Super Falcons’ Dilemma: The Shame Drops on Buhari’s Table!

I salute the courage of the Super Falcons. I salute the tenacity of their actions and their boldness. I stand with the Super Falcons in condemning the maltreatment of women in Nigeria/Africa/anywhere in the world.

Super Falcons’ Dilemma: The Shame Drops on Buhari’s Table!

By Adeola Aderounmu


The government of Nigeria under president Buhari has no shame. This type of government is what the Yorubas call Agbaya. In fact, some people think that Nigeria is on auto-pilot. How else can we explain the maltreatment of the Super Falcons of Nigeria, the champions of Africa?

The glamorous girls won the African women championship. They defeated Cameroun 1-0 in Yaounde since December 3 2016.

The Super Falcons won the tournament for a record 8th time. They dominate the championship in Africa. Winning the trophy is equivalent to the male footballers winning the African Cup of Nations and Nigeria has only succeeded 3 times (1980, 1994 and 2013)

But these beautiful ladies have dominated the women edition and they have continuously reminded Africa and the world of the fighting spirit of the Nigerian woman.

The government of Nigeria, over several years, maintains a chaotic and a well documented embarassing history of disagreements with sportmen and women.  The government of Nigeria ia good at not keeping promises and not rewarding dignity in labour.

The change that was promised by the APC-Buhari mandate was supposed to be a comprehensive process and the change was supposed to address or redress everything done wrongly in the past.

However it appears that the ”change” promised by the APC-Buhari mandate is a scam!

Sadly too, rather than ”change” the APC-Buhari mandate has magnified the problems in Nigeria. The level of embarassment is a new record in Nigerian sport for example.

In recent memory, at a time that government officials and even the families of the president were making hitch-free trips around the world, the Nigerian male olympic team was stuck in Atlanta in the US because of matters relating purely to finance and payments. They almost did not make it to the Olympics game where they later won the bronze.

The case of the Falcons should never have degenerated to the point where the girls would now be demonstrating and ”begging” for rewards at the doorsteps of the National Assembly and Aso Rock. These two places in Nigeria are where the most rot and wastages are taking place. The girls knew where to go.

As the president of Nigeria, Mr. Buhari was supposed to make haste not only to congratulate the girls (which he actually did very well), but also to ensure that their first stop in Nigeria is the Aso Villa for rewards and awards.

When will Nigeria stop rewarding criminals? When will Nigeria start rewarding citizens who are honest and patriotic?

On the plights of the Super Falcons,  Mr. Buhari has failed again. In many ways and in many situations where leadership is in request, Mr. Buhari has failed. The APC-Buhari mandate is failing.

To show the extent of the ineptitude of the APC-Buhari mandate, the minister of sport in Nigeria came out and announced to the world that the government of Buhari did not expect the Falcons to win the continental tournament in Yaounde.

The statement has a lot of weight and if Nigeria was indeed a real country, president Buhari should have been impeached or shown the way out of office by now. But in Nigeria, the rulers are paramount and the politicians are lords of the loots and owners of the country.

If the Falcons had won silver at the tournament in Cameroun, they would not have been given any reward or recognition at all. That was the implication of the minister’s statement. The minister represents Mr. Buhari and he is a significant revelation of the failure of the APC-Buhari mandate.

Even if there was no money at the time the final whistle went in Yaounde, it became a matter of national priority at that point that the president and the sport ministry go shopping. That is what leaders do. That is what visionary people do.

They solve problems. They never pass the burden to the people who should be praised or rewarded. It is extremely shameful and embarassing that government like this exist. The APC-Buhari mandate houses people and rulers who don’t care or give a damn about the sufferings of the people who served and sacrificed for the country.

The news of the plights of the Super Falcon is now global. What does that say about the image of a presidency preaching the change begins with me? Indeed the change must begin with the APC-Buhari mandate. For, you cannot preach change to the people and keep doing things the dirty old ways. Change doesn’t work that way.

