As Foolish/Brainless As Buhari (that spoke on Arise TV)

Do I have to remind this Buhari that his Nigeria is now officially the Fulani-Cow Terrorist Republic of Northern Nigeria?

As Foolish As Buhari

By Adeola Aderounmu

The Tyrant, The Dictator, A brainless man!

I am probably one of those who asked the Buhari in Aso rock to appear on a live interview. I did not see all of the interview on Arise but the 1 – 2 minutes I saw were very revealing and they helped to put some puzzles in place. I have always suspected that whoever that Buhari was (real or fake), it must be someone with very low human mental cognitivity.

Sweden has a population of approximately 10 million people and it is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Name the field and Sweden will be in high ranking. There are several small nations around the world with low populations and several of these countries are prosperous. They abound in Europé. The Buhari on Arise TV dismissed the emergence of Yoruba Nation, Biafra and other small nations entrapped within Nigeria solely because of population/size. That was a very senseless argument. The moron said that investors prefer to invest with large populations. Really? So with all the investment since 1960, a failed and terrorist country like Nigeria still became the poverty capital of the world.

I praised the calmness of the people in the studio listening quietly to a dumb-ass. The only person I would not really want to see in that interview is the criminal brown-envelope writer Mr. Abati. The man who worked his way to Aso rock and invariably became part of the ruling class that destroyed Nigeria. Still I will use one excerpt I took from twitter where Abati was mentioned.


Excerpt of Interview with Buhari:

Arise TV interview with President Buhari: Reuben Abati: what have you done to tackle the insecurity of Nigeria.

Buhari: We closed the borders with the Niger Republic, we stopped smuggling…but I assure you that those who are responsible will know we don’t tolerate corruption


The Buhari that spoke is a senseless being. He needs to go back to the school he never really attended to learn about what makes great investments and the factors that promote economic growth in a nation. When asked aboiut security, his answers (as usual) showed that he does not connect to the question. His brain is not working!

And if he is also daft he does not know that Yoruba has a population of over 50 million people, then his mental problems are unsolvable. He should retire to a quiet life in Katsina (if that is the real 80 something year old Buhari).

The Buhari that spoke is a senseless being. He needs to go back to the school he never really attended to learn about what makes great investments and the factors that promote economic growth in a nation.

Do I have to repeat the obvious obstacles that the colonial thugs placed in our ways and the multiplication effects brought about by more than 50 years of misrule, looting and useless democratic/military institutions in Nigeria?

The nations entrapped in Nigeria must work and walk their ways to freedom. There are definitely no other ways to prosperity and the pursuits of happiness outside total freedom and absolute liberty.

Do I have to remind this Buhari that his Nigeria is now officially Fulani-Cow Terrorist Republic of Northern Nigeria?

Buhari should count his fingers, that is how many more hours he should get to pack his loads and get the f*** out of my face. In a sane world, he would have been arrested by the police several years ago and tried for corruption and crimes against humanity. In a sane world, since he came back through the backdoor in a shamble election, he would still have been arrested for his association with Boko Haram as the official spokesman and the man who did nothing as his tribesman-the Fulani, cause mayhem, death, genocide and devastation all over the geographical area called Nigeria.

This Buhari must be stopped, enough of this international embarassment.

The nations entrapped in Nigeria must work and walk their ways to freedom. There are definitely no other ways to prosperity and the pursuits of happiness outside total freedom and absolute liberty.

Yoruba Nation on my mind, so my children and children’s chldren can have a peaceful place called home!

Sweden has a population of approximately 10 million people and it is one of the most prosperous countries in the world

Malami: The Rise Of Evil (Again?)

Malami has no sense at all. I doubt he is a lawyer. You have to be a hardcore criminal to have done what he did or say the things credited to him in recent days. You have to be EVIL, have terrorist/dictatorship tendencies and be extremely unintelligent.

Malami: The Rise Of Evil (Again?)

