Hoping in Nigeria is Hopeless

By Adeola Aderounmu

When we were younger we complained so much about Nigeria you would have thoughts that we cared genuinely for Nigeria.

There has been a slight generational shift in the Nigeria’s political space. The political parties have worn new looks. We don’t have the UPN, NPN, GNPP and the other political parties of 1979 or 1983.

As it turned out to be the problem was not with the name of the political parties. The problem has also turned out not to be exclusive to the politicians of yester-years.

After years of senseless military rule especially the Babangida regime that finally legitimized and institutionalized corruption we got new political parties.

The problem is that the attitude remains the same because it appears that the old mentalities have been passed on without any dilution into the veins of the emerging political class.

The bottom line of my argument here is that the present generations of administrators/politicians in Nigeria are a disgrace to Nigeria.

With all the noise they made as youth leaders or local representatives they have now entered the stage of bigger deceit and a culture of corruption.

I have no hope in Nigeria because I thought by now the people we have in government will be radicals bringing about radical changes and doing all they can to zero corruption.

These are not so. The slogan has been “ I go chop my own” or “if me too reach there I must chop”.
So who will help this hopeless country when the common erroneous mentality is that politics is meant for looting (and it remains largely so).

The things we complained about as young people have become worse.

Now that we have a chance we have blown it.

We have continued a culture of failure and sycophancy.

The present generations of Nigerian politicians or public servants are a total waste of space and public funds.

It’s a sad situation that the rest of us settled for less and worship these fools and idiots the same way we worship the political troops of 1979 and 1983.

It is hopeless to have hope in Nigeria.

3 thoughts on “Hoping in Nigeria is Hopeless

  1. The problems with Nigeria is the Puppets leaders. In order for change to take place they must let go of the United Snakes hand. No way they can solve the problems shaking hands with the problem.


  2. I agree with you. The western countries are Enablers. Nigerians generally are just contented and selfish. Oct1stMovement .Org has gone live, Enough Is Enough we are taking Nigeria back Nov29t a day of Solidarity and Patriotism, wear your Green White Green spread the word.


  3. My thoughts exactly. Nigeria’s soul has already been eaten out by rampant corruption and a culture of mediocrity. All you have left is the carcass of a nation. An empty shell. A ghost of a country. A pack of cards. A moth-eaten edifice, that threatens to fall at the blow of a whiff of wind. Nigeria died many years ago. It’s stench continues to poison its inhabitants. This eyesore needs an urgent burial.


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