No One is Safe in Abuja and Northern Nigeria

Adeola Aderounmu

I doubt that even president Jonathan is feeling safe in Abuja. Let us imagine that he is attending a ceremony at Sheraton in Abuja say in February 2012 and suddenly the entire building blows up. Let us imagine that no one comes out alive from the ceremony.

Is it worth dying for what you don’t believe in? I don’t think so. I think it is senselessness and stupidity to waste one’s life and that of others.

Nigerian politicians and other stakeholders who are beneficiaries of the senseless situation in Nigeria are hiding away from the truth. But with the security situation out of control and Nigeria gradually and slowly nearing that chaos that would ultimately tear it apart, isn’t it more reasonable to give Northern Nigeria to the Northerners?
Isn’t it time for us to go back to our regions and leave Abuja alone?

No, they always argue because they are beneficiaries of a corrupt system where stupid people and morons hold sway. They think the rest of us are unfortunate and that we are their slaves.

Boko Haram has come to stay not only because of the weakness of the Jonathan administration but also as a result of 51 years of extremely bad governments. Corruption and outright madness prevails in the Nigerian political experiments.

External terrorist forces are now established in Nigeria and we must find a way to ease them out.

With Nigeria in mind and the wars around the world in the name of freedom, democracy has come to represent the hallmark of human failures. Liberia is nearing another round of chaos in the name of bad elections and foreign interferences.

President Jonathan of Nigeria must know that a burning house has no master or lord. Nigeria is burning and the rate of combustion is remarkable. How long before Abuja goes up in flames?

All the people living in Abuja and Northern Nigeria are now no longer safe. They are constantly exposed to danger and threats that can consume them and their loved ones at any time. Is this the life we chose?

The longer Nigerians wait before they return to regional government, the more catastrophic the disintegration will be when it finally arrives-with full force.

An idea whose time has come, or an idea whose time for return is near, cannot be stopped.

It is time to return power to the regions. President Jonathan and his army of corrupt men and women at the National Assembly can still try hard enough to redeem what is left of their almost irredeemable corrupt images. They can stop stealing and face the reality of the lives we live for once.

They can call for referendum on the way forward or they can call for sovereign national conference. In that case Boko Haram will have no excuse. They will send representatives who will speak for them on how they want to lead their lives in North-East Nigeria. At that time, the failure of Boko Haram to make representation can then be met with a full scale war and possible outcome can be the wiping out of anything Boko Haram.

Obviously we had regions before the stupid creation of states by the military. It is easy for me to argue that people should belong to the regions they were in before the creation of states.

In the case of arguments and rife, long negotiations should set in and in the end agreeable compromises can be made, no matter how long it will take.

Not doing anything about the current situation in Nigeria is even worse. It is as worse as anybody or anyone including the selfish politicians and rest of us can be consumed by the Boko Haram phenomenon.

We are already consumed by many evils and anomalies, including lack of water, lack of road and lack of electricity. Our life expectancy is below 40 years. A dose of Boko Haram is adding salt to our sored injuries. The dilemma in

Nigeria is one of the biggest crimes against humanity that I know.

Nigerians should wake up and for once have a say in how they want to lead their lives in their various regions. If the wave of Boko Haram spread to all parts of Nigeria, it may be too late to discuss. At that time, we will be fighting fresh rounds of civil war. The devastations will be worse than the Biafra war.

I don’t think we can afford that. Even Africa and the world cannot afford a full blown war in Nigeria.

So, let’s talk and act immediately now and stop pretending that all is well.

One thought on “No One is Safe in Abuja and Northern Nigeria

  1. …what we are affraid of as come to stay in our LOVELY COUNTRY, but the only remedy to it is PRAYER AND DIVINE DIRECTION. Because those that has experienced it first, are still fighting with all strategies. But still in existence!


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