A Journey From 1960 To The Stone Age

Nigeria is a geographical region with an active “human survival of the fittest instincts” where daily survival is a miracle

A Journey From 1960 Back to the Stone Age

By Adeola Aderounmu

The headline of this essay is prompted by how bad the country called Nigeria sank since the date it was given so called “Independence”.

If you look at Nigeria today and compared it to 1960 when “sovereignty” was granted to the people, what you will see is a journey towards decadence and outright anarchy. The best way to understand or appreciate the extent of this anomaly is to do a self-study of the beautiful country that was handed over to the citizens in 1960 and compare it to the terrorist-governed country of today.

Every time I put my hands on my keyboard, I always wondered how I get the courage to keep writing about the same ills for the past 2 decades. The bulk of my essays have been to provoke and elicit change or positive actions from the morons called politicians in Nigeria. But obviously, it has been asking too much from a set of people so dulled and unintelligent that their only motive in government remains primitive accumulation.

Let me tell you where we are on Nigerian matters.

The governor of Akwa Ibom made allegations against the Nigerian police. These accusations are similar to the ones that the governor of Borno made against the presidency in Aso Rock. What these two governors have failed to say is that, going by the allegations they made against Buhari and the police, the only possibility is that Nigerian government is run by terrorists.

Only a terrorist government can take sides with murderers and killers. Only a terrorist government can favour genocide and systematic extermination of a group of people, ethnic or tribal.

All the allegations made by the govs of Benue and Akwa Ibom are not new or strange: they are in line with what has been known especially since the inception of the Buhari-Osinbajo mandate.

The clamour for Yoruba Nation is a good cause. The clamour for other ethnic nationalities that desire to govern themselves is also in good faith. It is a suicidal mission for any other ethnic groups in the “old” & ”failed” Nigeria to want to remain in association with the terrorist Fulani group from North of Nigeria and beyond the borders.

From 1960 to date, governance in Nigeria has failed the people irrespective of the level we look at: Federal, State and Local. Nigeria ran a system of government that is senseless and stupid. For many years, civilian or military power was controlled by a very strong center. In 1999, one stupid man called Abubakar Abdulsalami cooked up a useless document that was forced down the throat of the people, he called it the 1999 constitution. All the idiots who called themselves presidents since 1999, did not even see the need to discard the document and produce something viable that reflect the wish of the people and the true nature of wealth creation/distribution in the country. That is why l have always seen all politicians in Nigeria are complete fools.

I have found it hard to see how somebody who is sane could run for a political office or even try to govern on a document that is senseless, useless, void and totally deplete of basic common sense.

I am more devastated today to see young people going into politics. They must be crazy. They join APC- a terrorist organization by all standard or PDP, equally a useless political party that has politicians moving in/out to APC at freewill. They are the same useless groups of people in the largest fraudulent organisations in the world. Young people should totally lock down their regions or zones and demand for a functional system of government but the greed of their fathers’ steer at them in their faces and they want to continue the useless Nigerian politics. It is sadder considering that the genocide in the country and the violence across all regions could even consume them, their families and children before they fulfill their reckless ambitions.

It is better to support our ethnic nations not because they will bring instant sanity or prosperity. It is better because when the regions operated differently before the civil war, there was prosperity all over the place. Politcians have their greed, but the country made economic progress and Nigeria was a powerful nation economically. Things worked as competition for greatness among the regions escalated.  When the possibility for competition was smoked away by the civil war and the creation of useless stateless by that coconut head called Gowon, Nigeria fell apart and has not recovered till date.

Today’s failed Nigeria has cows roaming the streets. There are not many good roads. Electricity nears zero megawatts as Nigeria is rated the worst country in the world in electricity generation. Government does not take responsibility to provide water, infrastructure, schools, or hospitals. The people are very poor despite the vast wealth of the regions. In Nigeria, people die faster than chickens are slaughtered. Terrorists’ kidnap and kill people. You can make a long list of what is wrong with Nigeria. If you put the list beside the events pre-civilisation, you will see a tally with stone age cannibalistic existence where people hunt other people for food or conquest. Nigeria is no ordinary country. In fact, it is not a country. It is a zone with an active survival of the fittest instincts where daily survival is a miracle.

