Our Titles and What We Are

Adeola Aderounmu

Titles are not true reflections of human dignity and real honours.

There are several titles in Nigeria that people acquire out of ignorance. Still there are several others borne out of mischief.

There is real value in academic titles when they are acquired through meticulous processes.

However men and women of low mentalities who acquire useless titles, academic or not, expose themselves to ridicule and shame. Sadly they have no idea how laughable they appear in a sane world.

It started many years ago that every dick tom and harry started going by the title of “chief”. It didn’t take long to realise that they became chief because there were first thieves. This is because a large proportion of the title was given out or falsely acquired by men and women with dubious characters. Some of them were international fraudsters. Only a few men remain that can be honoured for their positive contributions to humanity through decency and hard work.

Between 2 nights an unknown person can acquire the title of Igwe. This draws no consequences from the true custodians of our culture and heritage. At some point we lost touch with the order of things. Everything fell apart.

A man can become an Otunba at the same space of time. The name sticks and life goes on. If he is wealthy, no one checks how. If he is on the verge of a breakthrough we don’t care what he’s meddling with. If he never makes it big we take solace in calling him the unfortunate or fake otunba.

When I learnt that Alhaji means stranger, I was shocked. How is it a title to be called an Alhaji? Help me someone..!

Our bad government champions this cause. It’s a sad situation. GCON, MON, BLA BLA BLA and so on and so forth. The people who receive national honours are the ones who have stolen more money and looted the treasury of the federal republic of Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan presided over the recent scandal called National Awards.

Such propagation of insincerity is a key element that facilitates the stupidity of title acquisition by nonentities and clowns.

Every governor wants to be a wannabe Dr. and one thing or the other. Even local government chairpersons are out looking for ridiculous tags.

Nigeria has now imported the term Dame.

A dame is a female title of rank, equivalent to ‘Sir’ used as the title of a knight. I don’t remember the queen of England visiting Nigeria recently. Dame could also mean a slang term for woman. Isn’t that derogatory?

If the title was given by a church then everyone attending the same type of church worldwide should alter their names, start them with Dames.

This title wahala provides comic relief in a society littered with “rubbish and garbage” form of governance.
If only the number of titles that my people carry can wipe away poverty and sorrow, I would recommend more. In the words of Akin Akintayo, I will suggest the Akowoje of Ibadan, and others like the Looter General of Nigeria, Penkelemesser of the People, Didirin United, Adaluru of the Federation ati bee bee lo.

When you write about Nigeria or about Africa or any failing society for that matter the most difficult thing is your conclusion. If you give a positive note, you’re like a dreamer. If you give a negative note (plus the essay x-raying negative notes), someone will ask you, what then is the solution?

Whichever way you look at it, there is a lot of hopelessness in Nigeria. Then you’ll be shocked where people place their emphasis. At this moment someone is ready to pay anything (money or life) to get one type of stupid title at the other. He has stolen so much money that he cannot believe that he is still outside the league of people wearing useless tags.

Meanwhile another man is trying to find his daily bread, struggling between thin and thick.
Titles don’t matter. What matters are how we live and let others live. The quality and standard of the life we live is the ultimate. We don’t let others live by importing rice from Brazil or by siphoning public funds to private accounts. It is very irrelevant to try to zone knowledge, power or stupidity among many other things that are nonsensical.

In the part of Africa where I come from, millions of people have stopped reasoning. Therefore they attached titles to their names to deceive people with the humility and knowledge that they don’t have.
With each passing day it has become increasingly difficult for me to continue to proffer solutions. I don tire..! As in, where do you start from again?

How we got to this point appears to me like an everlasting dilemma. You must be strong in your mind, head and soul not to go crazy while trying to proffer solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

Why should I even try to tell anyone that titles don’t matter? In Nigeria?

No way!

FIFA suspends Two Members Provisionally

Adeola Aderounmu

FIFA today 20th Oct unanimously suspended Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii. Provisional suspension is based on FIFA’s principles and code of conducts.

