The Niger Delta War: My prediction comes to pass…

Adeola Aderounmu.

On October 29, 2006: I wrote on this blog page:

Let no one be deceived, the situation in the Niger Delta is a real threat to the Nigerian State. My brother expressed grave fears for the elections in 2007. In his view, and based on his encounters with the militants, he thinks that the 2007 elections is a disaster waiting to happen. He expressed concerns that a serious war can break out. Now is the time to put the militants out of business for the sake of the entity called Nigeria. 


_______________________________________________________________  Today, in August 2007, there is war in Port Harcourt.  The war is about one week old now.

I rightly pointed out that the 2007 election will be the trigger for this war and it has turned out to be so. My conclusions then were based on what my brother told me. He is a marine engineer and his fishing boat goes through this delta regularly. They have been attacked a few times but he has survived to tell the stories.  

In the ongoing war, Innocent people have been caught in the lines of crossfires and they have been killed for nothing. This is Nigeria for you! 

This is part of the consequences of a do-or-die election and absolute neglect of governance.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!

3 thoughts on “The Niger Delta War: My prediction comes to pass…

  1. It is quite a stretch to claim your ‘prediction’ in Oct. 2006 has come to pass. The situation in the Niger Delta, esp. PH, has been steadily getting worse for the last 18 -24 months and it is bound to come to a head eventually. The current situation may be the crux or not, but I doubt in any case if the violence can be considered war. It is common knowledge that politicians have always hired thugs to secure victory at the polls. Now its coming to bite them in the rear.


  2. Damola,

    it doesn’t matter to me how long it has been going on…I saw the 2007 election as a catalyst that will make things burn out.

    It is still a miracle that the war didn’t start until 3 months after the election.

    This is very simple, we see with our eyes and we hear with our ears.


    My dear Henry, I dare you to go to Port Harourt if there is no war there. I dare you to walk on the street where the police/military have just burnt down a hotel.

    Do that if you are brave!

    This is the problem with you people-Nigerians, you always hide away from the real situation.

    What do you call what is going on in Port Harcourt, a riot, unrest, or demonstration?

    Please wake up and see that there is a war. I stand by my term!

    It is a war!


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