If you have a twitter account, link it to the various newspapers in Nigeria to get a clear view of the stone age existence in failed Nigeria. However, do not trust these newspapers outfit. None of them has been bold enough to call the Nigerian government a terrorist organization, which is actually what it is. They dare not because their licenses would be revoked. They do no investigations, and they line up daily for daily press release by one idiot called Garba “Garbage” Shehu and one houseboy called Femi Adesina. In the absence of a a president, these two are enjoying the time of their lives dictating Nigeria. There is one Osinbajo who is inconsequential and insignificant. Nigeria is burning to ashes, Osinbajo is blowing grammar. Even his people are living as refugees in neighbouring Benin Republic, the inconsequential Osinbajo is still quiet months after.

In any case, and based on events and circumstances, no matter how long it takes to get it right in Yoruba Nation or our Oduduwa republic, that is where my heart is. That is my hope to get back to civilization.


How Nigeria Fell Apart

By Now if Nigeria was ever a country, Buhari would have suffered one of these: 1. Arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. 2. Arrested and prosecuted for corruption of the highest magnitude 3. Sacked, impeached, and disgraced out of office for gross incompetence, lack of will, lack of capacity and extreme negligence of duties!

How Nigeria Fell Apart

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Sometimes I don’t even know where to start and where to end when l set to write about Nigeria. How do I ensure that you are not reading repetitions and tautology?

Some people don’t bother to follow Nigeria news and if they follow a blog like mine, what they get to read is all I pour out here.

Blogging here is a hobby that I have kept for more than a decade. Impressive you would say! Many of my fellow bloggers/writers are now in government houses making your life miserable. I will not join them. How does one keep writing about the same thing or similar stuffs for more than a decade and then nothing actually changes. I mean NOTHING!

Let me tell you where we are now.

Nigeria’s ruler, one General Buhari (if we believe he is still alive) is in London. He is resting! Nigeria is literarily (not figuratively) on fire. When you try to wrap your head around what is going on in Nigeria and that there is actually a place where such things could happen, you will almost lose your sanity.

By now, if Nigeria was ever a country, Buhari would have suffered one of these: 1. Arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. 2. Sacked, impeached and disgraced out of office for gross incompetence, lack of will, lack of capacity and extreme negligence of duties.

But the idiot is in London, resting. Really?

This is not just an indictment of the political class, that they are all criminals. This is also an indictment of the citizenry; they are foolish enough not to raise 10 to 50 million people on the streets across Nigeria that will ultimately revolt and sack all the ruling and political class.

This ability to sack the government is something that should have happened not long after the return to democracy in Nigeria in 1999. If this had happened say in the early 2000s, then perhaps we would have found a system of government that held political office holders accountable. We would have probably gone back to the system that worked before the 2 useless coups of 1966. We would have found our way back to the years preceding the civil war. Those years were golden!

We refused to take bold steps. The reasons are many and some of them have come back to haunt us, to destroy the very fraudulent foundations upon which we falsely restarted a pseudo-democratic government in 1999.

Today in Nigeria, the crimes, the violence, the genocide, murders, assassinations, kidnapping and inhuman conditions of living have dwarfed the runoff to the civil war. Let me not bore you further with just how backward and how bad Nigeria has become.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece where I declared that my Nigerian-ness has gone. That comment is truer today than it was before. There is nothing I want to embrace more today than my passport to state that I am from Oduduwa Nation. I strongly look forward to coming back to Oduduwa land. There is nothing I want more than the removal of terrorists from Yorubaland. All those who have come to Yorubaland with the mind of ruling over us must be uprooted. I am sick and tired of one Nigeria. I am sick and tired of fools and idiots that have promoted terrorism over civility.

In nearly 2 decades I have written about the same thing: Nigerian politicians irrespective of ethnicity are criminals. Under the fools in APC-Buhari mandate, everything is based on ethnicity and religion. Things fell apart, terrorism that they promised to quench, they promoted. They called terrorists bandits, they hug terrorists and call them herdsmen. They pay terrorists huge sums of money and they rehabilitate them. I cannot find enough space to upload my anger in this post. To say that I am pissed is an understatement. Buhari’s government is full of mad men and mad women, totally crazy people who deserve nothing but lifetime in prisons!

I know that Oduduwa republic or the Yoruba Nation is not Eureka, but it will give us the platform to start again. It will give us the platform to re-create the Yorubaland of the 1940s and 1950s when our civilization was ahead of European civilization. We will go back to the point we were before we were blended with the uncivilized people from Northern Nigerian especially. Blood-thirsty terrorists!

