Hoping in Nigeria is Hopeless

By Adeola Aderounmu

When we were younger we complained so much about Nigeria you would have thoughts that we cared genuinely for Nigeria.

There has been a slight generational shift in the Nigeria’s political space. The political parties have worn new looks. We don’t have the UPN, NPN, GNPP and the other political parties of 1979 or 1983.

As it turned out to be the problem was not with the name of the political parties. The problem has also turned out not to be exclusive to the politicians of yester-years.

After years of senseless military rule especially the Babangida regime that finally legitimized and institutionalized corruption we got new political parties.

The problem is that the attitude remains the same because it appears that the old mentalities have been passed on without any dilution into the veins of the emerging political class.

The bottom line of my argument here is that the present generations of administrators/politicians in Nigeria are a disgrace to Nigeria.

With all the noise they made as youth leaders or local representatives they have now entered the stage of bigger deceit and a culture of corruption.

I have no hope in Nigeria because I thought by now the people we have in government will be radicals bringing about radical changes and doing all they can to zero corruption.

These are not so. The slogan has been “ I go chop my own” or “if me too reach there I must chop”.
So who will help this hopeless country when the common erroneous mentality is that politics is meant for looting (and it remains largely so).

The things we complained about as young people have become worse.

Now that we have a chance we have blown it.

We have continued a culture of failure and sycophancy.

The present generations of Nigerian politicians or public servants are a total waste of space and public funds.

It’s a sad situation that the rest of us settled for less and worship these fools and idiots the same way we worship the political troops of 1979 and 1983.

It is hopeless to have hope in Nigeria.

A Move that Should Send the Jonathan Government Packing!

By Adeola Aderounmu

The tasks facing Nigerians continue to pile up. More than ever before Nigerians need to rise up and stop the evil once and for all time.

What is subsidy on petroleum products?

Since time immemorial Nigeria’s oil wealth has been looted, mismanaged and plundered.

The government of Jonathan is making no serious efforts to get Nigeria’s money from the likes of Babangida and thousands of politicians who have looted and mismanaged the economy.

How much is the government going to re-coup from the subsidy? How much is being looted daily in Nigeria and how much money do we have draining away from the national treasury every minute?

Babangida is keeping over 12 billion dollars. Bankole, David Mark, all former governors and all former and current government officials are keeping/looting several billions in different banks scattered around the country and around the world.

More than a million times we have said that individuals like Babangida should return our looted funds. Nothing happened. We are still shouting that looting should stop and looted funds should be returned even if it is from the Jonathans. This has not happened.

Abacha’s loot that was returned disappeared under the watch of Okonjo-Iweala and Obasanjo. No trace of the funds and these people are still in government or active from the sideline.

More than a million times we have said that it is not sustainable for the Nigerian lawmakers to continue to earn billions of naira annually while the rest of the country is on a freefall.

Nigerian politicians are the richest in the world while the ordinary people of Nigeria are among the poorest in the world.

How many times are we going to write and cry out loud that these things cannot continue the way they are.

The only way now to keep the mouths of Nigerian politicians wide and big to fit their extravagant life styles and unbelievably enormous wages is to tax the poor and needy and make them poorer and needier by making them pay more for petrol and kerosene.

Obasanjo and his co-travelers stole billions of naira meant for the power sector. Today Nigerians live in absolute darkness. Nigerians use all kinds of deadly generator sets to power their homes and offices. Noise pollution and severe environmental degradation means that life threatening factors have increased astronomically.

Over a long period of several years, more than half of a century Nigerian politicians and military gangsters collectively ruined the country economically, politically and morally.

Human dignity in Nigeria is on the negative axis.

The crooks in government continue to award all kinds of contracts to themselves. They never did what they promised. Instead they stole the monies for the contracts without doing anything. Nigeria was grounded on all fronts!

We know that the fight against corruption will continue to be superficial and pretentious because Jonathan and his wife have been accused of corruption.