By Adeola Aderounmu

If you follow Nigerian news/events/politics over the years, you cannot miss our struggle with people who are outrightly evil and dangerous. In recent days/months, a few men have been very, very prominent in the sustenance of evil in Nigeria. I am sure you know how Lie (Lai) Mohammed have been vocal as the propaganda numero of the terrorist-inclined APC government in Nigeria. If you forget everything, you cannot forget the news that made global headlines when Lie Mohammed and Buhari stated that Boko Haram had been defeated and subdued in december 2015. Today, in 2021 Boko Haram is one of the most dangerous terrorist organisations in the world. You must know that the ONLY reason anybody or any government can remain in power after such propaganda is that the country they governed is a failed country or a barbaric banana republic. You cannot get away with such nonsense is a normal, civilised society/country. With all the deaths that have been attributed to terrorism and kidnapping in Nigeria, the possibility of the government remaining in power is the same: a failed country or a reckless, barbaric banana republic.

Criminally minded and dictatorship inclined Malami

One man that has emerged under the prevalent rise of evil in Nigeria is Malami. I have no intention to look into his past. For me, this is a name that is new, unknown and out of te blues. Malami to me is like Pantami- a known terrorist serving as Nigeria’s Minister of Communication. They had been known in the North or in the background I guess but they fit perfectly well into the terrorist agenda of the APC government.

Malami is supposed to be a lawyer but my personal observations in recent days show that investigative journalists need to look into his background. I am not convinced that he is a lawyer or that he became a lawyer through knowledge acquisition. Sahara Reporters have exposed him in several stories. He is a criminal who has stolen a lot of money to build personal empire in the North of Nigeria. His wages as the attorney general of failed Nigeria cannot back up the wealth and property he owns. Those who are interested in the story should look it up on Sahara Reporters.

Malami lied, used VPN, trades in cyrptocurrencies and has stolen monies from the treasury. No one has asked him where Ibori’s latest loots have landed. We can even allege (until proven otherwise) that he is trading Ibori’s loot in ctyptocurrency markets.

Malami is evil, probably a fake lawyer. No right thinking or normal lawyer can threaten the citizens of any country with imprisonments based on laws that do not exist. There was a report in the people’s gazette that Malami wanted ”Buhari”/APC government to initiate a form of military rule because the useless government promoted terrorism and lost control of the security situation of the failed country. A right thinking person would have resigned from a failed government and advice the useless government to throw in the towel. Whoever the Buhari in Aso rock is has failed. Whoever is in control of the APC government has failed. APC itself as a criminal / terror organisation has failed. Even if APC insist that it is a political organisation, it has also failed. There is no known status or description that APC can acquire that will potray success. It failed and will never make it, no matter what.

In 2015, we knew tha problems with PDP and the hope was that APC knew the problem and would fix it. In 2021, we know better that APC = PDP and perhaps worse. You can read elsewhere on my blog why APC = PDP. A very quick reminder is to look at the party that key politicians belong to over the past 10 – 15 years. They have moved round enough to eradicate any line of ideological differences that may exist. Similarly, Jonathan has worked more for APC than he did as PDP president.

So, we are here at a point where the mad men and crazy women in APC say they have banned Twitter in Nigeria. These useless human beings came to power using the power and might of the social media. When Malami disabled his twitter, he had to use VPN to log in. Invariably he fell for the non-existent criminal law that he made to prosecute others. This means that Malami has no sense at all. This is why I doubt he is a lawyer. You have to be a hardcore criminal to have done what he did or said in recent days. You have to be evil, have terrorist tendencies and unintelligent.

There are also indications that the idiot is trading in crypto-currencies as he forgot to take off the icon when he shared a screenshot of his disabled twitter account. Like i mentioned earlier, if Nigeria was not a failed country, APC will not be in existence. A person like Malami should be in prison by now. He lied, he used VPN, he trades in crytptocurrency and he has stolen monies from the treasuries. As we write, no one has asked Malami where Ibori’s loots have landed. We can therefore allege (until preven otherwise) that he is trading Ibori’s loot in crytocurrency markets.

In the past, I have written about different kinds of rise of evil in Nigeria. That this cycle repeats itself several times under one generation is remarkable. People like Malami, criminals like Malami enjoy a free ride right on the faces of the citizens. Nigeria, a failed country, is a very remarkable place to live in. For me, Nigeria is the most useless country in the world. Gani Fawehinmi spent his lifetime, gave his life to prevent this type of existence. He was systematically killed by the system and his tormentors like Babangida, one of the evil men who rose in Nigeria, is still there.

