Videos: Nigeria and Poverty = 5 and 6

Images that will bring you to tears if you are human.

Pieces of minute evidence that show that Nigeria is among the worst places to be born or live in the world.


By Adeola Aderounmu

The people celebrating Abba Kyari as a super cop did so out of ignorance. The idiot is devil incarnate and under a functional law system, the murderer would spend the rest of his life in jail.

Watch and listen carefully to this video.

A Lawyer explaining some of the criminal activities of Kyari.

On a number of occasions I have stated on this blog how suspected criminals are killed in police detentions across Nigeria.

When I served in Moniya in 1995/96, my one room apartment was directly opposite the police station. Go there and ask them about brother Adeola, corper that worked at IITA Ibadan. Just directly opposite the station. It was my bus stop!

Every night there are gun shots at the station. I have written about this before, at least twice. It was the landlord’s son who also worked at IITA that told me that the police usually kill the suspected criminals to “create space” in the cells.

So watching this video brought back those memories, and to even hear that Kyari your stupid super cop asked the man spoken about in the video to carry dead bodies just to frightened him into submission and to steal his wealth, breaks my heart one more time. My heart that is already in pieces based on the terrorist Fulani Republic called Nigeria.

Malami: The Rise Of Evil (Again?)

Malami has no sense at all. I doubt he is a lawyer. You have to be a hardcore criminal to have done what he did or say the things credited to him in recent days. You have to be EVIL, have terrorist/dictatorship tendencies and be extremely unintelligent.

Malami: The Rise Of Evil (Again?)

By Adeola Aderounmu

If you follow Nigerian news/events/politics over the years, you cannot miss our struggle with people who are outrightly evil and dangerous. In recent days/months, a few men have been very, very prominent in the sustenance of evil in Nigeria. I am sure you know how Lie (Lai) Mohammed have been vocal as the propaganda numero of the terrorist-inclined APC government in Nigeria. If you forget everything, you cannot forget the news that made global headlines when Lie Mohammed and Buhari stated that Boko Haram had been defeated and subdued in december 2015. Today, in 2021 Boko Haram is one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations in the world. You must know that the ONLY reason anybody or any government can remain in power after such propaganda is that the country they governed is a failed country or a barbaric banana republic. You cannot get away with such nonsense is a normal, civilised society/country. With all the deaths that have been attributed to terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria, the possibility of the government remaining in power is the same: a failed country or a reckless, barbaric banana republic.

Criminally minded and dictatorship inclined Malami

One man that has emerged under the prevalent rise of evil in Nigeria is Malami. I have no intention to look into his past. For me, this is a name that is new, unknown and out of te blues. Malami to me is like Pantami- a known terrorist serving as Nigeria’s Minister of Communication. They had been known in the North or in the background I guess but they fit perfectly well into the terrorist agenda of the APC government.

Malami is supposed to be a lawyer but my personal observations in recent days show that investigative journalists need to look into his background. I am not convinced that he is a lawyer or that he became a lawyer through knowledge acquisition. Sahara Reporters have exposed him in several stories. He is a criminal who has stolen a lot of money to build personal empire in the North of Nigeria. His wages as the attorney general of failed Nigeria cannot back up the wealth and property he owns. Those who are interested in the story should look it up on Sahara Reporters.

Malami lied, used VPN, trades in cyrptocurrencies and has stolen monies from the treasury. No one has asked him where Ibori’s latest loots have landed. We can even allege (until proven otherwise) that he is trading Ibori’s loot in ctyptocurrency markets.

Malami is evil, probably a fake lawyer. No right thinking or normal lawyer can threaten the citizens of any country with imprisonments based on laws that do not exist. There was a report in the people’s gazette that Malami wanted ”Buhari”/APC government to initiate a form of military rule because the useless government promoted terrorism and lost control of the security situation of the failed country. A right thinking person would have resigned from a failed government and advice the useless government to throw in the towel. Whoever the Buhari in Aso rock is has failed. Whoever is in control of the APC government has failed. APC itself as a criminal / terror organisation has failed. Even if APC insist that it is a political organisation, it has also failed. There is no known status or description that APC can acquire that will potray success. It failed and will never make it, no matter what.

