Sex, Drugs and Aviation

In another place Femi will be in jail for corruption and face fresh charges for violence against women. The hierarchy system in Nigeria enslaves the police and the judiciary as institutions of justice

Sex, Drugs and Aviation

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Chioma was working at a fashion design outfit at the International Airport, Lagos. She was responsible for procurement and marketing of the products that included imported wears and Nigerian made attires.

One day Femi met Chioma at the Airport. As the minister for aviation, it is probably not unwise to have your eyes on every moving object at the airport. If you are into women, it makes it more interesting to scrutinize the cameras for the best female images in skirts and sometimes jeans.

When Chioma graduated she served at the ministry of aviation. It was easy to get such a posting. If you are from a family with an influential mother and uncle and you date the minister for aviation in Nigeria, there are almost no closed doors for you anymore.

It was easy for Chioma to find national service placement under Femi. It was also an easy automatic retention at the ministry of aviation. Eventually Chioma left the IT department for the position of personal assistant to the minister for aviation. Too easy!

There is no accountability or probity in Nigeria. Added to the heavily compromised law system and a very weak judiciary, this lack of probity makes it possible for public office holders to launder money, among other crimes. They can steal or loot without control.

Femi was one of the financially reckless federal ministers under Mr. Obasanjo. Who among them is not reckless? All Nigerian politicians have stolen from the treasury and they still do so as you read. Annual budgets in Nigeria are annual rituals for self-enrichment.

To Chioma, Femi promised the world. For real he rented a house in Abuja and bought another at Stillwater Estate in Lekki.

He promised to divorce his wife fondly referring to her as the Ghanaian who had his children.

He bought different cars that included a fondly remembered Benz and a Peugeot 607. Life was good. They travel together and they attended functions together. They had such great fun!

Festac Town never departs from my essays. I grew up seeing how Nigerian criminal politicians polluted the 4th Avenue and we called the place Naira Burial Ground. O! How they blew our treasuries away. They stole our commonwealth and built mansions after mansions on our nature reserve.

Femi was not in the picture when the criminals that ruled with the tropical gangster General Babangida destroyed Festac Town but he drove to Festac a few times when he dated Chioma. The police escort and the sirens disrupted our neighborhood.  The people around could feel the oppression.

It was not clear to many people who the visitors were at that time. But that rotten aura of power and money drenched the atmosphere. Femi and Chioma’s dating was very special. She was so in love that she was keenly looking forward to the wedding bells.

Some men can carry along with a lot of arrogance and air of false impressions. But they cannot run away from the truth. The other things they cannot run away from are their past, who they are and who/what they fear.

Femi’s wife lives in Ghana. Still it appears that the fear of her is the beginning of his wisdom. He became a spiritual man when he was cured of his addiction to drugs. He remained thankful to his wife’s religious denomination for his deliverance. It may have been a wellness center or a Rehab with spiritual undertones. Whatever, he claimed victory in Ghana.

Why did Femi become a drug addict? What is he trying to run away from so that drugs were the solutions? When ex-addicts share their stories, they help contribute to the wealth of knowledge about abuse and prevention. They save lives.

Chioma and the other women in Femi’s life before and after her will be the best people to answer these questions. She became a subject of domestic violence, constant threats and abuse. On those days when there are disagreements that normal couples have, Femi would make a storm out a tea cup and send mobile policemen to eject Chioma from her residence.

Sometimes it takes a counter order from Chioma’s mum to neutralize these matching orders. The type of security at the estate where intruders are well kept off was also helpful. Who knows how many times Chioma would have been homeless in Lekki? Is this part of the pains of living with people with a history of drugs?

Who can comprehend the influence of insane minds on the Nigerian political scene? Isn’t this more significant now that a former drug baron is the PDP chairman in SW Nigeria? How many drug barons, drug addicts and other people under the influence are roaming free in government establishments across Nigeria? Don’t they need help?

In Nigeria, as long as a politician is acting like the others, there can never be a problem of prosecution for crimes or embezzlements. Femi was probably under the influence at the time he stepped on some toes that were bigger than Chioma’s. If you are a talkative and an unstable person, there is no limit to the number of enemies you’ll have to cope with in your life time.

Obasanjo who brought Femi into his PDP government was also the one who had to arrange a settlement meeting between Femi and the some elements from Northern Nigeria. Nigeria is messed up!  Femi probably crawled while the begging and apology tendering lasted. Who knows how long his trials would have lasted? But they did last even after Obasanjo’s intervention.

