Sex, Drugs and Aviation

In another place Femi will be in jail for corruption and face fresh charges for violence against women. The hierarchy system in Nigeria enslaves the police and the judiciary as institutions of justice

Sex, Drugs and Aviation

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Chioma was working at a fashion design outfit at the International Airport, Lagos. She was responsible for procurement and marketing of the products that included imported wears and Nigerian made attires.

One day Femi met Chioma at the Airport. As the minister for aviation, it is probably not unwise to have your eyes on every moving object at the airport. If you are into women, it makes it more interesting to scrutinize the cameras for the best female images in skirts and sometimes jeans.

When Chioma graduated she served at the ministry of aviation. It was easy to get such a posting. If you are from a family with an influential mother and uncle and you date the minister for aviation in Nigeria, there are almost no closed doors for you anymore.

It was easy for Chioma to find national service placement under Femi. It was also an easy automatic retention at the ministry of aviation. Eventually Chioma left the IT department for the position of personal assistant to the minister for aviation. Too easy!

There is no accountability or probity in Nigeria. Added to the heavily compromised law system and a very weak judiciary, this lack of probity makes it possible for public office holders to launder money, among other crimes. They can steal or loot without control.

Femi was one of the financially reckless federal ministers under Mr. Obasanjo. Who among them is not reckless? All Nigerian politicians have stolen from the treasury and they still do so as you read. Annual budgets in Nigeria are annual rituals for self-enrichment.

To Chioma, Femi promised the world. For real he rented a house in Abuja and bought another at Stillwater Estate in Lekki.

He promised to divorce his wife fondly referring to her as the Ghanaian who had his children.

He bought different cars that included a fondly remembered Benz and a Peugeot 607. Life was good. They travel together and they attended functions together. They had such great fun!

Festac Town never departs from my essays. I grew up seeing how Nigerian criminal politicians polluted the 4th Avenue and we called the place Naira Burial Ground. O! How they blew our treasuries away. They stole our commonwealth and built mansions after mansions on our nature reserve.

Femi was not in the picture when the criminals that ruled with the tropical gangster General Babangida destroyed Festac Town but he drove to Festac a few times when he dated Chioma. The police escort and the sirens disrupted our neighborhood.  The people around could feel the oppression.

It was not clear to many people who the visitors were at that time. But that rotten aura of power and money drenched the atmosphere. Femi and Chioma’s dating was very special. She was so in love that she was keenly looking forward to the wedding bells.

Some men can carry along with a lot of arrogance and air of false impressions. But they cannot run away from the truth. The other things they cannot run away from are their past, who they are and who/what they fear.

Femi’s wife lives in Ghana. Still it appears that the fear of her is the beginning of his wisdom. He became a spiritual man when he was cured of his addiction to drugs. He remained thankful to his wife’s religious denomination for his deliverance. It may have been a wellness center or a Rehab with spiritual undertones. Whatever, he claimed victory in Ghana.

Why did Femi become a drug addict? What is he trying to run away from so that drugs were the solutions? When ex-addicts share their stories, they help contribute to the wealth of knowledge about abuse and prevention. They save lives.

Chioma and the other women in Femi’s life before and after her will be the best people to answer these questions. She became a subject of domestic violence, constant threats and abuse. On those days when there are disagreements that normal couples have, Femi would make a storm out a tea cup and send mobile policemen to eject Chioma from her residence.

Sometimes it takes a counter order from Chioma’s mum to neutralize these matching orders. The type of security at the estate where intruders are well kept off was also helpful. Who knows how many times Chioma would have been homeless in Lekki? Is this part of the pains of living with people with a history of drugs?

Who can comprehend the influence of insane minds on the Nigerian political scene? Isn’t this more significant now that a former drug baron is the PDP chairman in SW Nigeria? How many drug barons, drug addicts and other people under the influence are roaming free in government establishments across Nigeria? Don’t they need help?

In Nigeria, as long as a politician is acting like the others, there can never be a problem of prosecution for crimes or embezzlements. Femi was probably under the influence at the time he stepped on some toes that were bigger than Chioma’s. If you are a talkative and an unstable person, there is no limit to the number of enemies you’ll have to cope with in your life time.

Obasanjo who brought Femi into his PDP government was also the one who had to arrange a settlement meeting between Femi and the some elements from Northern Nigeria. Nigeria is messed up!  Femi probably crawled while the begging and apology tendering lasted. Who knows how long his trials would have lasted? But they did last even after Obasanjo’s intervention.