In 2015, we knew tha problems with PDP and the hope was that APC knew the problem and would fix it. In 2021, we know better that APC = PDP and perhaps worse. You can read elsewhere on my blog why APC = PDP. A very quick reminder is to look at the party that key politicians belong to over the past 10 – 15 years. They have moved round enough to eradicate any line of ideological differences that may exist. Similarly, Jonathan has worked more for APC than he did as PDP president.

So, we are here at a point where the mad men and crazy women in APC say they have banned Twitter in Nigeria. These useless human beings came to power using the power and might of the social media. When Malami disabled his twitter, he had to use VPN to log in. Invariably he fell for the non-existent criminal law that he made to prosecute others. This means that Malami has no sense at all. This is why I doubt he is a lawyer. You have to be a hardcore criminal to have done what he did or said in recent days. You have to be evil, have terrorist tendencies and unintelligent.

There are also indications that the idiot is trading in crypto-currencies as he forgot to take off the icon when he shared a screenshot of his disabled twitter account. Like i mentioned earlier, if Nigeria was not a failed country, APC will not be in existence. A person like Malami should be in prison by now. He lied, he used VPN, he trades in crytptocurrency and he has stolen monies from the treasuries. As we write, no one has asked Malami where Ibori’s loots have landed. We can therefore allege (until preven otherwise) that he is trading Ibori’s loot in crytocurrency markets.

In the past, I have written about different kinds of rise of evil in Nigeria. That this cycle repeats itself several times under one generation is remarkable. People like Malami, criminals like Malami enjoy a free ride right on the faces of the citizens. Nigeria, a failed country, is a very remarkable place to live in. For me, Nigeria is the most useless country in the world. Gani Fawehinmi spent his lifetime, gave his life to prevent this type of existence. He was systematically killed by the system and his tormentors like Babangida, one of the evil men who rose in Nigeria, is still there.

In many essays like this, i have stated that the type of government in Nigeria should not last 1 day longer. But since 1999, we see the same type of madness, craziness, lawlessness and absolute absurdities where more than 150 million people, afraid to die, yet dying daily for various reasons, have refused to take a final stand and say ENOUGH.

Men like Malami, Lie Mohammed, ”Buhari”, and the rest of them in APC or PDP: People who have reduced Nigeria to a banana republic should not be allowed to live in the open society. They should be rounded up in a common people revolution and sent to prison or exile. The cost of freedom, the price of liberty must come also at great sacrifices. In order for the future to be great for the unborn generations, the cost of freedom cannot be calculated before freedom. It will be done after freedom and liberty.

Finally, i have a message for those still trying to save Nigeria. No mater how slow, no matter how long, Nigeria is going to disappear from the map. There are no known forces on earth that have succeeded in stopping the ideas whose time have come. Oduduwa/Yoruba Nation WILL EMERGE from the old Western Region. Biafra will emerge from the old Eastern Region. The choices will be clear to those whom history would place the burden on their shoulders. It would be clear and Nigeria will end.

The generations that would accomplish the mission have my best wishes in advance. When they read this, I hope they send a blessing to my home or my grave.

May Olodumare bless our souls.


The Buhari we saw in the 2019 election campaign was definitely blocked head or brain dead. He had no capacity to think or reason.

Demonic And Undemocratic Tyrants

By Adeola Aderounmu

Those who still call themselves Nigerians or living in the geographical space called Nigeria are passing through one hell of a time in their lifetime.

This is the 7th day of June 2021. The useless tyrannic government of the failed republic called Nigeria said it has banned the use of microblog Twitter in Nigeria.

This is a sharp response to the deleted tweet from one Buhari who claimed to the useless president of failed Nigeria. There is a group of useless human beings who called themselves the Nigerian presidency.