It was not a surprise that he was exposed to a lot of probes and prosecutions after his days as a minister. He was not forgiven. The enemies from the North, who in no small measures have drained Nigeria and her economy, while contributing almost nothing, pounced on Femi as his immunity expired. Femi will remain eternally grateful to Goodluck Jonathan for his freedom.

Obasanjo, a friend of the Fani-Kayodes, was not enough to quench the flames in Femi’s political struggles and travails. His defection back to the PDP like the prostitute he is was the final option. He had to lick the boots of Jonathan after describing him vigorously as the man without balls (he was on point though).

Jonathan is Femi’s saviour. The man without balls now has balls that Femi was forced or lured to lick!

On a phone conversation last week, I had a laugh with my pal as we discussed this “freedom” because we know the guilt is written all over Femi. If he didn’t step on toes with his wagging tongue, he wouldn’t have had anyone exposing his criminal acts under Obasanjo.

But no matter how one looks at it, the judiciary in Nigeria is almost totally useless. The Police are useless too when it comes to handling political crimes committed by politicians. The hierarchy system in Nigeria enslaves the police and the judiciary as institutions of justice. Too shameful!

The freedom that all Nigerian politicians enjoy as criminals is a complete disgrace to the intelligence of all Nigerians, cumulatively.

It will be impossible to find a Nigerian minister who did not loot while in office. The presidency has always been rotten and corrupt. We didn’t need a NYT report to tell us that Nigerian politicians are guilty or that the present occupiers of the presidency are very bad and incompetent people. It has always been so.

So who are you as an ex-minister to claim sainthood or righteousness, even if you are set free by a useless court and dundee judges? People should leave the God of the Israelites out of their defective cerebrum when addressing the rest of us.

We have always known that those who go to jail or appear in the court of law at all are those who stepped on toes of the reigning power. Some went to jail a long time ago because the military led by treason perpetrators and gangsters like Buhari and Babangida sent them there.

When Obasanjo almost spent on all Nigeria’s reserve on his third term ambition, nobody could stop him. No one dare to probe or prosecute him even many years after he was disgraced out of office.

It’s kind of a funny circus because Obasanjo recently called Nigerian lawmakers thieves. They are all the same.

When Obasanjo’s camp gave practical and authentic evidence of how Atiku looted Nigeria because of Atiku’s opposition to his third term ambition, nothing happened.

In Nigeria, it pays to be a criminal in political attires, even to this day.

One day, long before the corruption court cases against Femi sprang up, all the cards started to fall apart.

Chioma was on her way to the US when she was stopped by some security agents at the Airport, a place she knows so well.  It is where everything started, and almost ended. For a while Femi faded in the background and lived in denial. Talk of men without balls…I hear you loud.

But in the end, according to how impunity and lawlessness reign in Nigeria, Femi had to clean up the mess. It was already out of control, but manageable. I guessed that much he owed her.

It is not clear how many times they had done this before: that is travelling with loads of raw cash or just purely going on a money laundering trip.

However this unexpected arrest of Chioma was one in a cascade that will end the story of a castle that was built in the air.

Despite his erratic behavior, Femi was obsessed with Chioma. He almost put a gsm tracker on her to monitor all her movements. He has a lot of rules and regulations that Chioma must follow. He had the intention of cutting her away from her friends.

In plain terms, it appears that Femi wanted to breed a sex slave at home and a lover in the eyes of the world. There was a lot of air of jealousy and not wanting to share Chioma with her family. That was extreme and definitely not normal.

Chioma was occasionally battered at home. Her family grew increasingly worried about the relationship. The brewing songs of marriage was called off before it happened.

We are concerned for your life; her family told her in plain terms.

Her residence at Lekki was put up for sales when the bubbles were getting too large.  She must get away to be free from sex and domestic abuses. She packed and left.

Chioma’s fairy tale ended. Before that she mingled in some of Nigeria’s powerful circuits.  When she was having fun and spending time with the unstable man that was always saying bad things about his ex-girlfriends, she met Nigeria’s most powerful men-the rulers destroying the country.

No one is sure that Femi is free from drugs or the residual effects of the previous abuses. When Chioma left, bad things have been said about her. Femi cannot stop talking ills about his ex-girlfriends. It will be interesting to know what he did to the Northern mafia who almost finished him.