Nigeria is rotten and the country is going no where with the types of non-thinkers trying to shape the future of the country. The country is on the way to perdition. The country needs freshness.

I salute the courage of the Super Falcons. I salute the tenacity of their actions and boldness. I stand with the Super Falcons in condemning the maltreatment of women in Nigeria/Africa/anywhere in the world.

I condemn in the strongest term the hypocrisy of Mr. Buhari who is always quick to respond to events in foreign countries and extremely very slow and insensitive to the plights of Nigerians at home. Charity must always begin at home.

I condemn with the sharpest tone the existence of a nonentity as the sport minister in Nigeria.

I stand with the likes of Mikel Obi who gave their all for Nigeria at the expense of place in his beloved Chelsea.

I stand with all the members of the Super Falcons who left their teams at home and abroad to represent their motherland.  I stand with the coaches and technical crew who made Nigeria proud.

I stand with the super falcons and every sport man and woman sweating water and blood in the name of patriotism to Nigeria.


FIFA, Nigeria and Under-17 age cheat: Leave Amiesimaka alone

A message to FIFA

by Adeola Aderounmu.

Amiesimaka is an ex-international for the Nigerian Green Eagles. He wrote about the Nigerian under-17 team and that there are overage players in the Nigerian team. He is right! Nigeria always field players who are older than 17 and that is why many of the boys disappear into thin air after the competitions. Only a negligible percentage of them play football for 5 or 10 years more after the age competitions.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) should leave Amiesimaka alone and stop deceiving the world. As Nigerians we cannot deceive ourselves, we know the truth. Of course there are several countries fielding over age players in these FIFA age group competitions. The only way out is for FIFA to disqualify teams/ countries that cheat. For example countries that cheat should face ban of up to 10 years. Without that FIFA is just wasting time with these age-group competitions, esp the under 17. It’s all rubbish!

Some people argue that Amiesimaka would have been mute if he was part of the LOC. That can be argued. If he was in the LOC, maybe he would have prevented over age players from being registered. Perhaps he could have used his experience to assist NFF in identifying over age players that are not detected or tested by the MRI used by FIFA. We will never know the role that Amiesimaka would have played if he was in the LOC. But it is stupidity to think or conclude that he would be a part to age-cheat. It is carelessness to think that he would encourage that.

The ball is always back to FIFA’s court. The players that Amiesimaka have pointed out should be tested by the MRI. If the players are found to have lied about their ages, Nigeria should be disqualified and sent packing. The country should be disqualified for a decade if possible. As mentioned earlier FIFA should intensity the MRI and try to detect if other countries have also cheated. To do nothing about this allegation is to further encourage corruption in football. It will be true to speculation that football is run like a mafia organisation-that host country/team for example can get away with football crimes.

For us as a country we need men and women of honour. We need people who can speak the truth and live by it. We live in a country in search of honour and integrity. We live in a time when corruption, lies, deceit, unfaithfulness and political madness have destroyed our sense of social responsibilities (including sports). Somewhere along the line (with revelations like this one from Amiesimaka) there are still signs of hope that Nigeria will rise again. This will only be possible with men and women of honour who have what it takes to lead by good examples.

Rest In Peace, Ladi Lawal

By Adeola Aderounmu

I mourn the death of Ladi Lawal. He was the Group Managing Director of DAAR Communications, owners of AIT, AFRICAN INDEPENDENT TELEVISION.

Ladi Lawal WAS a symbol of the Nigerian struggle for real democracy and emancipation of the masses. He worked tirelessly and endlessly to contribute to the development of journalism and sports in Nigeria.

I would not to able to highlight all of his achievements and contributions here. His life is worth documenting in a book for posterity to learn from.

Condolence have poured in from all the four corners of Nigeria and even from France and the United States through the US Embassy in Nigeria.

His death is a real blow and a tragedy to Nigeria.

May Ladi’s soul find peace.