There will be another meeting in Nov to reach a final decision / verdict. FIFA wants the rights of the individuals involved to be respected until the matter is finally concluded, say in the next 30 days.

This Wasteful Generation..!

Adeola Aderounmu.

A few days ago I wrote a piece which I hope I can publish here on my blog.

I am still not happy or impressed with what is happening in Nigeria. I will NEVER forget how Goodluck Jonathan presided over the biggest waste ever in Nigeria. We were told we spent N17b on just a common party. We will never know how much the party cost in terms of both money and human resources.

Has anyone seen the presidential fleet of cars? Oh My God! No comment!

How much money has been used to purchase such a huge and long convoy of cars and security apparatus? I have never seen a president or even a dictator using as many convoys of car.

I intend to finish this piece when I have more time. Meanwhile someone should please inform Mrs. Jonathan that she must never again distribute rice to/ in the public.

We are not living in the 10th century and there is no famine in Nigeria. Yes millions of people are angry and hungry but distributing rice is also wicked and thoughtless. Will she stand by the marketplace and do that everyday?

Such people need to be reminded about what has led to the impoverishments of the citizenry while people like them loot, merry and travel the world on tax payers’ money.

What a wasteful generation..!


Nigeria is in the news again for the wrong reason. From this week we cannot play any form of football on the African continent and worldwide.

Government has intervened continuously in the administration of football in Nigeria. As a matter of fact I think FIFA shares in the blame. Nigeria has hosted major football tournaments and each time she does FIFA is always so entangled to the Nigerian government in manners that beat my imaginations.

I think the Nigerian government got carried away by the relationship it had with FIFA and so the individuals in government did not know when to draw the lines.

We have hosted the U-21 and U-17 championships and on both occasions FIFA was actually dealing directly with the Federal and States Governments. Jack Warner knows all about these.

I am not saying FIFA is totally as fault. I mean FIFA had permitted the permeation of football administration and tournament organisation by the Nigerian government on two occasions instead of insisting on the football association in Nigeria to do the proper organisation and hosting.

FIFA permitted the Nigerian government to apply the fire brigade approach on two occasions as mentioned above.

Anyway you will think that this ban will inculcate some lessons into the greedy and corrupt football/ government officials in Nigeria. Wait until the ban is lifted, it will be business as usual.

I can almost not see anywhere in Nigeria where we have learnt from history and past events. People with the shortest myopic perspective in the world live in Nigeria. As soon as an event passes, we forget the lessons and the never apply our hearts to wisdom on how to make things work better.

Football administration in Nigeria has been in the hands of crude and unintelligent minds-people who probably know nothing about football administration. If you conduct tests about football, sports and sports administration for these people, their level of mentality will leave you spell bound for the rest of your lives.

How did they get there? Good question.

In Nigeria my country of birth, merit is dead. They use one useless thing called federal character in assigning positions and assignments. It means any fool can occupy any top position because he is from a certain part of Nigeria. Nigerians are united with their lips while their hearts are far apart. They so hate one another you will not imagine the depth.

The FIFA ban is about football but it is a total reflection of what is wrong with Nigeria. It is part of the reason why poverty and diseases continue to spread like wild fires. In Nigeria the jobs are never given to the people who are qualified or fit for the positions. Some people call it paddy-paddy.

Federal character and paddy-paddy at the expense of both merit and technical know-how have completely destroyed Nigeria.

I am not happy about the ban but I am not in a rush either for it to be lifted.

Nigerians must learn one thing. That is at some point we must begin to do things the right way. We must do the right thing always.

Imagine a premiership football in Nigeria with no relegations…what type of nonsense and stupidity is that. Imagine also all the Hullaballoo about the election, annullment, court cases and so on. What is wrong with Nigeria and Nigerians?

The federal character must be abolished. The person who can and who is qualified should be elected or appointed to do a given job. If he or she fails there must be buoyant mechanisms to allow for replacement according to guidelines or constitutions.

This affects every aspect of our lives including the forthcoming (future) political elections.

