A Waiting Mayhem?

In this age of information just like it was in the dark eras a few hundred years ago we continue to see that money is the root of all evil and religion remains the most potent tool when a brother is set to kill a brother.

A Waiting Mayhem

By Adeola Aderounmu


Ahead of the 2015 Nigerian elections one of the likely places where ominous signs can trail or follow the process is in the western part of Nigeria.

Three main factors are deepening the cleavages in western Nigeria.

The first is the different political parties that the aspirants belong to. The second is their religions. The third factor is the money flowing from PDP’s Aso Rock and APC wallets.

There are cold wars in western Nigeria between the two main political parties, the APC and the PDP. Politics across Nigeria is generally full of bitterness and hatred. One can have a legitimate reason to be worried about the likely things to come in the Yoruba country.

For instance the APC will like to continue its grip on Lagos and other states in Western Nigeria. Even the Oba of Lagos has vowed that PDP will never rule in Lagos.

Mr. Agbaje will fly the PDP flag in Lagos. Unless my statistics is failing me, the Muslim community is torn between their religion and voting PDP to take over Lagos. The twisted slogan has changed to “not about party but candidate”. It’s a very sad development to even consider religion ahead of the pedigree of a candidate. The Lagos thriller will be interesting.

The greater influence of religion on the mindsets of the descendants of Oduduwa and Orunmila is in the presidential election race.

There have been a lot of undertones loud enough to show that the support for Buhari in the Yoruba country is more of religious sentiments than one can relate to ideology.

Buhari has not proposed any political ideology or manifesto and his party APC has not produced a blueprint to set Nigerians free from their mental and political slavery that Buhari himself helped to build as a dictator.

The total failure of the PDP since 1999 and the Jonathan government in particular since 2009 means that ideologies can wait in a geographical region where stealing is not corruption.

The reverberation and the boomerang effects that emerged when the PDP accused the APC of being an Islamic party were also enormous. If Jonathan sits on evidence linking Boko Haram to Buhari or APC and has kept mum, may the souls of the victims haunt him to his grave.

With all the romance of Goodluck Jonathan with gangster pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and the church in general, not many people have accused the PDP of pursuing a Vatican agenda.

Even when Jonathan led Nigerian politicians to weep in faraway Israel instead of weeping at home for their failures, no one has accused the PDP of pursuing a Jewish agenda.

Then to make sure that it neutralizes the assertion of the PDP, the APC nominated a relatively unknown pastor as the vice-presidential aspirant of its political party.

Those who say religion cannot be eliminated from Nigeria’s politics were right after all. They won the argument. Some of us are just stubborn and hoping that people will begin to use their senses instead of their brainwashed cerebral hemispheres. We lost.

The third factor tearing the children of Oduduwa apart is money. A lot of money continues to disappear daily under the watch of Mrs. Iweala and Mr. Jonathan. Parts of these missing funds are pumped into the hands of Jonathan loyalists in Western Nigeria without accountability. It is like an open tap that has even flown to groups abroad.

In all of these unwholesome dramas, a complete thriller is set up in the Yoruba country. Brothers are now set to kill brothers. The influences of lazy Mr. Jonathan and brutal General Buhari are detrimental to the Yoruba country where reasons have been thrown to the winds. It’s a shame.

Even within a party the hatred is boundless and it smells of insane cruelty. For example gunshots were heard during the PDP primary that led to the emergence of Jimi Agbaje. Mr. Obanikoro is still running from pole to pole and from coast to coast to seek the annulment of the process.

He cannot comprehend how he lost the primaries despite all the funds from Aso rock at his disposal. He succeeded in Ekiti and failed at home. Now he has no portfolio. What a pity! He should team up with Atiku to become the biggest losers group of company.

There is trouble across the Yoruba country. The curious re-emergence of Mr. Fayose in Ekiti continues to brew palaver. The dusts seemed not going to settle and a spill over to February 2015 is not in the interest of the Yoruba people. A plump of a tiny fart can do a lot of havoc in the pant.

Now the APC Ekiti lawmakers are meeting clandestinely. They are on the move constantly. They cannot live in their houses as thugs or security agents can emerge to cut their heads or slice their throats. Is this the dream of the Yoruba country? Is mayhem the way forward?

There are deeper cleavages between the Muslim and the Christian communities in western Nigeria. Buhari was compelled to nominate a Christian as his deputy. How bad will it get in 2015?

How did religion come to play a master role in the election process in Nigeria when Abiola and Kingibe conquered all just in 1993?

For all his crimes, is Buhari forgiven in Yoruba land? Just like that?

Nigeria may be heading to the abyss, for these problems are not restricted to the Yoruba country.

