Did the Nigerian Supreme Court Judges get 30 million dollars?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Michael Aondoakaa should prove that he didn’t give the Nigerian Supreme Court Judges 30 million dollars. I don’t know if I should ask him to go to court to seek redress on this allegation or not. I mean, if he is alleged to have paid that sum to secure the validation of a bastardised election-the worst in human history, what else would he get from the court if not another victory?

The Leadership Newspaper definitely have no case even if they can prove that the judges got 30 million dollars to use their feeble minds rather than their hollow brains in the shallow judgement that they delivered-giving victory to an illegal president. An election that is not credible and which does not even exist has been used to produce a dishonest man as an imaginary president, thanks to a special supreme court Nigerian style. With all these fake arrangements, why would anyone go to court in Nigeria these days…?

The most annoying comment is when the Minister said that the government of Nigeria would not take away the freedom of speech. That is a very senseless comment. Who cares if the government takes away the freedom of speech? How will the government do that? Close all the television stations? Close all the newspaper enterprises? Close down all the internet services? Block all the blog services? Arrest all foreign-based bloggers as they arrive at the airport for holidays in Nigeria?

Michael, you can take everything away but never threaten people with the freedom of speech. There will be nothing people like you can do to stop this onslaught on thieving politicians and shameless looters like you.

What have you done with your position and influence? You continue to shield notorious looters like Ibori both in Nigeria and in the UK. You are not even ashamed. It is only in Nigeria that corrupt and bad people like you are seen in public services.


One thought on “Did the Nigerian Supreme Court Judges get 30 million dollars?

  1. Nice one, that man Aondoakaa is a num skull, inept daft and a totally stupid PUNK, i guess his SAN conferment was based on quota system !! He never speaks intelligently in fact epitomizes the word STUPID!


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