In many essays like this, i have stated that the type of government in Nigeria should not last 1 day longer. But since 1999, we see the same type of madness, craziness, lawlessness and absolute absurdities where more than 150 million people, afraid to die, yet dying daily for various reasons, have refused to take a final stand and say ENOUGH.

Men like Malami, Lie Mohammed, ”Buhari”, and the rest of them in APC or PDP: People who have reduced Nigeria to a banana republic should not be allowed to live in the open society. They should be rounded up in a common people revolution and sent to prison or exile. The cost of freedom, the price of liberty must come also at great sacrifices. In order for the future to be great for the unborn generations, the cost of freedom cannot be calculated before freedom. It will be done after freedom and liberty.

Finally, i have a message for those still trying to save Nigeria. No mater how slow, no matter how long, Nigeria is going to disappear from the map. There are no known forces on earth that have succeeded in stopping the ideas whose time have come. Oduduwa/Yoruba Nation WILL EMERGE from the old Western Region. Biafra will emerge from the old Eastern Region. The choices will be clear to those whom history would place the burden on their shoulders. It would be clear and Nigeria will end.

The generations that would accomplish the mission have my best wishes in advance. When they read this, I hope they send a blessing to my home or my grave.

May Olodumare bless our souls.

Big Rewards For Political Prostitution In Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

The wave of swapping political allegiance in Nigeria is out of this world. There is no need to assign a Guinness book of world record to it. It is super unique and there are just no other countries as contestants.

Last year five governors (s)elected on the platform of the PDP in Nigeria left their party and joined the APC. What would have been more honourable and sensible was to denounce the mandate they stole through the PDP. They kept their mandates while seeking desperate means of self-preservations. It’s purely unethical and somehow also a criminal act. People who rob Peter to pay Paul will always be diabolical.

Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers has been leading the pack of aggrieved governors and he is still at loggerhead with Mr. and Mrs Jonathan on several River state and national issues. When you read or hear about some of his ordeals, they are like in the movies. It is either he narrates the “police-and-thief episodes” or the “cowboys-on-the-mountains” version. But the series are endless and this makes Amaechi a good real life actor. One day Hollywood may come knocking for him because Nollywood will not be able to afford him.

But seriously, governors like Amaechi (and other swingers cum politicians) who have been swinging or running helter-skelter, changing political parties like their underwear would have done humanity a big favour by delivering services to their people and bringing them out of poverty and extreme hopelessness. Rather than serve with their whole hearts, they keep oppressing the poor and selling propaganda across Nigeria and even paying corrupt bloggers and social commentators to kiss their asses. Politics should be about service to the people, not ego or blandishment of persons.

But trust naija where looting remains the shortest criminal way to wealth, the name of the game is survival, not service. The other PDP governors that defected to the APC with stolen mandates are Alhaji Ahmed Abdulfatah (Kwara), Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (Kano), Alhaji Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), and Alhaji Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto). Nyako was given the shakings of his life penultimate week. He knows who not to blame while his sweat is un-dry.

Just a few days ago one Fayose was returned to Ekiti state house riding on the back of unlimited funds looted by the presidency in Abuja. He had been bundled out of the PDP, went to the APC and then returned to the PDP. In all of Ekiti, there is no one leader to stand tall among the people. There are generally no leaders in Nigeria but rulers abound. No one could stop the return of a looter to the same treasury he once looted. What has become of the children of Oduduwa? Orunmila must be shaking his head in disbelief.

It’s typical Nigerian syndrome, that those who steal more money have greater opportunity to own the government houses across Nigeria. As it is for the PDP, so it is for the APC, they just loot the treasury away while doing very little or sometimes nothing.

Does anyone remember Atiku Abubakar? He probably holds the title of the “chief prostitute” amongst Nigerian politicians. Between 1980 and 2014 he had been a founder or member of PFN, PDM, PDP, AC, PDP and APC. There is no doubt that this behaviour exemplifies lack of seriousness. It shows an unrepentant strong desire of a political prostitute to serve self rather than humanity.