Chioma is rebuilding her life in Eastern Nigeria while Femi continues to wiggle in political wilderness trying to find his way back to relevance through political prostitution.

In another place he will be in jail for corruption and face fresh charges for violence against women.

There are so many things wrong with Nigeria. One of such is allowing very bad people and criminals to escape justice and to even rule.

The day leaders arise in Nigeria, the walk to freedom will start.

Daybreak 2015

Mr. Abati’s call to stone corrupt rulers was re-echoed recently by Mr. Amaechi. When the people start, both callers will receive massive doses of stones and that makes it very interesting

Daybreak 2015

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

As week 47 of 2014 went by, we saw traces of what can escalate across the country in 2015.

The redemption of these aggregates clumped into one country can still be negotiated before it is too late. It is late when negotiations are no longer possible because of the total breakdown of law and order.

Things are happening, and very fast too.

Nigeria still holds together because of that attraction at the center where the milk is thick. It is holding together because across all the state houses in Nigeria there are still billions of nairas that can be be looted or carted away.

In 2011 it was easy to predict that 1999-2015 will be among the worst years of the Nigerian life. In that essay I wrote about the 4 wasteful years ahead of Nigeria. It is not as if all the years since 1960 have not been wasteful enough.

As 2014 draws to a classical closure Nigerians are faced with what appears like the greatest suspense of their lives since 1999 when the country was returned to pseudo-democracy.

It is so bad that one group is already chanting the songs of a parallel national government. But they will first show the people the evidence of a man who eats the coconut that has been broken on his head.

Those who hope to win from the catastrophe in Nigeria and those who hope to fight the power that be don’t even know yet what daybreak 2015 holds.

It appears that the things that Nigeria has been running away from for too long may catch up with her in 2015. May be…

Nigeria and Nigerians need a political solution.

The need to restructure the geography of Nigeria in a way that is devoid of political selfishness and greed has been neglected for too long.

Rather than solve the problems relating to autonomy, resource control or even regional government, the selfish central governments (military and civilians) always ended up dividing or approving the creation of states after states using parameters that are devoid of common sense and logic.

Along with all the problems of corruption, improbity, impunity and general executive recklessness, the creation and existence of non-viable states in Nigeria has also contributed to the problems of Nigeria.

Apart from tribal and even religious conflicts, the creations of non-viable states have contributed to the slow economic growth of Nigeria. The over-reliance on the sustenance of the country on petroleum products has always been a recipe for disaster.

Rather than solve the problems, the foolishness of political rulers in Nigeria also led to the so-called federal character. Merit, common sense and integrity were thrown out of the windows.

All kinds of foolish people, nonentities and incredibly bad characters have contributed to the destruction of public institutions in Nigeria in what they called federal character. These characters came from everywhere in Nigeria and from all kinds of tribes and political parties.

The need for a political solution cannot wait any longer. The government also neglected her duties of protecting human lives. It is better to use the available institutions of governance, while the opportunity lasts to settle political problems.

When the members of the House of Representatives finish jumping all the fences and walls in Abuja, it may be too late to find a political situation.

Another problem that Nigeria has neglected for so long is the issue of conducting credible elections.

Elections in Nigeria have always been a charade that reduces the collective intelligence of Nigerians. The way elections are conducted in Nigeria invariably implies that nobody in Nigeria can add 3+4 and get 7.  It’s like Nigerians need a double dose of common sense.

We have seen Nigerian governors proving that 17 people can be majority and 19 people minority. We now see in Ekiti where 7 people can be more than 19 people. Is this political dyslexia or an outright demonstration of political necrosis? Is Fayose trying to make a new statement: that everybody in Ekiti is daft? This is a reflection of a national disgrace since 1959 when Nigerians lost their ability to count and add peacefully.

Nigeria is imitating foreign democracies and that is what makes it very unreal. When the legislators are meeting in the governors’ offices or when the legislators receive cars or expensive mobile gadgets as gifts from the governors, what kind of nonsense democracy is that? It doesn’t make sense at all and it is sustainable because everybody is a thief, or waiting to be one.

This is so regular in Nigeria that political office holders spend the people’s monies like criminals without any repercussions.

These anomalies are possible because over the years almost all political office holders have rigged their ways into power. Criminals have used force and ill-gotten money to facilitate their emergence to political stardom.