The Tyrants of Aso Rock. The Reign of Evil

The Buhari we saw in the runoff to the 2019 elections was definitely blocked head or brain dead. He has no capacity left for thinking or reasoning. There are videos to back up this fact. One of the most telling evidence is Mr. Yemi Osinbajo repeated stating “he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know” to the questions posed to dumb-looking Buhari. It is therefore very interesting when tweets or statements are issued by the man whose brain function is zeroed. There are insinuations that the Buhari in Aso rock is an impostor. Time will tell.

The Buhari in Aso rock is an epitome of all the useless people who called themselves the Nigerian presidency. There is one useless pastor whom l have already mentioned. Yemi Osinbajo is supposed to be a lawyer and a learned Yorubaman. If he had any principle before becoming a servant to senseless Buhari in this draconian APC regime, those principles are gone with the winds. For what manner of man with sense keeps mute and does not quit or resign as the stupidity of the Buhari presidency claims a worldwide resonance. Buhari is known worldwide as a complete idiot. Who wants to associate with a globally acclaimed idiot? Yemi Osinbajo has refused to resign for reasons best known to him.

There are some people that I don’t know where they are coming from or where they are going. I just got to know about them when this useless regime came on board. I am talking about Femi Adesina, Garbage Garba Shehu and one despicable fellow called Lie Lie Mohammed. These 3 imbeciles have been attacking the Nigerian people under the premise of the “useless presidency”. Then came one MF called Malami who said people will be prosecuted for using twitter. The moron is the attorney general of the terrorist-infested slave camp called Nigeria, but he does not know one bit of the law. How can you be the attorney general and threaten to arrest people under a law that does not exist? How? Only a complete moron can suggest that!

I am on the side of the Yoruba Nation. I will continue to do all I can to ensure that Yoruba nation come to be/stay. I gues that is the only hope I have left if I want to ever come back to my ancestral home, the land of my forefathers. My allegiance for the useless country called Nigeria is burnt out. I can never see myself associating with people whose brains is not even as developed as that of a fish or reptile. When I listen to people like Malami and Garbage Shehu and several other Fulani, I know that their level of thinking is not even as good as the cows they are promoting.

Every part of the world is digitalized, every part of the world is computerized, the world is talking about and planning for the 22nd century and how the unborn generations will live, survive, be at peace with nature and the environment, Fulani in failed Nigeria are talking about cows and grazing. It shall never be well with those who joined my forefathers together with these morons in the same country called Nigeria.

That mistake MUST be corrected. The correction of that mistake is worth dying for, so that our unborn children in the Yoruba Kingdom can have peace and reach their greatest potentials. They will bless us AND pray over our graves for that.

For now, our biggest challenge is how to eradicate the USELESS APC/PDP political madness in Nigeria. The useless country is plagued by terrorists/terrorism, it is the poverty capital of the world, cows are the priority, media is gagged, twitter is banned and for every day that comes and go, it seems that the madness is expanding, and the failed and useless country makes giants strides back to the STONE AGE, back to pre-civilization.

If you have nothing to die for, you may as well have nothing to live for.

A Journey From 1960 To The Stone Age

Nigeria is a geographical region with an active “human survival of the fittest instincts” where daily survival is a miracle

A Journey From 1960 Back to the Stone Age

By Adeola Aderounmu

The headline of this essay is prompted by how bad the country called Nigeria sank since the date it was given so called “Independence”.

If you look at Nigeria today and compared it to 1960 when “sovereignty” was granted to the people, what you will see is a journey towards decadence and outright anarchy. The best way to understand or appreciate the extent of this anomaly is to do a self-study of the beautiful country that was handed over to the citizens in 1960 and compare it to the terrorist-governed country of today.

Every time I put my hands on my keyboard, I always wondered how I get the courage to keep writing about the same ills for the past 2 decades. The bulk of my essays have been to provoke and elicit change or positive actions from the morons called politicians in Nigeria. But obviously, it has been asking too much from a set of people so dulled and unintelligent that their only motive in government remains primitive accumulation.

Let me tell you where we are on Nigerian matters.