Examples of Political prostitutes in Nigeria

Examples of Political prostitutes in Nigeria

Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) is among this category of Nigerian political prostitutes. During the reign of Obasanjo he became a minister, first of culture and tourism, then of aviation. Under Yar Adua, he was investigated and arrested by the EFCC. Like many uncountable political-criminal cases, his trials relating to corruption and money laundry will drag until eternity. Then, they’ll fade away too and he’ll continue to claim innocence. In Nigeria, with the useless nature of the Nigerian judiciary, a James Ibori will always be innocent.

Mr. Fani-Kayode is now back in the PDP claiming that the APC is full of dictators. Thanks to Mr. Fani Kayode, we now know that the APC is also pursuing a jihadist agenda. Are we supposed to thank the moron of a corrupt general who cancelled the June 12 1993 elections? Perhaps the PDP is also no longer a nest of killers; it’s safe for some people to return.

Since the renewed romance with Aso Rock, Mr. Fani-Kayode will now have to disown all his “rubbishing” of Jonathan’s government including referring to it as the worst in corruption in the history of Nigeria. He will need Abati’s lesson notes. Nigerian politicians are too shameless.

You also have to wonder what the presidency and the Nigerian military are doing about Boko Haram and APC with all the intelligence and secrets at the disposal of FFK. Obviously FFK has also told us about the man without balls before he went back to his camp. Can Femi help Jonathan get his groove back? Can he help him to regain his balls?

But we know that the balls won’t matter once 2015 is secured by the PDP, for then FFK will likely become a minister again, under the same government (if PDP wins) he labelled as the most corrupt in Nigeria’s history. The toothless EFCC and the corruption-prone judiciary can suck it up in advance if they like.

One of the additions to the ranks of political prostitutes is the former governor of Kano State Ibrahim Shekarau. He’s done the full cycle in his prostitution journey moving from ANPP, to APC and now to PDP. Obviously his political experience can make him useful as a serving minister but it carries a previous taint of allegations of links to Boko Haram.

The ranks of people with alleged links to Boko Haram in the Jonathan government are increasing daily. What is FFK going to do about PDP and the Boko Haram appeasement tactics? Another mischievous angle to Shekarau’s appointment is that it is one of the several nonsensical political gimmicks in Nigeria. His impulsive appointment as a minister without a portfolio is coming on the heels of fundamental changes connected to the emirate in Kano, Northern Nigeria.

The journeys along the line of political prostitution can never be justifiable. It confirms the age-long fear that the major political parties in Nigeria are the fingers on a leprous hand. Some, like Atiku have done the cycle uncountable times. If you have sound principles and a convincing political ideology that are based on honesty, service to humanity and selflessness, there would be no need to change your political party like you change your underwear.

Again, the goal is clear in Naija’s peculiar but rotten politics: always put yourself in the best position to make political gains that will lead you to the treasury you can loot with impunity. The justice system will look away or help you get away if trials come.

It’s impossible to highlight all the unprincipled men ruining Nigeria but Femi Pedro the former deputy governor of Lagos State has been around too. From AD to Labour Party to PDP and now back to APC. I actually wrote about Femi Pedro here in the village square (see Nov 3 2007).

Someone responded then that he had dug his political grave when he left Tinubu’s party. That person saw the future. You wonder if Nigerian politicians are the hungry people actually. Their insatiable lust for wealth, power and ego is either evil or a special brand of psycho-egocentrism.

Olagunsoye Oyinlola must be really feeling princely. Even Jonathan is begging him to serve the PDP. Of course like the rest of the poli-thieves, the guy will keep serving his stomach. How can Olagunsoye missed the fact that Mr. Fayose got unlimited funds stolen in Abuja and his dreams came true in Ekiti in grand style?

I have no doubt that almost all Nigerian politicians are “dead on arrival” on money matters. They’ll kill for it. The forthcoming Osun state governorship election is already a box office thriller everyone is waiting for. Tax-payers money is about to go to the drain again!