When these atrocities are added to impunity, lack of justice and sadly a followership that is willing along the evil trends, it’s not hard to see why elections remain a charade. I must have told the story of how cutlasses and weapons are used to guard “thumbing” centers in the Niger Delta. It is the same in many states in Nigeria. The most violent party usually wins overall. They tell us INEC counted….nonsense!

It is against these backgrounds that Mr. Amaechi and his gang warned that the APC will form a parallel government in 2015. He is aware of the situation and how governments have changed hands over the years in the Niger Delta and elsewhere in Nigeria. He is a beneficiary of this madness, as his former friend too Mr. Jonathan. Do I need to elaborate?

The fear of Daybreak 2015 is turning out to be a nightmare for both APC and PDP. To form a convincing national government by the PDD or a dreamland parallel government by the APC will rest on the people of Nigeria.

It will depend on whether impunity is still allowed at that time. It will depend on whether the politicians can look back at their collective foolishness and selfishness at the same time that the people will look back at their resilience threshold and say, there was a country.

For the things that hold Nigeria together can as well end the fake union. We are talking about one of the most corrupt countries in the world where the present lazy ruler had the audacity to state that stealing is not corruption.

The sustenance of Nigeria despite all her ills is partly due to the corruption that envelope all participants in politics and even public (civil) services. Corruption may tear Nigeria apart as the race to the treasuries continues to heat the polity.

This corruption is used to massage the egos of the elites who think they have Nigerians in the palm of their hands. To a large extent, they do.

For example, the global price of oil dropped in recent weeks. The prices did not fall in Nigeria, one of the several pointers to the crimes committed against the people daily. Nobody is even complaining and the government keeps ranting about subsidy.

By stating that subsidies will be removed, Nigerian economic magicians are saying be ready for harder times ahead. What will happen if the subsidy is removed in 2015? Will the people stay quiet? Can life in Nigeria be bitchier?

Many states in Nigeria are parasitic. They cannot exist without the so-called monthly allocation. The resources locked up in some of them remain largely untapped. When tapped, one criminal minister and some local stakeholders connive with international criminals mainly from China and cart away the resources, almost free of charge!

Now the states that are productive and enterprising will suffer austerity measures like the parasitic states because of the revenue formula system. In general the common people will groan more everywhere.

The political rivalry between APC and PDP is extremely unhealthy. It may add some hot spice to a country already on a free fall. What happened this week alone is a dress rehearsal for what the weeks ahead may look like. Daybreak 2015 will not be an ordinary one.

Insecurity is rife, record high. The BH war is ongoing. Lawmakers are jumping fences and running helter-skelter. The police are coming. The senate is confused. The executive is desperate. The governors are yelling at each other for crimes they have in common. The deputies have been estranged for long. Austerity measures of the Shagari regime have re-entered officially.

Many things are wrong. Nigeria enters an unpleasant national phase of both political and economic necroses.

It is neither safe nor advisable for any nation or country to head to an election year with so many problems unresolved or swept under a rug that is already stinking. The uncertainties with Nigeria are uncountable.

I think Nigerian rulers are taking a huge risk that may finally consume them. It was about time.

If the prices of petroleum products continue to fall in the global market, austerity measures will add to the sufferings of Nigerians. Resilience is overspent. Threshold record is broken.

There is always a constant alternative to political madness.

Examples Abound from Africa and worldwide.

On two separate occasions Nigerians have been urged to stone their rulers. Some called it a revolution.

Mr. Abati’s call was re-echoed recently by Mr. Amaechi. When the people start, both callers will receive massive doses of stones and that makes it very interesting.

If Nigerians can spare a season and pretend to love one another, they will unite; heed these calls and stone all the criminals in Aso-rock and all the government houses in Nigeria.

If the change turns out genuine, if patriotism takes over greed and selfishness, that season of pretense might orchestrate the freedom that has eluded the people in this geographical clump for more than 100 years.

An Invitation To Ile-Ife

Those who ruined Nigeria will not find rest. They will not have peace of mind. Religion will not be their opium or succour.

An Invitation To Ile-Ife

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

By Adeola Aderounmu

The rulers of Nigerians should be called to order. They have to stop visiting the Middle East for religion tourism. It is an act that promotes mental slavery.

How did a secular country turn out wasting (stolen) monies and tax payers’ monies on worship modes that do not benefit the citizens of Nigeria?

