Nigeria, Ruled By Thieves and Fraudsters like Doyin Okupe

By Adeola Aderounmu

When you have a spokesman like Doyin Okupe, then you probably have either a criminal mind or deep criminal tendencies.

Goodluck Jonathan probably considered Abati ineffective as a presidential spokesman. Abati wrote and spoke for the common people for many years before he switched sides. Under the influence of money and power true characters will always emerge. Abati has gone down in my books as one of the criminal minds in Nigerian journalism.

I knew Okupe during the 1993 presidential debate because I saw him on tv. I knew right away that he was criminally minded. He was representing the NRC which has Alhaji Tofa as its presidential candidate. MKO Abiola was definitely at his best and he rightly put Okupe in his lowly place. There are no saints in Nigeria.

Okupe was the mouthful spokesman for Obasanjo and the jobs of these spokesmen has always been to be the devil’s advocate. Someone has to do the job anyway; no matter that it is a dirty job.

Nigeria is a country-as I have repeated many times on this blog-that will probably never make it until drastic and radical changes take place.

The changes will include sentencing criminals like Okupe to prison for a very long time.

When criminals are in power, how can a country prosper?

If Jonathan can bring criminals into government, then it means the entire Nigerian presidency is full of criminals and is therefore a big fraud.

Men who have stolen from the National and state treasuries for many years are in control of Nigeria.

The hope and optimism in Nigeria baffles me.

This is a country of over 150m people with a handful of prosperous people. You can count the number of people who prospered by hard work and dedication. Several thousand defrauded the state and federal government. The private sector is not free of executive criminals.

Corruption is global as I’d always hinted. But the dimension in Nigeria is a calamity. The acceptance of corruption as a way to good life and prosperity in Nigeria is a misnomer.

That is why Jonathan can hire thieves like Okupe to be his spokesman.

Okupe is a loud-mouth who is ready to do anything for me. His ways of running down government opposition exposes how money and position can rub men of their supposed intellectualism. In that way he is of the same feather with Abati who is wasting his time in Africa’s biggest citadel of corruption and executive maladministration.

One day the Nigerian people will rise up and save themselves from these vultures, criminals and evil minds who have perfected the act of self-perpetuation since 1960. One day this anomaly will end.

Obama’s Victory: The Lessons for Nigeria’s Do-Or-Die Politicians

Adeola Aderounmu

The American Electoral System is a modified form of democracy in itself. The people have become used to the system after 200 years and they are satisfied with how it works.

In my country of birth Nigeria one is constantly worried about the nature of the politics. Nigeria’s politics is a disgrace to humanity. It is depicted by lack of common sense and it does not serve the purpose for which it is intended.

Nigeria’s politics is bloody and deadly. It raises violent men and women and suppresses intellectualism.

Nigeria became an independent country in 1960 and since then it has been from grace to grass politically because someone fools and idiots ran the show using violence, arson and aggression.

In very worrying situations, intellectuals have been part of this worrying politics.

It is so sad because Nigerians are not ready or willing to change their violent democratic principles.

Check out this joke on facebook:


•Don’t celebrate yet, Romney tells Obama (TELL magazine)

•Concede defeat, Obama urges Romney (Punch newspaper)

• 20 opposition cadres riot (The Sun newspaper)

• Romney Demands Vote Recount (Vanguard newspaper)

• Elections rigged (Guardian newspaper)

• No evidence of manipulation (NTA news)

• The Church declares elections free and fair (News Line)

• There will be violence if we lose; Romney declares (LTV 8 news)

• Election results for Arizona awaited (Channels news)

• Trucks with suspected ballot papers crosses into USA from Mexico (Tribune newspaper)

• Romney is an opportunist – Go back to your farm (AIT news)

• I will not accept results, Romney tells Obama (STV news)

• McCain heads to Election Petition Tribunal (MITV)

• White Majority rejects results (PM News)

• Kenyan Big Boy Senator Obama Throws Lavish Party to celebrate Election Victory (City People)

• Free for all fight at Obama rally in Grant Park (Channels TV)

• Northern elders, Arewa and Sultan rejects results (ThisDay)

• Republicans and Democrats supporters clash in Ketu and Ajangbadi, 14 dead, Romney threatens more heads will roll. (Sahara Reports)

• The people behind Obama’s victory: True story uncovered (Newswatch)

Funny. But Let’s Be Objective This Would Have Been The Report If USA Was Nigeria.