Even common aides are shifting bases. Wonders will never end in Bongo! I can’t dwell on the two ordinary aides of Adams Oshiomole who are now political prostitutes in the PDP. But I can emphasise again that as long as the government treasury remains the shortest cut to sudden wealth in Nigeria, and in the face of non-existent honest mentorship manifesto in any of the political party, then the master-and-discipleship relationship or the governor-and-aide concept can rest in pieces.

What has been the saving grace for all categories of political prostitutes is simply the total failure of the Nigerian judiciary system. For we know that under normal circumstances many of these criminal-minded politicians would have been successfully prosecuted and many would have spent time at various prisons.

If punishments for political crimes and other crimes related to abuse of public offices had been in place before and after 1960, Nigeria would have been a paradise and probably the best place to live on earth. Currently, and sadly too, as an outcome of the sum of the activities of all these politicians and their military-junta counterparts/accomplices, Nigeria is ranked amongst the worst places to live in the world. It is still probably the worst place you want to have children!

Ironically, sometimes one wishes that the people can listen to these rulers and crooks very carefully. Just like Reuben Abati suggested in one of his many write-ups before tasting the forbidden fruits that revealed the real Abati, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has also been quoted more recently as saying that Nigerians need to start stoning the politicians because of their corrupt practices.

Imagine if the Nigerian people start to stone all the crazy politicians looting the treasury at the local, state and federal levels. Maybe that will put Nigeria on the right path again if they are not replaced by similar crooks! There is also a problem of new set of crooks taking over from expired crooks.

Every 1 kobo that is stolen from any treasury in Nigeria contributes to the systemic poverty and these crooks can even steal 12 or 20 billion dollars in one swoop. It’s amazing the magnitude of corruption and impunity in Nigeria that allows the criminals to live large and rise above the law system. I cannot over emphasize this treasury-rape syndrome.

Nigerians are letting the politicians get away. Nigerians are allowing themselves to be fooled by the political parties and all the criminals that saturate these parties. The people are totally subdued mentally and even physically despite their numerical advantage. They act not in the face of obvious oppressions because their friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and other family members are involved in the crime or are waiting to benefit from the insane system.

The political parties in Nigeria and their imaginary manifestos have never been significant especially after the second republic which saw to the demise of parties like the UPN popular in western Nigeria. Even the days of SDP and NRC provided Nigerians with distinct options.

Nowadays, the common people are happy to mortgage their future and that of their children for a 5kg bag of rice and peanuts as proven again (recently) in Ekiti state. The handicapped police are totally inefficient and the judiciary is absolutely corrupt dispensing justice on a cash and carry basis. In essence the institutions are grounded. This combination produces a dilemma of the highest order in Nigeria.

Come 2015, it won’t matter the prostitutes or group of prostitutes that seize Nigeria when the institutions are not working and at a time when the people are already deflated and defeated by both politicians and terrorists. Even if we turn on the fight for regional governments, it won’t matter if we allow the political prostitutes cum rapists to return to their different regions to continue the rampage and rape locally.

For Nigerians, the roads to freedom within Nigeria or in the different nations that may emerge remain a very long one. Nigerians have one more walk to do. It will be the longest walk of their lives. Freedom from political and mental slavery will never be given on a platter of gold. It must be earned.

Such freedom will not come from the “dead on arrival idea” of a useless rotational presidency coming from the secluded and retired minds caged in a carnival-like arena in Abuja.

Nigeria’s longest walk to freedom which will rid the country of sycophants and low-grade mediocres and hopefully re-establish the institutions that will serve humanity and posterity will come from a united, purposeful and well orchestrated revolution of sound minds and committed citizenry.

Terror And The Volatile Mix Of Blind Faiths

By Adeola Aderounmu

One of the saddest things to occur in Nigeria in the last 4 years is the ascension and domination of religious politics. Unfortunately, it has also been the time of putting Nigeria on the map permanently as one of the major terrorists’ countries in the world.

Nigerian politicians have lost the plot a long time ago in the areas of ideologies and functional manifestos. It will amount to overstating the obvious that Nigerian politics runs on faulty foundations and that the essential purpose of politics in Nigeria is nothing close to service. The politics is rather self-serving, self-rewarding, dominated largely by criminal minds and stinking of massive corruption from the head to the toes.

