Merry Christmas Nigeria!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Merry Christmas Nigeria!

It’s Christmas again!

Merry Christmas Nigeria and Nigerians!

It’s another Christmas and my heart warm greetings to Nigerians all over the world. We have endured another long and tiring year so far. We have seen some breakthroughs this year for a few of our brothers, sisters and neighbours. We have also seen the failures that continue to impede the progress of many of us and thereby depriving us of that happiness that we sought.

Many of the circumstances that steer our lives have remained beyond our control. It will be like that for some time to come because of the ugly political landscape where everyone is scooping for “self”. One thing is sure and very predictive-a CHANGE will come to Nigeria soon. It will be inexplicable but it will usher in a new dawn of prosperity. It will happen!

As we approach 2009 many of us are keeping the dreams and hopes alive. That is the best way to go about it. Keeping it alive!

We cannot afford to give up at any stage of our lives. Where there is life, there is hope. Where there is hope, there will be a way. Let us not forget to make plans even though we live in a very nasty society where plans and dreams have been crushed without mercy. Our plans are actually the things that give us hope. That is the way it works. The CHANGE to come will help us to realise our plans-the dreams.

This is my short Christmas message of hope and support because I know what it is to live in Nigeria when you are struggling against all the odds that are in your way.

Dreams do come true. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Merry Christmas once again!

The Government of Nigeria Vs Internet Warriors

By Adeola Aderounmu

If there is one war Yar Adua will NEVER win, it is this one he has decided to wage on bloggers and internet/online news services. Let no one be deceived, this regime is going down as one of the worst in Nigeria’s history. This government is not only clamping down on regular information providers (like we saw in the case of CHANNELS TELEVISION), it is also spreading its evil tentacles across the global web service.

That anyone could even think of waging war on internet/online sources of information is the height is tyranny. Let it be heralded in Nigeria that the era of global voices is here. Let it be told to stereotyped buffoons that freedom of speech and expression will never be tamed again in the present digitalised world.

If it is not yet known at the global centre of corruption aka Aso Rock, let them get it now that there is nothing they can do about blog, blogging, bloggers and freelance online journalism. It doesn’t matter if the information is junk, real, imagined, true or false. The most important thing is that information is flowing continuously in our global village. It is left for the consumers to discern or filter their intakes. Therein lies one of the toughest challenges for a daft leadership.

What responsible governments do when wrong information is flowing is to issue press statements or address press conferences to state their sides of the stories and clear the air of ambiguities. The unnecessary arrests, detention or persecution of journalists without trials are the elements of dictatorship, tyranny and undemocratic governments. To which of this category does Yar Adua belong?

Mr. Yar Adua should be told that not everyone recognises him as the president of Nigeria and there is also nothing he can do about. People have rights of association or dissociation and you cannot force your wish on all people. The era of complete dominance is over as far as the information and knowledge industries are concerned. No amount of threats, detention, persecution, arrests and killings can stop the truth.

If Yar Adua and his cohort are not aware, there are people who are now prepared to die for the truth about what is going on in Nigeria. Those are the people who know that the people’s democratic mandate was not given to the PDP in the 2007 (s)election. Many Nigerian activists and pro-democracy bodies believe that the country is on a free fall due to the absence of a legitimate and purposeful leadership.

There is no amount of Supreme Court judgements that can equate to the absence of election in Nigeria in 2007. There is nothing anyone can remove from the fact that the worst (s)election process known to mankind took place in Nigeria in 2007 under the watch of two heartless Nigerians-Obasanjo and Iwu using the ruthless machinery of the nest of killers aka PDP.

No amount of persecution of bloggers and online information services can take away the fact that Yar Adua’s government is oiled by corruption. Who does not know that Yar Adua is paying lip service to the war on corruption? Prove us wrong: tell Farida to arrest Ibori if you’ve got the liver! Show what an anti-corruption Czar is made of: go after Babangida, Obasanjo and the other corrupt governors together with whom you looted the country for 8 wasteful years! You cannot even return to any viable clinic or hospital in your home state where you held sway for 8 years! Igbinedion only has to refund a mere 3million naira after looting Edo State for 8 years. What a joke! Who is fooling who?

The person I pity most is Dora Akunyili who has refused to see and read the handwriting on the wall. Money, fame and power cannot be it all-there ought to be a time to say goodnight. As the new Minister for propaganda and misinformation, she’ll have to do silly errands and destroy the reputation that she built as the boss of NAFDAC. She will be at the war-front against bloggers and online journalists. She would be forced to explain the government’s position on the reasons for illegal arrests, detention and torture of innocent Nigerians. She will contribute to the slow death of some of the people she saved from fake drugs. She may even have the misinformation about the next lesser hajj made only for Nigerian leaders. Soon, she will find out what online warriors can do to people who mislead the public.

I wish Dora all the best in the new arena. Umaru, leave Nigerian Online Warriors alone. At least we are not competing with you and the other cronies in the looting game. We are happy travelling home to Nigeria in economy class as we do not have 12 billion dollars to fix private jet to Monaco or Minna. We are happy to tell the truth. We did it before you and we plan to do it after you. This is one battle you’ll lose because there are no bias judges or diminishing witnesses.