The regular (and frequent) trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel by goverment officials and individuals who are sponsored by public funds need to be condemned and brought to an end.

Even the churches and mosques built in and around government offices need to be demolished.

Government houses are places to serve the people and plan for a better society, not a place to hypocritically show off religion while looting the treasury and committing crimes against humanity at the same time.

Nigeria is facing both political and religious crises. The systematic removal of religion in public offices is a necessary recipe for stability.

Religion may have been playing a major role but it has not helped Nigeria. Therefore there is a need to play down religion.

What is the limit of hypocrisy?

No matter how long it has been a ”norm” at some point one needs to tell a mumu that there is a limit to stupidity. Ignorance is no longer tenable as an excuse in this Age.

While Nigerians are at it-fiddling with religion-at the expense of service to humanity, let me advertise Ile-Ife to Netanyahu and Bin-Abd-al-Aziz.

This is their invitation to one of Africa’s cradles of civilization-Ile-Ife.

I will like to tell them that Oduduwa created the solid parts of the earth for humans to walk upon. It will be my pleasure to inform Netanyahu and Bin-Abd that Obatala created humans and that makes one of my fore-fathers the first artist of all time.

It will be with great satisfaction for me to inform these leaders from the Middle East about Orunmila, the first test-runner of all time. He lived in the world for several years when the world was without form.

Orunmila returned to Olodumare and then came back to earth again after the creation of the solid places. With his vast experiences of the world without and with form he became the first educator.

Orunmila taught our fathers to inform us about orin inu and iwapẹlẹ.

He gave us irúnmọlẹ̀ to take message between the physical and the uneseen worlds.

He taught us about Ajobi.

Orunmila knew that humans would always need divine help and interventions. So he left the Ifa oracle to deal with everything about life.

Orunmila founded Ifa on the principles of Odu Ifa. He gave human 256 pieces of Odu Ifa which give explanations to all the situations in life. He taught a few men the secrets and called them the custodians of the Ifa oracle.

Orunmila finally left Ile-Ile hoping that the humans will apply the oracle in solving all the problems of the world.

Dear Netanyahu and Bin-Abd it has taken several centuries and several manoeuvres to undermine the Odu Ifa. But it is now obvious that the binary codes (Odu Ifa) of Orunmila are the keys to many of the technological advancements of the human race, also evident in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

I want to invite you to the land of the people to whom the knowledge of the Ifa oracle was given.

Sadly, the people to whom the knowledge was given have gone astray. They lost the plot.

However, the truth behind the Ifa oracle will be constant. For all time, the Ifa oracle will continue to manifest and expand through the binary codes and give solutions to both scientific and technological problems.

In the Yoruba belief it may interest you to know about Esu the messenger and God of luck.

Esu brought luck to the Middle East using the denial and selfishness of the Nigerian rulers and the disoriented people as a leap. Esu is not the devil. Rather he is the wise God who makes one man’s meat to become another man’s poison.

I will not forget Sango the God of thunder. He continues to make the rain that keeps the Mediterranean fresh. You must thank him for that.

Among the other Gods, let me tell you about Yemoja, Oshun and Oya. The wives of Sango brought blessings and wellness to mankind. They make women beautiful around the world.

Let me reiterate our common belief that our supplications as humans are transformed through faith and not by location. Still l want you to come to the place where the Gods once lived with humans in Yorubaland.

The Yoruba faith taught about Olorun who is also called Olodumare. He created the physical world-Ayé– for us to have and to keep.

Netanyahu and Bin-Abd, you must be really shocked about the low cognitivity of the Nigerian rulers visiting your abodes like rats looking for food in the dark of the nights. This is partly because Ifa is one of the several ways known in Nigeria as means of communication and interaction with the unseen, spiritual world in order to seek solutions to problems.

Ifa is about divination. Ifa tells about the past, the present and the future. Come to Ile-Ife and see!

I want to tell you that it is pure wastage (perhaps a stupid act too) especially when Nigerian rulers continue to drain billions of dollars of tax payers monies and looted funds to pay homages and worship in your countries.

It can’t be your problem if they decided to enrich your lands through religion tourism. I know.

But they can do such things as private citizens because they have a right to buy the religion of their choices.

What is sad about their actions is that they are mostly criminals seeking refuge where there is none.

To ignore what you have in your domain and to seek similar things at the house of another man is self-pity and an almost incurable form of inferiority complex.

