Keeping Up With Nigeria is Pretty Hard…

Adeola Aderounmu

Sometimes, I try to pretend like I don’t really care about Nigeria. Sometimes, I feel deep hatred for the crazy people ruling and ruining the country. Sometimes I feel the flow of nationalism in my vein and solidarity takes over.

Whatever the feeling, frustration soon set in for my inability to wipe away all the useless people in and around power across Nigeria.

These fools in the old and new PDP and across all the useless major political parties in Nigeria stir an irreversible hatred for Nigeria in me. They and all the public workers in high and low places across Nigeria who have settled to terms that the only way to rule and be ruled in Nigeria is to be a criminal by stealing, looting and neglecting selfless service have tilted my feeling for Nigeria from hopeful to passionate hatred for the general system of things down there. With the type of people ruling and the mentalities of the populace, Nigeria is condemned!

Jonathan has spent the bulk of his time in Aso rock fighting for his political life. This fight is the fight that the people of Nigeria would have fought on his behalf if he had been a worthy ruler after reaching the pinnacle through dubious and criminal ways. No election or selection in the history of Nigeria (except the 1993 elections) has been without criminal activities and diabolic plots.

If a man is good and upright his work and achievements will speak for him. Under Jonathan, corruption was refined and redefined. In this regard, he was simply “impotent”. Just not to look too far, his wife is a critically corrupt woman and her looting activity and wastage of public funds will tear apart the word “probity”.

My hatred for Nigeria is amplified by the type of people trying to unseat Jonathan. Together all these people (Jonathan and the new PDP) ought to be rounded up and speedily PROSECUTED and send to life imprisonment. They are all crooks and criminals.

Nigeria is a country where evil people dictates what will happen and about 200 million zombies carry on from day to day like it’s ok. I would probably become one of these zombies if I return to Nigeria or I would be killed by these fools who want power by all means. Nigeria presents one of the most unusual dilemma of dis-united nations.

It’s an adventure in itself to be called a Nigeria because it is a senseless and loose term in itself. Who is a Nigerian? Where is he/she from?

The answer is that it does not exist-no one is Nigerian and Nigerians don’t come from anywhere. Nigeria is a geographical expression and the main reason for governance in Nigeria is to capture power and wealth and oppress the others.

To be sure, you can ask Obasanjo, Babangida and now Jonathan: what are the plans for “Nigerians” for the next 50-100 years? These fools will not be able to answer you. This is simply because for them, governance means me, me and me. Therefore the term/expression Nigeria/n has been abused, misused and nullified.

In that West African region, life is a struggle and you either make it or die trying.

It is easy to define a people when they have something in common, when they have a plan for now and the future. In essence, you ought to be wary of what your unborn generations are going to face.

In Nigeria everything is about now and now, which is why it is easy for me to call Nigerian rulers mad men and fools. Only fools and mad people are not wary of the need to plan for the future. Only idiots will be elected or selected into office only to become murderers and looters like Babangida and the other rulers across Nigeria.

It is pretty hard to keep up with Nigeria. Many people have given up once they cross the borderline to another country.

Many questioned people like me. Why do you write “shit” about your country? Why don’t you come back to Nigeria and help with the situation? Why don’t you come back to Nigeria and see if you will not be killed?

Some even ask “what is your agenda?

Many of these questions are stupid questions. Some of them are senseless comments!

What I know is that the world’s worst modern slavery is going on in places like Nigeria where the rulers pretend to practise democracy. Nigeria’s form of government is undefinable. If you call it democracy, you need to get a medical checkup in a reputable hospital.

What I see is mad people in and around power and a followership that is absoluetly zombified.

What a useless country! I can bet that more than 90% of the people reading this from Nigeria are using artificial power supply commonly called generators.

Act 2, scene 1 please!

One thought on “Keeping Up With Nigeria is Pretty Hard…

  1. hahaha. no lyt here o. living in darkness waitin till nyt for the lyt to come. Anyways, u r ryt. our leaders shldnt be called leaders cos dey arent leading. The country is a failure but u shdnt have to hate it. i mysef hav hated it bt u knw wat? it doesnt change d country, it does notin! u jst expend ur energy everyday hating were u r frm. if everyone starts hating dis country lyk u do, trust me, we r goin to fold and be re-colonised again whch will be a shameful tin for us. We need to start lovin our country, see it frm anoda angle and work togeda to salvage it frm the hands of corrupted leaders. Wen one man is willing to fight wit no support, he might win for a tym but wil end up loosin but wen we all are willing to fight, dnt need to tell u wat dat wld mean


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