Dora Akunyili: How to Destroy a Reputation

By Adeola Aderounmu.

If Dora Akunyili doesn’t understand the plan of the illegal regime she is serving in, she is about to be taught a lesson. All that we know about Dora is that she has served meticulously well as the boss of NAFDAC-National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

During her tenure, she has saved millions of lives in Nigeria by preventing the spread of fake drugs in the Nigerian market. Obviously some people have been put out of business by her candid service and honest disposition. These people are annoyed and angry because they cannot import fake drugs into Nigeria from Asia.

It is such people who have “pressed the right button” and have now made it possible for Dora to be removed from NAFDAC and made the new minister for (mis)information in Nigeria. In my recent memory, I haven’t seen or heard any sane pronouncement from Nigeria’s Information Ministers or Press Secretaries. Once you get into government in Nigeria, you become stupid. Your morals are gone and your wild instincts take over you. It’s a curse!

All you do as a Minister for Information in Nigeria is to sell and propagate propaganda. Does anyone remember lesser hajj by Yar Adua-The worst lie in 2008! Dora is about to be messed up in the Nigeria Media Warfare. I feel so sorry for her already because I’m one of those who will be bashing her lies into the gutters. I’m sure I will not hesitate to call her a liar or basket mouth once she starts to say the wish and minds of the cabal or junta in Abuja.

Public service in Nigeria has a way of turning sane minds into stereotyped buffoons. Not many people have returned from Ministerial posts, governor’s position or such as normal people. They end up mega-rich from stealing and looting without limits. They forget what they see on the streets and they live behind closed doors or take endless trips abroad. Suddenly, it becomes-I’m fine, what do I care?

I am feeling sorry for Dora big time. Money, fame and power cannot be it all. There should be a time to say goodnight. It’s always when the ovation is loudest. I’m afraid she’s going down with this illegal regime. She fell for the plan and it seems she’s bracing up for the challenges.

The strongest battle in information right now is that Yar Adua is clamping down on bloggers and internet news service that are critical of his illegal government. Time will tell how Dora fits into this and we’ll see if she will endorse the “arrest or kill bloggers” policy of his master and dictartor-Umaru Yar Adua. Yar Adua must know that some of us are prepared to die for the truth. It’s a course we cannot turn away from. He is their president, our tormentor!

Did the Nigerian Supreme Court Judges get 30 million dollars?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Michael Aondoakaa should prove that he didn’t give the Nigerian Supreme Court Judges 30 million dollars. I don’t know if I should ask him to go to court to seek redress on this allegation or not. I mean, if he is alleged to have paid that sum to secure the validation of a bastardised election-the worst in human history, what else would he get from the court if not another victory?

The Leadership Newspaper definitely have no case even if they can prove that the judges got 30 million dollars to use their feeble minds rather than their hollow brains in the shallow judgement that they delivered-giving victory to an illegal president. An election that is not credible and which does not even exist has been used to produce a dishonest man as an imaginary president, thanks to a special supreme court Nigerian style. With all these fake arrangements, why would anyone go to court in Nigeria these days…?

The most annoying comment is when the Minister said that the government of Nigeria would not take away the freedom of speech. That is a very senseless comment. Who cares if the government takes away the freedom of speech? How will the government do that? Close all the television stations? Close all the newspaper enterprises? Close down all the internet services? Block all the blog services? Arrest all foreign-based bloggers as they arrive at the airport for holidays in Nigeria?

Michael, you can take everything away but never threaten people with the freedom of speech. There will be nothing people like you can do to stop this onslaught on thieving politicians and shameless looters like you.

What have you done with your position and influence? You continue to shield notorious looters like Ibori both in Nigeria and in the UK. You are not even ashamed. It is only in Nigeria that corrupt and bad people like you are seen in public services.


Nigeria on my mind

By Adeola Aderounmu

Have I been gone two years already?

I got an sms from my dad today 15th dec 2008. In it he said it was exactly two years ago when I arrived in Nigeria to pay him a visit.

Suddenly I recalled that visit to Lagos and the return trip back to Sweden two weeks later 29th dec 2006.

How time flies! I didn’t know I’ve been away for another two years taking my journey away from home to 1 month shy of 7 years. In plain terms it’s my 7th winter season.

I am missing Nigeria despite all my criticism of the government and the silly way of governance. My closest friends in Sweden are all in Nigeria already. Femi Oladele, George Ekeh and Victor Obaye among others. But I’m not going to Nigeria just yet.

I have things and families to take care of in Sweden as well. I must therefore find a way to console and compensate myself over this yuletide. I must also enjoy the warmth and company of my young family in Sweden. I must spread my love and affection and show everyone that I do care.

I’m thinking of buying myself the most expensive present ever. It will not be a replacement or a substitution for the love that I have for my country and family in Nigeria but it will be a way to say, Ade, well done for a good job in 2008.

I am wishing all my friends on facebook and in real life the best of the season. I am wishing all the members of my family a fun-filled yuletide and a memorable experience of happiness.

Our lives can only get better. Let’s keep the hopes and dreams alive!