Serenity by Adeola (c) 2016

Serenity By Adeola Aderounmu

Background is Wenngarn’s castle in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The blue sky

The hope of mankind

The Grey sky

The torment to our souls

The wind blows

Take my sorrows away

The water flows

Wash my pains away

My family

My blood

My father

My strength

My mother

My friend


My drive

My children

My reason to live

I want to stand in the rain

I want to lie down in the shade, in the garden

I want to walk down the seaside, so l can listen to the music of nature

I knew my home

I have seen the world

I have seen beautiful cities

I have been at the country

Where is the perfect place, where serenity is all?

Take me to the place

Where my soul will be at peace with my mind and humanity

Take my there

©Adeola Aderounmu                                  April 12, 2016