Useless Politicians = Recession Forever

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerian politicians, the lawmakers to be precise, are taking delivery of cars estimated to cost the country N3.6 billion.

If you are looking for crazy people, that is where to look. Nigerian lawmakers are mad to the core.

Nigeria is suffering from recession, caused mainly by politicians looting the country since time immemorial. Yet at a time that all monies should be directed at building the economy, some crazy people are buying cars.

They said they need the car to do official duties. Really? Is there anyone among them who does not own between 5 to 10 cars already, or more’?

I just have to stop writing now because this is one of the several things that make you conclude that Nigerian politicians are possessed by demons and greed.

I just wish they will wake up one morning and find that the people have occupied the streets and their offices. How l wish the people can stage a revolution to send all these criminals to life time in jail and then restructure the country along regionS so we can all govern ourselves in the different regions.

This social madness is unbearable!

This is nonsense and ingredients!

British Oil Thieves In Nigeria And Fake Oil Refineries

Adeola Aderounmu

It was a week when the Nigerian JTF brought the face of evil to the front pages. 2 Britons who have been involved in crude oil theft in Nigeria were apprehended and arrested. Of course, many other (local) people were arrested along with them.

The syndicate offered N20 million bribe to the authorities, but this time there was no way ahead as the bribes and even more offers of bribes were rejected.

These britons must have been in this business for sometime because they kept saying that they will get out of the mess by offering bribes to the commanders of the JTF.

Britons stealing Nigerian Oil

Britons stealing Nigerian Oil

In any case now that some of the people destroying Nigeria have been arrested, one hopes that they will face the law squarely.

The Niger Delta of Nigeria has been subjected to more than 50 years of spillage and complete mess. No one knows when the clean up will start but we know that it may take about 100 years to clean up the mess. This is a complete tragedy to the people of the Niger Delta. Their own people have failed them, the governments (state and federal) have failed them and the international community does not give a damn about them. They by themselves always support the criminals they have chosen as leaders and that falls under my definition of the Nigerian syndrome. What a dilemma!

Fake refinery REUTERS PHOTO

Fake refinery

There are probably thousands of illegal bunkering and even more fake oil refinery in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

Complete tragedy and absolute mess!

Nigerian Ghost Workers

By Adeola Aderounmu

One of the craziest news from Nigeria this morning is the alarm raised in Akwa Ibom that there are at least 8000 ghost workers in the state civil service.

This is not news in Nigeria.

Over the years ghost workers have always existed and they will always exist for as long as corruption and stupidity remain unpunished.

The economy department of the various Ministries know about the ghsot workers. The various heads of departments know about the ghost workers.

The truth is that the human resource department, the economy department and the head of the various department must know about the criminality in Akwa Ibom state. It is a national trend in Nigeria.

These funds are what some people have used to build houses, build hotels and buy fancy cars. They claim that ministry work is lucrative because they steal from government the same way government itself steal from the people.

Don’t be fooled! The 8000 ghost workers in Akwa Ibom are not going to disappear. What will happen with this open knowledge is that the people who will benefit from the scandal and eventual cover-up will increased.

Ghost workers don’t disappear in Nigeria. They will always be there as long as the people who are responsible from this case are not dismissed and made to refund the money they have stolen. Their properties will not be confiscated, instead they will be promoted.

Most of the people who rule in Nigeria are thieves and criminals, and this is why people get promoted even when they are known to be crooks and boot lickers.

Nigeria is no ordinary country!

Crazy things are normal in Nigeria.

By tomorrow nobody will be talking about this news and the scandal will continue.

Change will come with functional judiciary and sincere police force. Change will come when a radical wind of change blows acrosss Nigeria. Change will come when people can put patriotism above self, and when merits and dignity are attached to appointments and labour.

For now, the madness continues, unabated!

People are stealing right from the presidency down to the last man in the council, ghost workers are just by-products of the systemic decadence.

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Criminals Ruling Nigeria, the most corrupt country in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu

The audience in the video are fools. They should have thrown stones and shoes at this criminal and start criminal prosecution as soon as he is bumdeled out of the hall.

But in Nigeria, the people have been so brain washed and brain damaged that they probably thought what he said is normal and heroic.

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Criminal who rules Akwa Ibom

Nigeria in my candid opinion remains the most corrupt country in the world. That is a view I am not ready to shy or walk away from.