Nigeria and Nigerians must negotiate the turning point of their common history, the status quo remain a consistent recipe for continuous failure and international embarrassments.


FIFA provisionally lifted the ban and Nigeria can continue to play their qualifying games for the Nations Cup.

The Nigerian Bomb Game 2


I have withdrawn my last post about the investigation into the Nigerian Bombings of October 1st.

I will probably not comment on that incident for a long time to come because of the statement emerging from South Africa. Okah gave a new twist to the story.

My conclusion therefore is that: Nigerians, as usual, will wait for a long time before they will know who actually planted and bombs and why. They may never even know the truth!

Nigerian rulers are so bad they lie, and lie and lie. They steal and steal and steal. There is no one to trust and you never know what to believe.

I rest my case for now!

The Bomb Game?

Adeola Aderounmu

MEND says: We planted the bombs and blew up several cars. [People died in the process. Others were injured and panic is spreading in Nigeria].

GOODLUCK JONATHAN says: No! MEND did not blow up the cars. MEND did not plant the bombs. MEND is not a terrorist group. My father’s house is close to oil well so MEND cannot blow up things in Abuja.

ADEOLA says: please help me brothers and sisters. MEND say I did it. Why should GEJ say MEND you did not do it?

It’s been over 24 hours and if MEND didn’t do it, why haven’t MEND come with a contrary press release to what is known worldwide as a terrorist attack perpetrated by MEND?

I need help on this subject matter. It’s the bomb game.

October the 1st 2010. The Black Friday in Nigeria.

Adeola Aderounmu

October 1 2010 has now gone done in our annals as the Black Friday.

In the last one month alone there have been several reasons for the selfish Nigerian government to annul the useless and stupid celebration that is going on worldwide today.

The reasons culminated today in the deadly bomb attacks carried out by MEND-Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. MEND is a militant group that emerged from the Niger Delta and Goodluck Jonathan definitely know more about them than the rest of us. Goodluck Jonathan is also from the Niger Delta.

The attacks are condemnable like any other terrorist attack. We must condemn in the strongest way possible all forms of attacks that aim at innocent people or ordinary citizens of Nigeria. Two cars exploded and more than 35 other cars were affected.

21 people are reported injured with 8 confirmed deaths. There are other unconfirmed reports stating that 15 people are dead. It’s a sad day in Nigeria. What a black October! The first day of the month for that matter and a Friday!

In more than 10 articles I have condemned the use of more than N17b for the celebration of failures and the promotion of evil and corruption. Several genuine and patriotic Nigerians have done the same. But in the eyes of the evil ones and the corrupt people those of us who write and speak the truth are the unpatriotic ones.

The 50th anniversary of Nigeria has exposed Nigeria the more as a nation of corrupt, wicked and evil rulers.

This week more than 2 million Nigerians became homeless. Dams ran over and rain fell. People became homeless overnight and it did not even occur to the government of Nigeria as an emergency. It was hardly mentioned in the news in Nigeria. It was a no issue. The attention was on the looting of the treasury through the 17 billion naira party.

17 billion naira can change Nigeria forever if it is genuinely used to bring NEPA back to life. Under Obasanjo 16 billion naira grew wings and we heard nothing from the investigation conducted in the National Assembly. 17 billion naira would have changed the face of Nigeria forever. But No. They prefer to party and jolly with it. This is the most useless form of governance on the face of the earth. Party, party, party while the people suffer.

Also this week innocent children have been kidnapped in Abia State of Nigeria. This is morally wrong. You don’t kidnap children. It is a very wrong step from all possible perspectives.

Children are the future. You don’t use children in sending messages of this nature. Children are never to be used to settle scores if such even exist in this situation.

Kidnapping is a crime. All hopes have been kept alive that the children will be found alive. Their lives are changed forever. They will have nightmares and they will probably be traumatized for the rest of their lives judging by the Nigeria that I know.

