Doyin Okupe, Nigerians will rather stone you and Jonathan!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Some Nigerian rulers and power drunk employees of the Jonathan administration need to be called to order.

Doyin Okupe should be told that Nigerians will NEVER beg Jonathan to run in 2015.

If you ask me, I would rather have Jonathan out of office this minute. The guy is a waste of space and time. Under Jonathan Nigeria’s profile as probably the most corrupt country in the world gathered new momentum.

Jonathan will go down in history as the president of probes and committees. Not like the probes and committees saw the light of the day but rather that new ones are emerging daily.

Who will forget the uncountable corrupt practices under Jonathan? Jonathan defrauded Nigerians with the constant increase in petroleum products and its perpetual scarcity. Who will forget the Farouk Lawan and Otedola missing dollars? There are so many ways that Jonathan has messed up Nigeria.

These evils did not start with Jonathan but they escalated greatly under his watch making him one of the most incompetent handlers of Nigeria.

Doyin Okupe can continue to steal, loot and empty the treasury in Abuja. This is not the start for him. He’s been there for several years. What he should not do is to categorize all Nigerians as fools.

Doyin Okupe should be thankful to Farida who threw away or burnt his files at the EFCC.

In a normal country the appointment of Okupe into the presidency will have only one consequence: the end of that government through riots, demonstrations or total revolution.

But in a lawless and severely corrupt country like Nigeria, it will accrue praise among his bootlickers, family members, acquaintances and sycophants.

These are people who should be rotting in life sentences and they are returned to government with glamour. Jonathan is a disgrace to Nigeria and serious attestation to the uncommonness of common sense.

The other day Bode George, an ex-convict reported delivered a Herbert Macaulay lecture. The organisers of such events are definitely brain-dead or zombies.

The same pattern of madness brought a criminal like James Ibori to empty a state treasury for 8 years and the subsequent sponsoring of Yar Adua and Jonathan with stolen loots.

The evil in Nigeria will continue to rise when these types of aberrations are normal.

How can Doyin Okupe be in government and we turned away our faces? Lagbaja is so-so right when he mentioned 150-200m mumus.

Okupe should know that in 2015 (if Nigeria is still in existence then) the likes of him, Abati and Jonathan will follow the prescription that Abati himself gave us a few years ago.

Millions of Nigerians will gladly stone people like Abati, Okupe and Jonathan at rally grounds and probably follow up to the corridor of power (thanks Abati for the tips)

If your campaign funded by looted and stolen funds ever takes you to Jos, Kaduna and most of all Maiduguri, pray you live to tell the story Mr. Okupe.

Nigeria, Ruled By Thieves and Fraudsters like Doyin Okupe

By Adeola Aderounmu

When you have a spokesman like Doyin Okupe, then you probably have either a criminal mind or deep criminal tendencies.

Goodluck Jonathan probably considered Abati ineffective as a presidential spokesman. Abati wrote and spoke for the common people for many years before he switched sides. Under the influence of money and power true characters will always emerge. Abati has gone down in my books as one of the criminal minds in Nigerian journalism.

I knew Okupe during the 1993 presidential debate because I saw him on tv. I knew right away that he was criminally minded. He was representing the NRC which has Alhaji Tofa as its presidential candidate. MKO Abiola was definitely at his best and he rightly put Okupe in his lowly place. There are no saints in Nigeria.

Okupe was the mouthful spokesman for Obasanjo and the jobs of these spokesmen has always been to be the devil’s advocate. Someone has to do the job anyway; no matter that it is a dirty job.

Nigeria is a country-as I have repeated many times on this blog-that will probably never make it until drastic and radical changes take place.

The changes will include sentencing criminals like Okupe to prison for a very long time.

When criminals are in power, how can a country prosper?

If Jonathan can bring criminals into government, then it means the entire Nigerian presidency is full of criminals and is therefore a big fraud.

Men who have stolen from the National and state treasuries for many years are in control of Nigeria.

The hope and optimism in Nigeria baffles me.

This is a country of over 150m people with a handful of prosperous people. You can count the number of people who prospered by hard work and dedication. Several thousand defrauded the state and federal government. The private sector is not free of executive criminals.

Corruption is global as I’d always hinted. But the dimension in Nigeria is a calamity. The acceptance of corruption as a way to good life and prosperity in Nigeria is a misnomer.

That is why Jonathan can hire thieves like Okupe to be his spokesman.

Okupe is a loud-mouth who is ready to do anything for me. His ways of running down government opposition exposes how money and position can rub men of their supposed intellectualism. In that way he is of the same feather with Abati who is wasting his time in Africa’s biggest citadel of corruption and executive maladministration.

One day the Nigerian people will rise up and save themselves from these vultures, criminals and evil minds who have perfected the act of self-perpetuation since 1960. One day this anomaly will end.