Religion is destroying Nigeria

Religion is destroying Nigeria

As Nigeria and Nigerians now approach the 2015 elections, the stage is now set for a religion-influenced electioneering. How did Nigeria get to this point? The question is relevant judging from the background and outcomes of the 1993 general and presidential elections. That election was adjudged to be the best election (ever) conducted in Nigeria.

Sadly for the Nigerian nation the presidential election results were annulled by the tropical military gangsters headed by one dictator called Ibrahim Babangida. That election would have ushered in MKO Abiola and Baba Gana Kingibe of the SDP, two Muslims from two different geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

When Mr. Goodluck Jonathan started his reign as the ruler of Nigeria in 2011, it was not pleasing to the Nigerian opposition party and a lot of statements were made by the opposition politicians especially those from the Northern parts of the country. Gen. Buhari and Mr. Atiku were alleged to have made statements that ordinarily would have earned them interrogations by the Nigerian special security forces. But they were not invited for any interrogation or explanations.

There had always been elements of terror and its tendencies in Northern Nigeria. There was of course serious problems with the terrors in the Niger Delta that curiously to this day continue to gulp more money than the federal defence budget of Nigeria. However for some reasons that have now kept the blame game in a roller coaster mode the terrorist group popularly known as Boko Haram have flourished in the northern parts of Nigeria and Abuja under the reign of Goodluck Jonathan.

This period of rise of terror curiously also coincided with the era when Mr. Jonathan embraced the Christian community in Nigeria with more enthusiasm. He even went on the so called “holy” pilgrimage with a large entourage, all on Nigeria’s tax payers’ money.

By the way the annual holy pilgrimages to Mecca and Jerusalem are embodiments of the nonsensical waste in Nigeria’s government since time immemorial. Nigeria is a very corrupt country (we don’t need corrupt Mugabe’s opinion to confirm this fact) and the wastage or looting of money through religious tourism to other countries is regrettable. These pilgrimages are parts of the inferior complexity of Africans, also regrettable, made famous by the government and people of Nigeria.

The APC is yet to state with audacity the two persons who will be flying the flag or the brooms of the part in the 2015 elections. An attempt to draw a ticket on 2 individuals with the same religion like the SDP did in 1993 is becoming unlikely and like their party members and critics would make everybody believe-suicidal.

The disorganised polity has been heated and whether the Muslim community or the APC in Nigeria find it desirable or not, there is no longer a general acceptance for the type of scenario that Nigeria had with the Abiola-Kingibe ticket. Since the political scene is devoid of common sense and ideologies, the rise of Boko Haram has given many religious people within and outside APC the platform for hatred. Offshoots of the hatred are the emergence of the political suicide syndrome and the probable intense Christianisation of the Nigerian presidency under Jonathan.

The alleged statements made by the likes of Buhari and Atiku at a time when they needed to control their emotions but lost it completely, and the silence/lack of condemnation from the Northern region in general following the “successful” campaign of Boko Haram continue to send shocking and conflicting signals across Nigeria. It will be hard to erase the meaning and aftermath of what it takes to make Nigeria ungovernable. Such expressions now run parallel with terror occurrences.

The government of the day in Nigeria has made many remarks in the past and even recently linking the deadly terrorist group to the main opposition party-the APC. Nigerians are surprised because such allegations are supposed to be supported by investigation and arrest. Nothing has happened in that line. Before he was killed General Azazi linked the problem to religion, poverty, the desire to rule Nigeria and a combination of everything that is wrong with Nigeria. He especially laid the blame at what he called politics of exclusion of the PDP in the region.

When the true story of Boko Haram is finally told, it would be instructional, not least sensational to know the sponsors (national or international) and the roles of the Nigerian military that is alleged to be harbouring snitches who have made the bloody operations of Boko Haram successful. What will also be useful if Nigeria or the nations within Nigeria will ever learn anything from history is the magnitude of the alleged involvement of the Northern rulers.

I doubt if I know what to believe going by the nature of the roller coaster blame game. The Yorubas have said it all “if falsehood persist for 20 years (or even 100 years as Nigeria marks centenary of a painful marriage), one day the truth will emerge.