If the children are returned or found alive, please let the first destination be to the hospital or to a renowned child psychologist. Let no one hire crowds to sing and let the church services wait. Give psychological help first.

What is the message of the kidnappers? They want money-Yes. What else? They are not pleased or happy with the situation of things in Nigeria. Who is?

The inclusion of children in this evil venture has made headlines all over the world. Was that the objective? That has been achieved. Can the children now be released?

One thing that I know for sure is that this particular criminal act (plus the car bombings) has put Nigeria on the international spotlight at a time that Nigeria is celebrating her 50th anniversary-the biggest wastage in history.

It is like a nightmare. We are spending so much money to showcase the failures of governance and the decay of infrastructure everywhere except in a few places in Abuja and elsewhere where money has been buried by Nigeria’s corrupt and looting politicians.

The kidnappers chose this time to change the targets of the type of victims. It is not a coincidence. They planned it because they know that the government of Nigeria has earmarked billions of naira for every state government in Nigeria and the embassies abroad to spend and lavish away.

Invariably the crazy thing is that families are weeping and are devastated but the criminals are expecting the governor of Abia State to come up with the money for ransom. You don’t have to watch criminal minds to deduce the timing and the execution of the evil acts.

I am really sad. I have been sad many times just because of Nigeria. Have I mentioned that I am the weeping blogger? I still cry for Nigeria and Nigerians. The people deserved a better life. Nigeria is worth crying and dying for. It’s a country that provides unbelievable contrasts. It is possible that more than 70% of us are poor and wretched. Altogether we are 140m people, or more.

We are not able to manage our affairs successfully. We widened the gap between those who have and those who lack. The gap is huge and enormous such that many have lost hope.

Part of the hopeless lots cannot withstand the oppression of the politicians and corrupt people. They joined them in their own ways-kidnapping and state terrorism. All forms of criminal activities to survive the desperation created by the Nigerian government since 1960 has added to the loads of nonsense and rubbish that continue to negate genuine attempts.

There will be no justification for any kind of evil. But since our judicial system is crippled and the enforcement of law and order is a fairytale, all kinds of evil and atrocities go unpunished. Even Jonathan mentioned today on CNN that the judicial system is weak. Some of us know that that is why he and his other corrupt lots have escaped justice. What a country!

In Abuja and across the world where Nigeria is represented drinks are flowing. On NTA last night you could see people playing with bottles of wine just like that. Nigeria’s monies are going up in flames while our sisters and female friends from Delta State and other places are being used as prostitutes and slaves in Mali of all places on earth. In whichever place the news itself is a disgrace to Nigeria.

Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (Naptip) should be commended for its efforts in combating human trafficking. They have now told us that thousands of Nigerian women are sex slaves in other West African countries.

It is as a country that we have failed to stop our girls from carrying out this trade in Europe. We have now also failed to stop them from plying this trade in our neighbouring countries.

What does our government care? They are busy at this time distributing gifts and medals to themselves for lack of electricity and the spread of ignorance and disease. They are drinking and making merry in style and splendour while our scavengers are keeping vigil at the rotten garbage heap looking for the source of their next meal ticket. What a contrast?

The kidnapped children and their families are in trauma. The sex workers face an uncertain future as ever. MEND the militant groups are hitting wrong targets to send strong messages about what lies ahead-terrorism. We fear that we might reach a complete state of lawlessness and absence of central government. We are getting close.

The rest of us continue to worry about our next meal and if it will be safe to go out this night. We are also worried about our salaries being paid. Roads and schools give us sources of concern. From now on we are going to be afraid to get into our cars not knowing if bombs have been planted in them. Is this the life we chose?

We are not sure of anything. We are so unsure of the future. We are worried. We face uncertain elections and we don’t know where the unwinding road will lead us.

After the merry making let these rulers emerge from their madness and drunkenness and provide security for lives and property. Let them tell us the plan for our women, children and mothers. We are looking forward to the plans that will give us hope and dignity. I salute all Nigerian optimists; they give me hope in this season of hopelessness.

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The kidnapped Children have been freed.