This is Nigeria

Everybody be criminal!

I hardly meddle in religion but this one got me.

I can’t believe what l just heard and saw.

How can we set Nigerians free from SLAVERY?



Pastors, Jets and other stories

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian pastors may have declared to the millions of Christians in Nigeria that there is no God. How? By openly showing opulence and recently by the trendy acquisition of private jets, the message I got from that is “to hell with you in the congregation”!

I don’t understand why pastors cannot travel by economy or business class. What is the need for private jets? These are men who don’t work.

The congregation members who are ranged from extremely poor people to extremely corrupt politicians (and of course rare, legitimately rich people)toil day and night to make money and dumb the monies at the altar of God. Someone takes the money and buys a private jet. There will be no greater testimonies from these evil men that there is no God.

Religious veil is an additional ingredient to the rot in Nigeria.

People don’t demand justice and fairness from the government and the (useless) politicians continue to cart away billions daily.

The other day one useless wife of a governor tried to justify her frequent trips to London. In my view the fact that the child of a state governor can attend school in London means that the governor is foolish.

It means the governor has not done enough to equip the schools in his state. It means that the governor and his wife do not believe in the future of the state that they preside over. The Oyo state governor and other governors in Nigeria, like the one buying private jets with state funds deserved to be condemned to prisons. So should it actually be for 99.9% of Nigerian politicians that are thieves.

It is just too hard to ignore Nigeria. This is a country with so much promise but with many vices and unbelievable happenstances.

To even think about the rise of terrorism and overall prevalence of evil about good in the most religious country in the world is depressing.

The Nigerian pastors have shown that there is no point waiting for rewards in heaven because they don’t believe in heaven that they preach to the poor souls. They take from the poor and build estates and wealth for their unborn generations. It appears that the congregation is made up of fools. They are fooled by pastors and they are fooled by politicians.

I wondered if Mrs. Wife of governor has just returned from her weekly trip to London on tax payer’s money.

I am thinking out loud, how long will Nigerians be fooled and taken as muguns?