It was not a surprise that he was exposed to a lot of probes and prosecutions after his days as a minister. He was not forgiven. The enemies from the North, who in no small measures have drained Nigeria and her economy, while contributing almost nothing, pounced on Femi as his immunity expired. Femi will remain eternally grateful to Goodluck Jonathan for his freedom.

Obasanjo, a friend of the Fani-Kayodes, was not enough to quench the flames in Femi’s political struggles and travails. His defection back to the PDP like the prostitute he is was the final option. He had to lick the boots of Jonathan after describing him vigorously as the man without balls (he was on point though).

Jonathan is Femi’s saviour. The man without balls now has balls that Femi was forced or lured to lick!

On a phone conversation last week, I had a laugh with my pal as we discussed this “freedom” because we know the guilt is written all over Femi. If he didn’t step on toes with his wagging tongue, he wouldn’t have had anyone exposing his criminal acts under Obasanjo.

But no matter how one looks at it, the judiciary in Nigeria is almost totally useless. The Police are useless too when it comes to handling political crimes committed by politicians. The hierarchy system in Nigeria enslaves the police and the judiciary as institutions of justice. Too shameful!

The freedom that all Nigerian politicians enjoy as criminals is a complete disgrace to the intelligence of all Nigerians, cumulatively.

It will be impossible to find a Nigerian minister who did not loot while in office. The presidency has always been rotten and corrupt. We didn’t need a NYT report to tell us that Nigerian politicians are guilty or that the present occupiers of the presidency are very bad and incompetent people. It has always been so.

So who are you as an ex-minister to claim sainthood or righteousness, even if you are set free by a useless court and dundee judges? People should leave the God of the Israelites out of their defective cerebrum when addressing the rest of us.

We have always known that those who go to jail or appear in the court of law at all are those who stepped on toes of the reigning power. Some went to jail a long time ago because the military led by treason perpetrators and gangsters like Buhari and Babangida sent them there.

When Obasanjo almost spent on all Nigeria’s reserve on his third term ambition, nobody could stop him. No one dare to probe or prosecute him even many years after he was disgraced out of office.

It’s kind of a funny circus because Obasanjo recently called Nigerian lawmakers thieves. They are all the same.

When Obasanjo’s camp gave practical and authentic evidence of how Atiku looted Nigeria because of Atiku’s opposition to his third term ambition, nothing happened.

In Nigeria, it pays to be a criminal in political attires, even to this day.

One day, long before the corruption court cases against Femi sprang up, all the cards started to fall apart.

Chioma was on her way to the US when she was stopped by some security agents at the Airport, a place she knows so well.  It is where everything started, and almost ended. For a while Femi faded in the background and lived in denial. Talk of men without balls…I hear you loud.

But in the end, according to how impunity and lawlessness reign in Nigeria, Femi had to clean up the mess. It was already out of control, but manageable. I guessed that much he owed her.

It is not clear how many times they had done this before: that is travelling with loads of raw cash or just purely going on a money laundering trip.

However this unexpected arrest of Chioma was one in a cascade that will end the story of a castle that was built in the air.

Despite his erratic behavior, Femi was obsessed with Chioma. He almost put a gsm tracker on her to monitor all her movements. He has a lot of rules and regulations that Chioma must follow. He had the intention of cutting her away from her friends.

In plain terms, it appears that Femi wanted to breed a sex slave at home and a lover in the eyes of the world. There was a lot of air of jealousy and not wanting to share Chioma with her family. That was extreme and definitely not normal.

Chioma was occasionally battered at home. Her family grew increasingly worried about the relationship. The brewing songs of marriage was called off before it happened.

We are concerned for your life; her family told her in plain terms.

Her residence at Lekki was put up for sales when the bubbles were getting too large.  She must get away to be free from sex and domestic abuses. She packed and left.

Chioma’s fairy tale ended. Before that she mingled in some of Nigeria’s powerful circuits.  When she was having fun and spending time with the unstable man that was always saying bad things about his ex-girlfriends, she met Nigeria’s most powerful men-the rulers destroying the country.

No one is sure that Femi is free from drugs or the residual effects of the previous abuses. When Chioma left, bad things have been said about her. Femi cannot stop talking ills about his ex-girlfriends. It will be interesting to know what he did to the Northern mafia who almost finished him.

Chioma is rebuilding her life in Eastern Nigeria while Femi continues to wiggle in political wilderness trying to find his way back to relevance through political prostitution.

In another place he will be in jail for corruption and face fresh charges for violence against women.

There are so many things wrong with Nigeria. One of such is allowing very bad people and criminals to escape justice and to even rule.

The day leaders arise in Nigeria, the walk to freedom will start.

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