The governor of Akwa Ibom made allegations against the Nigerian police. These accusations are similar to the ones that the governor of Borno made against the presidency in Aso Rock. What these two governors have failed to say is that, going by the allegations they made against Buhari and the police, the only possibility is that Nigerian government is run by terrorists.

Only a terrorist government can take sides with murderers and killers. Only a terrorist government can favour genocide and systematic extermination of a group of people, ethnic or tribal.

All the allegations made by the govs of Benue and Akwa Ibom are not new or strange: they are in line with what has been known especially since the inception of the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate.

The clamour for Yoruba Nation is a good cause. The clamour for other ethnic nationalities that desire to govern themselves is also in good faith. It is a suicidal mission for any other ethnic groups in the “old” & ”failed” Nigeria to want to remain in association with the terrorist Fulani group from North of Nigeria and beyond the borders.

From 1960 to date, governance in Nigeria has failed the people irrespective of the level we look at: Federal, State and Local. Nigeria ran a system of government that is senseless and stupid. For many years, civilian or military power was controlled by a very strong center. In 1999, one stupid man called Abubakar Abdulsalami cooked up a useless document that was forced down the throat of the people, he called it the 1999 constitution. All the idiots who called themselves presidents since 1999, did not even see the need to discard the document and produce something viable that reflect the wish of the people and the true nature of wealth creation/distribution in the country. That is why l have always seen all politicians in Nigeria are complete fools.

I have found it hard to see how somebody who is sane could run for a political office or even try to govern on a document that is senseless, useless, void and totally deplete of basic common sense.

I am more devastated today to see young people going into politics. They must be crazy. They join APC- a terrorist organization by all standard or PDP, equally a useless political party that has politicians moving in/out to APC at freewill. They are the same useless groups of people in the largest fraudulent organisations in the world. Young people should totally lock down their regions or zones and demand for a functional system of government but the greed of their fathers’ steer at them in their faces and they want to continue the useless Nigerian politics. It is sadder considering that the genocide in the country and the violence across all regions could even consume them, their families and children before they fulfill their reckless ambitions.

It is better to support our ethnic nations not because they will bring instant sanity or prosperity. It is better because when the regions operated differently before the civil war, there was prosperity all over the place. Politcians have their greed, but the country made economic progress and Nigeria was a powerful nation economically. Things worked as competition for greatness among the regions escalated.  When the possibility for competition was smoked away by the civil war and the creation of useless stateless by that coconut head called Gowon, Nigeria fell apart and has not recovered till date.

Today’s failed Nigeria has cows roaming the streets. There are not many good roads. Electricity nears zero megawatts as Nigeria is rated the worst country in the world in electricity generation. Government does not take responsibility to provide water, infrastructure, schools, or hospitals. The people are very poor despite the vast wealth of the regions. In Nigeria, people die faster than chickens are slaughtered. Terrorists’ kidnap and kill people. You can make a long list of what is wrong with Nigeria. If you put the list beside the events pre-civilisation, you will see a tally with stone age cannibalistic existence where people hunt other people for food or conquest. Nigeria is no ordinary country. In fact, it is not a country. It is a zone with an active survival of the fittest instincts where daily survival is a miracle.

If you have a twitter account, link it to the various newspapers in Nigeria to get a clear view of the stone age existence in failed Nigeria. However, do not trust these newspapers outfit. None of them has been bold enough to call the Nigerian government a terrorist organization, which is actually what it is. They dare not because their licenses would be revoked. They do no investigations, and they line up daily for daily press release by one idiot called Garba “Garbage” Shehu and one houseboy called Femi Adesina. In the absence of a a president, these two are enjoying the time of their lives dictating Nigeria. There is one Osinbajo who is inconsequential and insignificant. Nigeria is burning to ashes, Osinbajo is blowing grammar. Even his people are living as refugees in neighbouring Benin Republic, the inconsequential Osinbajo is still quiet months after.

In any case, and based on events and circumstances, no matter how long it takes to get it right in Yoruba Nation or our Oduduwa republic, that is where my heart is. That is my hope to get back to civilization.