I am concerned about why Nigerian rulers are consulting oracles in Israel and Saudi Arabia when they can consult oracles in Ile-Ife.

Orunmila who is the assistant of Olodumare gave powers to the Ifa oracle and instructed his disciples to take care of the human race. He must be shaking his head now.

Who will save Nigerian rulers from their stupid annual visit to the Middle East?

Who will tell them again that iwapele and orin inu are some of the remedies to the nonsense they are parading as governance?

Who will tell them that Ajobi will never give them rest because of their betrayals and criminal activities?

Those who ruined Nigeria will not find rest. They will not have peace of mind. Religion will not be their opium or succour.

Indeed, all religions admit that we are surrounded by unseen forces. They may differ in how we come in contact with the messages from these forces that include Olodumare and other immortals including some of our forefathers.

Why did Nigerians in their respective regions and nations give away the beliefs that they got from their forefathers?

Who knows how evil rose and triumphed among them?

Why did Nigeria not end slave religions when slave trade ended? When will mental slavery of Nigerian rulers end?

If the Yorubas in South America continue to speak the yoruba language and practise the yoruba faith, what excuse do we have in Nigeria or the Yoruba country?

There are so many things we learnt from our parents and forefathers that are supposed to speak to us about how to lead or govern when we have the opportunities.

Dear Netanyahu and Bin-Abd, we have our beliefs in Nigeria and they are not inferior to what you believe in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

When you have learnt about the Ifa belief (including the binary codes of Odu Ifa) and understand how it directly and indirectly contributed to the development of your countries in construction, manufacturing and other areas of advancements, maybe you will have the moral consciousness to chase away Nigerian rulers and stop them from polluting your lands.

That moral consciousness will not be an obligation.

Afterall Esu appears to humans in different ways bringing diverse messages.  It is our lack of understanding and misintepretation of his messages that ruined humanity.


There are plans to postpone or cancel the 2015 elections due to insecurity in substantial parts of the country. This will create an inflammable volatile tension that may be impossible to quench when it implodes.


Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria in 2014 is one of the most complicated places of earth.

The damage done to Nigeria and the psyche of Nigerians through 54 years of misrule is multifaceted.

The damage also includes the dearth of intellectualism in the public spaces. Where available, it is manipulated to suit evil desires of the rulers and politicians.

One of the most stupid debates one can imagine gathered momentum in Nigeria in recent weeks. Even former dictators and political rulers are discussing about their religions or faiths as the 2015 political season draws closer.

Nigerians are aligning along ethnic, tribal and religious lines for the 2015 national elections.

If the politicians, political godfathers and public office holders are also discussing their religions rather than their political pedigrees, patriotism and the positive thrusts that they could bring into offices, then Nigeria is on the threshold.

The permanent cracks called 36 states of Nigeria may collapse in an unexpected fashion.

The fertility provided by Boko Haram (BH) will not be an unexpected catalyst.

The ripened assimilation of religion into Nigerian politics is not an isolated phenomenon and it did not happen overnight. It was influenced by distrust and lose of political ideology.

Nigerians have been completely brainwashed by foreign religions mainly Christianity and Islam. The people are divided and separated not only by tribes (or ethnicity) but also by religious affiliations.

It is so sad and appalling that the religious denomination one belongs to affects also how one is perceived or received by other people sharing even the same religion.

The ascendance of religion in public and political life in Nigeria is one of the saddest events that befell the country. It brought a shade on all the anomalies that characterized the failed political structures and systemic collapse.

Religion was made one of the safe nests of criminals who have misruled Nigeria since 1960. It was the perfect cover for the promotion of idleness and crimes against humanity.

Nigerians swallowed political lies and religious fallacies hook, line and sinker. They left governance in the hand of crooks and let it rot.

Religion becomes an evil item the moment it is allowed to leave its terrain as a private experience and brought into public spheres. In Nigeria this has been the trend, the country is already suffering from the dividends of religion in public offices.

If Nigeria finally trips over the threshold (probably catalyzed by the BH war) those denying the negative roles of religion in politics and public life will be overwhelmed by both the existing polarity in the polity and the war already consuming substantial parts of the country.

The failures of the Jonathan-led weak unitary government and the Nigerian military to stem the BH war will continue to fuel the speculation that Nigeria is at war with itself. It will continue to promote the theory that the government of Nigeria is at war with her citizens.