Meanwhile in the faces of the multitudes of speculations, allegations and counter allegations and irrespective of where the actual truth lies, it is extremely sad that those who have suffered the most are the innocent masses going about their occupations or daily activities. Women and children have suffered in this evil campaign and crimes have been committed against humanity.

It appears that the government of Nigeria enjoys playing or toying with the lives of the citizens. This whole pandemonium is like a chess game where the opponents are seeking checkmate. In this case, the 2015 election is the end result. The “I don’t give a damn attitude”, the lies of keeping government “working” and the campaign dance that took place in Kano barely 24 hours after the deadly car park blast in Abuja that claimed, depending on sources, between 150 and 250 lives are all indications of a failed government.

Religion in its ordinary form mixed with politics is poisonous. The effect of contaminations with radical views either from the presidency or any other place in Nigeria will be more potent than a poison. Nigeria appears to be in a labyrinth, more likely at the crossroad of self-destruction.

In January 2011 I wrote an article titled: My Message To Nigerians In 2011, Stop Saying It’s God. I condemned the influence of religion in Nigeria’s politics and social life.

Nigerians have been fooled, deceived and slaughtered at the altar of ordinary and radical religions. It does not seem there is an end in sight if one judges by the religiosity of Nigerians on the social media and in reality while the country burns.

Is it hard to see that Nigerian politicians (both Christians and Muslins) are looting the treasuries across Nigeria? Is it hard to see that they call on God and Allah to solve the problems that are related to common sense and simple political ideologies?

Nigerians and their politicians attribute events (good and evil) to acts of God and they merged together to pray for things that can be solved by simple action and will.

In the area of religion and prayers, I have not understood the Nigerian mentality. They pray for the things that they and the government are supposed to do. So after creating a corrupt political system where corruption and crimes are tolerated and rewarded, Nigerians will then commit everything into the hands of their various Gods. Nonsense and ingredients!

For Nigeria, religion has created more problems than solutions. It remains a deadly veil for both Christians and Muslims. It’s worse for radicals anywhere because the effects of brainswashing are profound on them and their narrow minds. It’s going to be mission impossible to forbid religions in public positions, in politics especially. Ironically the elimination of religion in our doings is supposed to be the best way to free our minds and promote coexistence.

It’s hard to “converge” my views but I’m trying to get to a point where I need to condemn the role of politics and religion in the rise of terrorism in Nigeria. I am of the opinion that religious differences have aggravated the political differences in Nigeria. I think that the corrupt rulers and politicians have through their actions, alignments, attitudes and utterances contributed to the hopeless situation in Nigeria.

I have a problem in understanding the rise of Boko Haram acting on the radical angle of one of Nigeria’s dominating religion, that is Islam. A few years ago, Nigerians boasted of their “fear” of dying. Today we are told there are suicide bombers in Nigeria. It’s very painful to watch terror achieve successes on the back of religious platforms. I’ve been blown away many times in my life seeing atrocities committed in the name of Christ, God and Allah.

I also want to emphasise that as long as religion remains a factor in Nigeria’s politics and socio-economic life, then the country is going no where. In the society, people need to start doing things independent of religion. Just be good, do the right thing and play your role in nation building!

The Nigerian political class does not build or propagate sane and sound ideologies; they are instead wiggling from one political party to another based on the religion of the political candidates, based on fairweatherism and opportunism. That is the height of stupidity, having no principles.

The call for true federalism or the emergence of regional governments cannot be swept under the rugs. For, right now, Nigeria is in a serious dilemma and the center is too weak to hold things together. The center is marrying, making merry and dancing around as the country burns and people perish daily.

The weakness of the center is the strength of Boko Haram, it is the strength of militancy or terrorism anywhere in Nigeria. The weakness of the center is the sustenance of a corrupt political system. The self-serving nature of Nigerian politics means that the non-thinking politicians and rulers are ready to take everything down with them. It is up to Nigerians to rise up above religion, above sentiments, above hypocrisy and above political and ethnic differences.

Great countries were not built on religions, corruption, selfishness, greed, prayers or miracles. They were built by dedicated people, on sound political structures, on performances, on ideologies that stood the test of time, on positive actions and on the collective will to succeed.