I read a piece recently that perfectly buttress my points over the years.

Even the ruler of Nigeria confirmed this the other week when he forgave or granted a pardon to his brother in crime. The bottom line is that they are all criminals.

The end to corruption in Nigeria is not in sight. As we write or speak illegal oil bunkering continues and the legal revenue earned by Nigeria is already been shared into private accounts directly and indirectly.

This man here boasted having rigged elections in his home state. By now he should been arrested by the police. But in Nigeria criminals who portray themselves as politicians are above the law. On top of that the Nigerian police, just like NEPA is one of the several useless public institutions in Nigeria.

Thieves on thieves, Ezekwesili, Yar Adua and Jonathan

By Adeola Aderounmu

The former minister of education Obiangeli Ezekwesili accused Yar Adua and Jonathan of squandering USD 67 billion in foreign reserves. Of course that is so true. In fact the amount may be a fraction of what Yar Adua and Jonathan stole or squandered.
The greater shame is that the stealing is on-going. It is not as if the looting stopped. Nigeria as a country is perpetually bleeding from stolen monies and treasuries being emptied by government and public officials and local and foreign contractors.

Now that the government of Jonathan has responded by telling us that Ezekwesili also looted or mismanaged N459 Billion when she was the Minister of education. That is also correct.
Like I have stated on my blog a thousand times, 99.9% of Nigerian politicians and public servants are looters and thieves.
The process of prosecution is either slow or non-existent at every given point in time. The primary aim of Nigerian politics is for looting. This will continue for eternity as long as the people remain disconnected from governance and as long as the unitary system of government that permits it remains.
Looting and stealing will remain the primary aim of Nigerian politics as long as people get away with looted funds as we have seen since 1960.
Nigerian politics is the greatest hidden tragedy on the face of earth.
There is no end because everybody in politics is corrupt. Even those who appear to be working hard are looting and that is well known.
So yea, Yar Adua and Jonathan looted the reserves. Ezekwesili looted the Ministry of Education. Others are looting wherever they find themselves.
This is Nigeria and it is allowed to be corrupt and above the law. Ask the Babangidas, the Obasanjos and the rest who have bleeded Nigeria and Nigerians.
This is how they do it in Nigeria! So please go to hell!

Doyin Okupe, Nigerians will rather stone you and Jonathan!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Some Nigerian rulers and power drunk employees of the Jonathan administration need to be called to order.

Doyin Okupe should be told that Nigerians will NEVER beg Jonathan to run in 2015.

If you ask me, I would rather have Jonathan out of office this minute. The guy is a waste of space and time. Under Jonathan Nigeria’s profile as probably the most corrupt country in the world gathered new momentum.

Jonathan will go down in history as the president of probes and committees. Not like the probes and committees saw the light of the day but rather that new ones are emerging daily.

Who will forget the uncountable corrupt practices under Jonathan? Jonathan defrauded Nigerians with the constant increase in petroleum products and its perpetual scarcity. Who will forget the Farouk Lawan and Otedola missing dollars? There are so many ways that Jonathan has messed up Nigeria.

These evils did not start with Jonathan but they escalated greatly under his watch making him one of the most incompetent handlers of Nigeria.

Doyin Okupe can continue to steal, loot and empty the treasury in Abuja. This is not the start for him. He’s been there for several years. What he should not do is to categorize all Nigerians as fools.

Doyin Okupe should be thankful to Farida who threw away or burnt his files at the EFCC.

In a normal country the appointment of Okupe into the presidency will have only one consequence: the end of that government through riots, demonstrations or total revolution.

But in a lawless and severely corrupt country like Nigeria, it will accrue praise among his bootlickers, family members, acquaintances and sycophants.

These are people who should be rotting in life sentences and they are returned to government with glamour. Jonathan is a disgrace to Nigeria and serious attestation to the uncommonness of common sense.

The other day Bode George, an ex-convict reported delivered a Herbert Macaulay lecture. The organisers of such events are definitely brain-dead or zombies.

The same pattern of madness brought a criminal like James Ibori to empty a state treasury for 8 years and the subsequent sponsoring of Yar Adua and Jonathan with stolen loots.

The evil in Nigeria will continue to rise when these types of aberrations are normal.

How can Doyin Okupe be in government and we turned away our faces? Lagbaja is so-so right when he mentioned 150-200m mumus.