Food For Thought.
Learn And Change (likely source, ENVOY MAG facebook page)

These imaginary headlines are so true and sad.

Nigeria will not have a free and fair election in the nearest future because the political structures are weak and the system of government is very sickling.

True federalism is needed and there is an urgent need to take power away from the center.

The people of Nigeria actually need a referendum to decide on the future of the British creation. This is why Biafra will never go away no matter how much it is suppressed by the reigning gangsters in Abuja.

The poverty in Nigeria is tied to the recklessness of the political status quo that promotes nepotism and total corruption. Total corruption is the state where almost everything in a system is corrupt and where the mentality of attaining sufficiency and happiness are tied to malpractice and ills rather than common good. This is the situation in Nigeria and it is very sad.

If this generation is too cowardly and too corrupt to make the radical changes, I am convinced that one generation in the future (no matter how long it takes) will make it right. It will never be too late to catch up with the rest of the world if the world doesn’t end today.

Obama’s Victory: My Takes

Adeola Aderounmu

Barack Obama will lead the USA for another 4 years. Mitt Romney, the republican candidate lost the key states and lost the election.

Four years ago I was an Obama enthusiast. Today my views are completely indifferent. I didn’t stay up to follow the election but I must congratulate Obama for winning another 4 year term to lead the United States.

There are so many things to work on in the United States and globally as well.

The economy in the United States requires a quick turnover so that the unemployment rates can be reduced and many people can work to get a better life. There are lingering problems with house ownership, mortgage and health-care delivery among many others.

There will not be a perfect country or a perfect world but the situation can be much better than it is now. Four past years of Obama may not have been miraculous; the four coming years must be if the expectations of the electorates are to be met.

In several ways the Senate and the house of reps have a lot to do in working together to make America a better place.

But when the years row by and things don’t work according to plans, I hope the people will know where to look at. The USD 2 billion that saw the election campaigns through definitely came from some pockets and there were key players. Are people paying attention to the key donors and their interests? It is up to the American to do their homework.

On the foreign scene I didn’t like the role the US played in the death of Gadhafi. Ghadhafi was not a saint, nor is anyone of us. But Libya was prosperous and probably the best African country to live in under Gadhafi. There were the oppressed people in Libya (including strangely Nigerians) , there were people tortured by Gadhafi. There are ways to go by these symptoms of dictatorship that are far better than the killing of Gadhafi. What about not throwing the dirty water away with the baby in it?

Saudi Arabia has no democracy and this has never been criticized by the United States. Hence the double or even triple standard of the United States under Obama gave me concerns.

I pity the Syrians. One day they will wake up and realize how they have inflicted harm and injuries to one another without finding the reasons why they did so. Two or more wrongs have never made a right in historical perspectives. They can ask Liberia and Somalia what it means to live for decades without a functional government. Liberia is trying to get back on track and Somalia is still among the most dangerous places on earth.

In the Middle East generally, many issues have reached boiling points. I don’t blame other countries for the woes of a given country but the expectations and hopes are usually hinged on the US and her foreign policy.

China presents news and old challenges through her new leadership and old trades.

The bar has now been raised as Obama enters another term in office. I wish him all the best.

I wish my friends and acquaintances in the US the best of these four years. I hope they won’t look back four years from now and wished they’d made a different choice.

The future you know or can predict is the one you create. In a constantly changing world where the circumstances around you are often out of your control, it will definitely by impossible to create a perfect future.

Free the Biafran Soldiers

Adeola Aderounmu

Mr. Ben Onwuka, the leader of the Biafra Zionist Movement along with hundreds of his supporters have been arrested today after declaring the republic of Biafra in Enugu.

Details of the entire scenario and the riots/demonstrations are still sketchy.

My views about Biafra are clear. The people of Eastern Nigeria have the right to leave Nigeria but the approach and manner must be modern and acceptable. They could ask for a referendum through their representatives at the local, state and federal levels and seek a way forward.

The people of Eastern Nigeria can go a step further to make representations at the United Nations and push for global diplomatic supports.

One missing link in the new struggle for the actualization of Biafra is the absence of the voice of reasons. Do the Igbo leaders or rulers support the new aspirations? What is the position of the leadership or rulership of the Igbos?

