Murder in Sollentuna

Ade Aderounmu

Sometimes life is just going on as if nothing serious has happened.

But not exactly-serious things happen around the world everyday. In Sollentuna an area towards the north of Stockholm one guy put a gun to the head of his sleeping girlfriend and killed her. It was like an execution since investigations now revealed that the gun shot was likely from a range as near as 5-10cm. This happened in August this year.

The 18 year-old guy lied when he told the police they had been playing with the gun. The girl, 17 year-old, was asleep when she was shot and died 2 days later at the hospital. The boy was the one who called the police saying that his girlfriend has been shot. He was the shooter.

The trial begins shortly.

(credit: metro Stockholm)

Pastors, Jets and other stories

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian pastors may have declared to the millions of Christians in Nigeria that there is no God. How? By openly showing opulence and recently by the trendy acquisition of private jets, the message I got from that is “to hell with you in the congregation”!

I don’t understand why pastors cannot travel by economy or business class. What is the need for private jets? These are men who don’t work.

The congregation members who are ranged from extremely poor people to extremely corrupt politicians (and of course rare, legitimately rich people)toil day and night to make money and dumb the monies at the altar of God. Someone takes the money and buys a private jet. There will be no greater testimonies from these evil men that there is no God.

Religious veil is an additional ingredient to the rot in Nigeria.

People don’t demand justice and fairness from the government and the (useless) politicians continue to cart away billions daily.

The other day one useless wife of a governor tried to justify her frequent trips to London. In my view the fact that the child of a state governor can attend school in London means that the governor is foolish.

It means the governor has not done enough to equip the schools in his state. It means that the governor and his wife do not believe in the future of the state that they preside over. The Oyo state governor and other governors in Nigeria, like the one buying private jets with state funds deserved to be condemned to prisons. So should it actually be for 99.9% of Nigerian politicians that are thieves.

It is just too hard to ignore Nigeria. This is a country with so much promise but with many vices and unbelievable happenstances.

To even think about the rise of terrorism and overall prevalence of evil about good in the most religious country in the world is depressing.

The Nigerian pastors have shown that there is no point waiting for rewards in heaven because they don’t believe in heaven that they preach to the poor souls. They take from the poor and build estates and wealth for their unborn generations. It appears that the congregation is made up of fools. They are fooled by pastors and they are fooled by politicians.

I wondered if Mrs. Wife of governor has just returned from her weekly trip to London on tax payer’s money.

I am thinking out loud, how long will Nigerians be fooled and taken as muguns?

Nigeria’s wasteful president

Adeola Aderounmu

The other day Goodluck Jonathan met the press and exposed a great deal about his ignorance. When responding to question relating to government spending Mr. Jonathan had to state that he eats twice a day.

That sort of response alone shows that Nigerians have been taking a ride on a sinking ship, and it’s been more than 50 years in the ship. What a tragedy.

The man even went on to state that he didn’t promise to eradicate poverty but to increase wealth. That’s like the dumbest comment any president has made since Berlusconi said he preferred to have sex with a 17 year old rather than be gay.

The money that has been stolen in the Nigerian government since 1960 is now estimated to be uncountable. No one knows the exact value. It could be a value enough to eradicate global poverty, not poverty in Nigeria alone.
Nigerians are resilient.

Otherwise you cannot imagine that despite the waste, another 5 Trillion Naira got missing under Jonathan.

Add that to the money this guy and his crew are stealing daily.

The proportion of corruption in Nigeria is inestimable. I don’t think any country should be placed close to Nigeria in terms of known corruption. Unknown corruption is another parameter with varying global implications.
Nigeria’s corruption is known, open and wicked in proportion.

Now England Knows who Zlatan Ibrahimovic is

By Adeola Aderounmu

England has always played down the Zlatan Phenomenon but after today the 14th of November 2012 I am sure that England will always remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It was a friendly match but the historical facts will stand the test of time.

Zlatan became the first man to score a goal in the newly opened Friends Arena in Stockholm. England went up 2-1 before the break.

In the last 15 minutes Zlatan scored 3 more goals to wrap up the games for Sweden.

The last goal will go down in football history as one of the most beautiful goals ever scored.

Joe Hart thought he headed the ball to safety but Zlatan did a bicycle kick that will probably never be repeated by him or anyone else and through one moment of projectile magic put the ball behind the net. Joe Hart did not make it back to his goal mark before the ball went in. There was a defender, was that Cahill that thought he was standing right to put away the ball.

The projectile and range of the ball was magnificent and Zlatan made history not just scoring the first goal but all the 4 goals against England.

Some records and achievements will stand this test of time. Hate him or like him, Zlatan is a living legend.

Doyin Okupe, Nigerians will rather stone you and Jonathan!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Some Nigerian rulers and power drunk employees of the Jonathan administration need to be called to order.

Doyin Okupe should be told that Nigerians will NEVER beg Jonathan to run in 2015.

If you ask me, I would rather have Jonathan out of office this minute. The guy is a waste of space and time. Under Jonathan Nigeria’s profile as probably the most corrupt country in the world gathered new momentum.

Jonathan will go down in history as the president of probes and committees. Not like the probes and committees saw the light of the day but rather that new ones are emerging daily.

Who will forget the uncountable corrupt practices under Jonathan? Jonathan defrauded Nigerians with the constant increase in petroleum products and its perpetual scarcity. Who will forget the Farouk Lawan and Otedola missing dollars? There are so many ways that Jonathan has messed up Nigeria.

These evils did not start with Jonathan but they escalated greatly under his watch making him one of the most incompetent handlers of Nigeria.

Doyin Okupe can continue to steal, loot and empty the treasury in Abuja. This is not the start for him. He’s been there for several years. What he should not do is to categorize all Nigerians as fools.

Doyin Okupe should be thankful to Farida who threw away or burnt his files at the EFCC.

In a normal country the appointment of Okupe into the presidency will have only one consequence: the end of that government through riots, demonstrations or total revolution.

But in a lawless and severely corrupt country like Nigeria, it will accrue praise among his bootlickers, family members, acquaintances and sycophants.

These are people who should be rotting in life sentences and they are returned to government with glamour. Jonathan is a disgrace to Nigeria and serious attestation to the uncommonness of common sense.

The other day Bode George, an ex-convict reported delivered a Herbert Macaulay lecture. The organisers of such events are definitely brain-dead or zombies.

The same pattern of madness brought a criminal like James Ibori to empty a state treasury for 8 years and the subsequent sponsoring of Yar Adua and Jonathan with stolen loots.

The evil in Nigeria will continue to rise when these types of aberrations are normal.

How can Doyin Okupe be in government and we turned away our faces? Lagbaja is so-so right when he mentioned 150-200m mumus.

Okupe should know that in 2015 (if Nigeria is still in existence then) the likes of him, Abati and Jonathan will follow the prescription that Abati himself gave us a few years ago.

Millions of Nigerians will gladly stone people like Abati, Okupe and Jonathan at rally grounds and probably follow up to the corridor of power (thanks Abati for the tips)

If your campaign funded by looted and stolen funds ever takes you to Jos, Kaduna and most of all Maiduguri, pray you live to tell the story Mr. Okupe.