Okupe should know that in 2015 (if Nigeria is still in existence then) the likes of him, Abati and Jonathan will follow the prescription that Abati himself gave us a few years ago.

Millions of Nigerians will gladly stone people like Abati, Okupe and Jonathan at rally grounds and probably follow up to the corridor of power (thanks Abati for the tips)

If your campaign funded by looted and stolen funds ever takes you to Jos, Kaduna and most of all Maiduguri, pray you live to tell the story Mr. Okupe.

Obasanjo, Alibaba and the 400 Thieves

By Adeola Aderounmu

The bitter truth about the whole argument is that Obasanjo’s statement is true. What is also not shocking is that Obasanjo is among the thieves.
The National Assembly is made up of thieves and some of us have argued tirelessly about this fact.

No one essay will be enough to verify the allegations that Nigerian politics and many aspects of the Nigerian public life is dominated by criminal minds-crooks who will doctor facts, records and even do whatever it takes to continue to loot Nigeria in as many ways as possible.

The salaries and allowances of the Nigerian politician is the first attestation that he or she is a thief.

Otherwise they should have reviewed the salaries of politicians in Nigeria to reasonable figures. Collecting the highest pay in the world and spreading poverty among the populace is both wickedness and crime against humanity. On top of that is probably an aggregate of the most corrupt set of politicians on the face of the earth.

When these exaggerated incomes are added to the loots that are carted away daily, weekly and annually Nigerian system of politics becomes the most profitable ever (but criminalized at the same time).

The fact that 99,9% of Nigerian politicians steal one way or the other makes Obasanjo’s statement more than true. But Obasanjo supervised these criminal acts over 3 terms first as a military head and then as a 2-term serving president (of the thieves and armed robbers he is now pointing fingers at).

If the Nigerian politicians are not thieves and armed robbers, can they explain to the world why a rich country like Nigeria is inhabited by extremely poor folks who don’t even know what the next meal is going to be?

The man who is ruling Nigeria today called Goodluck Jonathan is an epitome of the stupidity of the Nigerian politician. This man is supervising one of the most loot-crative governments ever seen in Africa. His government lack purpose and direction. If you want a definition of failure, look at the Jonathan’s government. They are all the same.
Nigerians deserve a revolution and the politicians deserve several years behind bars. I mean nearly all the politicians should be sent to jail!
Nigerian politicians and military gangsters destroyed everything they took over from the colonial masters.

The roads in Nigeria are terrible and rank among the worst roads in the world.

Nigerian schools have lost their glories and education does not have the prestige it once had.

Nigerian public schools have been totally and absolutely destroyed.

Teachers are not inspired and the children have come to learn a new culture based on living large on fraud and non-accountability-as exemplified in the society where anything goes.

Nigerian hospitals are ill equipped. Old story of course!

Almost everything is in a sorry state.

On the other hand private schools and private medical facilities continue to serve the rich and elites.

The politicians and their families go to school and hospitals abroad starting from Ghana.

In Nigeria electricity is almost absent. Nigeria has the most inefficient power generating system in the world.

We don’t need an Obasanjo to tell us that Nigerian politicians are thieves and armed robbers. We already know these things.

What we have done is to sit, talk, write and jest about these things.
Many of us merry with these thieves and armed robbers because they are our brothers and sisters, or they are our family friends and acquaintances.

So we look away and sometimes even give them awards for service to motherland!!!

But there are over 100 million people who are helpless and resilient living on less than a dollar per day. It is one of the world worst untold tragedies to be an ordinary Nigerian.

It is not worth it any longer feeling sorry for ourselves or the over 100 million poor people.

A people get the rulership or leadership it deserves.


Such actions must however be backed by sincerity and purposefulness otherwise it will be sheer rubbish and repetition of the cycle of idiocy.

On that day, or in those coming days it would be wonderful to witness the gradual return of power to the people and to the regions.

One day Nigerians will decide the way forward for their lives. Just one day!

Freedom or empowerment will never come from the oppressors to the oppressed. History has no such records.

When Nigerians are tired, they will know what to do. Until then Obasanjo’s statement is only an inspiration to the aspiring Nigerian politicians at home and abroad. Their sole aim is to eat from the national cake by stealing and looting. They need to be choked in the process by the people who want freedom.