadership. Terrorists are more established in Northern Nigeria but have capabilities to strike anywhere from the South to the North because it appears the presidency is aiding their operations. The emergence and successes of terror groups has been discussed extensively on this blog on several occasions.

What is evident is that the APC government led by one Buhari has given the terrorists free hand to do just about anything and get away with it. This is not surprising or shocking in anyway because the Buhari that led APC to power in 2015 was vehemently against any attack on Boko Haram. One of the recent attacks carried out by Boko Haram was the attack on Kuje prison in Abuja. More than 500 terrorists were set free. There are allegations that Mr. Buhari was aware of this plan to free the terrorists and did nothing about it.

I am making random reflections, so I will not elaborate further on the orchestrated Kuje prison attack that started when the Nigerian government removed the security at the prison and claimed that the prison that is “home” to some of the most dangerous men in the world has no CCTV camera.

Terrorism is the negative trend in Northern Nigeria that may end Nigeria with serious consequences of a new, prolonged civil war, famine and a political instability far beyond the imagination of the entire world. Nigeria will bleed and Africa will tremble. Population and migration crises that will arise will spread beyond the shores of Africa.

The entire sub-Saharan Africa may become the biggest war zone in the world as indigenous populations will fight to repel the lawless Fulani jihadists. It is impossible to foresee the extent of desolation that will befall the fake British invention called Nigeria if the current exploits of the Fulani terrorists is not nipped in the bud. That sounds too late perhaps now that they are all over the entire regions in Nigeria. They have terror cells and foot soldiers armed, and ready to wipe indigenous populations away. It should amaze a worried, brilliant mind what the indigenous populations are doing about their survival and plan for the future. It seems they have none, living one day to the other, hoping that terror will just go away. 

In any case. There is a slight hope all the above will not happen. Is life still about sliding doors? Is it still about the choices we make and when we make them? I would think so. The current diversion of the young people, just where the politicians will have them is amusing, yet annoying.

Some say they want Tinubu, some say Obi and others say Atiku. These young people are doing today exactly what their parents did in 1959, 1979, 1983 and even in 2003. I thought history should make new generations wiser so they can make decisions or take steps to ensure that their children and unborn children can be free from bondage and have a life full of hopes and opportunities. How can we, how can they not know that Nigeria is not that place to give a level playing field to their generations to come? How? 

Eight years from today, if Fulani terrorists have not taken over the Nigerian space and making these young people and their children slaves, these same young people will be repeating the same bloody mistake of one Obi, Tinubu, Atiku, Shettima and Kwankwaso. What a daft generation?

You would think that enslaved people would rally round and support one another so that their fight for freedom can be on a united platform and that if the opportunity and need arises, they would give whatever it takes to secure freedom. The most disturbing aspect of the fight for the freedom of the Yoruba and the Igbo from the shackles of the Fulani is that rather than rally behind Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu to take out their respective countries out of the Fulani controlled terror-filled Nigeria, they are rallying behind stupid, useless and brainless politicians who will deceive them and continue to ruin their today and their tomorrow.

What would the average person require to realize that the present-day situation we are living in in British-made Nigeria today was a future that was stolen several decades ago? The stolen future was something I became aware of when I remember criminals like Babangida and Abacha. I was naive during the Shagari time. But the Babangida, Abacha time was so obvious to me that these gangsters were stealing my future in Nigeria. The rest is history.

In any case, let me find a way to wrap up this random reflection of mine. I do not believe in Nigeria. I do not believe that one man name Obi, or Ahmed, or Adekunle or one super criminal called Atiku can fix Nigeria. Of course Tinubu is a super criminal too and despite the international report that implicated Obi, people with blind faith have chosen to bite the hook. All these people are part of the problems and they will never be a part of the final breakdown or disintegration of Nigeria. The end of Nigeria is the single most important recipe for the greatness that await the entrapped nation like Yoruba Union and Biafra a few decades from now if the break up happens today.

To delay the breakup of Nigeria is just to deepen the entrenched poverty. It is to empower the terrorists that are almost sure of victory in colonizing Nigeria.

Finally, just to end these unending thoughts now rushing in my head, my hope for the future lies in Yoruba Nation no matter how imperfect she may be. I would love to live in the land that my ancestors prepared for me as a free man rather than be a slave to the Fulani for the rest of my life.

See you soon..!