How Obama Is Bringing Stockholm To 2 days Of Standstill

Barack Obama will visit Stockholm-Sweden from 4-5th of September 2013. For those 2 days life will become hell for some people especially those who live or work around Stockholm city.

We have not seen something like this before in Sweden, when the capital of Scandinavian would be brought to a halt because of a visit.

Obama is bringing:

1. Air Force One
2. His car- the beast
3. 5 helicopters
4. About 40 cars
5. 29 transport planes
6. Security from the secret service
7. About 300 advisers and press contacts
8. Other personals numbering around 150
9. 6 doctors
10. His cook

He will also be provided security by all the police in Stockholm.

I thought maybe the Swedish government can declare 2 days of holidays for everyone. Or maybe we can have the longest weekend ever closing on Tuesday night (3rd of spetember) and returning to work on Monday the 9th.

One of the busiest roads in Stockholm (E4) will be closed during Obama’s arrival and drive through to his destination in Stockholm. Large areas of the central part of Stockholm will not be accessible and transport will be severely affected.

While I understand the security and safety issues connected to Barack Obama, I do not personally appreciate the extremity attached to it. I do not appreciate that the lives of other people will be put on hold for up to 2 or 3 days depending on where Obama is threading.

A major train station will be locked for more than 12 hours. Some businesses and offices will be closed for certain periods.

Thousands of people will change their local and international travel plans for the sake of Barack Obama.

In this age of advances in technology and sophistication, I do not agree that what it takes to protect Obama is to pause or stop the lives of other people.

I think this has been taken too far.

I thought Nigerian rulers took things too far when they take over major parts of the cities or town during their worthless visits or attendances at events.

But looking closely on what is about to go down in terms of American and Swedish tax payers monies due to one Obama visit, I am almost weeping for the poor people in America.

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