These rulers or leaders cannot be hiding or creating incitements without a proper public declaration for the support of the aspirations of the people.

At the burial of late Ojukwu, sentiments were high and the Biafran flags were flying high. Just recently Achebe published his memoirs about the war. Some Igbos read the book and advised even on facebook that it was time to return to “their tents”.

Yes, in due time everybody will return to their tents. It will not matter how long it takes. Even these feeble generations of Nigerians don’t do the right thing, their children or grandchildren will do it-that is break up the fake marriage of completely different bed mates.

One day the different nations trapped within Nigeria will break apart and these break-ups will lead the biggest proliferation of nations ever seen in the history of man. It will happen even if this generation, like the previous generations continues to deny the knowledge of the truth of where the fake country is heading.

The greatest oppositions to the break-up as history and the present have revealed are those who are benefitting from the plundering of Nigeria.

They can live out their lives with these lies. Life afterall is transient. But truth is constant and one day those who cannot stand these mad acts with allow the disintegration of the British makeover.

There is no sense arresting the pro-Biafran activists. They came out in the open to state their wish even if their leaders are too selfish to stand behind them.

The annoying Nigerian government should instead turn and keep its radal on the Arewa Militants otherwise known as Boko Haram. These terrorists are hiding and they continue to kill, maim, destroy and plunder Northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian government should show some respect to those who wanted something and spoke their mind-even went a step further to show their intentions. What is the intention of Boko Haram, the militants arm or Arewa North?

For now, the Igbos should put their acts together and find a way to achieve their Biafra. If that is what they want, everybody must support it or they get it from a referendum. What Ben Onwuka is doing is beyond him. He and his BZM should make their case through the proper channel and involve the rulers of their regions. If their local rulers and politicians in the federal constitutions do not support Biafra, they may achieve it through a new war. They may also fail in the new bid. Millions of Nigerians in eastern and western are trying to avoid another war based on the experiences of the previous one. The bitterness even lingers. Ask Achebe!

Many Days Gone By: Corruption is Global

Adeola Aderounmu

I am finding it more difficult to update my blog not because of lack of motivation or information but probably because of the tasks of dragging together all the pieces and bits that makes whole news.

When you write about a country like Nigeria you are never short of news-good or bad.

When you live in a country somewhere in Europe then you gradually face the task of balancing the news from Africa with the imperfectness of every country.

Recently I began to gain more insight into the high level of corruption in the European society and in fact the world as a stage for social injustice. When people say you cannot save the world, they make an unmistakable conclusion, still not pointing out those ills will make the world a more reckless place to live.

In Sweden for example the politicians are very corrupt as well. Sometimes the corruption is open and acceptable. For example when ex-politicians continue to receive huge payments for several years after their service in the parliament it is nothing but corruption. But it is open and stupidly acceptable to be that way. It is very similar to Nigerian lawmakers appropriating excessive sums to themselves for almost doing nothing but sitting and talking bullshit.

It is shocking that the level of corruption in Sweden is that high. There have been several reports in the large newspapers about how parties are held using tax payers money. How money is inflated for private use and luxurious semesters and travels. Sometimes some politicians are forced to vacate their positions after some big expositions. Sometimes the heat fizzle and the looting continues, especially the issue of pension for inactive (lazy) Swedish lawmakers.

It is morally unjust and wicked for someone who owns or runs a private company to be earning pension at the same time.

Corruption is corruption but the dimension and impacts varies. One major difference between corruption in Nigeria and in Sweden is that it is widespread in Nigeria and the impact in Nigeria has led to widespread poverty and aggravated underdevelopment. In Sweden almost everyone has access to the basic stuffs of life and the welfare system takes care of a lot of things no matter how imperfect it is.

Corruption is a global trademark but its impacts will continue to vary from one place to another. The punishment for established corruption also differs. Nigerians live with it and they don’t really bother because they have come to agree that everybody is corrupt including their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other people that they know in government and private institutions. Without corruption, millions of Nigerians will not make it and with it more than 70% of the population suffer bitterly.

Corruption, lack of control over state resources, lack of true federalism, the condemnable lack of patriotism and lack of sense of belonging has robbed the Nigeria of greatness and there is no end in sight. It pains. It hurts a free mind.

I hope to return to normal blogging as the days come by. Many things are happening that are shaping the hopelessness in Nigeria and it will be disservice to posterity to let them be.