Nigeria Sacks It’s Central Bank Governor

By Adeola Aderounmu

Reports from this morning stated that the ruler of Nigeria Mr. Jonathan has sacked the governnor of the country’s foremost Bank Mr Sanusi Lamido.

Many of us saw this coming. The ruler has told Mr. Sanusi to resign a few weeks ago after Mr. Sanusi exposed grand corruption in the administration.

Under the Watch of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Ngozi Iweala the Finance Minister, several billions of dollars have disappeared from the Nigerian Treasury. No one knows where the Money has gone to.

What is obvious is that Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Iweala have stolen Nigeria’s money. This is not the first time these duo have stolen from Nigeria but the magnitude continues to increase by the day especially as Mr. Jonathan is siphoning funds to Campaign for the 2015 elections.

This week Mr. Jonathan has been visiting churches and Palaces across Nigeria to seek support of religious rulers and traditional rulers in Nigeria. When such visits are made, a lot of Money is usually spend on the trips and much more is given to the religious and traditional rulers. So, in essence people know why the government of Jonathan is stealing more than ever before.

Mr. Sanusi has been suspended but those who know Nigeria know that he has been sacked anyway. Sanusi himself is not a Saint. By the time the government of Jonathan is finished with him, they will publish (or not) all the financial recklessness that he has been involved with.

There are no Saints in Nigeria. I told a friend that the only positive thing with Sanusi’s revelation of the rot in this administration is that Sanusi himself is part of the rot.

Some fools will wait to be out of office or out of favour before they start to reveal the rot that they lived with and were part of. The government of Jonathan Believes that Sanusi is running the agenda of the opposition and that is quite possible. But nothing he said though is false. The truth remains that Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala and all the crooks in NNPC are looting Nigeria blind.

In Nigeria the government can be as criminal as it wants because the police and the judiciary are essentially useless. I have been writing this for years and I am still going to write about it in my next blog entry.

If the police are useful, they should have invited Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Iweala for questioning about the missing Money.

If the arms of government in Nigeria are not occupied by criminals, then Mr. Jonathan would have been impeached.

Nigeria is running one of the most useless form of government on Earth and it is Amazing how the people defend these criminals because of what they want to get from them or because of tribalism or some sort of disorderliness in their thinking faculties that make it possible to accept criminals in governance and public service.

The Sanusi-Iweala-Jonathan corruption saga will definitely open a new chapter in the annals of Nigeria. I think more than ever Before Sanusi will expose the lootings that have taken Place during his tenure. This guy will fight back and the criminal government will continue to nail him.

He who comes to judgement….

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