MAY 29 is a Fraud created by the pdp

By Adeola Aderounmu

It is very sad that some Nigerians around the world join the useless celebration of the useless pdp type of democracy. In 1999 Obasanjo came to power in Nigeria under the PDP and he was sworn in on May 29. That does not make May 29 Nigeria’s democracy day.

Obasanjo climbed on the remnant of the glory of June 12 1993 to become a “settle the Yorubas” president. Abiola won on June 12 1993 and he was imprisoned by the illiterate Abacha and murdered by Abdulsalami with the help of Bill Clinton’s messengers who gave Abiola a poison to drink.

People must not forget this and our history must not be distorted. Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-NIDO continues to act stupidly, childish and moronic when they assemble people around to world to mark May 29 as Nigeria’s Day of Democracy. That is total madness.

To even think of it, is there democracy in Nigeria? The answer is NO!
Votes have never been counted in Nigeria. It is always a settlement case in the end that one group outsmarts the other to claim victory. It depends on who controls the state or federal Electoral group.

The other week 35 governors voted in an election and after 2 weeks, no one is sure who won the election to lead the governors’s forum. In Nigeria it is impossible to count 35 votes! Yet some lame organisations are helping the useless government to celebrate democracy day.

Is there democracy in a country that cannot count 35 votes successfully?

Those who want to highlight the positives with Nigeria should continue to do so. We have our rights to choose on which side of the fence we perch. What will be unforgivable is the clear distortion and misrepresentation of the situation in Nigeria.

To include the madness of the people like Okupe and Abati (the bulldogs of Goodluck Jonathan) is not the part of today’s blog entry. Those ones have lost their minds for the love of money, fame and power. Abati and Okupe are lost dogs. The whistle make no sense to them.


Footnote: June 7, 2018. There have been contradictory views on how Abiola died and no one has been charged for his murder. Some now belived he was beaten to death on the orders of the government of Abdulsalami. Whichever version is true, Abiola died under the watch of General Abdulsalami.