There was a headline that Anglican members in one eastern state are rejecting catholic-catholic candidatures for electoral offices. This is not just stupid, it is also silly.

What is wrong with people in Nigeria? Have they replaced their heads with empty coconut shells?

In all of these wahalas, ideologies are yet to be brought to the fore. We have not heard the programs for education, health, infrastructure, immigration, security and solutions to unemployment.

For the 2015 elections it would have been preferable to have an opposition that is based on ideology and the clamor for change based solely on the failure of the lazy Jonathan government to deliver at the national levels. After all many state governors failed to deliver at the state levels and many local government chairmen are mere crooks.

The upcoming general elections in Nigeria elections are brewing a lot of anger, dissatisfaction, hatred, bitterness and vengeance.

The coming days are going to be tougher for Nigerians. The global price of oil is dropping by the day. The government as it appeared has not saved for the rainy days despite being mainly a single-market economy, relying heavily on the sales of crude oil for sustainability.

Almost 60 years of maladministration may catch up with Nigeria, suddenly. Lack of foresight and lack of planning for the future may catch up with Nigeria. Greed, selfishness and corruption may catch up with Nigeria. Allowing corrupt and silly people including dictators to rule in Nigeria may catch up with Nigeria.

These ingredients-elections under uncertainties, deep seated hatred between and among tribes, religion brainwash-ness, bitterness and a failing economy likely to make monsters out of men-in a country already on a free fall might spell disaster unless a Nigerian-styled fire brigade shock absorber is set off early.

The success of the elections, the outcomes and the acceleration of quick-fixes that may beam of hope will sustain the resilient spirits of Nigerians. It may put the mayhem on hold in western Nigerian and other places.

There is no unifying factor on ground in 2015. In the time past, male football has helped to hold Nigeria together. Nigeria is not playing at the 2015 Nations Cup. The omen up to February does not look good.

Additional characteristics for building a successful future for Nigerians and the unborn generations must be elaborated: long term developmental goals, functional political structures, devolution of power to states/regions, true federalism, purposeful implementations of programs to diversify the economy, focus on education, science and technology, dedication to people and country and the respect for the equal value of the human life. All of these will be useful.

There is nothing that is too late in life. It’s still about 2 months to the elections. Who will embark on the rapid nation-wide campaign to down tone the influence of religion as the countdown to the election days draw near? Will INEC? What about the Ministry of Information?

What will happen in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno during the elections?

Who will put a hold to the financial recklessness at Aso rock? Who will stop the draining of funds from the APC states so that the people can have more benefits?

Will it require Jonathan worshipping in a mosque or Buhari conducting a church service to show ignorant Nigerians that religion is not supposed to be significant in public service?

Did I mention that I don’t fancy any of these 2 candidates? In my dreams growing up in western Nigeria, I did not see a clueless or weak man leading the now sleeping “giant” of Africa and l had no idea a former dictator will become a superhero of anybody in Nigeria.

But a country is the sum of the people’s wisdom or foolishness. Nigeria tamed her men and women of valor and good characters. Stupidity was elevated in public offices.

In this age of information just like it was in the dark eras a few hundred years ago we continue to see that money is the root of all evil and religion remains the most potent tool when a brother is set to kill a brother.



Nigerians and their foolish rulers

By Adeola Aderounmu

On May 22 2007 I wrote a famous article titled Nigerian leaders are fools. It made headlines and appeared on a BBC review.

The title of that article should have been Nigerian rulers are fools. We have shortage of leaders and the country is in a big mess.

Nigerians are living in denial because they carry false hopes.

I continue to have arguments with a few groups of people who think that my views are extreme and think that we should be optimistic about a better tomorrow. These people and I near our graves and we have not known what it means to live under normal circumstances in Nigeria.

Millions of Nigerians have lived and died without knowing the true meaning of life. They were denied the essence of it by thieves and looters who have occupied the Nigerian political scene in uniform and agbada. Those unfortunate Nigerians had no access to the basic things of life and simple infrastructure like constant electricity was never a part of their short miserable lives.

Yet millions of Nigerians living nurse (false) hopes and aspirations under a system that calls for nothing other than a bloody revolution.

It doesn’t matter now into how many pieces Nigeria should be divided. It doesn’t make sense to worry about the outcome when the alternative that I’d known for over 3 decades is not different from living in the biblical hell.

What should make sense is how to stop the stupidity and senselessness of both politicians and military rulers in mufti.

Politics is Nigeria is an insult to the intelligence of man. It questions the superiority of man over lower beings.