Now Nigerians are been prepared for more days of evil and unknown years of grief.

Jonathan and his economic team want to increase the price per liter of petrol. The subsidy part of it is the malicious expression of their collective malformed mentalities. The successive evil governments in Nigeria have used the same phrase over the years and it has always worked.

It has always worked to put Nigerians in both chains and bondages.

If l could l will make this the last evil government in Nigeria.

What has changed since the prices of petroleum products started its artificial way upward in 1978? Our lives have only gone worse. The standards and quality still getting lower as the cost kept its rising profile.

The constant part of it is that the people looting and stealing have remained at large. They and now the Jonathan crew are living in opulence. They have no clue what it means for the rest of us to be jobless or to live on poverty wage of N18 000 per month.

Can Jonathan live on N18 000 per month? Even a maid or a houseboy cannot live on that!

Nigeria must NEVER, l repeat NEVER allow the price of petrol to go above what it is today. Nigerians should defend what is left of their already debased dignity.

Nigerians should fight Jonathan and anyone who tries to increase the cost of petroleum products. They should do so with the last drop of blood in their veins.

At all or any cost, Nigerians make sure that this man from the delta creeks does not add to the avalanche of burdens facing them.

The only reason any deceptive ruler will increase the cost of petroleum products again in Nigeria will be to increase the looting monies available to looters and useless Nigerian politicians.

Life is already too expensive. Why make it worse?

What has been done with the money that accrued from the increase in petroleum products since 1999, that is under the most useless party in Africa?

Why is the Nigerian government constantly in the need to remove the subsidy? As far as Nigerians are concerned there is no subsidy on petroleum products.

What have been missing since 1960 are good leadership and future-planning sane people in Nigerian government.

Is it the fault of the masses that Nigerian refineries are not working?

Is it the fault of the Nigerian people that the useless Nigerian government keeps importing petrol? Isn’t that a scandal that should be tackled?

So in four years Jonathan will not turn the Nigerian petroleum industry around? Of course not! How can he fight the power that controls him?

So, since 1999 PDP cannot make Nigeria work? Maybe there are no functional brains in the PDP!

No one in the Jonathan economic team can reason out that the best way is to find permanent solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

What blueprints is this fake transformation based upon?

What does the bad government mean by promising to provide infrastructure only after it has removed the subsidies?

Nigerians have endured more than 50 years of senselessness in government. We can endure till that time when a sensible government will plan for our children. Our lives are already wasted. My future was stolen before I was born. What else can I lose?

Our children and the generation coming after should be the focus. Therefore this talk about subsidy is evil machinery that should be met with the greatest possible resistance that will if necessary bring an abrupt end to the order of things and send all these wicked men and women into permanent exile or prisons.

Nigerians don’t need any cosmetic solution to the problems that have been created by 51 years of looting and continuous corruption.

Build the refineries. Stop importing petrol. Take away all forms of corruption in government.

Recover all stolen funds at all cost and by all means! Make them visible and accountable!

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to build the refineries. It is a task that must be done.

It doesn’t matter what it takes to fight corruption, it must be done. It doesn’t matter what it takes to get rid of the cabal in the administration, or in the economic sector or in the executive or judiciary. These things must be done.

it doesn’t matter how long it takes to recover all looted funds and whoever is keeping them, these funds must show face!

Jonathan must never be allowed to increase the cost of petroleum products. What he and the blood-suckers in the economic group including the corrupt people in the ministry of finance must be told is that only permanent solutions are acceptable.

If Jonathan’s government take out the imaginary subsidy on petroleum products to satisfy the greedy needs of his gang Nigeria should make sure that his government is thrown out in the days that follow. Nigerians cannot afford one more evil government.

The other day a man died in Oyo state while waiting on the queue for a verification exercise that will fetch him N1000 in pension. This is in the same country where already corrupt lawmakers and politicians effortlessly cart away billions of naira in allowances daily.