Goodluck Jonathan was one of the weakest governors ever produced in Nigeria. Under him Bayelsa and Bayelsans simply went to sleep. His weakness as a ruler will probably explain why he needs so many attack dogs who are getting fat and building pot bellies on tax payers’ money.

Political pedigree remains insignificant in the unitary form of government in Nigeria. Hence rather than performing and being proactive Nigerians are stuck with a government that react and respond to every criticism of the lazy administration with irritating comments.

For instance Mr. Okupe is not worried about BH because the BH war is yet to disrupt his breakfast. I have not found a more senseless reaction from someone to whom much is given albeit from looted treasuries.

The official response from the lazy and corrupt Nigerian government has now shifted to declaring the obvious- that Boko Haram is at war with Nigeria. We are now told that the war is not a religious war but a political one invariably because of the indiscriminate targets of BH.

The unpleasant reality is that the war is taking on both dimensions. One does not exclude the other. BH (regardless of who the sponsors are-the PDP, the APC, some international gangsters or even aliens) is succeeding so far with the war against Nigeria.

Unfortunately for everyone the perpetrators are making use of Islam as their platform for propagating the war. In that sense one cannot rid the terrorists of their faith. It does not matter what other people think, this is what they (BH) professed.

The inability to tame BH and its alleged sponsors (allegations ranging from APC to PDP to international sponsors) has brought potential doom to the doorsteps of Nigerians.

Monsters usually go back to chase their makers and all. Can this explain the indiscriminate targets of BH and the recent invasion of Mubi, the hometown of the Badehs? Whose home town is next? The inactions of a weak government will avail much.

People are still arguing: we have always had these problems; Nigeria is not going to break.

Yes we have always had problems but there was no BH occupying an entire region.

Though there is a war going on, many are still saying we can’t afford another civil war.

Blind faiths promoted by different religions have reached new heights and unprecedented dimensions.

Distrust will never disappear from Nigeria. It was partly distrust and fear of domination that destroyed the first republic in 1966.

There will always be distrust and the fear of marginalization too.

Nigeria is at a threshold, the most fragile since the end of the civil war in 1970.

Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP are making plans to postpone or cancel the 2015 elections due to insecurity in substantial parts of the country. This will create an inflammable volatile tension that may be impossible to quench when it implodes.

Everything in life has a limit. Luck is not an exemption.

Nigeria is in a dire need of a political solution. It is getting too late. The country and the people are slipping precariously into a season of electoral chaos.

The BH war, incessant tribal and religious conflicts in several places, inter/intra-state political enmity and the supra religion-based 2015 elections are super enrichments for calamities and self-destruction mechanisms.

Even in the face of distrust or mistrust, leadership and development in region-based government across Nigeria was still functional until the senseless coups of 1966.

A political option for Nigeria is to retrace the map of regional government and initiation of a referendum on resource control.

Obviously, there are more problems and divisions in Nigeria today compare to 1965 or 1966.

Therefore a modification of the regional government map to accommodate present day agitations may not be a suggestion that is out of place. It is an option far better and more preferable to what BH war has carved out for everyone involuntarily (as the lazy government looks away).

After 54 years of mostly misrule and deviation from what is normal, I always insist that Nigeria will not get a magic dose and no suggestion will be an overnight maneuver to paradise.

Every day breakfast is interrupted in expected and unexpected places and there are no helicopters to evacuate the Nigerian species that are not connected to the Badehs, the Jonathans, the Okupes and the Abatis.

What if breakfast is interrupted in Otuoke tomorrow?

One day perhaps breakfast may be interrupted at Aso Rock Villa-Nigeria’s citadel of corruption, and mis-governance.

On such a day, the bitcoins supporting pseudo unity, political and religious fallacies would have been overspent, the permanent cracks will collapse and it may be too late to reverse the threshold.

13 Years A Prisoner

I cannot actually overemphasize that the case of Isaak Dawit is an embarrassment to the human race. Isaias Afewerki cannot be above all of humanity unless we have all gone crazy.

13 Years A Prisoner

Isaak Dawit

Isaak Dawit

By Adeola Aderounmu

Isaak Dawit has been in jail in Eritrea since September 23 2001. He was born in the same country on the 27th of October 1964. He is now 50 years old, with one-fourth of his life spent in jail.