No Nigerian government has made the total elimination of corruption an open and targeted agenda. This is because all the people in government are corrupt. All these people include past and present rulers of Nigeria, and in various capacities. Almost invariably they are all birds of the same feather.

It doesn’t matter how lazy or hardworking Nigerian politicians and public servants are: they are all thieves and looters to varying degrees. Even Lagos that we thought was a pace setter has been opened up a nest of foolish looters.

I have argued all these years that N1 stolen from public funds or N1 taken without accountability has a snowball effect. It adds to the poverty and impoverishment in the land. In Nigeria funds are looted in billions of dollars and the looters walk free. Ask Mrs. Waziri the figure head at EFCC. Even ask Ribadu the talkative before her. It’s all mess.

Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries in the world but it is home to some of the world’s poorest people who ironically live in the Niger Delta Oil Region. Northern Nigeria has one of the highest illiteracy levels and their women can hardly write their names. Some can’t!

Nigeria has been run like a gangster business. At the federal and state, at the local and municipality levels, it’s all the same. The country has been on a free-fall since 1960. How the country remains one is an aberration.

There is no other country on any planet where people have looted and stolen so much that there has not been a revolution or a war or series of it. Nigerians are living in captivity. It’s a sad situation. Yet they are not fighting on a scale that will topple the system of things.

Boko Haram and the Niger Delta militants are chasing selfish interests. In a way they should actually be allowed to carve their own niches away from Nigeria. Who says they must be within Nigeria?

There is a big difference between terrorism and a revolution anyway.

MASSOB wanted BIAFRA. Why not now? Why the silence? Why the timidity?

The Oduduwa Group is emerging stronger. It was about time.

It doesn’t matter how many groups or nations emerge from Nigeria. What will be relevant is that people should belong to a nation where their rights are respected and where they have absolute freedom to pursue happiness, peace of mind and unlimited or limited resources to achieve their life goals.

These are not going to be the end in themselves because the stupid people who have ruined Nigeria are from all the possible regions you can imagine.

But when we have gone our different ways, I am sure there will be greater control within the regions to check the sort of absurdity now being perpetrated by the aimless Jonathan dynasty.

The president of Nigeria and several of his Ministers should actually be cooling off in a forgotten prison by now. They have all stolen! They are still stealing!

We didn’t need the revelations from the wikileak cables. It helps though. We already know that these things exist.
The crimes that Nigerians have continued to commit against themselves include doing nothing about all these nonsense. Their decision to tolerate and live with these aberrations negates the essence of life. It deters the pursuance of happiness and it deprives one of the fulfilled life.

Every year funds are looted as infrastructure are neglected. Roads, schools, hospitals and other basic things like electricity and water have been sent to the archive as far as common people are concern.

There is no one checking the system.

Several Nigerian journalists are interested in government jobs. Good people are rare in Nigeria. The men and women with the pens know it is their own way to the treasury. Many Nigerian journalists are crooks and serving a corrupt government makes them accomplices in this great crime against humanity.

When journalists have become beggars in the presence of the politicians, then information reaching the people will continue to be that of fake hope in a hopeless country.

In other professions people are interested in short cut to wealth and fraud is prevalent. What is more definite in expressing a banana republic or jungle existence?

The problems in Nigeria have reached a scale such that there is no going back. As far or as long as Nigeria exist as one country poverty will remain above 70% and unemployment among youths may exceed 50% in the nearest future.
No one man sitting in Abuja and overseeing corruption daily can tackle the national problems facing over 140m people.

The system is so bad now that it is a permanently hopeless situation.

When you have a country where corruption is legalized and madness is allowed in public offices, where then are you heading?

In Nigeria all the corrupt rulers and murderers are living as free men. It is pure insanity when the laws of the land are inadequate. It is more than insanity when the judges up to the Supreme Court accept millions of dollars in bribes to give false verdicts.

In that sense Nigeria is not a country. It is an aggregation of confused people enslaved by the junta and tropical gangsters.

That order designed by the colonialists and mastered by the tropical gangsters posing as rulers must be dismantled in order to set people free in their various regions.

It is from that point that groups and tribes can start to figure their ways forward. No one should care how long it will take to find the way forward. It may take 100 years but not starting at all is the greater evil fostered by fear.

No one should even care how things will work out or not.

The present order of things in Nigeria cannot continue. It is just not thinkable to imagine that Nigerians now more than 140m people have been zombied for the past 50 years by a clique that has managed to self-perpetuate itself in several forms and under several disguise.

From the bottom of my heart, I believe no more in one Nigeria and I refuse to accept the oneness of it. I believe that my roots lie in the Oduduwa Kingdom or Empire.

It is time for change. No matter how long we delay, it is inevitable and it is our key to freedom.