Nigerians wasted their time, votes and probably their lives voting for the PDP government in 2011. Nigerians lied to themselves; they said they voted for Jonathan and not PDP. Nigerians brought this new evil upon themselves but it is never too late to counter-act unless you are dead.

Now that Nigerians know that Jonathan is PDP and PDP is Jonathan I wondered what they are going to do about it. Nigerian should ponder deeply about that.

The proposed removal of the subsidy on petroleum products should be the last test of resilience for Nigerians. If it happens Nigerian should sack this government immediately. Arise O’ compatriots..!

Steve Jobs-A Simple Life. R.I.P

Adeola Aderounmu

Steve Job has left an indelible mark on the sand of time.

He is one of the few men who believe that simple ideas back with concrete actions can change the world.

I am not an IT expert so I can’t do xray analyses of his job and his executive roles in Apple.

I remember how the news of his exit from mainstream Apple humbled me and my friend in August. We just didn’t know that he would leave permanently so soon afterwards.

Apple has many critics and a number of competitors. It’s natural. I bought a Samsung surf pad because I wanted to have unlimited access to applications but it doesn’t take away my love for my I-phone 3GS or for Ipad2 that was the opportunity cost of my 10.1 Tab.

In such a short history and limited space of time Steve gave the world the best of quality and durability.
For all the successes he kept a reasonably low profile and led a quiet life.

There are only a few men who can sustain their fame and successes at that optimum range.

We’ve seen and heard several stories of successful and wealthy men/women who went bankrupt because they could not manage their successes. Many men/women get intoxicated with wealth and they soon lose focus and track. Some died because they could not manage their fame and money.

It is not a function of the trade or business which we ply. In some ways our take on/aftermath of successes and wealth may be a function of our mentalities. How these connect to our intellectual capacities/education may be open for debate.

But we must try to separate Steve from Apple no matter how difficult that may be. He was a person. He was straight forward and sincere. No one has told me how he boasted. He is probably humility personified.

From those of us with backgrounds in Africa where our rulers are cruel and thoughtless we wished they could picture a life of Steve Jobs and see that services and dedication to humanity cannot be sacrificed at the altar of fame and successes.

The question of the pursuit of happiness remained to be answered. Satiation or the absence of it can also be viewed from the point of view of personal satisfaction or personal fulfillment.

What about the role of motivation?

Why some men are motivated to impact positively on our lives while other people are dangerously inspired to impact negatively even without seeing it that way remains a curious question? This is the danger of living in for example

Nigeria where there is almost absence of checks and balances. Probity is gone with the winds.

Living in denial is self-crucifixion. It is hard to absorb the diverse opinions that have permanently relegated service and deliverance of good governance to the archive in Nigeria.

With Steve Jobs in my mind I am convinced that a simple life can avail much. In Steve Jobs a simple life did much than the arrogance and stupidity of corrupt leaders. It has more effect than vain prayers and empty worships.

It is what I’d always thought will prevail that one day people who took too much or thought too much about themselves will see how simple things, even simple actions can change the world forever.

Thank you Steve for the examples you gave, for your speeches, for the things you did or produced and for the future that will be shaped based on your contributions.

A rare gem is gone. Adieu!


Nigeria Failed to Qualify for 2012 Nations Cup..!

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria has failed to reach the African Nations Cup Competition that is slated for Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in 2012.

Guinea* 6 4 2 0 13 5 14
Nigeria 6 3 2 1 12 5 11
Ethiopia 6 2 1 3 8 13 6
Madagascar 6 0 1 5 4 14 1

*Guinea Qualified Table source:BBC

There is no need for over reaction to this expected outcome. The deed was done in Ethiopia when Nigeria drew 2-2 with the Ethiopians. Guineans thrashed Ethiopians 1-4.

Out of necessity Nigerians Madagascar at home 0-2 but it was too late. Guinea sealed her place at the Nations Cup when it thrashed Nigeria 1-0 at home in October 2010.