Oduduwa Republic is not going to be a magic solution to our problems, but we are Yoruba. We speak the same language, have the same culture and way of life. We will give ourselves the opportunity to refashion our lives and prepare a foundation for our children and children’s children.

I am angry and definitely I do not want to be called a Nigerian. I am Yoruba, Yoruba Omo Oduduwa. I am the light of the world.

My name is Adeola.



By Adeola Omo Aderounmu

In the last few days the world focused on the interview that Oprah granted Meghan. They took the global attention further away from a calamity that may shake Africa and indeed the world as Nigeria still remains relevant in delivering the black gold of premium quality.

Adeola Aderounmu

It is impossible to follow the total numbers of terror attacks and terror-related kidnap in Nigeria today. It is happening so fast and so frequent that one is overwhelmed by the audacity of the terrorists especially in Northern Nigeria. They kidnap and rape school children, women and men. They take people from schools, colleges, marketplaces, their homes and just anywhere they can cart away people especially in bulk numbers.

They keep getting several millions of naira from the Buhari-APC government as ransoms for these kidnappings. Today is 14 March 14, 2021. On 13 March 2021, the terrorists demanded 500 million naira for the kidnap of students from a school of Forestry in Kaduna state. The victims were subjected to abuse and threats they were recorded and sent out to authorities. The video is widely circulated on the social media.

You will definitely not get all the details of what is going on in Nigeria in this essay. But what is your take on the government that does not kill terrorists? The government calls some terrorists repentant bandits, sometimes they are called repentant terrorists. How can a terrorist be called repentant? It happens only in Nigeria. They are released into the society after receiving VIP treatments and rewards. For terrorism!

In terms of the origin of terrorism in Northern Nigeria, that is a story that may already exist somewhere on my blog. Terrorism was created by politicians from Northern Nigeria. It was their idea of gaining political power and they used it to seize power at the center in 2015. The rest is history.

As a Yoruba, I am pained by the presence of Fulani terrorists on Yorubaland killing my fellow Yoruba in their homes, along the roads and on their farms. I have tagged the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo severally on the social media and I am sure he knows my stand on the presence of Fulani terrorists in my home state- Ogun State.

I am appalled so much that there are not enough word to express my disappointment not only on Yemi Osinbajo but also on all Yoruba that keep supporting or participating in a government that sponsor and promotes terrorists and terrorism.

I am appalled that till today we have not seen at least 50 million people on the streets with a clamour to end the APC-Buhari mandate. It must be the 8th wonder of the world. If you are my reader, you will know that for me Nigeria is the greatest tragedy the world has seen since the end of the 2nd World War. Meghan’s interview is therefore a luxury and not a tragic occurrence.

My expectation is that Nigeria has reached a breakpoint and must be dismantled!

I am expecting my leader professor Akintoye to declare the Yoruba Independence from Nigeria on 15 March 2021. I am expecting well-meaning Yoruba sons and daughters to start the process of active disengagement from Nigeria. In the 1950s Yoruba Nation was better and richer than it is today. Therefore, those who have plans for 2023 need to rethink and join us to take Yoruba out of Nigeria. They should do so for the sake of their children and children’s children. They need to know that unless sacrifices are made, the future is hopeless.

I know a lot of young, vibrant Yoruba who are scared of giving up what they have not to join the Yoruba struggle. They need to know that these few months and years of sacrifices must be made so that the unborn generation can have a home and a land called Yorubaland. It is too risky not to make these sacrifices that will set Yoruba free from a terrorist-run Nigeria. It is now, not later, not after.

We have reached a breakpoint and Yoruba Nation needs to stand alone. It is not going to be rosy on day 1. But we will leave behind, life-long legacies and structures that the future generations will inherit and enjoy forever. There is a lot I want to say, a lot I want to write, a lot I want to explain but I don’t want you to be doubtful about your roles in this.

I have been writing for 2 decades, trust me when I say Nigeria is hopeless and will never get better. Do not confuse your personal achievements or the greatness of individuals of Nigerian extracts with the sorry state of Nigeria. Nigeria as a country is doomed and will never rise again. Nigeria has gone from good to bad to worse and there is no hope. There is fear and despair all over the country.

For Yoruba, our hope is Oduduwa Nation (The Yoruba Nation). Sing the Yoruba Anthem and spread the hope of the future.