Nigeria: No More Outrage Concerning Murders and Terrorism

By Adeola Aderounmu

In recent weeks, Boko Haram are no longer making BIG headlines. The World just got used to the fact that the terrorists will kill, bomb and destroy lives and property when they like and as they like.

There are no more outrages about the terrorism situation in Northern Nigeria. In Maiduguri, people’s Life are expected to be cut short at any time, t, or moment, m.

Even in other places, there are intertribal clashes from day to day that leaves tens or hundreds of people slained. These ugly things are part of “normal” Life in Nigeria so even when they make the news, life just goes on as if nothing has actually happened.

The Nigerian government place no value on human Life. That is why the foolish government officials starting from the presidency usually fly abroad to receive treatment for their headaches and stomach flu. These obvious anomalies need no reflogging, only that it’s Always good to remind ourselves of the sort of useless people who rule NIGERIA and that there is a real need to purge them out. How we do that remains a dilemma when “everybody” wants to steal and not while allowing the system to rot completely.

The other way the Editor of Saturday Newswatch was shot and he died later at the hospital after a successful operation to remove the bullets inside his body. I mean the guy was taken to several hospitals even as his life hung in a fragile balance. Nigerian hospitals are “burial grounds” on their own. If the doctors refer to gun shots as serious injuries and are therefore not able to treat or operate the patient-what then is the need for their services.

I know that Nigerian doctors excel abroad but at home the incapacitation is huge and disgraceful. I mean when operations are done with Candle lights and lantern-this I know more than 10 years ago-how do we expect essential services to be delivered with safety.

The tragedies plaguing that country called Nigeria know no bound. The politicians are crazy robbers, the people are silly followers and the whole thing creates a scenario that presents the largest aggregation of black people are incapable of running their own affairs.

The next time bomb explodes in Northern Nigeria will be a few hours from now and there will be no outrage. A cleric was killed in the NORTH the other day and many people don’t even know about it. The people of Plateau are almost at war and killing one another at the slightest opportunity, millions of Nigerians know nothing about this.

In Nigeria, anything can happen including the worst without anybody blinking.

(unedited post)