Football is a team work and this has been over flogged in debates. But the final phase of the teamwork is reflected on the pitch over a period of 90 minutes.

The teamwork is not about the footballers only. It is about the structure and the operations of each country’s football federation.

When something as serious as Nigeria missing a Nation’s cup goes wrong, a lot of issues are brought into questioning or focus.

What is the current level or standard of football in Nigeria?

What are the statutory functions of the Football Association?

What has the Football Association done in the last 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years to promote the development of football in Nigeria?

How do we make selections for the national team? Do we have a neutral selection process or are we still in the primitive era of using influence, position and bribe to secure player’s position in the national team?

How old are our players in the age-group competitions? How can we optimize the potentials of our players to the best result possible?

Going back to the Football Association, who are the people running the association? Do they know what football is or are they in the association because they stupidly belong to one geographical region in Nigeria?

Have we ever in the history of Nigeria allowed technical know-how and professionalism guide our judgments and decisions in the running of our sports in general?

The problem as it turned out to be is not peculiar to football. Nigerian Sports if practically dead!
We are hardly seen in world championships-field and track, athletics and so on-yet we still foolishly adhered to that rotten title-Giant of Africa.

It is a sad situation. Nigerians should cry for Nigeria not just because the glory of Sports is gone-but also because the glory of the country belongs to the past.

All these national ailments can be traced back to our collective mentalities-how we do things and how we let bad things pass for good.

Nigeria’s problem has become not just an ordinary labyrinth; it is also a convoluted one.

It is hard to make amends because so far no ruler or person in authority has been bold enough to start the cleansing process while the guilty are in their current positions. Nigerian government is in love with witch-hunting and shadow chasing.

But maybe someday, someone would realize that in everything that we do we need a fresh start.

In the sport Ministry maybe we can start by seeking the services of professionals to run to our football associations. Maybe we now need a blue print to help us develop football in Nigeria. When I was young we had reasons to pursue excellence in both our academic and sports activities.

There were local and regional competitions to look forward to, both in sports and academics. These things were good for our bodies, minds and souls.

[03-05/09/10: Nigeria 2-0 Madagascar
03-05/09/10: Ethiopia 1-4 Guinea
08-10/10/10: Madagascar 0-1 Ethiopia
08-10/10/10: Guinea 1-0 Nigeria
25-27/03/11: Nigeria 4-0 Ethiopia
25-27/03/11: Madagascar 1-1 Guinea
03-06/06/11: Ethiopia 2-2 Nigeria
03-06/06/11: Guinea 4-1 Madagascar
02-04/09/11: Madagascar 0-2 Nigeria
02-04/09/11: Guinea 1-0 Ethiopia
07-09/10/11: Ethiopia 4-2 Madagascar
07-09/10/11: Nigeria 2-2 Guinea] Source: BBC African Football

Nigerian youth today don’t realize what they have missed and how their childhood and future have been stolen from them. It is almost a crime against humanity that children and youth are deprived of their fundamental human rights.

Rather than cry over spilled milk Nigerians should take a look inward and ask themselves-what went wrong? What went wrong was not the game in Abuja which ended 2-2. Several things have gone wrong before that game that was played under tension and pressure.

If we find out those things that are/went wrong and how long we have coped pretentiously with those anomalies, then we are probably on a good start to finding the solutions. Hopefully someday we will also stop repeating our mistakes.

Congratulations to the Guinean National Team for this great achievement. The 10m inhabitants must be jubilating for their triumph over a country of 150m people.

Being a giant in whatever field at all is a measure of achievements and golden strides. For Guinea this is a gigantic achievement. Let those countries living on past glories wake up for their slumbers. The world is moving forward, never backwards.

In Gabon and Eq. Guuinea come 2012, African giants in football will be clashing. Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and Egypt have a lot to learn from the history that will be made in 2012.