Pastors, Jets and other stories

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian pastors may have declared to the millions of Christians in Nigeria that there is no God. How? By openly showing opulence and recently by the trendy acquisition of private jets, the message I got from that is “to hell with you in the congregation”!

I don’t understand why pastors cannot travel by economy or business class. What is the need for private jets? These are men who don’t work.

The congregation members who are ranged from extremely poor people to extremely corrupt politicians (and of course rare, legitimately rich people)toil day and night to make money and dumb the monies at the altar of God. Someone takes the money and buys a private jet. There will be no greater testimonies from these evil men that there is no God.

Religious veil is an additional ingredient to the rot in Nigeria.

People don’t demand justice and fairness from the government and the (useless) politicians continue to cart away billions daily.

The other day one useless wife of a governor tried to justify her frequent trips to London. In my view the fact that the child of a state governor can attend school in London means that the governor is foolish.

It means the governor has not done enough to equip the schools in his state. It means that the governor and his wife do not believe in the future of the state that they preside over. The Oyo state governor and other governors in Nigeria, like the one buying private jets with state funds deserved to be condemned to prisons. So should it actually be for 99.9% of Nigerian politicians that are thieves.

It is just too hard to ignore Nigeria. This is a country with so much promise but with many vices and unbelievable happenstances.

To even think about the rise of terrorism and overall prevalence of evil about good in the most religious country in the world is depressing.

The Nigerian pastors have shown that there is no point waiting for rewards in heaven because they don’t believe in heaven that they preach to the poor souls. They take from the poor and build estates and wealth for their unborn generations. It appears that the congregation is made up of fools. They are fooled by pastors and they are fooled by politicians.

I wondered if Mrs. Wife of governor has just returned from her weekly trip to London on tax payer’s money.

I am thinking out loud, how long will Nigerians be fooled and taken as muguns?

3 thoughts on “Pastors, Jets and other stories

  1. religion is nearly useless; it is actually harmful–nigeria is a modern day prooof. religion has wasted more blood than any other ideology including politics. re-visit your history books


    • Nothing evolvs with out a creator , but we donot know anything about the
      the beginning of the Supreme Creator ALMIGHTY GOD.
      Again., nothing is created without a purpose. : ALMIGHTY GOD is all alone,
      ever glorified & mightiest thats why HE created intelligent being” Human being” ( who defeated Angels. in intelligence ,) so that Humanbeing acknowledge HIS capability , glorify HIM . bow down before HIM & seek help from none but HIM alone.
      HE showed us good & bad ways through 124,000 holy Prophets ,
      given us free will with warning of hell & Paradise.
      In every age Pastors type High officials brought corruptions in the society,
      That is why Holy Jesus had rebuked the Corrupted priests for amassing wealth,corrupting Mosaic laws. .
      There were three main reasons why High Priests wanted to kill Holy Jesus:
      1. Holy jesus rebuked them for dealing with money in Churches.
      2. He clearly stated that First son of Holy Abraham was Prophet Ishmael & not Prophet Isaq.
      3.That there will be advent of a comforter whose name will be Holy Prophet Mohammed.
      The highly educated disciple of Holy Jesus was ST,Barnabas who was
      ordered to compile the teaching of Holy Jesus.
      Barnabas wrote his own gospel & propagating truth until 6th Century.
      & was telling the truth. But High jews priests burnt his gospel & got him killed.
      ST Barnabas stated clearly” It was not Holy Jesus,but his secret enemy Juda isacret was miraculously changed in to shape of Holy Jesus & Juda
      was crucified & Holy Jesus went to heaven alive with Angel Gabriel.
      This copy of ST Barnabas Gospel miraculously recovered
      from smugglers in turkey in 2000. Its written on skin in gold & in Armamic.
      Scientists checked & confirmed its over 1500 years old ,pre Islamic & now valued over usd 4 million & Pope is very anxious to read it.
      All Holy Gospels Psalm, Tora,Bible changed but only Holy Quran remain
      Holy Quran does not contradict with Science. The Holy Book contain amazing information about Embryo, Finger prints, DNA,
      Secret barrier in sea, the layers in ocean & many numberical similarities.
      Most amazing in the following:
      In Holy Quran Month mentioned 12 Times, day 365 rimes.
      Sea 32 times & land 13 times.
      Muslims scientists found amazing result with these numbers :
      %32/45= 71.11111111
      Modern science recently found that these figures represent exact proportion of sea & land in the earth,
      Holy Quran is the words of ALMIGHTY GOD & contain the Holy treasure for the mankind.


  2. What does Moderation Means: Hiding the truth? I write to The Times of India on Religion.But when the Editor sees other will know the truth,they hide it.
    But how ever one hides the truth, Truth bound to come out one day.
    Holy prophet Mohhammed warned people against Smoke & drink .He warned it is dangerous to society. After 1400 Years truth is come out.
    1400 years ago Holy Prophet Journed up to seventh Heaven with Holy Gabriel.People did not believe his journey but now People are
    flying to outer space.
    Holy Jesus harshly rebuked Peter for calling him son of GOD, but
    Selfish people changed & call Holy Jesus A GOD.
    ALMIGHTY GOD created every children with one Father,not two fathers
    for there will be confusion. Calling three in ONE created confusion & disbelief. Thats why people are leaving Christanity.
    GOD has all knowledge. But why Holy Jesus did not know everything.
    HE did not knoe howmany loaf of bread in the house. What was the tiniest seeds. When the world will collapse.
    Holy Jesus no where called him GOD,but priests made Him.
    His position is like Holy Adam.
    If you donot believe Holy Quran. Read Hindu Vedas. which forbids Idol worship.
    Declares. ALMIGHTY GOD has no beginning nor end.
    HE alone created the Universe.
    No body saw ALMIGHTY GOD. HE has no human form.
    Nothing is like HIM.
    But as Christian call Jesus GOD so Hindus worship Idols.
    Sir Isaq Newton clealy wrote the Universe Created by ONE HAND.
    Holy Quran wholly agrees with Science But Bible has clash.
    Bible says Light was created on First day, Sun created on 4th day,
    Vegetation created on third day.
    How Light will be there without Sun, Veg will grow without Sub.
    Then Earth is flat.

    Keepon writing all day. But thats enough .Do not hide truth for ALMIGHTY GOD watches all over us secret or open.
    Thank You.

    HOLY Quran agrees with science completely.


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