Isaak Dawit fled the war in Eritrea in 1987 and lived in Sweden. He became a Swedish citizen in 1992 but he also held on to his Eritrean citizenship.

When Eritrea became independent Isaak Dawit returned to Eritrea to work as a journalist.

He may have written stories or articles that the dictator Isaias Afewerki found threatening to his one-party state. He may have associated with groups seeking to ensure that the rights of the people are respected and sustained in a new emerging country.

But he was on the other side of the court as Mr. Afewerki, so he was arrested and imprisoned.

Isaak Dawit has not been brought to a court of law. No charges have been brought against him. It is not on any record that Isaak has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Why is he sitting in prison for more than 13 years?

The worst tragedies in the world are not only hideous; they have also proven to be mostly unspoken of.

How can the rest of humanity look away when a man is locked up for 13 years? Have we no compassion for his family and children?

Since independence in 1993, Eritrea has been held in captive and extreme bondage by one man, a dictator called Isaias Afewerki.

In plain terms Mr. Isaias Afewerki told the world to go to “hell”, that he would do whatever he likes with Isaak. The question is, in the absence of a proof of life, “what has he actually done with Isaak Dawit?

Few years ago, Isaak went missing from his cell prompting fears about his whereabouts and an unconfirmed story that he was dead.

Many of the people arrested alongside with Isaak Dawit are dead or have been killed. The fears are genuine but lack of official comment keeps the hope of Dawit’s existence burning till today.

One of Isak’s daughters Ms. Bethlehem spoke recently and expresses optimism that her father is alive. It is this optimism and hope that should be given impetus now.

The Swedish government adopted the so-called silent diplomacy in the case of Isaak Dawit and it has been a total catastrophe so far. It remains futile.

Individuals, groups and organizations have demonstrated and lent their voices to the campaign to free Isaak. All have proven to be ineffective.

What has been done outside of Eritrea is probably not reaching Eritreans at home in terms of awareness.

Sadly too the chant to free Isaak Dawit will not be echoed in Eritrea.

The country is locked down by one man. Eritrea is closed to the rest of the world because there are no independent news media in the country.

Eritreans are not free. They need help!

While I do not support interference with the sovereignty of any nation, the case of Isaak Dawit brings me to a point of compromise. The utterances of Isaias Afewerki even on Swedish television left no one in doubt that there is a lunatic in power in Eritrea.

The campaign for the freedom of Isaak Dawit must take up a new dimension outside of Eritrea. The pressure should then be taken inside to free the people of Eritrea.

Every country deserves independent press and the people deserve freedom of speech and association.

The table needs to be turn around. The campaign slogans should move from free Dawit to:

Free Eritreans

Arrest And Prosecute Isaias Afewerki Now

Eritreans abroad must come together on this one. This is their fight.

They need to bring the rest of the world to the awareness of the sufferings and demeaning of their lives within and outside the boundary of Eritrea by Isaias Afewerki.

There should be no limit to the amount of pressure that should be applied on this wicked and heartless dictator.

After putting away a journalist for 13 years without trial, the world should NEVER let Isaias Afewerki have a moment of rest. This much Eritreans owe Isaak Dawit.

Isaias Afewerki holds all of Eritrea in bondage in a one-party state. He has no regards for the people of Eritrea.

Who does he think he is?

If he has killed Isaak Dawit, the people should rise and sack him by force. They also need to demand his arrest and prosecution.

If Isaak Dawit is alive, he should be released without further delay.

Isaias Afewerki cannot be above all of humanity unless we have all gone crazy.

What is the priority of the Swedish government in foreign diplomacy?

What is wrong with Sweden?

Only foolish people repeat stupid history. Raoul Wallenberg never returned to Sweden, he was never found. Now it is Isaak Dawit. Does this story line sound too familiar?

If finding Isaak Dawit means bringing down the Eritrean dictatorship so be it.

Isaak’s mother died in 2010 asking the question: why did they take my son away from me?

His children are grown, still growing, denied of the company of their loving father because of one stupid dictator in the horn of Africa.

In the end this is a shame not only to Sweden, but also to Europe and the world as a whole. We all stood by and watch like spectators and let one lunatic send another man to jail for 13 years without trial.

I cannot actually overemphasize that the case of Isaak Dawit is an embarrassment to the human race.

With all our claim of civility, social justice and freedom, we let one man (and definitely many other men and women) rot in prison for several years without trials and we look the other way.