Nigeria on my mind

By Adeola Aderounmu

Have I been gone two years already?

I got an sms from my dad today 15th dec 2008. In it he said it was exactly two years ago when I arrived in Nigeria to pay him a visit.

Suddenly I recalled that visit to Lagos and the return trip back to Sweden two weeks later 29th dec 2006.

How time flies! I didn’t know I’ve been away for another two years taking my journey away from home to 1 month shy of 7 years. In plain terms it’s my 7th winter season.

I am missing Nigeria despite all my criticism of the government and the silly way of governance. My closest friends in Sweden are all in Nigeria already. Femi Oladele, George Ekeh and Victor Obaye among others. But I’m not going to Nigeria just yet.

I have things and families to take care of in Sweden as well. I must therefore find a way to console and compensate myself over this yuletide. I must also enjoy the warmth and company of my young family in Sweden. I must spread my love and affection and show everyone that I do care.

I’m thinking of buying myself the most expensive present ever. It will not be a replacement or a substitution for the love that I have for my country and family in Nigeria but it will be a way to say, Ade, well done for a good job in 2008.

I am wishing all my friends on facebook and in real life the best of the season. I am wishing all the members of my family a fun-filled yuletide and a memorable experience of happiness.

Our lives can only get better. Let’s keep the hopes and dreams alive!

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